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Electric scooter rental trial – Transport for London

On Monday 7 June 2021 electric scooters (e-scooters) became available to rent in a small number of London boroughs. This is the only way to legally ride an e-scooter on public roads or in other public places in London – and only in those specific boroughs.
The trial
We’re running the trial with London Councils and the participating London boroughs, plus Canary Wharf. Working together on a single trial means the trial can run consistently across participating boroughs, with safety at its core.
You can feedback on the trial on the E-scooter rental trial for London page on our Have your say website.
The rental e-scooters will be provided by three different operators:
The operators were chosen after an open and competitive process to assess their ability to meet strict safety requirements and high operating standards.
Their e-scooters are now available for hire in:
City of London
Hammersmith & Fulham
Kensington and Chelsea
Lambeth (north of the borough only)
Richmond upon Thames
Tower Hamlets (limited parking at Canary Wharf and some TfL stations)
More areas are expected to join in the future.
For more information see our press release on the e-scooter trial.
How to hire a rental electric scooter
You can rent the operators’ e-scooters through their mobile phone apps. You will need to:
Download the app of your chosen operator
Complete the registration process including verifying your age and driving licence
Complete the mandatory in-app training before your first ride
You will then be able to find an e-scooter. Use a QR code or vehicle ID displayed on the e-scooter to unlock that e-scooter in the relevant operator’s app. 
Who to contact
For more information you can contact Dott, Lime and TIER directly:
Number: 0800 048 8993 
Number: 0800 808 5223 
Number: 0808 164 9486
Both users and non-users of the rental e-scooters can use our Have Your Say platform to provide feedback and find FAQs on the e-scooter rental trial.
Making safety a priority
The trial will help us to better understand how e-scooters can be used safely in London – and how we should develop policy in the future. We are taking steps to ensure that anyone using a rental e-scooter rides safely and follows the rules of the road as well as guidance from the rental operator.
Find safety guidance and tips on how to ride rental e-scooters safely and avoid serious injury to any road users.
For more information on safety see our published reports and risk assessment for rental e-scooters and our Safety, Sustainability & HR Panel paper.
Why we’re doing the trial
The e-scooter rental trial is part of a wider effort by TfL, London Councils, London boroughs and the UK Government to enable people to use new and greener forms of transport. This approach will help reduce the risk of an increase in car use after the coronavirus pandemic, which could lead to traffic congestion and have a negative impact on London’s air quality.
Legal use of electric scooters
The London e-scooter rental scheme is approved by the Department for Transport (DfT):
Rental e-scooters will be the only way to legally ride an e-scooter on public roads or in other public places within London – and even this will be limited to the specific small number of boroughs
Riding e-scooters on pavements will still be banned, but they will generally be able to use the same space as bicycles
Riders must be 18 or over and have a full or provisional driving licence to rent an e-scooter
It is still illegal to use privately-owned e-scooters or other powered transporters on public roads
Relevant laws on e-scooter use include:
On public roads, anyone using a privately-owned e-scooter or other powered transporter is likely to be committing at least one of a number of offences such as driving a motor vehicle with no insurance. You could be liable for a fixed penalty of £300 and six points on your driving licence, for example
On pavements, it is generally an offence to drive a motor vehicle, and this applies at all times to e-scooters and powered transporters
E-scooters and powered transporters may be used on private land with permission from the landowner or occupier
E-scooters rented from the scheme will be permitted to ride on London’s public roads and cycle infrastructure in participating boroughs. These boroughs will designate no-go areas where e-scooters cannot be ridden and will come to a safe stop, as well as go-slow areas, where the speed of e-scooters will be reduced to 8mph
Some of these laws do not apply to mobility scooters or e-bikes (electrically-assisted pedal cycles) which are not treated as motor vehicles.
The website has details of the law on powered transporters.
A Traffic Order will allow us to permit the use of electric scooters on TfL cycle tracks within the participating boroughs. Respond to the Traffic Order by following the instructions in the public notice.
Don’t ride any scooters (including electric scooters) on transport or at stations. You cannot take a rental e-scooter on our bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and Emirates Air Line services. Private e-scooters may be carried but must be folded for the entirety of your journey. Read about your rights and duties when using TfL services.
Equality and inclusivity
Along with London Councils, we have worked with different groups to understand their views and concerns and the possible impact the rental e-scooter trial will have on them.
Our comprehensive equality impact assessment (EqIA) will be kept under continual review during the trial. See the Rental e-scooter trial 2021 EqIA on the Diversity and inclusion publications page.
Get Paid As A Lime Scooter Charger To Pick Up Limes | Ridester

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Get Paid As A Lime Scooter Charger To Pick Up Limes | Ridester

Our website is supported by our users. We sometimes earn affiliate links when you click through the affiliate links on our website Dockless electric scooters are popping up just about everywhere these New York to Los Angeles and beyond the U. S., scooter shares have become a natural next step in this past decade’s rideshare in order to keep these convenient services running, scooter companies need people to help maintain their you want to make good money with just a car, a smartphone, and access to a power source, you may want to become a Lime scooter scooter chargers, better known as Juicers, are the people working behind the scenes that keep scooters in stock and fully charged for Lime, one of the top brands in the anyone who needs extra cash, it can be the perfect easy gig to earn all, just about anyone can become a Juicer — and it takes minimal effort to earn as much as $30 per hour in the comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about becoming a Lime Juicer and walk you through the application Tip: After applying to become a Lime charger, also apply as a Bird may seem obvious, but charging more scooters, for more companies, greatly increases your chances of making more the Lime Scooter Charger Gig WorksAs a Lime Juicer, most of your work will be made up of charging tasks, which you can accept as it fits your tasks involve picking up (otherwise known as “harvesting”) scooters from the street and bringing them back to your home to fully ’re paid to use the electricity in their own homes to charge the scooters and release them the next each scooter reaches at least a 95% charge, or by 7 a. m. the next morning, you’ll need to drop off (or “serve”) the scooters to a LimeHub to receive your meHubs are areas where electric scooters are stored for consumer roughout this entire process, Lime scooter chargers work off their smartphones, on the Juicer mode of their Lime app allows them to find scooters, unlock scooters by scanning QR codes, track each scooter’s charge, and find LimeHub some cases, you may also find retrieval and deployment tasks on your Lime app. These do not require you to charge Lime ’ll simply get paid for picking up and dropping off scooters around the specific areas of the Juicer RequirementsIf the Lime juicing gig sounds like a great fit for you, the next step is taking a look at Lime scooter charger requirements, so you know if you’re qualify as a Lime Juicer, you must:Be at least 18 years oldHave a valid U. S. driver’s licenseHave a Social Security numberOwn a vehicle that can store at least one scooterOwn a smartphone that works with the iPhone app (iOS 10. 0 or later) or Android app (Android 4. 4 or later)Still, this gig is incredibly easy to qualify for and doesn’t even require a background check, since you’re not providing a direct service to large vehicles — such as SUVs, trucks, and vans — are preferred, as they allow you to save time while harvesting a large amount of scooters at once, pretty much any standard car will Much Do Lime Juicers Make? Now that you know you’re qualified to become a Lime Juicer, you probably want to make sure the gig fits your financial needs before spending time on the sign-up how much do Lime scooter chargers actually make? Most Lime Juicers make about $5 per scooter that they complete a task payment can sometimes be higher (usually up to $12 per scooter) based on location and demand. Weekends often lead to increases in the base pay. A Dallas reporter asked Jeff Roberts, the Operations Manager of Limebike, how much Lime Juicers make and he responded, “They get paid between five and 12 dollars per night, per could go and pick up 10 if they can charge that number of scooters every night. ” Roberts continues, “So they could make anywhere from $50 to $100 a night just for picking up and charging scooters. ”It’s common for Lime Juicers to make a decent $20 to $30 per course, keep in mind that you’re responsible for all your expenses as an independent contractor — though most business-related expenses are prevent overspending, keep these costs in mind as you start “juicing” with Lime:Electricity: One of the costs that’s not considered as often is the cost of charging a handful of scooters for hours each day. It’s estimated that one scooter costs about 23 cents to fully You pay for any gas you use. To get tax deductions for your gas usage, make sure to track your maintenance: Since you’ll be using your car more frequently, you may need to spend more on car maintenance costs to prevent more expensive repair needs (which are also your responsibility) in the argers: If you want to charge more Lime scooters at once, you’ll need to purchase more chargers. Lime sells charging kits directly to Juicers, though you can use third-party sites like Amazon and eBay to find more affordable versions, new or taxes: On top of your income taxes, you’ll be responsible for Social Security and Medicare taxes. Make sure to reserve 15. 3% of your Lime Juicer income for these to Become a Lime Scooter ChargerEven after expenses are taken into account, the Lime Juicer role still remains an easy side hustle that pays well, and is one of the best part-time opportunities in the gig you’re ready to become a Lime scooter charger, follow this simple step-by-step guide to sign up:1. Head to this Lime Juicer sign-up page and fill in the form with your first name, last name, phone number, email, and, tap “Sign Up Now. ”2. If there is a need for Juicers in your area, you’ll get a message that says “Welcome to Lime! ” on the next can tap “Next” to proceed if this is the the company already has enough Juicers in your area to meet demand, you’ll get a message that says “We will contact you soon! ” or “Thank you for your interest! ” on your this case, you cannot proceed unless supply is needed and a Lime representative reaches out to you first. 3. Read up on the types of tasks you’ll be completing, then tap “Next. ”4. Read about Hyperwallet, which is the platform you’ll get paid through, and how to activate your account after your first task. Then, tap “Next. ”5. Upload an image of your driver’s license, then tap “Next. ”6. Type in your Social Security number in the space provided, then tap “Next. ”7. Tap “Review & Sign. ”Then, in the window that opens up, read through the Independent Juicer Agreement and fill in the three requested fields (your address, initials, and signature) “Continue, ” then “I Agree” once complete. 8. Wait for Lime to review your documents. This usually takes about two business days. 9. As soon as you’re approved as a Lime Juicer, you’ll receive an the prompts in the email you receive to get activated and start juicing with the Lime may need to take a few short online lessons and wait for your first charging kit to arrive before you can start earning from charging ’s one Redditor’s experience:I applied and got approved same day about 5 days ago and I began waiting for chargers to be available. Little did I know that they had run out and it was going to be a while to get them so I email their support email and I was given a link and a code to buy the chargers (the code was $20 off so I got them for free). They come in packs of 4 or 10. I got a text earlier today saying that I can begin charging the scooters because the “juicer” mode was now enabled in the app for me. Now I am just waiting on the chargers to arrive. If they arrive by Friday it will have taken me 1 week exactly to start. A week might sound like a long time, but not many jobs or new ventures start in less time nor get paid as week and one day to getting paid isn’t very to Make More Money as a Lime JuicerTo make even more money, don’t forget the sign-up milar to how the company gives away free ride credit to their customers, they’re rewarding Juicers for you charge 30 scooters within two weeks, you get that $150 bonus that you can parlay into more chargers and more sides making a strategy for harvesting, have one for juicing user on Reddit has this advice:Best advice is to charge the higher batteries first, then the low batteries. Usually, if they are in the 80s, they will charge over 95% in a couple of hours and the lower batteries around 5-7 hours so you can leave those charging until they are ready to be deployed in the allows you to quickly charge and deploy scooters in a couple can pick them up and drop them off in a short time frame and then go home and plug in the lower batteries to charge while you’re you sign up, Lime typically gives you the chargers to charge three scooters at a you have worked as a Juicer for a while, they will provide a total of 10 that many chargers, you can more than triple your ntact your customer service rep and request more chargers — it might not work but it’s worth a might also make more money if instead of thinking of the harvesting as a hassle, you think of it as a that are into Pokemon Go or scavenger hunts, in general, can make as much as $100 a hard-to-find scooters show up in gold with high dollar amounts on the you click on them, they give you clues of a sort left by other people who gave like “It’s behind a fence” or “Didn’t ring” which means it didn’t emit a ring to guide you to its can also make more by learning a few maintenance hacks. Juicers can either report damaged scooters to be picked up by Lime itself or, if the scooter’s problem is fixable, they can make extra cash for harvesting a Lime they fix on their determine how much you make. Harvest Limes with the most rewards from the most reliable pickup spots that don’t take more gas to get to than the profit you’ll good news is that you get paid every day that you have scooters charged and dropped off. There’s no equently Asked QuestionsNow that you’re on your way toward becoming a full-fledged Lime Juicer, you can spend your waiting time learning more about the are some frequently asked questions that may help you get to know your options when it comes to charging scooters for extra cash. 1. Can I be a full-time Lime Juicer? Unfortunately, it’s only possible to be a part-time Lime is largely because the company limits you to having 25 scooters in your possession at once, and it can take up to seven hours to fully charge a scooter with low is also some competition between Juicers, so it can be difficult in some cities to even harvest 20 scooters in one you are looking for a similar full-time career in the dockless electric scooter industry, you may want to consider working with JUMP, which owns the brand, hires traditional employees for its operations, which includes charging and transporting scooters. 2. Where are Lime scooter charging gigs available? Lime Juicer gigs are available in just about any city where the scooters are available to company currently operates in 27 states across the United States, as well as in Washington, D. C. Lime also operates in 32 additional countries around the can head to this locations page to see if Lime is available near you or vote to bring the service to your city or college campus. Do Lime Juicers make more than Bird scooter chargers? Average earnings for Lime and Bird scooter chargers are fairly similar, with both making about $5 per ever, there is a little more fluctuation with Bird, in that earnings tend to fall into a wide $3 to $20 the other hand, Lime Juicers will rarely make under $5, but will also rarely exceed $12 for a single make up for these differences, some contractors sign up as both a Lime charger and a Bird allows them to charge for whichever brand is paying the most on a given day, or to double their earnings by charging scooters for Juicing Limes to Get PaidBecoming a Lime scooter charger is one of the most straightforward gigs out there with great an independent contractor for the company, you can truly be making over $100 overnight with minimal effort long as you meet the simple requirements for the job, there’s no harm in signing up and picking up a few scooters along your commute each you’ve tried out the gig and are committed to earning with Lime, you can start thinking about how to make the most out of your help you out, here are nine ways to make more money as a Lime scooter charger.
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You’re paid to use the electricity in their own homes to charge the scooters and release them the next morning. Once each scooter reaches at least a 95% charge, or by 7 a.m. the next morning, you’ll need to drop off (or “serve”) the scooters to a LimeHub to receive your payout.Oct 14, 2021

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