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Are there any free alternatives to the software ProfitScraper? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1Unfortunately no free alternatives available and I’d strongly recommend not going for the cheapest. If you plan on monitor 100s if not 1000s of items the last thing you want is a software glitch costing you $100’s of dollars. I’ve had this before. As you may know Profit Scraper is currently not accepting new members. I’ve been using Profitscraper for the last 6 months however I’ve recently tested Pricematik and would definitely recommend. Take a look at my recent review: 1Is that software even worth it you end up paying over a thousand a month between the software and ebay store so if you’re only making a a few dollars per sale how is it even possible to make money? This community is a place to discuss the business of dropshipping, from the entrepreneur side. It’s a place to share resources, solve problems and have serious discussions on issues we all Inc © 2021. All rights reserved
Can you be successful dropshipping on Ebay? - Reddit

Can you be successful dropshipping on Ebay? – Reddit

The trick is to list lots of products. Because of ebays algorithms some of your new products will show up at the top of some searches, and some buyers will impulse buy your products. Using profit scraper makes it easy to find stuff that is statistically likely to sell. The basic strategy I used was to delist anything that didn’t sell after 30 days. The products that do sell tend to snowball. I do t use it anymore because Paypal froze my account for selling this numbing cream. People still sell it on eBay all the time. I don’t understand how their algorithm works. Profit scraper has tools to help you filter out products that might get you flagged, I just got too comfortable with it I think.
Amazon to eBay arbitrage: dropship - Reddit

Amazon to eBay arbitrage: dropship – Reddit

Hey bros, have any of you tried Amazon to eBay arbitrage? Have you made a lot of money dropshipping using Amazon prime? Is there a software that can automate the arbitrage process or a software that can scan for items that can reap the highest profits? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1I’ve been undertaking Amazon to eBay dropshipping for some time with reasonable success. Currently making about $130 a week profit using a software called Profit Scraper. This software will scan for items, list them on eBay, monitor/update pricing and even automatically order items. I’ve spent some time writing about it here. You’ll see that due to popular demand Profit Scraper is no longer accepting new applications so I tested out PriceMatik and the service is almost identical. It’s even cheaper than Profit Scraper and offers a 2 week free trial. Take a look at this post where I’ve reviewed the software: 1What you’ll be paying for the software is your profit.

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