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Affiliate Disclosure WE EARN COMMISSIONS IF YOU SHOP THROUGH THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE. Please be aware that BestValued might accept advertising compensation from companies that may appear on this platform, this may influence the order in which the content/product/service/company is advertised. In some cases the compensation may also influence the rating and tags assigned by BestValued. The rating is also determined by our subjective opinion and the brand preference based on the reputation or market share of a particular Brand/Company. Any product/Service/company listings do not imply any type of endorsement. All representation of features and other information are subject to change at any time and all the information presented on this page is disclaimed. Please check the Terms of Use for additional information. How To Pick The Best YouTube Proxy Websites To Unblock Geo-restricted Content? Avoid bans and blocks! The YouTube proxies give the hidden IP addresses that allow bypassing internet censorship, streaming movies, etc., facilities to users from the blocked content. Moreover, proxies are compatible with mobile as well as desktop servers essentially alter a user’s IP address and mask it with another IP Address without the need for online traffic encryption. It helps the user surf the net privately on the web, making it difficult for malware or other harmful forces to infiltrate and acquire your browsing data and other leads other regions by a marked 30% higher rate of proxy server usage. The North American region is second on the list with 28%. A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to proxies is important while surfing through YouTube because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms. If affected by malware, you can hack your important information like bank details, credit card information, Is A Proxy, And How Does It Work? A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to access. Using proxies is important while surfing through YouTube because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms. Accordingly, if affected by malware, you can get hacked by others, and important information like bank details, credit card information, etc., can be transferred to a third to the proxy section of Network and Internet settings of any device like Windows, macOS, or Linux and turning it on along with the setup script will create a proxy to your system. The procedure is quite simple and does not take much of your Many Types Of YouTube Proxies are There? YouTube proxies are generally traditional proxies that help in downloading videos and movies from streaming service Platforms. The majority of users prefer reverse, anonymous web proxy servers, and transparent verse ProxiesThese free youtube proxies redirect the users to a particular website on a server according to their request. It is transparent and is accessible by external users but provides protection to the actual owner. Anonymous ProxiesThey are useful to people who do not want to make an original IP address for streaming. The servers are still detectable, but it does a good job in concealing the actual device the user is utilizing. You can opt for RUSVPN, a VPN proxy service, to get anonymous access to the internet and the blocked Proxy ServersThese types allow youtube to make HTTP requests to other externally hosted sources like videos and movies. They act as firewalls that monitor the traffic of multiple servers in the ansparent ProxiesIt acts as a cache for websites, which provides an uninterrupted policy over communication over several servers to share media. It does not hide the client or the IP address so that every process is tracked by other users to avoid To Download YouTube Proxy? There are certain steps users have to follow to download a free youtube proxy with nothing going wrong. Follow these steps:Install and run the software on the system after checking if it’s compatible or the options tab and select the proxy by ticking the option and typing the ID. Copy and paste the required blocked YouTube video link on the main downloading the file. Features And Benefits Of YouTube ProxyProxy List gives you a list of different and budget-friendly proxy websites that you could use to access YouTube as an anonymous user. There are premium proxy lists that charge monthly. They provide immense benefits if you want to stay hidden and avoid sharing user data; these are as follows:IP Addressing SupportThis feature helps to hide your IP addresses while browsing through YouTube. In simple words, it keeps shuffling your IP addresses so that if you are in a region where you are not allowed to access YouTube or a set of videos under a certain category that is blocked, a proxy can help you get access to this some countries, accessing YouTube is banned, or its usage is heavily restricted. There are many good learning and education videos. The blazing YouTube proxy can provide access to it; a YouTube Proxy download or subscription can be your best investment of accessing materials without being tracked. Free proxy list for youtube cannot be trusted, but the paid ones do their jobs of spoofing your IP Address very Cache EntryThe cache is the mini storage where all your usage data is thrown in. The data includes usage patterns, interests in certain products, or products related to a certain topic by reading the number of searches for that topic, etc. The proxy list of YouTube will deny any registration of user usage data to the cache completely. Thus, spoofing the is indeed annoying to get bombarded with advertisements of products you are least interested in just because of the click of that single video. The best YouTube proxy list will provide you with the best workarounds to access your YouTube peacefully to get rid of this LockAs mentioned earlier, YouTube proxies lists can also access YouTube from regions where the access is completely denied. It also comes in handy in different work sectors too. Certain companies that provide official laptops to their employees have YouTube locked from the device itself, or the IT department has barred the access of that laptop by blacklisting the IP Address. Here is when the Proxy list comes in note that going against office rules is not recommended. Still, with the consultation of the IT department, the use of a proxy can be granted to the employee to access YouTube for research purposes. There are many unblock youtube proxy sites that are effectively used by offices for instant access to information, usually taking a lot of time otherwise to get clearance from the IT Definition ContentDue to high usage traffic, there are many places that YouTube has limited the video quality to only 480p. It is annoying for some users because usually, the devices they access YouTube are of very good display quality, and they would like to watch HD Videos on their HD Devices. All of these youtube proxy list servers will spoof your IP address for another Country and help you get access to HD Videos without many is nothing like getting access to HD Videos because the clarity it provides is unmatchable. Plus, many of the high-end devices support 4k videos too. So, there is nothing like getting access to those contents in a region where you curityUsing the best and high-performing proxies for surfing YouTube does provide a huge amount of Security to you. Your location, IP Address, browsing cache, and other important information are protected and cannot be misused by malware to spam you with of this malware can even get access to your passwords on different sites, which is very dangerous. YouTube itself has an in-app payment that can prompt you to pay for a membership to certain channels and hence require you to give in your card details which have a high risk of being misused by anonymous sites. So, investing in a decent proxy membership for regular protection from such malware is indeed a good CachingSome internet video services, specifically YouTube, take advantage of the caching features of proxies on the web. It helps promote potential channels to you related to your content to keep you entertained and expose you to more adverts and potential places where they might want you to invest. Hence, the YouTube Proxies list bypass the web proxy and help keep your Video Cache is a good practice to keep clearing your YouTube cache regularly, but practically not many of us have the time to do it as a regular practice. These things are taken care of by the proxies for does RUSVPN Lets You Watch Streaming Services Online? RUSVPN is the best choice for internet security when it comes to Vumoo, the latest and advanced version of the technology that permits you to watch non-accessible and copyright video content on your websites without interruption for exceptional To Unblock Youtube Videos With RUSVPN? The simple way to unblock youtube videos with RUSVPN is to create an account and add a VPN to youtube blocked videos. It gives accessibility to stream blocked content, seamless movie or TV serial from worldwide To Use Online YouTube Proxies Free? Proxy servers are very easy to install and set up on devices, no matter what the operating system or the software is. Before going all the way through turning it on and using it efficiently, one has to make sure that the proxy chosen has a low rate of risks regarding security issues. Every proxy provider company has its own set of rules and steps to set it up and use it. Depending on the browser one uses, the procedure of proxy usage may have slight To Unblock YouTube For Free? Unblockable Proxies youtube server works in the same way as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock youtube videos that are geo-restricted at offices and schools. Although unblocking is quite easy and does not look like a big deal, users who use proxy sites for youtube must be careful not to use it for highly restricted content and schools; there will be legal problems. The following steps describe how to unblock youtube videos by proxies for wnload a proxy server of high-security features and run it on your device. Open the unblockable proxy youtube and make it default to youtube by changing the settings. Insert the video link you want to watch in the input dialog box of proxy and get access to it for Online Youtube ProxiesIf you want to use youtube without transferring your data, it is suggested to use the smart youtube proxy websites. You can download and use them on mobile and laptop. It helps you to watch your favourite video without any interruption or interference. Check out some shared proxies for business is always recommended to use a premium proxy to provide genuine servers with high Security and seamless streaming. They have a very small membership cost of around 5-10$ a month which is enough to have you well protected online.
How to Create YouTube Traffic With Proxies - Small Business ...

How to Create YouTube Traffic With Proxies – Small Business …

The higher the view count of your YouTube video, the more likely other people are to find it and watch it themselves. If your video is related to your business endeavors, increasing your view count becomes a business necessity. One way to increase the view count enough to attract other people’s attention is to view it multiple times yourself. YouTube is set up to ignore multiple views from your own browser, but you can still increase the count yourself by using Web proxies. Web Proxies In order to exchange data, computers on the Web need to identify themselves to each other. This identification includes a computer’s unique Internet Protocol address, the operating system it uses, the browser it is using and more. YouTube uses this information to identify your computer, so that it can ignore multiple views from it. A Web proxy is a website that acts as an intermediary between your computer and any other site. It sends its own identification information to that site instead of your computer’s, making it look as though a different computer is exchanging data or accessing information. This allows you to increase the view count for your YouTube video by tricking it into thinking that many different people are looking at it. Proxy Hubs In order to increase your view count as much as possible, you are going to need to use a lot of different proxies, as YouTube will only count one view from each IP address. Find a proxy hub site, such as (see Resources), in order to have access to as many different proxies as possible. Using Proxies Go to your YouTube account. Click on the Videos button. On your videos page, select the video that you wish to have a higher count. Copy the URL of this video. Go to the proxy hub. Select the first proxy site on the list. Paste your video’s URL into the main field on the page, then click on the “Enter” button. The proxy will then load your YouTube video, incrementing its view count. Repeat this procedure, using a different proxy each time. Watching the Video YouTube increments its view counter when you start viewing the video. There is no need to watch the entire video every time you use a different proxy in order to increase your view count. References Resources Writer Bio Clare Edwards has been providing Internet content since 1998. She has written and translated for a variety of markets: everything from technical articles to short fiction and essays on alternative spirituality. She holds a certificate of higher education in electronics and audio arts from Middlesex University.
How to unblock YouTube at school, work, or elsewhere - ProPrivacy

How to unblock YouTube at school, work, or elsewhere – ProPrivacy

Many schools and workplaces block access to popular sites like YouTube to stop students or employees from getting distracted. If you want to access YouTube on restricted WiFi, then you should use a VPN to unblock YouTube. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets you bypass local network restrictions completely, by allowing you to pretend to be elsewhere. As soon as the VPN connects, you no longer seem to be at school and the network restrictions no longer apply. Even better, the VPN also encrypts your data so that the network administrator will never know that you can unblock YouTube at school or work. In this guide, we will explain exactly how you can bypass school WiFi restrictions to unblock YouTube, or any other websites or services blocked on your school network or work. And the good news is that it is super-easy! What are the best VPNs for unblocking YouTube? Here is a quick look at the best VPNs for unblocking YouTube on school or work WiFi networks. If you want to find out more, keep scrolling for a detailed breakdown of each provider or check out our full VPN reviews. ExpressVPN – The best service for unblocking YouTube NordVPN – Large brand with very good value, and a cheap price CyberGhost VPN – The best value-for-money VPN for unblocking YouTube Private Internet Access – A budget-friendly VPN for unblocking YouTube Surfshark – A great VPN for unblocking and streaming content Best YouTube VPNs – In-depth Analysis Here is our detailed analysis of the best VPNs for unblocking YouTube on restrictive and censoring school/work networks. These services will also work to unblock YouTube videos if they are restricted in your country and will also allow you to access the site if it is completely blocked where you are. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for unblocking YouTube. This service has consistently fast servers, which will allow you to stream 4K YouTube without buffering. Pricing From $6. 67 – $12. 95 Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu ExpressVPN is a provider based in the British Virgin Islands that is known for providing excellent levels of privacy and robust unblocking capabilities. It is perfect for accessing YouTube at school, at work, or in countries where videos are unavailable. ExpressVPN is available for all platforms and provides advanced privacy features such as a kill-switch, DNS leak protection, port forwarding, split tunneling, obfuscation, and even its own VPN protocol (Lightway). This makes the VPN perfect for protecting your online privacy both at home and on public WiFi. It also means you can easily bypass geo-restrictions or school-blocks without any fear of being found out. ExpressVPN has servers in over 94 countries and intuitive, easy-to-use apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. Plus, this VPN provider accepts up to 23 different payment options (including Bitcoin). Best of all? ExpressVPN is known to be in the top 5 fastest VPNs in the world, and it is one of the few VPNs that consistently stays at the top of the pack in that regard. This makes it perfect for accessing HD streams on YouTube, on Netflix US, on BBC iPlayer, or on virtually any other popular streaming service from all around the world. It’s a superb no-logs VPN that packs a real punch and will let you unblock anything you throw at it. ExpressVPN has impressive customer service with 24/7 live chat and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you want to try the service properly for yourself. Pricing From $4. 13 – $11. 95 Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu NordVPN is a no-logs VPN provider based in Panama that is strong on privacy. It is a reliable service with apps for all popular platforms that will easily let you bypass local censorship, access internationally geo-restricted content, or unblock content restricted by an admin in work, at school, or on public WiFi. NordVPN offers a wealth of market-leading security features that make it a good option for just about anybody. It also has rare privacy features such as double-hop connections, VPN over Tor, DNS-based malware protection, Smart DNS, and more, all at a very reasonable price point. CyberGhost offers a fantastic and easy to use VPN app. It lists what servers are good for streaming within its app, which makes it easy for you to access YouTube videos. Pricing From $2. 25 – $12. 99 Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu CyberGhost is a VPN provider based in Romania that is perfect for unblocking geo-restricted YouTube videos at school, at work, or in countries where videos are geo-restricted. This VPN has servers in over 90 countries – which is great for accessing geo-restricted online services from all over the world such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, hulu, Daily Motion, YouTube, and many more. And its servers are all lightning-fast, which means you will have no problem streaming your favorite content in full HD without any annoying buffering. With CyberGhost VPN, you get apps for most major platforms (including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) that come with a wide range of privacy features. These include a kill-switch, OpenVPN encryption, and DNS leak protection. And because this is a no-logs VPN, you can trust it to keep your web browsing habits private at all times. We love that CyberGhost lets you run the VPN on up to 7 devices simultaneously, which makes it great for people who own a lot of devices. And because this VPN has servers in over 90 countries, you can unblock anything and get the best speeds possible. Finally, you can test this service thanks to its generous 45-day money-back guarantee. It’s an excellent all-rounder that is surprisingly cheap considering all that it offers. Private Internet Access is not only great for unblocking YouTube. As its name suggests, it’s also great for privacy. It has repeatedly provedn in court that it does not keep logs. 08 – $9. 95 Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu Private Internet Access (PIA) is a US-based provider that keeps zero logs; a claim it has proven in court on more than one occasion. The VPN is ideal for unblocking YouTube in school because it has super-fast servers that are great for streaming. PIA offers thousands of servers in over 74 different countries worldwide, and those VPN servers are situated perfectly across the globe to give you access to all kinds of awesome content from around the world. On top of that, PIA has a lot of servers in each country to ensure you never suffer speed or connection issues due to server congestion. When it comes to privacy, PIA is one of the best. It implements a solid no-logs policy, and has apps for all platforms with advanced VPN features such as OpenVPN encryption, a kill-switch, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, port forwarding, and split tunneling. This makes the VPN perfect for gaining privacy both at home and while unblocking content at school. Plus, PIA can easily unblock many of the most sought after online services such as Netflix US, Minecraft, Fortnite, and virtually anything else you can think of. PIA VPN is one of the most recommended services by Reddit users, and it is easy to see why. This VPN has live chat support, fast speeds, and highly customizable apps perfect for techy people looking for more granular control over the VPN’s advanced encryption features. It’s well worth comparing to our other recommendations using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Surfshark offers premium features and it’s really cheap! This is a great option if you are a student looking to unblock YouTube on school or college WiFi. 49 – $12. 95 Available on Windows macOS iOS Android Linux Unblocks Netflix iPlayer Amazon Prime Hulu Surfshark is a VPN that has quickly become a consumer favorite thanks to its high levels of service and competitively-low prices. Considering what you get, this VPN is truly a bargain. Its 2-year plan costs just $2. 49 a month, and for that price, you can install and use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously – letting you protect all of your devices without having to purchase additional subscriptions. For streaming YouTube in school or at work (or anywhere else where it might be blocked) Surfshark is ideal. Servers are located in over 63 countries and will give you the power to bypass any geo-restrictions – including to access Netflix US, iPlayer, Hulu, Fortnite, and much more. Plus, Surfshark is lightning-fast, so you can reliably watch HD streams without buffering. On top of all that, Surfshark is also strong on privacy. The service implements a watertight no-logs policy, and the VPN has a kill-switch, obfuscation, strong OpenVPN encryption, and DNS leak protection. Besides accessing YouTube, Surfshark unblocks more Netflix catalogs than most VPN providers. It’s an outstanding VPN that is extremely affordable, and you can compare it to our other recommendations yourself using its 30-day money-back guarantee. Why do I need a VPN to unblock YouTube? There are a few different ways to unblock YouTube content while connected to school/work WiFi. Each method has its benefits and depending on your needs, you can opt to use any of them. However, only a VPN will allow you to unblock websites while also gaining digital privacy. This is important because schools will often block websites and services to ensure that students don’t access them (to keep them productive in their studies and to prevent them from accessing harmful content). That is why it is better to use a VPN, which will help you unblock YouTube while protecting your digital privacy at the same time. Although using a VPN is by far the best choice, we have listed every available way to unblock YouTube for complete transparency. That way you can unblock content using whichever method suits you best. Use a VPN to unblock YouTube A VPN is by far the best way to unblock content while at school. With a VPN you can easily bypass local network restrictions, not just at school, but on any network where there are restrictions. As soon as you have a VPN, it is a tool that will prove useful everywhere that you go (including at home). A VPN can do great things, such as: A VPN will allow you to bypass ISP restrictions that block free streaming sites or BitTorrent repositories. A VPN will also allow you to bypass government censorship or access geo-restricted content from another country. No matter the reason for the block, a VPN will bypass it. A VPN provides digital privacy every time you connect to the internet. This stops your ISP (or your school’s network administrator) from being able to track the websites you visit. It also stops public WiFi administrators from snooping on your web browsing habits. And stops the websites you visit from tracking you. As soon as you connect to a VPN, the things you do online are completely private. It is this privacy that makes it such a good option for bypassing blocks. How to unblock YouTube with a VPN Using a VPN to bypass WiFi blocks in privacy is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: Choose a VPN that has fast servers for streaming content on YouTube or other streaming sites. Not all VPNs are speedy, but luckily there are some services that can unblock content and let you stream. A fast VPN is also good for video conferencing, gaming, and other data-intensive tasks. Subscribe to the VPN service by clicking through to its website. Download the VPN software and install it on your device. Our recommended VPNs allow you to install and run the VPN app on multiple devices simultaneously. That means you can use the VPN on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop or desktop machines. Connect to a VPN server in the country you require. You can either connect to a server in your own country or pretend to be in a foreign country to access geo-restricted content that isn’t usually available from where you are located. Navigate to YouTube as soon as the VPN connects, and it will load even though you are connected to the school’s WiFi. My school is blocking VPNs Unfortunately, it is a very real possibility that your school network administrator is actually deliberately blocking all search terms related to VPNs and all websites belonging to VPN providers. This will make it impossible for you to download and subscribe to a VPN without unblocking the website first. One option is to use the Google Translate method (more on this below). Alternatively, you could subscribe to the VPN service and install the software onto your devices while you are at home, where VPN sites aren’t blocked. That way, when you go to school, you will already have the VPN at your disposal; ready to unblock YouTube and access your favorite music, vlogs, independent news – or anything else that interests you. Use a proxy to unblock YouTube Proxies are another popular method that many people use to bypass blocks. Proxies come in two primary forms: Website proxies that you can use to redirect you to websites that are otherwise blocked. Browser extension proxies that will unblock content for you inside your browser. These proxies can allow you to bypass the restrictions put in place by your school, but they will not provide the level of privacy you get with a VPN. One advantage of a proxy is that you may be able to unblock YouTube right away for free. However, the school’s network admin may find out, which could get you in trouble. It is also worth bearing in mind that good free proxies are getting rarer and rarer, and many paid services are replacing them – so you may have trouble even finding a good free one. And rather than paying for a proxy, it is much better to get a VPN, so don’t fall into the trap of paying for a transparent proxy that provides no privacy; it would be a waste of your money. Can I use a free VPN to unblock YouTube? Because of the lack of privacy that comes with using a proxy, we recommend using a VPN. Fortunately, if cost is an issue, there are some decent free VPNs that can give you privacy and unblock YouTube at school without having to spend any money whatsoever. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that not every free VPN will work, and some can even be more dangerous than they’re worth. You should only use a trustworthy free VPN service, because not all free VPNs are created equal: Some free VPN services have been known to infect devices with malware. Not all free VPN services have strong enough encryption to properly shield your internet traffic – meaning that they may not work at all. Free VPNs such as Hola! use your IP address as an exit node for their VPN system – so someone else may be appearing as you and committing crimes under your IP address. Even the best free VPN services impose data and speed limits – slowing you down and even stopping your internet usage altogether. Many free VPN services will monitor and sell your personal information and usage data to third parties – if the product is free, then you are the product. A free VPN will never be as good as a paid-for VPN, and a good VPN doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of budget-friendly VPN services that don’t break the bank. With the best cheap VPN, you can get unlimited streaming, rock-solid protection, and privacy that gives peace of mind online. Use Google Translate to unblock YouTube (or VPN sites) Network admins create blocklists for websites by manually selecting sites to block one by one. To stop students from visiting YouTube, they block However, they rarely block Google Translate, thanks to its usefulness in the classroom. Thankfully, it can also be a useful and effective tool for getting around website blocks at school. To use this trick, simply enter your search term into Google Translate and select a foreign language to translate to (in our example we used Portuguese). Highlight the translation and copy it into Google to search for it. The search engine will now serve you foreign-language results that you can choose to access in your own language by clicking Translate this page. The URL should look like this after your browser loads using this amazing trick: This is technically a Google Translate page rather than a YouTube page. As a result, it will load even on your school’s WiFi. This clever workaround will allow you to unblock just about any website you can think of. Just translate the search terms you are interested in and then use Google Translate to access the website. It should load the page successfully every time. Alternatively, if you want to use this trick but don’t want to have to dive into the Google Translate page, you can simply copy the following into your address bar: Now, type the URL you want to access after the final = (, for example). When you press enter, the translated page will load without being blocked by your school. However, please be warned, your network administrator will easily be able to see which websites you are visiting. As a result, there is a possibility that you could get caught and you could get in trouble for accessing blocked websites. For this reason, it is much safer – and a much better long-term solution – to use a VPN instead. On the other hand, if you only need to watch one video (and it is study-related content that won’t get you in trouble) then you can use this method. If you have a genuine explanation for accessing a YouTube video, you probably shouldn’t get in trouble if they discover you bending the rules a little. Why does my school block YouTube? A school will block sites such as YouTube for a number of reasons. Firstly, you should be studying at school. Schools want you to stay productive and not be procrastinating and accessing entertainment when you should be focusing on your studies. However, this can be counterproductive when you want to use YouTube to study. On top of this, schools have a responsibility to protect students from content that is deemed illegal, immoral, or otherwise inappropriate. To this end, schools will try to block and censor anything that meets that criteria, and will often block an entire website even if only a small percentage of it may be inappropriate. Despite efforts to remove such materials, YouTube is known to harbor a lot of user-made content (be it videos or comments) that promote hate-speech, may contain misinformation and graphic content, or may otherwise seek to purposefully offend or upset. There will always be disagreements about what a school should and should not block, and often it comes down to the fact that, ultimately, somebody has to choose what is and isn’t appropriate, and people will naturally disagree on those things. Watch YouTube without ads! If you’re sick of YouTube ads then you will be happy to hear that you can avoid them using an adblocker. We explain more in our guide on how to watch youtube without ads. Conclusion When schools block useful content that serves a legitimate interest in a student’s studies, self-expression, cultural identity, or educational development, a VPN can be a valuable tool. Here’s a reminder of our top VPNs for unblocking YouTube at school: ExpressVPN – The best service for unblocking YouTube NordVPN – Large brand with very good value, and a cheap price CyberGhost VPN – The best value-for-money VPN for unblocking YouTube Private Internet Access – A budget-friendly VPN for unblocking YouTube Surfshark – A great VPN for unblocking and streaming content

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What are YouTube proxies?

Web Proxies YouTube uses this information to identify your computer, so that it can ignore multiple views from it. A Web proxy is a website that acts as an intermediary between your computer and any other site.

How do I create a proxy list?

Set up a proxy manuallyOpen Settings.Click Network & Internet. … Click Proxy. … In the Manual Proxy Setup section, set the Use a Proxy Server switch to On.In the Address field, type the IP address.In the Port field, type the port.Click Save; then close the Settings window.

How do I unblock YouTube proxy?

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:Choose a VPN that has fast servers for streaming content on YouTube or other streaming sites. … Subscribe to the VPN service by clicking through to its website.Download the VPN software and install it on your device. … Connect to a VPN server in the country you require.More items…•Nov 4, 2020

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