Pokemon Go Catchem Bot

Catch’em Bot v1.6.3.1- [NEW – 100% SAFE – NO BAN!]

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Features (from PokeMobBot) project and more
[PTC / Google Login]
[Get Map Objects and Inventory]
[Live map showing Pokéstops and farming path]
[Pokémon Lists Settings (To Envolve/Not To Transfer/Not to Catch/To Use Masterball]
[Search for Pokéstop]
[Farm Pokéstops]
[Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood]
[Evolve Pokémon]
[Transfer Pokémon]
[Powerup Pokémon]
[Auto-Recycle uneeded items]
[View all Pokémon CP/IV%]
[Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon]
[Output level and needed XP for levelup]
[Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour in Console Title]
[Automatic use of Razzberries]
[Automatic incubation]
[Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn! ]
[Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there! ]
[Proxy support]
[All settings from UI]
[You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don’t hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position]
[Full controll of your inventory/pokemons]
[Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider]
[Make map follow your player]
[And more! ]
Get Device data from real android device:
[Enable USB debugging at your phone settings]
[Ensure what your PC have proper ADB drivers installed]
[Click “Get Data from Your Android Phone” button at the Settings tab – you are awesome]
Q: I can spin pokestops but pokemons flee, what should I do?
A: It’s a new kind of ban introduced by niantic, at the moment we don’t any solution if not waiting for 24+ hours and let it solve by itself.
Q: I keep getting the “No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small? ” error but I’m sure there are some, why is this happening?
A: It could be due to 2 reasons:
1)Your IP was banned, if you don’t have a static one just restart your modem, otherwise you will need a proxy/vpn to make the bot work.
2)You altitude is wrong configured.
VIRUSTOTAL & DOWNLOAD: (click the icons)
To make the bot follow only the streets without having to go between buildings as a ghost, you have to ask google the direction key bees.
To be able to apply, you have to access the link below:
Log into your Google account and select the item to GET KEY, will be asked to create a project, you create one empty and then copy and paste the key generated in the Google Voice API key directions of the bot and put “Google Directions” the top entry in the drop down menu.
Saved and run
You’ll see two lines, one green jumping from one to another Pokestop (are those in which the character will go) and the red line that indicates the real road that will accomplish.
Result ->
​✌ ✌ VIDEOTUTORIAL (Watch in HD! )
​°°Leave a feedback if is working for you!
Credits to Lunat1q and Feroxs for their project.
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This bot looks incredible, seems like they’ve spent lots of time to work on this!
I think it is the best bot at the moment!!
Read the topic
Does this bot have sniping? It runs absolutely amazing as of now I just cannot find anything about sniping?
I think that will be added soon!
Try to open it as an administrator, which error gives you?
Working fine NOW – 08/24/2016 – 23:42
I’ll have to give this a try soon, although I feel like I’ve played it to much already…
Crashes everytime on Windows10
EDIT: Seems it didn’t like the profile named Banned? LOL
thanks for all the work u put into this… u make me very happy… u god u!!!!!
Post updated, please read it!!
Is there a way to do this from an iPhone?
booo… my work pc wont unzip. 7z… i’ll need to try when I get home…
Works decent so far – will report any issues
1hr 2 fresh accounts running smooth – Very nice, great effort!!!!
Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
I’m unsure on the stability of bots at the minute, I keep getting banned as of late.
I don’t know, you have teleported? You have used a bot with different coordinates and then you used this?
is it safer to use my own device id?
If you will use this account botted with your device, yes it’s safer!!
Added checkbox to skip limited incubators
Added button to randomize all android info
Reworked Session hash logic
Reworked logging feature, now all logs should be fine (text one)
Minor fixes
Minor delay fixes
Better error handling while tutorial state
Bot will skipp that transfer/recycle routine at start, if u like it, there is new settings in config file=> BeLikeRobot
Catchem - Free PokemonGO bot with modern UI - OwnedCore

Catchem – Free PokemonGO bot with modern UI – OwnedCore

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Catchem – Free PokemonGO bot with modern UI
Free Pokemon GO bot with modern UI based on PokeMobBot and NecroBot
Come, join our growing community and bring your ideas!
Join our Discord channel: Click Here
Github Download: Click here
[Discovery pathing function -> bot continue to walk in radom direction from pokestop to pokestop, it pick closest pokestop each turn! ]
[Force move option, just double click to the map and bot will start moving there! ]
[Proxy support]
[All settings from UI]
[You can set startup location from the map, just select the bot (don’t hit Start), go to the map tab, and just double-click to desired position]
[Full controll of your inventory/pokemons]
[Smooth controll of movement speed on the run via MoveSpeedFactor slider]
[Make map follow your player]
[Setup multiple bots]
[Upgrade your Pokemon directly from GUI]
Initial bot setup:
For bugs/ideas/suggestions please post on GitHub: Issues * Lunat1q/Catchem-PoGo * GitHub
Visit our Discord channel and suggest more features and improvements!
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Reason: updates added
These ads disappear when you log in.
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Looks Great, Can We Get A File?
Originally Posted by ares2007
damn, wow!!! really nice looking interface!!!
Post Thanks / Like – 1 Thanks
baklaforever (1 members gave Thanks to xstyle69 for this useful post)
That’s one heck of a great looking bot!
damn cool, there is have auto unbanned???
[00:05:21] (ATTENTION) Make sure Lat & Lng are right. Exit Program if not! Lat: 407672775860377 Lng: -739744502305985
Bot Errorr:S
Maps Cord.
Lati: 40. 7654695980253
Long: -73. 973473906517
Bot Start
Lat: 407672775860377
Lng: -739744502305985
Bot Error
Last edited by FiRewaLL_Cr3w; 08-11-2016 at 04:08 PM.
No pokestops Max distance to small? I’m getting this error after putting in Central Park Lat and long. What am i doing wrong?
Looks cool man keep it up
Looks awesome, downloading and trying to config now.
Will let a THX ofc if works!
tried it.
really nice bot.
hope to see more features in the future.
keep up the good work mate!
whats the that runs in the background huh? keylogger? 
d13 (1 members gave Thanks to OKANIL for this useful post)
Mine Crashes When i press start:/
Amazing bot dude. The best ive seen so far!!
Is there any chance of adding the ability to see the pokemon you have caught on the map. So that you can take a glance at the bot and see when and where you got the pokemon?
Originally Posted by OKANIL
I guess wont be keylogger, but pls OP answer so we feel safe
d13 (1 members gave Thanks to thesikaleon for this useful post)
Originally Posted by thesikaleon
i dont think that the OP is the creator of the bot.
also i dont think its a keylogger.
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Catch Em' All With The Help Of Your Pokémon Go Proxy

Catch Em’ All With The Help Of Your Pokémon Go Proxy

What once was confined to the frame of a trading card can now be found in an intense, interactive digital game. Pokémon has evolved a lot since my younger days, but I love it all the same. Back then, I won battles with ease and held my Eevee card close to my chest, refusing to let her character slip away from me. For about six months, Pokémon was my whole world. The binder that held my complete trading card set was the brightest shade of red in existence. Obnoxious and ready to put up a my ten-year-old self been able to play Pokémon Go the way kids can today, I would have been overwhelmed. The phenomenon that is Pokémon Go brought the franchise to new generations and gave a wave of nostalgia to those who grew up watching the original series and playing Pokémon Red and Blue on our Game Boys. But for all that Pokémon Go has done, there is still more to be seen beneath the surface. But how does one go about getting the most out of the game? With the help of a Pokémon Go proxy, you will be able to unlock new possibilities and keep safe while this blog, I will take you through how to use a proxy on Pokémon Go, different reasons to use one, and the qualities that make up a reliable proxy. It only takes a few easy steps to get your proxy set up and unleash the full power of Poké of Contents1. What Is a Pokémon Go Proxy? 2. Keep Safe With a Proxy for Pokémon Go3. How to Fake Your Location on Pokémon Go4. What Makes for a High-Quality Pokémon Go IP Proxy? What Is a Pokémon Go Proxy? Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games to hit smartphones in recent memory. Its following is extensive and international. You can still find people wandering around parks and public places trying to catch nearby Pokémon. However, there are some aspects of Pokémon Go that are made easier with a Pokémon Go of a proxy as a new entryway into the internet. You see, your smartphone has a unique IP address, one that can be located and tracked with ease. This means that you are limited by your location and, without protection, are not always safe while using an app or website. That is where Pokémon proxies come into play. Proxies shield your true IP address, making it look as though you are truly located in the place where your proxy originates. So while I am lucky enough to have access to Pokémon Go, there are some places in the world that do not. By utilizing a proxy for Pokémon Go, people living in those locations can enjoy the game to the thinking about what kind of proxies to install and how to use them, it is important to remember that you should always buy your proxies, as free proxies are often unreliable and can leave your device less protected than before. Plus, I would recommend dedicated proxies while on Pokémon Go. Dedicated proxies are for you and you alone. They create a stronger connection and ensure higher bandwidth, not to mention keep you protected. Speaking of keeping safe while playing Pokémon Go, let’s talk about why proxies are the best way to stay anonymous while on your Safe With a Proxy for Pokémon Go If you have ever encountered a proxy before, then you know that safety is one of the biggest draws of using a proxy on a computer or smartphone. Before I started using proxies, I did not make the best choices when it came to downloading content to my devices. I am lucky nothing bad happened to my personal information and since I play games like Pokémon Go, games with tens of millions of users, I am equally grateful that proxies cause a Pokémon Go IP proxy has the ability to hide your true location, it is also able to protect your identity and let you enjoy the game you love with minimal disruption. Think of it this way, almost everyone plays Xbox games using an anonymous username, one that can be found by other players, but not traced back to your actual identity. The same can be said for Pokémon Go. While it is fun to see all of the other players using the game, the last thing you want is to lose personal information because you were trying to catch a Squirtle in Central Park. While the developers claim they closed a privacy hole, allowing them to snoop on users, you can protect yourself further by using a proxy. By doing so, you will not have to worry about overzealous developers or users finding out more about you than you of all, once you find the right Pokémon Go proxy to keep you safe, you need only follow the simple instructions given to you by your proxy provider. It is often as simple as going into your network settings and entering in your new proxy IP into the designated boxes. After this, you will be safe to play all day to Fake Your Location on Pokémon Go As I mentioned earlier, Pokémon Go is not available in all countries. There is even a name for countries without Pokémon Go. Bare countries. These bare countries can be tricky, as the game uses your GPS signal in order to populate Pokémon around you. So even if you were to log into the network with a proxy and attempt to hunt for Pokémon, you might not find any. Oddly enough, you can sometimes find Pokémon in a country that does not have the game yet. This is because the manufacturer has started to fill the area before the game is despite these complications, you are not totally out of luck if you live in or are traveling to a country without the game. Figuring out how to fake your location in Pokémon Go starts with something called GPS spoofing. GPS spoofing makes it look as though you are in a different physical location then you are. Because Pokémon Go requires movement, GPS spoofing is incredibly important. If you have an Android device, all you need to do is download an app like this one, in order to get started. After that follow these few steps:Go to “Settings” and select “About Device”Tap “Build Number” seven times, after that, a window will pop up and read “Develop mode has been turned on. ”Access the “Develop options” and click “Allow mock locations. ”After that, you will be ready to use Pokémon Go with your proxy. Unfortunately, this workaround is a bit more difficult on an iPhone and requires you to jailbreak your device. Once done, you can install a package manager that allows you to choose your location and connect your proxy. However, before you take these steps you will want to be sure that you are truly in a bare country, as it can be a hassle to jailbreak an iOS bottom line, do your research on bare countries, that way you will be able to play Pokémon Go a Bot With Pokémon Proxies Bots are an incredibly useful tool. They allow you to automate processes and truly get the most out of any game or website. In fact, using a bot with Pokémon Go helps you catch more Pokémon and visit new places, faster. While some might say this detracts from the game, it actually helped players get to a higher level, then once at that higher level, they have access to more content. Problem is, using a bot without an extra layer of protection can get your account banned from playing the game, as distributors do not support automated ankfully, your Pokémon Go proxy protects you, therefore, it allows you to play the game anonymously and without drawing a lot of attention to yourself. One tip I have for botting is not to bot on the same proxy for long periods of time. Because companies flag activity that does not look strictly human, botting a lot for large chunks of time will look odd. Distributing your botting among a few different proxies is a great way to keep you more protected, thus allowing you to use the game as you see fact of the matter is, bots and proxies were made for each other, and using an unbanned Pokémon Go proxy to play the game you love is always a Makes for a High-Quality Pokémon Go IP Proxy? Now that we have fully established how to go anywhere in Pokémon Go and explored other reasons you should be using a Pokémon Go proxy, I think it is time we discuss what makes for a high-quality proxy for Pokémon, you will want to buy your proxy from a provider that has a bunch of different proxy location options. As we talked about earlier, your location matters while playing the game, and the more options you have, the better off you will be. Next, I would recommend choosing a proxy provider that sells dedicated proxies at reasonable prices. Dedicated proxies are the best chance you have for keeping safe while using the game across different cities and countries. In addition, make sure you buy a proxy that offers a range of purchase lengths. Let’s say you know you are going to be playing the game in a different country for six months, then you would be able to buy your proxy for the appropriate amount of time. Best of all, the longer you keep your proxy, the better discount you often nally, make sure that you select a proxy provider that has a customer service team who is ready and available 24/7, that way your proxy-related questions will be answered than remain unprotected and limited by your location, trust a reliable proxy provider to deliver you the best possible technology for all your Pokémon Go Thoughts on Pokémon Go Proxies I still get a thrill out of hunting for Pokémon. In fact, after Pokémon Go was released, I was so nostalgic for my youth, I found my old Pokémon cards and used them to help refresh my memory about the best and most fearsome Pokémon. Needless to say, I was ten years old again and absolutely loving it. But no matter how much we love the game, there is so much more to it than what you see upon first glance. In order to get the most out of Pokémon Go and stay safe while playing, install a Pokémon Go proxy today. Not only will you feel more protected, but you will also have the option to move about anonymously, catching Pokémon without a care in the world. Once you find a provider that you trust, buy your proxy, and get hunting. The information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

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