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Configure a Proxy Server with 3G or 4G Data Connection on …

You can always use a proxy server to surf the internet anonymously without any restrictions on your Android phone. There are four ways by which you can setup a proxy server on your android phone.
Method 1: The first method is by manually adding the proxy server addresses and ports in the Access Point Name ( APN) of the 3G or 4G data settings.
Method 2: If you’re using a WiFi connection to browse the internet then you can manually add a proxy server address to the WiFi access point on your android phone.
Method 3: The third method will be configuring the proxy server within a web browser.
Method 4: Last but not the least, the fourth method of setting up a proxy server on an Android phone will be by using android apps to setup a proxy server.
Lets find more about how we can setup a proxy server on Android for surfing the internet on a 3G or 4G data connection. Before we start with the process of configuring a proxy server on your android phone, you will need to find out a reliable proxy server first. You can do a quick Google search and find a lot of free and public proxy servers. If you don’t want to wait then check out this free and public database of proxy server list by.
Note: the proxy servers listed in the above site are all third party open proxies available for public use. We cannot vouch for your security. Therefore we recommend using a proxy server with good reputation from your known sources.
Steps to Configure a Proxy Server with a 3G / 4G data connection
Step 1: Go to the settings on your android phone.
Step 2: Under wireless and networks tap on more settings.
Step 3: Under the network menu tap on Mobile networks.
Step 4: Under mobile networks tap on Access Point Names (APN).
Step 5: Under APN, tap the access point used to connect to the internet and add the proxy server and port addresses.
Step 6: Enter the respective proxy server and port details as below and click ok to save the settings.
Now your android phone is set to use the proxy server to surf the internet anonymously and without restrictions.
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How to Configure a Proxy Server on Android? - TurboFuture

How to Configure a Proxy Server on Android? – TurboFuture

Nil is a Blogger who loves to help people across the world through his articles, pictures, and Is Proxy Server? A proxy server is a server which is known as an application gateway which acts as an intermediary between the local network and large scale network such as the internet. We can configure our proxy settings over Wi-Fi network on android device. It can be used further to access the internet to run school or business network. The proxy server can only be configured on your Android device by Google Chrome and other web browsers but may not be used by other apps. The only App developer can select whether he uses Android’s proxy or not. There is the reason why it so better to choose proxy over VPN because the entire network’s traffic can be forced through VPN to Configure a Proxy Server? Now we will go over the steps to configure a proxy server on your Android device. Here are some steps which are mentioned below:Step 1First of all open your Android devices on your device and select your Wi-Fi option to view the list of all Wi-Fi 2Press long the Wi-Fi network’s name whose proxy settings you want to change. After that select “Modify Network” option when the menu is 3Open the menu of “Advanced options” section on the screen. Choose the “Proxy” option, and then you can choose “None” option for no proxy settings, “Manual” for entering manual proxy settings, and “Proxy Auto-Config” which can search the suitable settings for your network. “Proxy Auto-Config” option may not be available on older versions of Android. You can enter an address of proxy auto-configuration script, which is known as a 4Sometimes other operating systems like Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Chrome doesn’t support WPAD (Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol). This can be used in schools and businesses to distribute proxy server on the network. If you use WPAD, then you have to point Android at automatic or manual proxy server can manually enter proxy server’s details if you select “Manual” option. For example, enter the “Proxy Hostnames. ”Step 5Suppose you want to have an Android bypass for any web address, just enter them in “Bypass proxy for” box, which can be separated by commas. Click on “Save” option to make changesEvery Wi-Fi network holds its own proxy server settings. For one Wi-Fi network, only one proxy server is enabled, it cannot be done for multiple Wi-Fi networks. You have to change settings whenever you enable your to Configure the Proxy Server With 3G or 4G Data on Android? You can also configure the proxy server with 3G or 4G data connection on Android. It can be done by using the given methods below:Method 1: You can do this by manually adding proxy servers and Access Point Names of 3G and 4G of data settings.
Method 2: Using Wi-Fi connection to browse the internet and manually adding a proxy server address.
Method 3: By configuring proxy server within the web browser.
Method 4: To configure proxy settings on your Android device.
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