Oxy Block

Oxyblock – Custom blocks and Design Set For Oxygen Builder

Oxyblock – Custom blocks and Design Set For Oxygen Builder
ONLY 100 USERSSAVE 30% OFFfor the launch of Dark Modeonly 100 usersNOtice, Oxyblock will have a migration and maintenance of the web siteFRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER. We await your compression
Oxyblock is a design set with Asura Connector. A clean, minimalist and 100% personalized design in order to save time in the development of your entire website. The first release will have 72 blocks for Oxygen 3. 7+ and a Design Kit in FigmaFeaturesCustom blocks for your entire websiteMore Blocks MonthlyOxyblock will increase more blocks every monthCSS GridThe blocks are implemented with CSS Grid from Oxygen 3. 7+Semantic HTMLClearer label to reinforce accessibility and improve SEOResponsive DesignIts structure and content is optimized for any deviceLifetimeIn the lifetime plan you have unlimited access to all the blocksDesign KitBy purchasing Oxyblock you get a design kit for your prototypesPX to REMThe unit of measure is REM for font, spacing, margins, for FlexbloxOften we want to add space between the items. FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat is Oxyblock? Oxyblock is a design set for the Oxygen Builder plugin. You can access the block library through Asura Connector. Save time on your entire website with I use Oxyblock on created website? For the moment, you can use Oxyblock blocks on a new website. Because otherwise it will break your website. We are fixing this issue as soon as many blocks will Oxyblock have? The first release will have 74 blocks and each month we will add much more. We do not have an exact number of blocks that Oxyblock will have but it will be the most complete for your entire many websites can I use Oxyblock? Our Yearly plan can be used on a single website and receives updates for one year. The Lifetime plan can be used on unlimited websites and has a lifetime I get a Design Kit? When you buy Oxyblock you get a design kit for Figma. Make your copy, design and prototype to later save time in the development of your entire You Need a Money Back Guarantee? Explore Oxyblock for 15 days. If it’s not a perfect fit, receive a full PricingYearly$29One websiteOne year updateAll BlocksGET STARTED90Enterprise$69Unlimited websitesLifetime updatesAll BlocksGET STARTED90
Products - Occidental Petroleum

Products – Occidental Petroleum

Our products are used in many industries that enhance quality of life, including agriculture, automotive, building and construction, energy, electronics, food and beverages, health care and medical, pharmaceutical and water the products that we make every day:Chlorine is an essential building block in thousands of products that make our lives safer, healthier and more convenient. One of the most abundant naturally occurring chemical elements, chlorine plays a role in more than 50 percent of all commercial chemistry. It plays a vital role in keeping the world’s water supplies safe by controlling harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause potentially deadly diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Approximately 98 percent of U. S. public water treatment systems are chlorine-based. It is an essential building block for pharmaceuticals (including antibiotics, pain relievers, cancer treatments), plastics, dyes, cosmetics, construction materials, shatter-resistant glasses, bulletproof vests, electronics, adhesives, automobile parts (including seat belts) and sports equipment. Commonly known as caustic soda, sodium hydroxide is coproduced with chlorine and has a wide variety of applications in many industries, including pulp and paper, aluminum, soaps and detergents, textiles, petrochemicals and chemical processing. Caustic soda is also used in the production of bleach, food processing, water treatment, battery recycling, pharmaceuticals, drilling muds, petroleum refining and agricultural chemicals. Potassium hydroxide, or caustic potash, is used by the soap and detergent, fertilizer and chemical industries. Other uses for caustic potash are molten salts, dyes, pharmaceuticals, photographic chemicals and chloride monomer is the key chemical precursor to polyvinyl chloride. PVC is widely used in medical applications, piping systems, siding, irrigation and sewer systems, electrical conduits, window frames, water distribution systems, wire and cable insulation, flooring and wallcoverings, fencing, gutters and downspouts, landfill liners and fire-sprinkler lcium chloride is largely used to control snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots and roads; to suppress dust on unpaved surfaces; and for road stabilization. Its use has been extended through a variety of innovative applications in oil field operations, industrial processing, agriculture, water treatment, refrigeration systems and tire weighting. OxyChem’s chlorinated organics are used as chemical feedstock and intermediates in the manufacturing of silicones, agricultural chemicals, refrigerants, quaternary ammonium compounds and pharmaceuticals. Other applications include metal and electronics cleaning, paint stripping, flexible foam manufacturing and catalyst regeneration.
Sodium silicate is the generic name for a series of compounds derived from soluble sodium silicate glasses. They serve a wide range of end-use markets, including thermal and acoustical insulation, ceramics, soaps and detergents, paper products, paint and pigments, and water treatment. Chlorinated isocyanurates are leading dry sanitizers used for residential swimming pools and spas, effectively eliminating germs and algae. Their disinfection properties make them an important component of dishwashing detergents and industrial water treatment products. OxyChem’s chlorinated isocyanurates are also approved for routine potable water chlorination. ​​​​
Pet Nutrition & Rendering

Pet Nutrition & Rendering

Pet Nutrition & Rendering – Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition
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When it comes to pet nutrition and rendering, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition has our customer’s needs top of mind.
When it comes to pet nutrition and rendering, Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition has our customer’s needs top of mind. Ameri-Pac, a trusted brand of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, is a leading contract manufacturer of premium antioxidants, stabilizers and custom-made, private-label pet food premixes. Our robust catalogue of premium nutrients for the animal nutrition and animal health industries provide the innovation and superior solutions to help you succeed.
Our rendering partners reclaim 99% of the roughly half of an animal that is considered inedible by consumers. This meat, bone and fat are transformed into premium ingredients for countless products, and Wilbur-Ellis works with the rendering industry to provide freshness protection that ensures the nutrition and palatability of their offerings are maintained throughout its shelf-life.
Your “Peace of Mind” Partner
With premixes, antioxidants and ingredient processing capabilities we customize what you need. From pilot batches to full production, we help you test, screen and package your products while also providing product stability solutions with our Oxy-Gon® and Oxy-Block® premium products designed to not only control oxidation and increase your shelf-life, but provide peace of mind as well. We are dedicated to our customer-centric focus which guarantees quality assurance and freshness protection.
Quality Nutrients
We can source and create what fits the nutritional profile of the animals you serve. Our Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certification means you can be certain everything we provide meets the international standards for food safety and quality.
Testing Made Easy
We don’t ship anything until your product passes our release tests and has all the accompanying documentation for your label claims. We also offer antioxidant testing to support.
Central Location
We know time is of the essence in your business, so we stay local to get you what you need, when you need it. When you work with Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition’s Ameri-Pac group, you have a flexible logistics team ready to source and fill your nutrient needs.
Customized Antioxidants
Today’s retailers expect optimal shelf life and greater stability from pet foods more than ever before. Many of these products contain significant levels of fat, which is especially susceptible to oxidation. To combat this problem, Ameri-Pac, a trusted brand of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, developed two high performance, advanced antioxidant product lines to provide solutions to the rendering industries. We offer both Natural and Synthetic customized formulas.
Technical Support
Customized applications are needed to solve your unique challenges. Our staff, PhD technical specialists, can troubleshoot and recommend the specific antioxidant for your specific need. Our laboratory can also provide the necessary support to ensure your products get the freshness protection it deserves.
Field Service Expertise
Application of antioxidants in your facility are just as important as the synergistic blend of ingredients when it comes to efficacy and protecting freshness. We bring the service expertise to support the proper application on site.
Our Ameri-Pac Offerings
Ameri-Pac, a trusted brand of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, established itself as a business with 30 years of manufacturing expertise and a strong industry reputation for providing products with integrity and quality service.
Premium Animal Nutrition, Customized Freshness and Stability Products You Can Count On
Everything we offer meets the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.
If you don’t see what you need here, contact us – we’ll find it for you.
Natural Antioxidants
Naturally Sourced Antioxidants
Ideal for premium and super premium brands
Protects product shelf life, flavor, color, freshness and nutrient stability
Formulated with natural-source tocopherols, lecithin and rosemary
Non-GMO liquid and other custom formula available upon request
Excellent food protection at a cost-effective price
Easily mixed into finished products / premixes
Pet owners are demanding natural ingredients in pet food products and Oxy-Gon® can help you meet this demand while maintaining product freshness, taste, quality and safety. Oxy-Gon® is a food-grade antioxidant made from plant-derived natural extracts. It is used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat-soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation.
Synthetic Antioxidants
Synthetic Antioxidant Systems
Excellent food protection
Multi-suited for application
Cost effective
Easily accessed and readily available
Oxy-Block® is a food-grade, synthetic antioxidant line used for the preservation of animal fats, vegetable oils, fat-soluble vitamins and other materials subject to oxidation. The antioxidants used in each formulation protect shelf life and control rancidity without having a direct effect on the odor or flavor of the stabilized product.
Nutritional Products
We produce and manufacture high quality nutritional supplements in various forms for private label distribution, including vitamins, trace minerals, nutraceuticals and probiotics. Our products can be produced in powders, liquids and suspensions, and packaged in bags, bottles, jugs and bulk totes ranging from 4-ounce packets to 275-gallon totes.
Oxy-Gon® Antioxidants
Oxy-Gon® Powder
Oxy-Gon® Premium IP Liquid
Oxy-Gon® Liquid
Oxy-Gon® High Delta Tocopherol Liquid
Oxy-Gon® 10P Liquid
Oxy-Gon® Rosemary Flavor Enhancer
Oxy-Gon® SF Powder (grain-free)
Oxy-Gon® Liquid (grain-free)
Oxy-Block® Antioxidants
Formulations and Product Specifications
Maximum usage levels
(Weight% of Fat or Oil)
Composition, %a
Antioxidant Solution
Citric Acid
Oxy-Block 4
0. 05

Oxy-Block 4B
0. 1
Oxy-Block 8
Oxy-Block K2
0. 066
6. 5
Oxy-Block K2C
0. 02
Oxy-Block K4
Private Label
We offer private label contract manufacturing of premixes for pet food and livestock and nutritional supplements. By combining high quality ingredients, stringent standards and expert knowledge, we can help you develop the ideal product for your customers. All production is done in our modern facilities, using state-of-the-art technology. Our animal nutrition scientists and manufacturing experts help you develop the ideal custom blend for your customers.
We offer on-site laboratory services where we can conduct shelf studies, fats and oils testing, antioxidant level testing and microbial testing using industry-approved methods.
Ingredient Grinding & Processing
At our facilities, we have the equipment and capacity to custom process bulk ingredients to your exact specifications. As part of our offering, we handle ingredient processing for mixing, milling and screening, repackaging and warehousing.

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