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Elsword announced the upcoming new character of the game. In preparation, there’s going to be a pre-registration event. Why all these to bring a new character? This is because it’s the newest character in two CharacterThe newest character is named Noah and features a playstyle, which can be described as similar to an assassin. He makes use of fast mobility and combines it with the power of the shadows, resulting in a smooth, swift, and rather, flashy is also the first character in Elsword to have a unique system. Players can choose their Awakening Effect. It means that they can now change their Awakening to better manage whatever situation they are in.
Pre-Registration EventAs mentioned, there’s going to be a special pre-registration event to welcome the new character. This event started on December 30 and is scheduled until January 11, ayers who successfully pre-registered will get the unique package known as Gift From the Moon – Full Moon. The package contains rewards that can help Noah players go through dungeons and level up faster. The package includes:EXP 100% Boost MedalRefined Recovery PotionsAccessoriesExamples are Magic Necklace and special rings that boost Skill satisfied? Don’t worry, the package also comes with [Ariel] Noah Exclusive Custom Motion. This is a unique animation for the new character, which symbolizes your Noah as being an original Noah character. The Custom Motion, however, is only offered during the pre-registration event. If you don’t get it then, you won’t have another chance to obtain nally, players can also participate in the Noah Pre-Registration Share Events and get a chance to earn exclusive Noah Merchandise. The Noah Merchandise Pack includes a specially-designed Noah Mousepad as well as Noah Facemask.
For those interested, you can pre-register here. Elsword is a free-to-play, 2. 5D action MMORPG. It features real-time action gameplay and also features PvE and PvP modes.
Pre-Register for Elsword's Newest Character, Noah! - Games Press

Pre-Register for Elsword’s Newest Character, Noah! – Games Press

Press releases
Pre-Register for Elsword’s Newest Character, Noah!
Press release
Irvine, Calif., December 30th, 2020 – KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is holding a special pre-registration event in preparation for a brand new character’s arrival in Elsword – Noah. There’ll be a special Pre-Registration Event held for exclusive rewards and will begin December 30th 2020 and runs until January 11th 2021.
Check out the Noah Teaser Trailer Video here: [ Link to Info]
Noah will be the newest character in Elsword after 2 years, and he features an assassin playstyle and utilizes a combination of fast mobility and the power of the shadows for swift, smooth and flashy gameplay. In addition, he will be the first character to feature a unique system allowing players to choose their Awakening Effect allowing players to change their Awakening to fit their situation.
And this Pre-Registration Event is specially designed to help players prepare for Noah with the “Gift From the Moon – Full Moon” item which will be a unique package exclusively delivered to new Noah Characters that have successfully pre-registered. This package will include rewards such as an EXP 100% Boost Medal, Refined Recovery Potions and Accessories (like Magic Necklace and special rings that boost Skill damage) to help Noah players power through dungeons and level up faster than before.
In addition, this package will also include an [Ariel] Noah Exclusive Custom Motion which will be a unique animation for your character that will symbolize your Noah as being an original Noah character created on release. This Custom Motion will not be available through any other means and will only be available through the pre-registration event.
Furthermore, participate in the Noah Pre-Registration Share Events for a chance at exclusive Noah Merchandise by pre-registering and creating a Noah character or by simply sharing the Noah Pre-Registration Video. The Noah Merchandise Pack will include a specially designed Noah Mousepad and Noah Facemask.
Join the Noah Pre-Registration Page here: [ Link to Info]
With all these exclusive rewards in preparation for the upcoming character, this is the perfect time to Pre-Register and join Elsword as we introduce the newest character, Noah to the world of Elrios. The Pre-Registration will run from December 30th 2020 to January 11th 2021 in preparation for his arrival in Elsword on January 13th 2020.
To learn more about Elsword please visit and keep watching the official Facebook page here.
List of Elsword classes and characters - Wikipedia

List of Elsword classes and characters – Wikipedia

This is a list of classes and characters in South Korean 2. 5D side scrolling MMORPG Elsword, developed by KOG and published by Nexon.
Playable characters[edit]
In the world of Elsword, players are able to choose classes by choosing a character, each with their own backgrounds and characteristics. As their level advanced, players are able to choose one out of three available job path (four for Rose). Each job path specializes in different fields and background story, as well as affecting a character’s personality.
Elsword (Knight)[edit]
Elsword Crimson Sieghart (Korean: 엘소드), or Els (エルス, Erusu) in the Japanese server, is the title character and a Knight. An ambitious but hot-headed young swordsman, he was trained by the commander of the Crimson Knights—his older sister—Elesis. Prior to the start of the game, Elesis left Elsword to lead a mission, never to return.
Elsword is the leader of the El search party and is now searching the land for two things—El, the precious gems that power his kingdom, and his missing sister. As a swordsman, he is capable of executing swift attacks with one hand or strong blows with two. He uses his sword ‘Great Sword’ and his basic fire abilities to eliminate his foes.
Elsword’s special feature is called Way of The Swords, which lets him to enter two kinds of mode: Destruction Aura and Vitality Aura. During Destruction Aura, certain commands and skills have an increased damage output. Also, getting hit while in Destruction Mode causes Elsword to Stoic Break, knocking all enemies back and gaining Super Armor for its duration. During Vitality Aura certain commands restore mana faster with certain skills requiring less mana.
He is 13 years old on base job, 14 on first job, 16 on second job, and 18 on third job. Elsword is voiced by Jeong Yu-mi (Korean), Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese), [1] and Nicolas Roye (English).
Class Advancement
Base job
First job
Second job > Transcendence
Third job
Sword Knight
Lord Knight
Knight Emperor
Focuses on enchanting his sword, Elsword’s melee attacks become more powerful that it strong enough to destroy his opponents’ armor, therefore leaving each enemy completely defenseless. Lord Knight and later Knight Emperor is described to be the mature, serious side of Elsword.
Magic Knight
Rune Slayer
Rune Master
Elsword decides to train his magical ability further more, becoming capable of throwing fireballs to both distract and destroy. As Rune Slayer, he develops a new way to attack using runes granting the user explosive-level power to assist him in both melee and ranged battle.
Sheath Knight
Infinity Slayer
Elsword is able to materialize the legendary “Conwell” sword at will—allowing him to attack with two swords at any time and inflict endless number of hits in an instant. As Infinity Sword, Elsword can summon multiple Conwells. Infinity Sword is influenced by the Dark El, which greatly differs his personality. As Immortal, his Conwell becomes darker as he continues to absorb more power from the Dark El.
Root Knight
Sacred Templar
Elsword accepts the power and his fate bestowed by the El and becomes the guardian knight who exists solely to protect the El and the world. He utilizes the power of El to smite his enemies in conjuction with magic to enforce the wheel of fate upon the world of Elrios.
Aisha (Magician)[edit]
Aisha Violet Landar (Korean: 아이샤) was already a mage of the highest order at the tender age of 12 until a ring of sinister power absorbed her abilities. Intelligent and brash, she joined the El search party and once again starts her journey to relearn all that she lost and to find the ring that she is capable shooting fire balls with magic from her hands. For melee, she attacks with her Staff. If Aisha stands still, she meditates, rapidly recovering mana. Aisha’s feature is called Memorize. One second of charging activates Memorize mode. Using a skill during this mode uses its mana cost and puts it on cooldown, but ‘memorizes’ it. She can use the memorized skills (maximum of 3 memorized skills) with no additional mana cost, but at a reduced 70% damage.
She is 15 years old on base job, 16 on first job, 18 on second job, and 20 on third job. Aisha is voiced by Rhee Ji-yeong (Korean), Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), [1] Dania Cericola (Italian), and Sandy Fox (English).
High Magician
Elemental Master
Aether Sage
Aisha gains more firepower, abilities, and expanded mana pool. She is capable of casting the four elements magic: Ice, Fire, Wind, and Lightning. Her skills all have very diverse properties and can cause many status effects, such as burning, and freezing. As an Aether Sage, Aisha found understanding of ultimate forms of elemental magic that she dubs ‘Aether, ‘ and is able to simultaneously cast multiple high-level elemental magic at once.
Dark Magician
Void Princess
Oz Sorcerer
Aisha found a new source of power: dark magic. It specializes in weakening her enemies with debuffs. She later met Angkor, a demon bat who offers her more power in exchange of a contract, turning her into a Void Princess. As Oz Sorcerer, her power becomes more powerful. Knowing this, Angkor proposes another contract and appears as his true form.
Battle Magician
Dimension Witch
Aisha becomes excel in close quarter combat and is able to send out magical piercing orbs. As Dimension Witch, she is able to control enemies with the power of Time and Space to manipulate her own power. Aisha is influenced by the Moon Stone, which making her personality resembles a magical girls attitude.
Rena (Ranger)[edit]
Rena Forest Erindell (Korean: 레나) is an elf living in the mortal world. Her place in this world is jeopardized by the weakening of El, the power gems that energize everything including the connection to her home world. If this power fades, the ties that bind the two planes will vanish, as will Rena herself. She joined the El search party and uses her abilities as a Ranger to protect the El and her friends. As an Elven warrior, she excels both at melee combat and archery, and can also combine both techniques.
Rena fights with bow for long range and for melee she uses her legs to kick. Her features are mana charge and Nature Orbs (shortened as NF). She is able to summon the NF to assist her in battle. She gains 1 NF per 6 attacks, maximum of 5 NF. When using a skill, NF is consumed to ignore defense and prevent knockdown. Some skills requires a certain amount of NF to be activated. During Awakening, Rena does not require NF to activate skills, but will not trigger the NF bonus. When Rena has 3 or more NF, she gains increased Charge and speed. Like Aisha, if Rena stands still, she starts charging, increasing her mana regeneration although not as fast as Aisha.
As an elf, Rena’s aging is slower than humans, and her age is never stated. Rena is voiced by Jeong Mi-sook (Korean), Yui Horie (Japanese), [1] Alessandra Karpoff (Italian), and Cristina Vee (English). [2]
Combat Ranger
Wind Sneaker
While still using her bow, Rena prefers to move in close and use her melee attacks through her legs. As Wind Sneaker, she becomes more closer with Nature and makes use out of the most simplistic attack, chaining it to an almost-endless combo. Upon advanced into Anemos, Rena is finally able to communicate with the wind spirits who were helping her all along.
Sniping Ranger
Grand Archer
Rena developed the uses of her bow so she can reach more ranged attacks and then takes her archery to a higher level as Grand Archer—the integration of elements in her arrows. She becomes the leader of elves as she advanced into Daybreaker.
Trapping Ranger
Night Watcher
Rena comes into contact with an organization called the Night Savers, a mysterious order of elves. She acquire the power of Blade of Erendil and variety traps made out of Eldrasil Branches. When she broke the Blade of Erendil, the village’s swordsmith forge it into a greater, mightier sword for the brave elf—who, from now on, carries the honor of Night Watcher.
Raven (Taker)[edit]
Raven Mercury Cronwell (Korean: 레이븐) was a soon-to-be captain of the Mercenary Knights. Unfortunately, he was framed by his own best friend Owen and lost everything including his comrades and fiancee Series, who were killed in their attempt to escape. While he was dying, the Nasods found him and dragged him off, modifying his left arm to be a Nasod Arm. After going berserk and destroying nearly everything in the lab, he met Elsword, whom he later joined with to find the missing El Shards.
As a half-Nasod with Nasod Arm, Raven wields a sword in one hand to deal fast slashes using Nasod Arm to deal devastating punches and blast fireballs. His feature is called Anger of Raven, which he activating Awakening to summons his Nasod Arm Core. They deal damage when a skill is used, or they greatly reduce damage taken when hit. Nasod Arm Core is consumed completely when launched and is consumed slowly when blocking. Additional Core charges can be gained by hitting enemies or getting hit. If Raven actives Awakening Level 3, he will be shrouded in lightning, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, his Nasod Arm Core capabilities are greatly enhanced.
He is 24 years old on base job, 26 on 1st job, 27 on 2nd job, and 29 on 3rd job. Raven is voiced by Bak Seong-tae (Korean), Mamoru Miyano (Japanese), [1] Paolo Sesana (Italian), and Brian Beacock (English).
Sword Taker
Blade Master
Furious Blade
Fearing the power of his Nasod Arms, Raven choose to not rely on it and relive his old swordsman days. As Blade Master, he refined his swordsmanship through balance of power and speed while still resisting his Nasod Arm. As Furious Blade, he completely abandoned his being as a cyborg and strives to regain his full humanity. He remodeled his Nasod Arm merely as a replacement for his original arm, and continue refining his swordsmanship to superhuman level.
Over Taker
Reckless Fist
Rage Hearts
Contrasting the Sword Taker, Over Taker uses his Nasod Arm to destroy his enemies and rely on brute force and Nasod weaponry. As Reckless Fist, his struggle to overcome his Nasod Arm’s power drove him enraged and insane which channeled to become his primary weapon. His struggle finally paid off as Rage Hearts when he fully embraced his cyborg being and unlocked his Nasod Arm’s full potential.
Weapon Taker
Veteran Commander
Nova Imperator
Similar to Over Taker, Weapon Taker embraced his Nasod Arm but in different way. He utilized his Nasod Arm merely as a weapon and used it to deliver mid- and long-range attacks through explosives and flame blast he added to his arm. However, this doesn’t go without the risk of harming himself. As Veteran Commander, he relived his days as the leader of the Black Crow mercenaries and upgraded his Nasod Arms to unleash more deadly flames to scorch the battlefield. As Nova Imperator, he is driven to assure victory no matter what it takes to overcome his past failures, which resorts him to use the Flame Nucleus to his Nasod Arms to make him stronger to attain victory even if he may kill himself.
Eve (Nasod)[edit]
Eve (Korean: 이브) was an upper-class Nasod who once was called “The Little Queen of Nasods, ” back when Humans and Nasods coexisted in Ancient Elrios. The times were peaceful and they worked side by side with their creators. However, the reign of prosperity was fleeting, as the power of El began to weaken. Nasod civilization declined without its power source. They sought help from the humans but were denied and, thus, the Nasod-Human war began. Years passed with the humans winning the ancient war but at the same time diminished the El’s power. Only a few ancient Nasods survived the war and made it back into their preservation capsules. For thousands of years, Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophe until an El fragment accidentally flew into it. Eve woke up only to find out that she was stranded alone in this new present time. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge and joined the El search party to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race as the last Nasod in the world.
Eve uses her powers of machinery to take down enemy forces for her. She can summon Nasods from her kingdom to aid her in her battle. A dash-jump causes Eve to ‘Glide’, increasing movement speed that diminishes over time. Eve can dash multiple times in the air, granting her high Air Mobility.
She fights along with her two Nasod assistants: Moby and Remy. Eve’s features are Queen’s Core and Code: Recovery. Activating awakening summons Queen’s Core to aid her in battle. It shoots lasers when skills are activated and blocks damage completely when attacked. It is consumed completely when attacking and is consumed slowly when blocking. Additional Core charges can be gained by attacking enemies or by getting hit. Also, at the expense of Core charges, she can ‘backslide’, escaping from additional hits. Activating Awakening Level 3 boosts Queen’s Core, significantly increasing its damage and blocking capabilities as well as its recharge speed. When Queen’s Core is deactivated (when the awakening duration runs out), Eve gains health and mana depending on the level of the awakening. Code: Recovery lets Eve to recover some of her HP using her MP, gaining a different buff depending on her job path.
Her age is listed as unknown due to being a Nasod created during the ancient times. Eve is voiced by Woo Jeong-shin (Korean), Mamiko Noto (Japanese), [1] Loretta Di Pisa (Italian), and Brianna Knickerbocker (English).
Another Code
Code: Exotic
Code: Nemesis
Code: Ultimate
Unlocking the Exotic Code, Eve gains access to various Nasod weaponry and turned to a warrior queen who fights in frontlines. As Code: Nemesis, she realized it still not enough to defeat hordes of enemies so she utilized the Queen’s Throne to gain access on more Nasod weapons. As Code: Ultimate, she unlocked the Queen’s Throne’s full potential and sought more power to rebuild her Nasod domain as the “Black Queen of Destruction”.
Code: Architecture
Code: Empress
Code: Esencia
Unlocking the Architecture Code, Eve gains access to the Queen’s Authority which enables her to summon the Nasod blader Oberon. As Code: Empress, she gains the ability to summon more Nasods fighters like Ophelia and her ultimate Nasod assistant Ferdinand. As Code: Esencia, her emotion systems are upgraded to be able to express human feeling and utilized this as power to be able to rebuild her Nasod domain in peace as the “White Empress of Nasods”, sharing the same goal of Code: Ultimate but heavily contrasts it.
Code: Electra
Code: Battle Seraph
Code: Sariel
Unlocking the Electra Code, Eve utilized the power of El and uses them as weapon through electrical and photon attacks that can be amplified by the El Energy Reactor. As Code: Battle Seraph, she upgraded her systems by acquiring the Moon Stone and Dark El, and terminating her emotion circuit to become a warrior striving for pure destruction. As Code: Sariel, she completely abandoned her emotions and upgraded herself further through the Sariel Code turn herself into more powerful but heartless killing machine as the “Queen of Radiant Lights”.
Code: Unknown
Code: Failess
Code: Anithese
Unlocking the Unknown Code, Eve denies the downfall of the Nasod Kingdom, taking things into her own hands. Losing her ability to fly and attempting to become a perfect Queen, Eve no longer sees her drones, Moby and Remy, as companions, but rather tools for the glory of the Nasod Kingdom’s resurrection. All of her abilities are based on virus’ and previous malware, implying that Eve is so obsessed with being perfect that her use of unconditional methods has ultimately doomed her relationship with all of her allies.
Chung (Guardian)[edit]
Chung Prince Seiker (Korean: 청), or Lacher (ラシェ, Rache) in the Japanese server, was the prince of Seiker family. The family was known as the protectors of Hamel City, the capital of Senace Kingdom—it is to this name that Chung was born. Widely known as Prince Seiker, Chung was trained for combat from his early years. When Senace Kingdom came under attack, his father devoted himself to defending it. Unfortunately, a demon possessed him, causing him to lose all control of his own body, and the noble fighter unwittingly came to lead the enemies to attack Hamel. Prince Seiker tried to hold his father to try and stop him, but was seriously wounded. With the help of Elsword and his friends, Chung escapes the battlefield and is on his way to recovering from his wounds. Meanwhile, most parts of Senace are now occupied by the demons. He then decides to leave Hamel to the Crimson Knights and go with Elsword and his friends in the El search party to train and become stronger than ever. He swears to himself that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons. In battle, he fights using a big cannon named “Destroyer” as both melee and ranged weapon.
Chung’s feature is called Freiturnier. He is able to reload his cannon as well as turned it unlimited when he entered a berserk mode—a mode where he was fully armored as well as gaining some benefits that differs according to his job path.
He is 13 years old on base job, 15 on 1st job, 16 on 2nd job, and 18 on 3rd job. Chung is voiced by Yang Jeong-hwa (Korean), and Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese). [3][4]
Fury Guardian
Iron Paladin
Comet Crusader
Chung trained his body and mind to become a real protector of Hamel and became the Fury Guardian. He grows further in strength and willpower and his Freiturnier evolved upon advancing into Iron Paladin, and eventually became the ultimate protector as Comet Crusader as he with his iron will to protect his kingdom and friends, charges into battlefield like a comet.
Shooting Guardian
Deadly Chaser
Fatal Phantom
Chung realized his Destroyer is not enough to aid him in combat and has its weakness. In order to cover up the Destroyer’s weakness, he took up the magical revolver called the Silver Shooter to be able to hit enemies at distance quickly and he became the Shooting Guardian. As Deadly Chaser, he diverged his battle style into a long-ranged fighter by developing his speed and taking another Silver Shooter. As Fatal Phantom, he upgraded his Silver Shooters into Phantom Shooters and he himself became a lethal assassin.
Shelling Guardian
Tactical Trooper
Chung decided to enhance his Destroyer’s potential as an artillery weapon so he studied alchemy and explosives and with the help of Elder’s alchemist Echo, he redesigned his Destroyer and he became the Shelling Guardian. As Tactical Trooper, he upgraded again his Destroyer and utilized a magical device called the Disfrozen Portal to generate massive amounts of El energy. He fused the Disfrozen Portal to his Destroyer and he became the ultimate artillery commander of Hamel as Centurion.
Ara (Little Xia)[edit]
Ara Haan (Korean: 아라 한) is a skilled martial artist who fights with a spear. She comes from a village called Fahrmann, which was destroyed years ago by a demon named Ran, Who possessed her older brother Aren Han. After that, she formed a contract with a silver haired fox named Eun.
Ara’s special features are the orb spirits and her fox appearance. As a martial artist, Ara is a highly versatile character with an extremely long melee attack range, as well as superior attack speed and mobility, having an air-dash in addition to the double jump. Ara is able to ‘cancel’ certain skills with another skill, sometimes gaining Spirit Orbs when done so. This enables her to chain Actives and Special Actives with ease, even if that skill is not in the skill slot. Her skills may use Spirit Orbs, Mana, or both. Spirit Orbs can be obtained by certain skills and grants her access to certain skills. Activating Awakening Level 3 will turn her to the Nine-Tailed Fox, gaining increased health, damage, defense, and speed. In this mode, she gains 1 Spirit Orb each time she kills an enemy. However, due to this, Ara’s skills have a lower damage than other characters.
She is 17 years old on base job, 19 on 1st job, 20 on 2nd job, and 22 on 3rd job. Ara is voiced by Yeo Min-jeong (Korean), Satomi Satō (Japanese), [5] Emanuela Pacotto (Italian), and Dina Sherman (English).
Second job
Little Xia
Little Hsien
Sakra Devanam > Transcendence
Little Devil
Yama Raja > Transcendence
Little Specter
Asura > Transcendence
Elesis (Free Knight)[edit]
Elesis Scarlet Sieghart (Korean: 엘리시스) is a talented knight and older sister of Elsword. She is able to evade and gap close with extreme effect unlike her brother Elsword, who incorporates a more defensive fighting style. In addition to her swordplay with her ‘Claymore’, Elesis is capable of harnessing and expressing energy into fire, enhancing her combat efficiency. She is also considered a collaboration character of Elsword and its predecessor Grand Chase. She was originally named Elsa in Elsword’s background story.
Elesis is strong-willed but is prone to acting before talking. She would do anything as long as it’s for her younger brother, Elsword, who she cares deeply for. Elesis’ swordsmanship was taught by her father, a former Velder Kingdom Knight. She mastered her father’s teachings quickly while integrating her own unique style. Being unsatisfied with this training in Ruben, Elesis sought out to become a stronger swordsman, thus venturing out into the world of Elrios. After three years, she returned to Ruben bearing the title “Red Haired Knight” and spent time training Elsword. However, the two siblings were ambushed by a horde of demons led by Scar, a Captain of the Demon Realm. Elesis, with the help of her brother Elsword, dispatched Scar and the demons. Elesis had predicted that demons would bring danger to the continent and, as a result, she leaves Ruben and joins the Velder Knights to stop the demon invasion in order to protect Elrios and her younger brother. Elesis is not a part of El search party. Rather, she appears to help them in Velder as she is a Velder knight.
Elesis’ feature is called Chivalry, a system a bit similar to Elsword, granted her to enter between two mode: Gale and Annihilation. In Gale mode, certain skills will have reduced mana cost and cooldown, making her capable of spamming skills in rapid succession, although with reduced damage. In Annihilation mode, certain commands and skills will have 100% crit chance, granting extremely high damage while the Annihilation gauge lasts. Also, Mana Breaking while in Annihilation Mode causes her to Stoic Break instead, knocking all enemies back and granting her Super Armor for a few seconds.
She is 16 years old on base job, 18 on 1st job, 19 on 2nd job, and 21 on 3rd job. Elesis is voiced by Yoon Yuh-jin (Korean), Marina Inoue (Japanese), Elisabetta Spinelli (Italian), and Erin Fitzgerald (English).
Free Knight
Saber Knight
Grand Master > Transcendence
Empire Sword
Pyro Knight
Blazing Heart > Transcendence
Flame Lord
Dark Knight
Crimson Avenger > Transcendence
Bloody Queen
Add (Tracer)[edit]
Add, Edward Dmitri Grenore (Korean: 애드) is a descendant of a family that researched Nasods. His entire family was exterminated after being caught researching the forbidden secrets of the Nasods. Add fell into an Ancient Library while escaping and was trapped all alone. Fortunately, there was a steady supply of food to sustain himself as well as a large number of books about the Nasods. Add spent his time reading them and waited for the day he could escape. With his vast knowledge, Add eventually invented the Nasod Dynamo using the parts from broken down Nasods found inside the library. Using the weapon’s power, he escaped from the collapsing library. However, the isolation of being trapped alone for so long left Add insane along with an obsession to find rare Nasod codes. While traveling to look for more Nasod schematics, Add finds that the race no longer exists. The library where Add had lived in distorted time inside, and sent him to a timeline far into the future. Thus, Add manipulates Wally in order to gain strength and find a way to get back to the past. That was until Add found traces of Eve from the corrupted Nasod King. Add is technically an enemy of the El Search Party, but officially joins the main cast after the story in Ancient Waterway. His real name is Edward Grenore.
Staying true to his concept of being a mechanic, Add fully utilizes his mechanized weapon, the ‘Nasod Dynamo’, to aid him in battle. The Dynamos are not only able deal physical damage to targets, but are able to fire rays of electricity as a way of dealing magical damage. As a ranged alternative, his dynamos can also be configured to form a powerful electric cannon by the same way.
Special Abilities:
Add’s features are Dynamo Configuration and Dynamo Mutation. Attacking or getting hit gives Add Dynamo Points. Having 100 or more Dynamo Points (maximum of 400 Dynamo Points) enables Add to go into Awakening, called ‘Configuration’. During Configuration, Add gains access to special commands and skills. Configuration has a 5-second cooldown and gives Add 1 Dynamo Mutation Orb (maximum of 6 orbs). Using certain Skills in Configuration mode consumes the Mutation Orbs – minimum of 1, maximum of 3 – gaining increased damage or added effects per orb consumed. ‘Dissolution’ cancels Configuration Mode and returns Add to Normal State.
He is 16 years old on base job, 18 on 1st job, 19 on 2nd job, and 20 on 3rd job. Add is voiced by Jeong Jae-heon (Korean), Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese), Renato Novara (Italian), and Bryce Papenbrook (English).
Psychic Tracer
Lunatic Psyker > Transcendence
Doom Bringer
Arc Tracer
Mastermind > Transcendence
Time Tracer
Diabolic Esper > Transcendence
Mad Paradox
Lu/Ciel (Demons)[edit]
Lu (Korean: 루) and Ciel (Korean: 시엘) are the first and only duo characters in Elsword. Lu, or her real name Luciela Rino Sourcream, (Korean: 루시엘라 리노 사워크림) was a betrayed demon queen whose body shrunk into a kid, which gained her look and the personality of one. Ciel was a famous assassin in the criminal underworld assassin who was sent to protect Lu, but ended up killed by Karis. Their new contract resulted in Ciel reborn as a demon. His real name Caesar Allegro Orion
Lu and Ciel’s special feature is combination skill. Players are able to switch characters while doing combos or performing a skill, which gains a combination point. When the combination gauge is full, players are able to perform a combination skill, which costs no MP or cooldown.
Ciel is 24 years old on base job, 26 on 1st job, 27 on 2nd job, and 29 on 3rd job, while Lu’s age is unknown. Lu and Ciel are respectively voiced by Kim Hyeon-ji & Kim Youngsun (Korean), Yuka Iguchi & Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese), and John C. Hyke (English).
Dreadlord > Transcendence
Royal Guard
Noblesse > Transcendence
Demonio > Transcendence
Rose (Gunner)[edit]
Rose (Korean: 로제), or her full name Anna Testarosa (Korean: 안나 테스타로사) is a collaboration character between Elsword and Dungeon Fighter Online. Due to this, Rose only encountered the El Search Party members at Elrianode as Water Master Denif’s spy. A member of Majestic Garden that protects the Royal City in Heaven. She was given the code name Rose, which is only bestowed to those who are the most powerful of the Majestic Garden. In order to stop the enemies who threaten Heaven, Rose was given the task to investigate another dimension, Elrios, along with her robot navigator Zero.
Her special features are ECP System and the ability to switch weapons. She is able to switch weapons between Revolvers, Auto-Guns, Hand Cannons, and Muskets. She also able to uses any Active skills without using MP but ECP point instead. When her ECP bar is empty, she is able to enter an Over Strike mode where certain skill’s damage increased.
She is 19 years old on base job, 21 on 1st job, 22 on 2nd job, and 24 on 3rd job. Rose is voiced by Lee Yong-sin (Korean), Ami Koshimizu (Japanese), and Erica Lindbeck (English).
Heavy Barrel
Storm Trooper > Transcendence
Tempest Burster
Crimson Rose > Transcendence
Black Massacre
Freyja > Transcendence
Metal Heart
Optimus > Transcendence
Prime Operator
Ain (God’s Agent)[edit]
Ain (Korean: 아인), or his full name Ainchase Ishmael (Korean: 아인체이스 이스마엘) is a mysterious man who appears before the El Search Party when they were looking for the missing El Shard. He introduced himself as “a person who is sent by goddess Ishmael”, but he is still wrapped in mystery.
Ain’s features is called Authority—where he can choose to enter the El’s Power: Cycle Magic or Power of God: Creation Magic upon awakened. These ability allows him to adjust himself while fighting in melee or ranged mode. Ain only has 1 awakening bead, but he is able to re-awaken, gaining extra damage increasing up to 3 phases.
His age is listed as unknown, but has the appearance of a 21 years old. As he advanced to Bluhen, his physical appearance seems be grown to a 23 years old. Ain is voiced by Kim Seung-jun (Korean), Shunsuke Takeuchi (Japanese), [6] and Thiago Longo (Brazilian).
Class advancement
God’s Agent
Lofty: Executor
Arme Thaumaturgy > Transcendence
Lofty: Anpassen
Erbluhen Emotion > Transcendence
Lofty: Wanderer
Apostasia > Transcendence
Laby (Mysterious Child)[edit]
Laby (Korean: 라비) is a mysterious, excitable young girl who came out of the Black Forest. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat, but uses her friend Nisha (Korean: 니샤) for long-range combat. She is the first character who has exclusive dungeons and Story Quests. She officially joins the El Search Party after Deep Sea Tunnel. However, she is unconscious until Sea of Ruin.
Laby uses a special system called Sentimental Points. They automatically get consumed while using a special actives that use them and certain command attacks, increasing damage and ignoring damage. Sentimental Points can be regenerated by using Inner Aurora, entering awakening state, and/or using her awakening skill. Instead of awakening when the player presses L-Ctrl, she awakens automatically when her Awakening Gauge is full. This allows her to use an awakening skill, putting surrounding enemies in a groggy state.
Laby’s age and race are unknown, but she is implied to be hundreds of years old, considering that the “three mornings’ that she experienced in the Black Forest were the Deterioration, Explosion, and Restoration of the El, according to Denif. She is voiced by Jang-Ye Na (Korean), Kato Emiri (Japanese), and Faye Mata (English).
Mysterious Child
Sparky Child
Rumble Pumn > Transcendence
Eternity Winner
Twinkle Child
Shining Romantica > Transcendence
Radiant Soul
Rusty Child
Daydreamer > Transcendence
Nisha Labyrinth
Noah (Defier of Death)[edit]
Moon Shadow
Second Revenger
Silent Shadow > Transcendence
Second Selection
Stellar Caster > Transcendence
Second Greif
Pale Pilgrim > Transcendence
Nyx Pieta
Non playable characters[edit]
These are the more notable non-playable characters that players may encounter during gameplay.
Cobo is a service whose agents’ duties are to help the adventurers, from crafting event items to perform a PVP mode. Almost all of them are everywhere except Ruben Village.
Ariel – Representative of Cobo. She has a superb multitasking skills, provides all kinds of things related to event and general items like coin exchange or buying plate name for married people. She is voiced by Miyu Matsuki (Japanese)
Luriel – The younger sister of Ariel, she manages the bank share function. Unlike her sister, Luriel is clumsy, hoping that one day she could be like her sister. She is voiced by Hitomi Harada (Japanese)
Camilla – Handled things related to PVP. She also handling the quest for unlocking some skills. She is voiced by Yui Horie (Japanese)
Myu – A Nasod. Myu is Cobo Product Sales Sector Representative. She was once found in all Villages (except Ruben) during Events; occasionally handles Ariel’s role of providing event quests and exchanges. After guild base addition, she becomes an NPC in guild, having the same role as Ariel (but needs to be temporarily unlocked with guild coins)
Hagus – Chief of Ruben Village; gives several quests to warriors and

Frequently Asked Questions about new elsword characters

Will there be a new character in Elsword?

Noah will be the newest character in Elsword after 2 years, and he features an assassin playstyle and utilizes a combination of fast mobility and the power of the shadows for swift, smooth and flashy gameplay.Dec 30, 2020

Who is the main character in Elsword?

Elsword (Knight) Elsword Crimson Sieghart (Korean: 엘소드), or Els (エルス, Erusu) in the Japanese server, is the title character and a Knight. An ambitious but hot-headed young swordsman, he was trained by the commander of the Crimson Knights—his older sister—Elesis.

Who is the best character in Elsword?

He is tracer by nature and a very vital character in the game. The leading heroes in the group A are Eve and Elesis. Eve is a nasod by nature and Elesis is a Free Knight. The most prominent characters in group B are Aisha (Magician) and Rena (Ranger)….Tier B.CharactersBase jobTier ListRenaRanger11RavenTaker101 more row•Oct 4, 2021

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