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Use your favorite tech stack – language and framework of your choice with an Advanced CLI for seamless automation. Start building with Contentful, no credit card required.
Back up network configurations on schedule, detect what configuration changes occurred and who changed them, automate bulk firmware deployment, detect network vulnerabilities, keep your network compliant, and much more, all in a multi-vendor environment.
Rendertron is a headless Chrome rendering solution designed to render & serialise web pages on the fly. Rendertron is designed to enable your Progressive Web App (PWA) to serve the correct content to any bot that doesn’t render or execute JavaScript. Rendertron runs as a standalone HTTP server. Rendertron renders requested pages using Headless Chrome, auto-detecting when your PWA has completed loading and serializes the response back to the original request. To use Rendertron, your application…
Top Eleven Bot Copyright (C) 2014 hotted1135
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
top eleven bot v1. 9. 1
resolution 1366*768 –good for laptops
how to use:
press 1 for train bot
press 2 for token bot
what it does: train bot
press the arrow key 4 times in your browser
so your lined up with the game
train bot auto clicks…
What is include
a) RFI Scanner
b) LFI Scanner
c) SQLi Scanner
d) Log Scanner
e) Xss Scanner
f) Google Scanner
h) Joomla and WordPress Scanner
3. Deface Mass Saver
a) Zone-h deface saver
b) IMT deface saver
4. MD5 Hash Cracker
a) Online MD5 Hash Cracker (49 Sites)
b) Manuel MD5 Hash Cracker
5. Admin Finder
6. Exploit Finder
7. Brute Force
a) Joomla Brute Force
b) WordPress Brute Force
c) FTP Brute Force
a) Online proxy grabber
b) Auto Clicker with proxy…
This software utility allows you to automate many programs running in the Windows operation system, left button click of mouse, right button click of mouse, single or double mouse clicks easily with this auto clicker with command line parameters {m1}, {m2}, {md} windows macro Mouse Bot can not only automate mouse clicks, but it can also click the mouse buttons while you have full control of the movement.
Download from here or go to:
We’ve curated five affordable SolarWinds® tools to make the most of your IT budget. Get started with Web Help Desk®, Dameware® Remote Support, ipMonitor®, Serv-U® FTP, and Engineer’s Toolset™, all at a great price.
Yet another python powered bot for the browsergame “Travian”.
We want to make this bot more effective then any human, at construction defensing and farming.
Auto clicker proxy bot - Fineproxy

Auto clicker proxy bot – Fineproxy

How to change proxy settings in Windows 10?
Follow a simple directive to access and check your proxy settings in Windows 10. Begin by opening the Settings app. Once it’s there, choose Network and Internet, where you’ll have to find the Proxy menu. After that, opt for either Automatic or Manual configuration. Don’t forget to save the newly applied settings after changing your proxy settings.
What is an HTTPS proxy?
HTTPS is an extension to HTTP; it’s not a separate protocol. Data from the client to the source server and back is transferred over the SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols with such a connection.
The probability of hacker attacks during HTTPS connection is excluded only if a verified public and private key certificate are installed on the source server system. The public and private key certificate is needed not only to protect against hacker attacks but can also be used to give only authorized users access to the server.
How many proxies do I need?
For an average internet user, two or even one proxy is enough. Most people need proxies for looking into web pages that are blocked in their country and for making sure that your initial IP address wouldn’t get frozen. For the first reason, VPN would be the easiest choice, as they do not require any complicated procedures — you will simply need to download one onto your device and turn it on whenever needed. For the second reason, rotating proxies are the perfect choice for advanced users, as they are constantly changing your IP address for every request or so. As for ordinary web consumers, VPN most probably would be enough.
What should my proxy settings be on Mac?
The proxy setting on Mac that are necessary for you would depend on your aim and on the demands of a network. But to turn on the proxy server, you need to follow seven easy steps:
1. Go to the network panel icon
2. Click on the network you want to connect to
3. Click Advanced setting
4. Select proxies
5. Enter PAC file
6. Select a proxy server
7. Depending on a network, chose to exclude simple hostnames.
How does a proxy server differ from a packet filtering firewall?
Both proxy servers and filtering firewalls are able to protect you from dangerous sites, and the difference lies in the way they do it. A proxy acts as a mediator between you and the material you are looking for. By using proxies, you allow them to firstly get your internet request, process it, and then give the results back. Sitting in between, proxies can also allow you to look through some blocked for your region materials. Filtering a firewall, on the other hand, directly blocks harmful sources without having to first report the result back to the server.
How to check proxy settings?
If you want to know more about your current proxy settings, follow this simple set of instructions. Find the Settings or a Control Panel and proceed to get to the Internet Options menu. Choose the Connections therein, which will lead you to LAN settings. Look at the info presented and apply any modifications you believe are necessary.
How to configure a proxy on iPhone?
To set up a proxy setting on your iPhone, first of all, you need to select the setting section. Afterward, tap on wifi, tap on the info section on the right side, find the HTTP proxy section, by default. It should be set off, so you need to set it to the automatic regime if, for example, your company uses a proxy; if not, select the manual mode and tap all the information.
How to make proxies?
“You can make an entirely legitimate proxy by yourself. Most often, you will want to use a special program for that. The other option is following this guide.
Decide upon the server you want to make your IPs on. Download Putty (make sure it’s downloaded on your server, not PC). Indicate the Hostname, proceed to open a terminal box, and enter «root. » Create a password (there might be a necessity to input it twice). Once everything else is done, install a wget. You’re done! ”
What proxy server should I use?
Choice of a proxy server is not an easy task because there are plenty of them on the internet, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. And a choice of one of them would depend on many factors. Firstly different proxy servers are suitable for different tasks. Some of them are good at hiding your IP address, while others can greatly improve your security. Also, the choice of a proxy would depend on a client because some of them are suitable only for big companies and not for individuals and vice versa. Moreover, do not forget to consider that some proxy servers are for free while others could cost some money. So, the choice of a proxy would depend only on your demands.
What is a network proxy?
A network proxy is a service that creates an additional step between a user and a website that they are willing to visit. This kind of network can be used for various purposes. For instance, a person wants to hide their original IP address not to reveal any personal data. With the help of a proxy network, they are given a brand new address created automatically. Therefore, it is hardly possible to track who is doing current operations on websites. Moreover, a proxy network makes it possible to do the same operation from one computer a thousand times. A user is given a new unique IP address for each connection.
What are socks proxies?
The SOCKS proxy is one of the methods people use to protect their computer from identifying its location. This is a protocol that allows connecting your device to the desired server through the mediator. So, the final destination of the connection will be achieved from a third-party IP address, and it will hide your local IP. The usage of SOCKS proxy is practical when you want to overcome geographical barriers. However, you should be aware that these proxies do not encrypt data, and it means that you still should take care of its security.
What is a Microsoft Streaming Service proxy?
Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy is a proxy service or kernel-mode driver built on top of Azure Media Services, like Microsoft Stream video service, which is the replacement of Office 365 Video. Both of these services have a video streaming function, thus allowing users to watch video content on any device. Usually, the trouble occurs when the Microsoft Streaming Service proxy can’t be launched. This way, you need to check the relevant driver status.
What is an elite proxy?
Elite proxy is the leading high-speed server with minimal ping. Such servers guarantee the client the maximum level of protection against hacker attacks and the security of the Internet. The use of an elite proxy is the most advanced level of protection because such a proxy can maximally ensure the security of Internet users. It means that there will be no signs of using a proxy server in the network, and it will be impossible to find out your IP address.
What is the proxy address?
A proxy address is the IP address of the proxy server that you have accessed. In other words, when you browse from your own local IP address, the requests are sent from your personal server, while if you utilize a proxy server, it serves as a mediator between your device and the desired server. In this way, your personal IP address is substituted by the proxy address. So, no one can see your personal address while you send some requests. The proxy address is shown instead.
What is domain by proxy?
A domain (or domain name) is the address of a website on the Internet that is needed to identify a website on the Internet and make it easier for users to remember its address.
Domain by Proxy is a company that focuses on ensuring the protection and confidentiality of a domain name. Thus, clients provide data about their domain and receive a guaranteed assurance against hacker attacks and intrusions of unwanted parties, in other words, security.


What Can TrafficBotPro Do For You?
Increase rank
Increase your site’s rank
in search engines and
Shopping sites.
Click AD
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Self-defining querying interval
Pages turning interval
Visit and click ratio
Adding proxies
Adding UserAgent
Screen resolution
Simulation operation
Mouse move
Mouse click
Keyboard input
Random click
Powerful and smart
Schedule task
Loop task
Multi-device simulation
Render FingerPrint
Canvas Fingerprint
Audio FingerPrint
Hardware Fingerprint
More Functions in
TrafficBotPro III Than TrafficBotPro II
TrafficBotPro II
TrafficBotPro III
Brand New Custom Operation Feature
Find the element you want to operate more accurately through ID
Class Xpath
or Selector., which leads to a more convenient task-setting.
Smarter Panel
Smarter module division helps you better use and makes operation
Smarter Tasks Management Center
Apply the added settings directly from Proxies Center and Devices
Task settings become clear at a glance.
Multitasking Function
All tasks can be selected and run with one click.
Thousands of traffic at your fingertips.
Multitasking Schedule
Allow scheduling one or bulk tasks as you wish.
More Ways on Importing Proxies
Support manual input, file import, fill in online web page import.
Smarter Proxy Detection
Various proxies can be automatically detected, allowing your
proxies to be clear at a glance.
Automatic Simulation of Devices
Automatically create desktop or mobile devices to make traffic more
Automatically create bulk devices based on proxies.
Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely indigenous way. Instead of
trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows
reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy
IP, our software is fully different to other software that only add a proxy to your browser
to work, our software will set the timezone, language, DNS and location etc… is matched to
your proxy IP, that will make you looks like a real people from the proxy IP. Our software
can also generate different device fingerprint and bind different fingerprint with your
accounts. Once the account is bind with proxy IP, device fingerprint and other settings, the
account will use these settings all the time with all operation. That is why you can use our
software to mange and operate many accounts with different proxy safely.
Main Functions
Search Engine Ver.
Shopping Sites Ver.
AD Click Ver.
Full Ver.
Browse Your Site Directly
Visit your sites directly with different settings and proxy to increase the
Increase Search Engine Rank
Search your keywords on google/yahoo/bing and click to visit your site in the
search results.
Increase Your Product Rank
Search your keywords on amazon/ebay and click to visit your product page in the
Click Any AD You Want
Browse the page directly or from Search Engine, then click the ad you set.
Bypass Bot Detection
Simulate full human’s operation to mouse move, click, scroll and keyboard input
Latest Anti-Fingerprint technology
Use the latest Anti-Fingerprint technology to bypass bot detection
Simulate The Really Site Browsing
Custom querying interval, pages turning interval, staying time, visit and click
ratio, proxy, useragent, screen resolution etc…
Smarter module division helps you better use and makes operation easier.
Apply the added settings directly from Proxies Center and Devices Center.
All tasks can be selected and run with one click. Thousands
of traffic at your fingertips.
Various proxies can be automatically detected,
allowing your proxies to be clear at a glance.
Automatically create desktop or mobile devices to make
traffic more realistic. Automatically create bulk devices based on proxies.
Better Compatibility
Works with the latest Google browser, almost compatible with all web pages.
More Accurate and Efficient Custom Operations
Find the element you want to operate more accurately
through ID Class Xpath or Selector.
There are more not listed here…
Search Engine Version
only for search engine
Shopping Sites Version
only for shopping sites
AD Click Version
only for ad click
Full Version
include all functions
Q: What is cloud control?
A: The cloud control function enables you to use a set of
software to control unlimited other computers / servers / VPS on one computer at the same
time, and conduct batch management and task operation. Each computer operated by your main
control software can also use multithreading for multitasking at the same time. If you add
50 cloud controlled computers / servers / VPS, each running 10 threads to execute tasks,
then a set of software can inform, control and manage 10 * 50 threads for task execution.
Therefore, the cloud control function greatly expands the efficiency and performance of the
software. There are almost no restrictions. The only limitation is that you can add any
number of controlled computers / servers / VPS by yourself.
At the same time, the cloud control function provides extremely
simple management functions, you only need to run a set of software on your host, you can
easily manage the cloud publishing and running of all tasks.
If you are interested in the cloud control function, please
contact us!
Need Cloud Control Function?
Connect with our support team and ask for cloud control function.
TrafficBotPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with
Windows VM; it’s advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface
display due to the large amount of functionality.

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