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Get Registry and financial information about a business in Maldives
Get independent and reliable information reports about Maldivian firms on: Reduce credit risk and improve knowledge about your customers, suppliers, competitors in Maldives.
is a pay-as-you-go, subscription-free service.
propose valuable information to make the right business decision. Produced by Dun and Bradstreet as well as local sources, reports feature unbiased and independant information about businesses in Maldives and in Asia.
– If you do business in Maldives and you want to reduce commercial and financial risk, our range of reports can help you. Credit reports integrate information such as: Failure score, Credit-Worthiness rating and payment history.
– If you need to monitor and benchmark market competitors in Maldives, you will find commercial insight, financial data, shareholders and directors,…
– Increase sales opportunities within large corporate groups: with the family tree report, explore all linked firms worldwide.
– Collect facts and data about incorporation: Sourced from the Maldivian Company Register, identify legal representatives and directors, legal form, check filings, pending suits and litigation, defaults, bankruptcy…
If you are planning to file for a trademark or to register a new company name in Maldives it is a good idea to do preliminary worldwide screening in order to reduce the cost of an exhaustive search. We do the company name screening in 200 countries, contact us.
Cities with most corporate headquarters:
Maldives Company Research -

Maldives Company Research –

Maldives Company Research, Maldives Company Documents, Maldives Company Search, Maldives Company Profile, Maldives Company Registry, Maldives Corporate Due Diligence. Country Location: Southern Asia, group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India. Typical Available Information: Contents of a Profile Report (where available) Identity, Legal Status & Historical Status, Date Established, Companies Registered Number, Correct Full Name, Full Address, Ownership or Management, Authorised/Issued/Paid Up Share Capital, Principals/Directors, Shareholders and Shareholdings, Activities & Operations, Type of Business, Business Category, Typical Copy Corporate Registry Documents. Official Extracts or a copy of the official filed documents can be obtained, these can also be certified if required. Copy Documents normally available; Certificate of Incorporation / Good Standing, Memo & Articles, all subsequent amendments and any filed Mortgage information, Annual Return Transactions, Register of Directors and Shareholders, Financials, Dissolution or liquidation documents.
Licensed / Registered Entities - Capital Market Development ...

Licensed / Registered Entities – Capital Market Development …

Stock Exchange License
Maldives Stock Exchange Company Pvt. Ltd. H. Gadhamoo Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 3307878, Fax: 3305034Email:
Central Depository License
Maldives Securities Depository Company Pvt. LtdH. Gadhamoo Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 3306868, Fax: 3305034Email:
Dealers License
Aariya Securities Pvt. Gadhamoo Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 3315015, Fax: 3344806Email: National Finance Corporation Pvt. LtdM. Birdline, 2nd Floor, Fareedhee MaguPhone: 7771868, Email: Brokers Maldives Pvt. LtdManaam Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 3334451, Fax: 3344806Email:
Custodian License
Bank of Maldives LimitedH. BML Main Branch, 7th FloorPhone: 3300578, Fax: 3330180Email:
Dealer’s Representative License
Mohamed Janah (Representing Aariya Securities Pvt. Ltd)H. Gadhamoo Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 7771531Email:
Ahmed Zaiyan (Representing Stockbrokers Maldives Pvt. Ltd)G. Manaam Building, 3rd FloorPhone: 7776576Email:
Abdul Haleem Abdul Latheef (Representing First National Finance Corporation Pvt. Ltd)Apollo Tower T1705Phone: 7771868, Email:
Rifaath Jaleel (Representing First National Finance Corporation Pvt. Ltd)Ma. Rangiri, K. Male’ 7782416Email:
Investment Adviser License
Morteza Capital LimitedMa. Abhareege, 4th FloorSayyidkilegefaanu Magu, Male’, 20226Phone: 3001771Email:
Hassan Miras (Representing Watercress Capital Pvt. )M. DMK, No. 2 Fihaara, 5th FloorPhone: 9998098Email:
Watercress Capital Pvt. M. 2 Fihaara, 5th FloorPhone: 3339991, Fax: 4008181Email: mFirst National Finance Corporation Pvt. Birdline, 2nd Floor, Fareedhee MaguPhone: 7771868, Email:
Investment Adviser Representatives License
Mohamed Ghaly Murthala (Representing Morteza Capital Limited)Ma. Abhareege, 4th FloorSayyidkilegefaanu Magu, Male’, 20226Phone: 3001771Email: mAbdul Haleem Abdul Latheef (Representing First National Finance Corporation Pvt. Ltd)Apollo Tower T1705Phone: 7771868, Email:
Sharia Adviser Registration
Aishath MuneezaPhone: 7795559M. Reysham / Male’Email:
Hassan KalaamPhone: 9100155G. Goodlife / Male’Email:
Investment Fund Registration
Maldives Hospitality Income Fund 1 Private LimitedFund Registration No: CMDA/2019/IF-2Registered Date: 24-Nov-2019Fund Manager: Morteza Capital LimitedStatus: RegisteredAddress: H. Aage 12, Bonduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, 20094Phone: 3001771Email:
Watercress Growth Fund Pvt LtdFund Registration No: CMDA/2016/IF-1Registered Date: 21-Nov-2016Fund Manager: Watercress Capital Private Limited Status: RegisteredAddress: DMK. No. 2, 5th Floor, Fihaara, Chaandhanee MaguPhone: 3339991, Fax: 4008181Website: If you find any person, other than persons listed above, holding as or representing as licensed by CMDA or otherwise approved by CMDA, please contact us:
Legal and Regulation DepartmentPhone: 3014115Email:

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