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No risk matched betting explained –

Key takeawaysWhat does matched betting means? Some important tips and tricksExample of matched bettingHow will you be able to do no risk matched betting India? Risks of using matched betting? are many opinions that you will find all over the internet and even in the offline community about the legality of matched betting. Matched betting is completely legal and safe. If we are to talk about the Indian context, betting and online gambling, in general, operate in a grey area. As per the Indian laws, it is not illegal for Indians to place their bets on the operators that operate from, you will have to make use of this loophole in the law to enjoy gambling and online betting if you are living in the Indian subcontinent. However, while matched betting is not illegal, it is looked down upon by the operators. If they find out that you are engaged in matched betting, they can terminate your vantages and disadvantages of matched bettingYour earnings are tax-free, and all the profit is yours. A low time/reward ratio, that is, you can earn massive profits by investing minimum time on matched bet offers ensure opportunities to make guaranteed profitsAs long as you understand the format and follow the steps carefully, your money is flexibility of the system ensures that you can fit it in despite a busy schedule. Potential for unrestricted earnings in proportion to the effort you put find the concept overwhelming and difficult to okmakers can block your account for misusing free clining and less profitable offers with more usersNeed for a sizeable bankroll to quickly build up moneyWhat is matched betting? Matched betting or No risk matched betting India has zero risks attached to it if done correctly. However, Matched betting can only take place when the bookmakers are offering free bets and promotional offers because matched betting is mostly done by making the use of these free bets and turning them into a nifty profit. Now, these free bets might come bundled as welcome bonuses that you will get when you create a new account. Typically, Matched betting is done by placing two kinds of bet- one on the victory of the team and one on the loss of the same team. This process is also known as laying and backing a bet. Since Bookmakers will not allow you to do that, you will have to make use of a betting exchange to make a lay bet, therefore engaging in a proper matched does laying or backing a bet means? You might have questions about what does laying or backing bet means. You require both the types of bets to successfully place matched bets. Laying and backing means the process of placing a lay and back bet almost BetIn exact contrast to a back bet, a ‘lay bet’ or ‘laying’ is betting against a specific outcome. Lay bets are offered by few betting exchanges like Betfair. The aim is to achieve a close match between the odds of a lay bet to that of a back bet is to neutralize the risk posed by either. Since all outcomes are covered, you cannot lose a BetA ‘back bet’ or ‘backing’ is the most traditional form of bet. It means that you are placing a bet on, or backing a particular outcome to happen, say, backing on a football team to win a match. If the selection you back bet on wins, you will get your stake returned along with the winnings, based on the odds taken. But if your back bet selection loses, you will end up losing your Top5: The best Bookmakers for India 2021: 1. LeoVegas Sports Bonus 100% up to 1000₹ 2. –Bet365 Sports Bonus 15% up to 400₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 25€ Sports Bonus 100% up to 8000₹No risk matched betting India Tips & avoid losing money on Matched betsA few tips that you can make use of with no risk matched betting India are:To ensure that you get success in a no risk matched betting India, one way to go about is waiting for the match to unfold. Most bookmakers offer live odds, which would help you to make an accurate a bookmaker receives too many bets on one side, then they would adjust the odds to entice people into betting for the other teams involved. Now, you can use these boosted odds to improve your place the bet on the side you think will receive the most number of bets. This is because the bookmaker would have to adjust the odds now to make their book fair. You will get better odds when you place your second bet. With this mindset, you will also get a boosted profit. This method is also known as line shoppingDeciding on the type of matched bet is essential for your advantage. If your sole goal is to maximize your earnings, then you should look for the best odds. Best odds for the underdogs are usually offered in the Moneyline odds. Hence using Moneyline odds to maximize your earnings should be your that the bet you place as the lay bet is the same as the bet your place in the form of free bets to ensure a win. For example, in a matched betting for a game between City and Wolves. To successfully place a matched bet and earn a profit. Punters use the same amount of money for both lay and back bets. So, if you back City for INR 100, it would be best if you lay bet on City for INR 100. Example of matched bettingSo, let us say that there is a game between Manchester United and Manchester City. If you bet for Manchester United to win, that means you back United for the win. You have placed a back bet on Manchester United. Now, for matched betting, you have to bet against United to win then, you would be laying a chance. For this bet, you will have to go through an exchange. Bookies do not allow lay bets the way the match betting would work in this case would be:You need to lay the bet for Manchester United and for that you will need a betting exchange with the help of a betting will now have to place a back bet. In this case, since you are backing Manchester United for the win. You will have to go back to United with a bookie. Just placing a normal bet with a bookie would classify as a back you are placing both the lay and back bet, you are bound to win either one of them. That is how profit is guaranteed anyhow. No matter if United wins or lose the match. You will be able to turn a have to place the same amount of bet for both back and lay bet to make a profit since one of these bets will be that of free bets. You have to match the value of the bet that you lay with the one that you back. So, if you are getting free bets worth INR 100 from the promotional offers it would be ideal for you to place the lay bet worth the same amount. In this case, INR 100 should be the amount that you lay for guide on how matched betting worksIf you are new to online gambling, the first step is to open an account with a best bookmaker and betting a match for your qualifying bet – the first bet that doesn’t earn you profits but qualifies you to obtain a free your qualifying bet –place a back bet with the bookmaker on, say, Team A to win a particular, place a lay bet on a betting exchange against Team A winning the match, thus balancing your lay bet and back bet your back bet will win after the match, or your lay bet will be successful. You win the amount you had staked as well as bag the free bets with the lying the back and lay method, repeat the process using your free bets. In the end, your profits may stand to almost 80% of the free you have earned a free bet from a bookmaker, the profits come to you regardless of the outcome of the sporting event you have bet on. What’s more, all risks are removed since you are now playing with free portant Matched betting terminologiesTo get a better hold on Matched Betting Strategy India make sure you understand the following terminologies:Lay commissionWhen placing bets, you will have to put a small amount of your winnings as commission. This is how betting exchanges earn their money versus the usual bookmakers who make a profit by offering you unfair abilityIt is the amount of money you are liable to ‘lose’ on a lay bet. For instance, if you place a Rs. 100 bet with a bookmaker at odds of 2/1, your profit should be Rs. 200. That’s because when laying bets, you become the bookmaker, your liability stands at Rs. But using the back and lay method, you won’t lose this money. Qualifying lossA minimal amount of money you lose when you unlock a free bet. ‘Getting Gubbed’It means that your betting account is banned from free bets because you have been exploiting the bookmakers’ promotional bitrage betIn such bets, ‘back’ odds are always preferred over ‘lay’ odds under any selection. Profit is guaranteed even without a free bet and hence runs the risk of your account being betPlacing bets when no bonus is involved to avoid account restrictions by your are the risks associated with matched bettingLet’s talk about certain risks that are associated with matched betting:It might get your account banned: Yes, there is a possibility that a certain bookmaker might ban your account if you do matched bets as some bookmakers might classify matched betting as misusing the use of promotional offers. You might get your account banned this might get gubbed: Gubbing is just something you would typically associate with matched betting. Gubbing is where the bookmakers realise that you are doing matched betting. They would then flag your account as unprofitable. Which would mean that you will not be eligible for all the bonus and promotional offers that the bookmakers offer. If you get gubbed your Matched Betting career is all but other betting/casino guides & strategies are available? Matched betting can be a profitable way to place your bets. No risk matched betting India will allow you to remove all the risk that comes with matched betting. You would still need a considerable amount of research and knowledge of more than just matched bets if you want to make it big as a punter. Wetten offers extensive resources, betting guides and strategies to help you improve your betting skills and all for free. Whether you want to learn about value betting, cash-out betting or 1X2 betting or betting strategies for specific sports such as cricket, tennis, football or golf, Wetten has you nclusionMatched betting and no risk matched betting India have allowed many punters to start their betting career with almost zero risk. Earning a profit without the fear of losing any money is what entices the punters the most. You can always formulate your own strategy and use them in conjunction with your knowledge to turn all your bets into profits. However, be careful in the way you make the profit through matched betting, as if you get caught, you might end up getting your account banned or Risk Matched Betting India☝️Is no risk matched betting in India legal? Matched betting has often been seen as a kind of secret that bookmakers don’t want you to know. However, many sports fans see it as a way to reduce their risk when betting – despite it being frowned upon by some platforms. Fortunately, our guide to no risk matched betting in India goes into plenty of detail as to how you can get in on the action without falling foul of the law! ❓What is no risk matched betting? Sports betting is hugely popular across the world and punters are always looking for that big win. Similarly, savvy sports fans will look for any way in which they can boost their chances or reduce risk. No risk matched betting is a relatively simple idea that is seen by many as a good way for beginners to get started in sports betting without risking their money. Our guide to no risk matched betting in India explains exactly what the process involves and how you can give it a try for yourself. Which betting sites allow matched betting in India? As a general rule, most betting sites frown upon matched being said, there are plenty of ways you can legally engage in matched betting in India. The full ins and outs are detailed in our guide to no risk matched betting in India – including how to get started and ways in which you can use the technique without falling foul of gambling laws or the rules of a particular platform. Are there any ways to reduce betting risk? Most sports fans will know that betting is all about risk and return. It’s natural to try and find the best odds, biggest jackpots or most generous offer, but any good strategy should also involve looking for ways to reduce risk. Matched betting is just one way you can try and offset risk. The concept is explained in detail in our no risk matched betting in India guide, which also looks at how to find suitable exchanges and what’s involved in actually making your first matched bets. Our Top5: The best Bookmakers for India 2021: 1. –Bet365 Sports Bonus 15% up to 400₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 25€ Sports Bonus 100% up to 8000₹
No Risk Matched Betting India 2021 - Online Gambling Sites

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No Risk Matched Betting India 2021 – Online Gambling Sites

Matched Bets Strategy – A Guide to Using No Risk Matched BetsThere are a few different ways to make money at a sportsbook. The most popular method, which also happens to be the hardest way, is picking ever, it’s still possible to lose money even if most of your predictions are correct. Another way to make money at sportsbooks is arbitrage betting. This is essentially profiting by exploiting discrepancies in the odds that competing bookies post. Arbitrage betting guarantees a profit if you do it right. The biggest problem with arbitrage betting is that some online bookmakers will ban you if they suspect you are doing brings us to the topic at hand. No risk matched betting in India involves using the free bet bonuses and promotions that so many online bookmakers offer. When done correctly, no risk matched betting in India can be a profitable endeavour. It won’t take too long for a novice to grind out an impressive profit. Some pros claim to make tens of thousands of rupees or more each month by employing this strategy. No risk matched betting in India is perfectly legal and it’s easy to do once you learn the basic Free bet Bonus Bookmakers Get Bonus Get Bonus Get BonusMain Points Covered No risk matched betting in India guarantees a profit. Free bets are easy to find. You will need to sign up at multiple bookmakers. You need an account at a betting exchange. Minimum bookmaker deposits and small qualifying bets are usually required. A Quick Intro to No Risk Matched BettingMatched betting is a way of making money by using the free bets that so many online bookmakers offer through welcome bonuses and promotions. Those who engage in no risk matched betting in India are mathematically guaranteed to earn a profit. The only way you can lose is if you make some kind of silly and avoidable human error such as entering a wrong number on your bet people from all over the world have lined and continue to line their pockets with profits using this foolproof strategy. It’s worth noting that you will need to join several online bookmakers and qualify for their free bet bonuses. Unlocking free bets usually involves making a minimum deposit and placing a qualifying wager using your own you want to win money by no risk matched betting in India, you first need to find a few trustworthy bookmakers that offer free bet welcome bonuses or free bet promotions. Our comparisons will help you find them. If you are a newcomer to sports betting, our comparisons will show which bookmaker is the best for beginners in India. Even seasoned bettors can benefit if they are looking to upgrade their bookie or diversify their bookmaker Pointers to Help Win With No Risk Matched BettingYou should know a few key concepts behind no risk matched betting in India before you start. First, you must understand what “Back Betting” and “Lay Betting” are. Back betting is simply wagering on an event to occur. For instance, if you place a back bet with a bookmaker on the Chennai Super Kings to beat the Delhi Capitals, you are betting on Chennai to win the match. You are backing the bet. On the flip side, the bookmaker is now essentially betting on that outcome to not happen. In this case, the bookmaker is making a lay bet. The punter is the back bettor and the bookmaker is the lay ’s say your friend approaches you and proposes a coin toss for money. He insists the outcome will be heads and he’s willing to put 1, 000 rupees on it. This is the back bet. He’s wagering on a certain outcome. By agreeing to the terms of the wager, you make a lay bet. You are betting that his predicted outcome won’t occur. Every wager requires two elements. A person needs to back the bet and another must lay the bet. Knowing how betting odds are calculated isn’t necessary, but it can be Tip – Maximize Your Chances Using a Betting ExchangeBetting exchanges are like traditional sportsbooks in that they are both used to place sports bets. The difference is that you are wagering against the betting company, or the house when you use a bookmaker. If you win, the bookmaker pays you. Betting exchanges work differently. Instead of betting against a sportsbook, you are betting against other punters. Unlike sportsbooks, betting exchanges let you back bet or lay we already explained, you can’t have a bet unless there is a back bettor and a lay bettor. If you want to back a bet, a betting exchange will match you up with punter or punters who want to lay the bet. The same idea applies if you want to lay a bet. Vigorish, juice, or whatever you want to call it is a commission that sportsbooks build into their odds. This is how bookmakers make money. Betting exchanges make their money by charging a small commission on winning bets. These commissions normally range between 2% and 5%. You should obviously use a betting exchange with the lowest commission so you can maximize your winnings. You need to open a betting exchange account if you want to be successful with no risk matched betting in Rated Bookmakers in India Offering Free Bets 1. LeoVegas Sports Bonus 100% up to 1000₹ 2. –Bet365 Sports Bonus 15% up to 400₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 25€ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹Free bets are easy to come by. Countless online sportsbooks have them up for grabs. Top-rated bookmakers such as Bet365, Paddy Power, Unibet, and Betway are some of the best free bet bookmakers. In addition to offering free bets in their welcome packages, many of these sites run ongoing weekly free bet promotions. This gives you a near-endless supply of free bets to conduct your no risk matched betting in member to make use of our bookmaker comparisons. We only recommend bookmakers that meet our experts’ highest standards. You could take your chances and claim free bets at unlicensed sites with bad reputations, but there’s no guarantee they will pay you your hard-earned winnings. That’s the type of risk you want to avoid to Quickly Find More Best Free Bet BonusesThere is no shortage of reputable online bookmakers with free bet offers. You can use our bookmaker comparisons to find the best free bet bookmakers around. 888sport is one such bookmaker. If you open a new account and place a qualifying $10 bet or currency equivalent, 888sport will give you $30 worth of free bets. They are credited as three separate $10 free bets. Make sure you check the bonus terms and conditions to see if there are any restrictions on the types of bets you can use your free bets on. For instance, you might not be able to use your free bets on baseball matches. Maybe you can only wager moneylines, totals, and Asian handicap. What is Asian handicap? It is basically betting, you need to place that qualifying wager to unlock the free bets. Remember all of that back bet and lay bet stuff? It’s now time to put them to practical use. You are going to make your qualifying back bet at 888sports. You will then lay the bet using your own money at your betting exchange. Yes, betting against yourself sounds counter-intuitive and you can expect to incur a negligible loss, but it’s a necessary step toward a guaranteed profit. You are strongly advised to use OddsMonkey, OddsMatcher, or similar software that automatically finds you the best matched betting opportunities and how much you need to wager to make it work. You should find a game with fairly even two-way odds when you match bet the qualifier. This will minimize the qualifying, remember that most free bet bookmakers require qualifying bets to meet minimal odds. In 888sport’s case, your qualifying bet must have odds of at least 1. 50. You probably won’t be able to use cash-out on your qualifying bet either. How does cash-out work? It lets you close your bet and guarantee a return before the game you wagered on is finished. It’s a great to Best Use Your Free Bets for Risk Matched WageringYour bookmaker will credit your account with the free bets after you either place the qualifying wager or shortly after the bet is graded. Now it’s time to make up for that small qualifying loss and rake in your profits. Once again, use your match betting software to find the most profitable game to match bet. Use your free bet to place a back bet at your sportsbook, and then head over to the betting exchange and lay it. At this stage, you are guaranteed a profit no matter what the outcome is. Even if the original free bet stake is not included in the return. There are loads of matched betting guides that explain in-depth strategies and what ranges of odds are most profitable for back bets and lay bets. Don’t worry about the mathematical equations, the matched betting software does it all for you have used your first free bet, you need only repeat the process with the other ones. Refer to our comparisons to get your hands on more free bets and other perks at the best online bookmakers. You won’t have any trouble finding free bets for no risk matched betting in India because there are so many bookmakers that offer I Use a Cash Bonus for no Risk Matched BettingIn theory, a cash welcome bonus could be used for no risk matched betting in India. However, it doesn’t often work when put into practice. The main reason is that cash bonuses usually require you to wager through the bonus amount multiple times. Unless you are clairvoyant, you are bound to take significant losses if you match bet. If you use our comparisons to find a bookmaker that offers a cash welcome bonus, you should use one of the many other strategies to turn your bonus cash into real cash. Of course, if you are successful and end up cashing out the bonus money, it will come in handy for laying bets at your betting exchange. A Quick Look at Indian Gambling RulesNo risk matched betting in India is legal. That is provided you are of legal age and use a legal bookmaker. Offshore operators are allowed to offer their services to Indian residents as long as they let Indian punters use rupees to deposit and withdraw. As you may imagine, some free bet bookmakers aren’t fans of no risk matched betting in India or anywhere else. Some would go so far as to consider it “Bonus Abuse” your bookmaker suspects you are actively matched betting with their free bets, you run the risk of having them restrict your account even though no risk matched betting in India breaks no laws. Don’t fret. This doesn’t happen too often. William Hill’s ex-media relations director, Graham Sharpe, publicly acknowledged that there is no illegal element to matched betting. He stressed that bettors are free to use their free bets however they see fit. Get Bonus Get Bonus Get BonusEnjoyed This? Check Out Our Other Strategy GuidesAre you a beginner who wants to learn the basics of sports betting? Are you an experienced bettor with a desire to implement a new betting strategy? Whatever the case, you are at the right place. Our experts share a wealth of knowledge that you can use to make yourself a more profitable sports bettor. They scour the internet to find you the best and most respected bookmakers on the planet. They also bring you the best bonuses. You can find an abundance of betting guides and strategies on the web, but you should always begin right nclusion – A Great Strategy in the Right HandsIt probably won’t make you rich, but no risk matched betting in India can put a nice chunk of change in your pockets. The concept is easy to grasp and the profits add up quickly. The amount of money you stand to make by no risk matched betting in India is well worth it when you consider how little time you need to invest. It only takes a minute or so to place matched bets if you have a bit of experience and the proper tools. Sure, you have to wait for your game to finish, but just think about how many more free bets you could turn into real cash during that time. Oh yes, the best things in life are free! 1. –Bet365 Sports Bonus 15% up to 400₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹ Sports Bonus 100% up to 25€ Sports Bonus 100% up to 2500₹Your Top Questions About No Risk Matched Betting in India✔️Is matched betting legal in India? Before you start matched betting, it’s important to find out whether or not it is legal in your country. Many different regions have different rules on what forms of betting are allowed, so be sure to check before depositing any funds with a betting site. To find out whether matched betting is legal in India or not, be sure to read our latest guide here on Betastic IN. ❓ What is no risk matched betting for India? No risk matched betting is a technique that makes the most of betting bonus offers from betting sites. While it is unlikely to make you tons of money, it can be a successful form of betting when done correctly. To find out more about no risk matched betting and how you can get started in India, make sure to read our detailed guide at Betastic. Does no risk matched betting actually work? Before trying out a new betting strategy, you’ll almost certainly want to make sure it works! Thankfully, you’ll find plenty of guides to help you along your way – such as our no risk matched betting guide here at Betastic IN. In our latest guide, we’ll give you the info on all the in’s and out’s of this popular betting strategy. Which betting sites allow no risk matched betting? Before you dive straight into no risk matched betting, you’ll first need to know which betting sites allow users to pick up promotional offers. Without these, you won’t be able to try out any matched betting so it’s important to do your research. Our latest guide to no risk matched betting in India will tell you all you need to know about the betting sites that enable you to try matched betting, and whether or not it is legal. ❗ Are there any risks involved in matched betting? While there will always be some degree of risk involved in online gambling, you certainly don’t want to increase this by diving headfirst into a new betting strategy. If you are new to matched betting, be sure to visit Betastic where we have a dedicated guide on how it works, and how you can make the most of it.
Your Go-To Guide to No-Risk Matched Betting in India (2021)

Your Go-To Guide to No-Risk Matched Betting in India (2021)

Matched betting is a betting strategy allowing you to make money from the various free bets and offers that online bookmakers provide. It is sort of a risk-free technique, as instead of relying on luck, you cover a particular event’s all potential outcomes by placing two bets. The result is that you win, no matter what the outcome is.
Best Bookies for Matched Betting (2021)
Free bets of ₹3000 on ₹1000
No minimum wagering requirements
Super-fast withdrawals
Exchange has only 1% commission on winnings
Range of promos and offers ideal for matched betting
Straightforward sign-up process
Bet credits up to Rs 4000 for new users
Generous minimum odds to qualify for the bonus
Some of the best reload offers in the market
50% Matched free bet up to ₹5000
Welcome bonus includes a free bet of ₹2000 for all punters
Applicable on minimum odds of 1. 80
High betting limits and a low margin, excellent for the serious bettor
Competitive and sharp odds that are the closest to the true probability of the outcome
Online cricket betting glossary and other betting resources
Best Sites for Matched Betting in India (2021)
Royal Panda
What is Matched Betting?
Matched betting (aka back bet matching, or lay bet matching, or double bеtting) is a technique you use to profit from the generous free bets and incentives (like promos and welcome bonuses) that the best sports betting sites in India provide.
For instance, “bet with us and get ₹ xxx as free bets” or “get a matched free bet up to ₹xxx on your first deposit”.
You must have come across bookmakers brandishing such deals on their websites. The concept of matched betting is built on these betting offers. It is typically considered zero-risk and foolproof as the entire strategy rests on the application of simple mathematics instead of chance. Also, that’s precisely why many also call it no-risk matched betting.
The only way you can lose is if you commit some silly and avoidable error, like entering the wrong stake on the betting slip.
Please remember that for no-risk matched betting in India, you will have to:
Sign up with multiple reliable bookmakers offering free bets and welcome bonuses
Nine times out of 10, you will have to qualify for the free bonuses by making a minimum deposit and placing a qualifying bet with your money
You need an account with a betting exchange. More on that later
Simply said…
The idea of no-risk matched betting is to turn free bets offered by bookies into real cash. You can do that by wagering on all the potential outcomes of any sporting event; i. e., you place multiple bets. When you do this, you theoretically will make a profit every time for the simple reason that it no longer matters which team wins or loses. You have all the bases covered.
Is Matched Betting in India Legal?
As we explain through this article how no-risk matched betting works and the kind of money you can make from it, it might seem too good to be true. But don’t sweat; matched betting in India is 100% legal. You need to be over 18, of course, but that’s with gambling in general.
Now, please realise that while gambling is legitimate in the country, it’s got its peculiarities. We have an in-depth explainer on whether online betting is legal in India, so you can check that out.
That said, no-risk matched betting in India is legitimate and considered an extremely effective way to make money online (and do so safely). You must only be of the legal age and sign up with legit bookies. Offshore operators can provide their services to Indian punters so long they let bettors deposit and withdraw using rupees.
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As you can imagine, most bookmakers aren’t really the biggest fans of no-risk matched betting, the simple reason being that they can’t make money off you. Some might even go so far as to consider it ‘bonus abuse’.
But don’t worry. No-risk matched betting in India isn’t breaking any law. Graham Sharpe, the ex-media relations officer at William Hill, had once confirmed that there’s nothing illegal about matched betting and that bettors could use their free bets any way they wanted.
How Does No-Risk Matched Betting Work?
First, you have to understand the essential concepts of ‘back’ bet and ‘lay’ bet to engage in no-risk matched betting. But before that, the basics:
As part of their welcome offer, several bookmakers dole out free bets to get new users to sign up with them. Existing customers can avail these freebies as well, typically on a ‘bet INR X and get INR X’ basis.
Now, with regular sports betting, there’s, of course, no guarantee that you will win the bet. However, with matched betting, there is.
That’s because with no-risk matched betting, you are eliminating the risk of backing a particular outcome (back bet) by placing an equivalent wager at the same odds against the very same outcome (lay bet). This way, you guarantee a profit irrespective of which team/player wins. It is this ‘back’ and ‘lay’ betting that allows you to profit using free bets.
Let’s understand in slightly more detail what ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets are.
Back BetHere, you back a particular outcome. Which means, you want the result of the match/event to pan out that way. For example, you can wager on the top cricket tournaments worldwide. Suppose, you’re betting on India to defeat England. This is a ‘back’ bet. • If India wins, you win your bet and get returns (stake x odds). • But if England wins or the match ends in a draw, you lose your bet, hence, your stake.
Lay BetHere, you’re betting against a specific outcome. That is, you’re betting that something won’t happen. Suppose, in IPL betting, you’re wagering on CSK to not win their game against the Delhi Capitals. This is a ‘lay’ bet. • If CSK loses or the match ends in a draw, you win your ‘lay’ bet. • You lose your stake if CSK wins.
You can place a ‘lay’ bet only at a betting exchange like Betfair. These work by matching your bet with other punters. So, in essence, you are squaring off against other bettors and not any traditional bookmaker. The betting exchanges make money in the form of a nominal commission.
You will be awarded free bets following the ‘qualifying’ real money bet, which you fork out from your pocket. Once you unlock the free bet, that is when the profit starts to flow. Simply repeat the process – place a ‘back’ bet with the free bet and then lay the bet.
Use an online matched betting calculator to know exactly how much you have to stake with the bookie and the betting exchange.
Understanding No-Risk Matched Betting in Action
Here is a step-by-step example of how no-risk matched betting in India works:
Matched Betting #1
STEP 1 – Suppose a bookie is offering free bets worth ₹200 when you stake ₹50. You can turn this into real cash by placing a couple of matched bets.
STEP 2 – You visit the bookmaker website, and let’s say, deposit and stake ₹50 on India to win a match at odds of 2. 0. Now, because this wager unlocks the ₹200 free bet, you call this the qualifying bet. This free bet comes into the equation later.
Now, the betting exchange has ‘lay’ odds of 2. 1 on India to win and levies a 5% commission
STEP 3 – Using a matched betting calculator, you know that you need to stake ₹48. 78 to ‘match’ the ‘back’ bet. This results in a liability (the money you must have in your betting exchange to cover your lay bet) of ₹53. 66. In other words, your ‘liability’ in matched betting is the amount you pay out should the lay bet lose at the exchange.
STEP 4 – If India wins, your ‘back’ bet comes through, and you win ₹100 ([email protected] 0 x ₹50). The ‘lay’ bet is unsuccessful, though, and you lose ₹53. 66 (which was your liability in the previous step).
STEP 5 – If India loses, you lose the ‘back’ bet and your ₹50 stake. However, your ‘lay’ bet is successful, and you win (₹48. 78 minus 5% commission) = ₹46. 34.
So, no matter the outcome, you have now unlocked the ₹200 free bet
We will now repeat the exercise, but this time with the free bet.
Matched Betting #2
STEP 1 – Suppose you choose a horse racing event. You select your preferred bookie and bet ₹200 on Horse A to win at odds of 6. 0.
The betting exchange has ‘lay’ odds of 6. 1 on Horse A to win and charges a 5% commission
STEP 2 – With a matched betting calculator, you learn that you have to stake ₹165. 29 to ‘match’ your ‘back’ bet. This results in a liability of ₹842. 98. Irrespective of whether your selection wins or not, you make a good profit.
STEP 3 – If Horse A wins, your ‘back’ bet comes through, and you win (odds x stake minus the stake, since free bets are ‘stake not returned’ = ₹1000). Your ‘lay’ bet is unsuccessful, though, and you lose the liability of ₹842. Your profit is ₹157. 02.
STEP 4 – If Horse A does not win, the ‘back’ bet doesn’t come through. But you don’t really lose anything since that was a free bet. However, your ‘lay’ bet comes through, and you win (the stake minus commission) = (₹165. 29 minus 5%) = ₹157. 03. That’s your profit.
How Much Profit Can I Make?
For every matched bet, your profit will be almost 95% of the free bet amount. Betting exchanges usually charge 5% as their commission. So, that’s there.
Therefore, a ₹100 free bet translates to a ₹95 profit.
You may make a marginal loss on the qualifying wager due to the slight difference in odds offered by the bookies. But that is a part of matched betting, and you can make up once you unlock the free bet.
Of course, how much you can make from no-risk matched betting in India depends on:
The time you’re willing to invest
Your matched betting stake
The free bets and ‘back’ bet odds that bookmakers offer
The lay odds by betting exchanges
Your matched betting skill set
What’s the Risk in Matched Betting?
With no-risk matched betting in India, you’re laying a bet to effectively negate or cancel out your back bet, ensuring that you win irrespective of the outcome. So, mathematically, matched betting is foolproof, entails zero risk, and is meant to generate profit.
However, although theoretically sound, we think the ‘100% risk-free’ part could be slightly misleading in practice, considering there’s always room for human error. In some cases:
Free bets could be a little difficult to come by
You may end up entering an incorrect stake or betting at suboptimal odds
Your ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets may not be matched properly as the odds might change in that little window you have while betting with the bookie and the betting exchange
You could miss out crucial details in the bookie’s offer terms and conditions. For example, details related to minimum odds required, number of selections, minimum stake, and other applicable wagering requirements.
But, as you see, these are avoidable slip-ups, really. For instance, consider the first mistake. You should just have a little patience and comply with the bookie’s terms and conditions. Eventually, you will be able to unlock the free bet. Likewise, with the second issue, all you need to do is double-check your stake and odds.
Easy and Actionable No-Risk Matched Betting Tips
We could have given you 20 matched betting tips here, but what help would that be? We’d have only risked complicating things all the more. So, we decided to keep things simple and have got you these six strategies. We reckon these are everything you ever need for no-risk matched betting in India.
Careful with the betting exchange
Remember, in matched betting, you place the ‘lay’ bet with a betting exchange. The exchange charges a nominal commission — which is their income – on your winnings. Ergo, the less commission you pay, the more winnings you get to keep.
For example, we reckon 1xBet and Crickex are two of the best betting exchanges, hands down. Especially 1xBet, which, as of the day of writing, only keeps a 1% margin, undoubtedly one of the lowest by industry standards.
What works for 1XBet?
Accepts Indian rupees
Has one of the best cricket betting apps
Licensed by Curacao eGaming License
Cash out available
Tons of promos and offers
Live betting
Supports multiple betting payment methods
2. Double-check everything
This is one of the most crucial no-risk matched betting tips. It has been my saving grace and will save you too from making unnecessary and unforced errors (tennis fans, anybody? ) and missing out on that sweet profit.
The two main things you must watch out for during no-risk matched betting are:
Bookie terms and conditions
Your bets, both before and after you’ve placed them
Bookmakers don’t like giving out free bets. There’s always some type of a qualifying wager required to unlock the freebie. Bookies have their terms and conditions made in such a way that it can be confusing for bettors, mainly beginners. Therefore, it is imperative that you scan through all the terms and conditions, which will ensure you get that free bet without a lot of hassle. Remember, with no-risk matched betting, the devil is in the detail.
Place the ‘back’ bet first, followed by the ‘lay’ bet. And double-check everything. Unless you do that, you keep the door ajar for sneaky yet costly mistakes to creep up. Remember, human error is inevitable at some point, so it pays to be doubly sure of everything, particularly during no-risk matched betting.
3. Hunt for similar odds
Another important no-risk matched betting tip and one that directly impacts your profit is picking markets that have closely matched odds.
Remember, you are placing two bets – one with the bookie and the other with the exchange. So, you will want to find the closest possible match between these two markets. The closer the odds are, the more money you can make.
4. Use multiple bookmakers
In the present day and age of ultra-competitive online betting, each bookie offers countless promos to incentives to onboard new users and retain existing customers.
With no-risk matched betting, you can regularly eke out a sizeable profit from these offers. Therefore, it only makes sense to complete as many new offers as possible to keep the free bets coming. Which means that you should register with multiple sports bookies in India.
However, please remember that not all bookmakers are created equal. Keep an eye out for the dubious ones. These days, fake reviews are rampant on the web, meant to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. Don’t fall into that trap.
5. Start with sign-up bonuses
When you’re starting out, the whole concept of no-risk matched betting may seem slightly confusing. But that’s no reason to worry; we all have got to start somewhere.
We recommend you start with sign-up bonuses first and gradually work your way up from there (to the other slightly more complicated ones like price boosts and extra place offers). These are the most profitable and easiest matched betting offers to complete, and they also allow you to build your bankroll.
The heftier your bank account, the more offers you can polish off at any point in time, eventually raking in more money.
6. Create a separate account
While this isn’t essential, you can do with a dedicated bank account for no-risk matched betting. This will help you get organised and separate your regular income from your matched betting winnings.
And lastly, have fun. No-risk matched betting can really be risk-free (no disclaimers); all you need to do is follow these simple tips.
Matched Betting in India: Cracking the Jargon
When you start with no-risk matched betting, it could be a little challenging to bust the mumbo jumbo.
ARBArbitrage bet
EVExpected value OR Estimated valueFBFree BetFSFree SpinsKYCKnow Your CustomerMBMatched BetQBQualifying BetQSQualifying lossRFRisk-freeRTPReturn to PlayerSNRStake Not ReturnedFootball-specific
2UP2 Goals up (used for bet365)ACCAAccumulatorAGSAnytime Goal ScorerBTTSBoth Teams to ScoreCSCorrect ScoreFGSFirst Goal ScorerFTFull TimeHTHalf TimeHorse Racing-specificBBLBeaten by a lengthBOGBest Odds GuaranteeEWEach-wayLATLLead at lastSPStarting Price (odds at which the horses start)
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We explore every nook and cranny of the web in our pursuit of up-to-the-minute and actionable sports betting strategies, tips, the best, dependable bookies, top welcome bonuses, and every other ready reckoner you can imagine. All our efforts are bound by the same objective – to provide you with the most exhaustive sports betting content on the internet.
Matched Betting FAQs
Is matched betting in India legal?
No-risk matched betting in India is perfectly legal and an effective way to make money online safely. Even leading publications like The Guardian and The Telegraph have featured stories on matched betting. You only need to be of legitimate gambling age (above 18 years) and have accounts with offshore bookmakers legally operating in the country.
Is matched betting in India safe? What are the risks?
No-risk matched betting is safe and generally considered zero-risk. Since you place multiple bets to cover all potential outcomes of an event, theoretically, it will generate a profit every time as the ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets cancel each other out. So, it doesn’t matter which team wins or loses; you will ‘win’ your bet anyway.
Which bookies are good for no-risk matched betting in India?
For no-risk matched betting, you first need to have a list of all the bookmakers offering you lucrative sign-up bonuses and other promos. We have already put together a list at the onset of this article. But off the cuff, we’d go for the betting exchange at 1xBet, and suggest taking advantage of the offers at the likes of Casumo and bet365.
How much can I make from no-risk matched betting in India?
Typically, your profit will be around 95% of the free bet amount. That’s because betting exchanges usually charge a 5% commission on your returns. That said, how much you can make from no-risk matched betting depends on a few factors like the quality of free bets, ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bet odds, and your stake.
Is no-risk matched betting in India free?
In the beginning, it isn’t free. You will need to deposit a certain amount and place a ‘qualifying’ wager to unlock the free bet, which you can then use to place your ‘back’ and ‘lay’ wagers. However, you should easily offset this expense and make a profit soon.
When you start earning decent returns, you can then reinvest a particular portion of that into matched bets in the future. So, once you start doing this consistently, you’ll not have to spend anything from your regular income anymore. It is then that no-risk matched betting becomes technically ‘free’.
How long does it take?
You can participate in matched betting for as long as you like. Once you’ve exhausted all the welcome bonuses, you can then use the promos and deals on offer for existing customers – reload bets, for instance.
Do I need to be an expert in gambling for no-risk matched betting?
No. You need not be a sports buff or an expert gambler to earn good money from no-risk matched betting in India. You only need to follow the step-by-step guide we’ve put together in this article, and you should be good.
That said, it doesn’t harm to know the fundamentals of the sport you’re wagering on (or the basics of sports betting, for that matter).
Can I register multiple accounts with the same bookmaker to keep the free bets flowing?
No, that would be duping somebody, and we can never support such a thing. Don’t do that. Bookmakers have stringent laws on these and can ban you for life should they ever find out that you’re registered with different accounts. For starters, they check your name, IP address, and other details. So it wouldn’t take a lot of time for them to figure out.
Do existing customers get free bets?
Oh yes. Please understand that the sports betting space is incredibly competitive, and bookies dish out reload offers and other promos almost every other day to keep existing users interested, especially if you haven’t been on their website for a while.
Will matched betting impact my credit rating?
Of course not. No-risk matched betting (or any other form of betting) has no bearing on your credit score and will not impact your ability to avail a loan in the future. Sure, bookies might run a ‘soft check’ on you to assess if you are a genuine ‘prospect’, but that’s about it. Bookmakers aren’t lenders.
CricketBettingAdvice Final Say
So, here are the main points we covered in this article:
No-risk matched betting almost guarantees a profit
Free bets are pretty easy to find
You will need to have accounts with multiple bookmakers
You must have an account with a betting exchange
Qualifying bets and minimum deposits are generally required
Now, it may not make you Richie Rich, but no-risk matched betting in India can line up a decent chunk of change inside your pockets. The basics are easy to understand, and profits add up quickly. Frankly, it is worth it, considering all you need to do is invest a little time in it. And, of course, the real icing on the cake is that you won’t lose money since you will have all the outcomes covered.
Sure, you will have to wait for the match to finish. But just think about all the free bets you could turn to real cash. Who said the best things in life aren’t free!

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