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Windows 3. 6. 0
Release Date: 2020. 11. 24 Easy-to-use for PC: quick connect, launch on startup Bank-level virtual network security protection with AES-256 High-speed servers around the world Killswitch, protect your online privacy even VPN connection drops Zero-Log, keep no logs of your activity online 30-day money-back guarantee macOS 10. 12 Windows 7/8/8. 1/10 iOS Android Fire TV Smart TVs Chrome Beta
1. Purchase VPN Proxy Master Premium
Before using the VPN Proxy Master, you can purchase a premium plan for yourself. We provide a wide variety of plan options and good pricing includes 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month, and 24-month. Purchase now!
2. Download VPN Proxy Master for your device
Followed by download and install the VPN Proxy Master app according to your needs. We provide apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. You can also connect and protect up to 6 devices simultaneously.
3. Enjoy unlimited and fastest server
Connect to any of the servers and to unblock and enjoy your favourite content through our fastest and stable network service.
VPN Proxy Master Windows (Windows) - Download

VPN Proxy Master Windows (Windows) – Download

Softonic reviewMask online identity on desktopVPN Proxy Master Windows is well-known security and privacy companion that aids you best in hiding your IP address. This VPN tool safeguards your online identity by rerouting your traffic through an AES 128-bit encrypted tunnel. This way your data is always secured and internet privacy is respected as you surf the web does offer a free version of the software but, features are extremely limited. If you want more extensive capabilities, you can purchase any of its subscription plans. This can be an excellent alternative to TunnelBear and with convenient security featuresWith VPN Proxy Master, you can set aside your worries when connecting to internet networks in public space, workplace, school, or even at your home. It guarantees an ultra-fast connection that is secured at all times. As stated, it has the capability to provide an encrypted tunnel that can shield your different browsing activities from any online are tons of risks that you can encounter while web searching such as data hacking, malware, and phishing attacks, etc. Thus, it’s important for you to have a reliable VPN service that masks your identity as you browse and this security tool is perfect for it. Just choose the premium plan that will fit you best, install the program, connect to any server and you’re now highly from being secured, it also improves the streaming experience that you will hardly encounter buffering and bandwidth throttling. You can surf any website you want even those that are blocked in your area. Without any restriction, you have all the liberty to link and switch to more than a hundred thousand IP addresses for over two thousand servers connection it any identity or data risksVPN Proxy Master is an effective utility that can safeguard your online identity and data. The program is highly encrypted to prevent any attack and threat from entering your system. There are thousands of servers and IP addresses to connect and switch from so, your activity will hardly be tracked by various online hackers and ‘s reviewWe take care of our customers regarding the performance of our product and the satisfaction of our customers. We also take full care of the privacy of our customers and provide the friendliest customer care service to build trustworthy Proxy Master is the fastest secure VPN in the world, which is located in more than 40 locations with more than 6, 000 secure servers and trusted by 150, 000, 000 users. We take care of our customers regarding the performance of our product and the satisfaction of our customers. We also take full care of the privacy of our customers and provide the friendliest customer care service to build trustworthy and strong relations between both parties. * Singapore Company Our Privacy Policy is covered by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU) and protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA Singapore) * #1 VPN on Mobile We have the Top VPN APP Usage on Mobile device * Best Free VPN Apart from Premium Version, we also provide free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and 8 servers in 7 countries (Android Version) * Fastest Free VPN We are the fastest VPN among all Free VPN Providers * Fast and Stable Our system can be shared by a large scale of users at the same time * Privacy Protection With our secure Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, IP Address Leak Protection and no log function, the app will protect the users privacy from any issues * Comparable Price for Premium Version Compare to our market competitors, our Premium price is an advantage * Multiple Devices for Premium users (New feature) You can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and enjoy the secure and safe experience of Internet browsing, compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and macOS * High Ratings from App Store & Google Play The rating we have now is 4. 6 out of 5. Most of our competitors did not open their APP review tab for users * 24/7 Customer Support * 40+ Location 6, 000+ Secure Servers * Over 150, 000, 000 users has downloaded VPN Proxy MasterPROSReroutes traffic to an AES 128-bit encrypted tunnelShield your true IP addressThousand of server and IP address optionsUltra-fast connectionCONSNo Windows kill switchQuite more expensive than other VPN programsOlder versionsVPN Proxy Master Windows1. 1
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VPN Proxy Master – Download Free Games & Software for …

Software Review
Incredibly simple and easy to navigate virtual private network which protects mobile users surfing the web.
Do you frequently travel and access your sensitive material from a smartphone or tablet? Have you ever wondered what might happen if that material got into the wrong hands while traveling, and what you would do in response to such an event? With VPN Proxy Master, you can forget that worry entirely, as the service offers unique data protection and a variety of features to protect you while surfing the web from a mobile device. VPN Proxy Master is a high functioning virtual private network, which allows you to mask your identity and protect your information whenever you are connected to the web. The service gives you a wide choice of foreign internet servers to connect to, which in turn encrypts your data and search history, so that you won’t ever leave any digital footprints behind. As a result, you are free to search the web with complete anonymity, without ever worrying about exposing your personal identity or IP address. Once connected, your IP address will change to that of the server you joined, so that you can access any of the content available in that server’s country. Moreover, you will have the ability to bypass internet restrictions put in place by your local government, internet service provider, or employer. Once you have bypassed the restrictions feel free to stream your favorite content, access your social media accounts, or even bank accounts – all while being completely protected and anonymous. Stop worrying about exposing your data from your mobile devices, install VPN Proxy Master today and lock your info up tight. Features and Benefits• Military Grade Encryption – Secure your data with one of the highest levels of encryption available. Confidently surf the web knowing that all of your data will be encrypted to the same level of standards that most militaries use. Furthermore, VPN Proxy Master double encrypts your data; just to be extra sure that no one will ever be able to access your web history. • Unbelievable Speed – Speed can be a tricky thing with some VPNs, however with VPN Proxy Master you are provided with a lightning fast connection to a large variety of servers. VPN Proxy Master additionally does a great job of increasing your streaming speeds by bypassing the throttling restrictions typically put in place by your internet service provider. • Incredible Ease of Use – Setting up VPN Proxy Master is an absolute breeze, and takes less than a minute. After setting up the service, you can easily connect to a protected server by simply tapping connect. The process is so simple and efficient, that you can easily protect yourself from any location, and on any network. ReviewThere are so many VPN apps available for users these days, that it is often hard to sort through those which are quality and those which are not. Fortunately, VPN Proxy Master is one of the few quality VPNs available to mobile users, and offers a service which is incredibly useful for those always on the go. Due to its sheer simplicity, VPN Proxy Master stands out as one of the great VPNs. It takes less than minutes to set up, and just seconds to connect to a server. Due to this incredibly simple setup, users can surf the web securely just seconds after logging on to the app. When it comes to speed and security, VPN Proxy Master also excels. The speed is hardly affected at all for those surfing the web, while the speed is actually increased for users frequently streaming online content. As internet service providers have cracked down on data usage and have seemed started to throttle the amount of bandwidth that users are allowed, it has become somewhat difficult to efficiently stream material. However, VPN Proxy Master has efficiently managed to sidestep that internet throttling, and allowed users to actually increase their streaming speeds when connected to the VPN’s servers. Furthermore, the security provided by VPN Proxy Master is also excellent, and protects users from any type of data breach. With military grade encryption, and a double encryption standard, it is no wonder that the service is so secure. However, VPN Proxy Master does have a very notable flaw – and that is simply the copious amount of ads that it pushes on users. Aside from that aspect, the VPN is pretty spectacular, and offers a great service to its loyal and new users. Overall, VPN Proxy Master is a great choice for those seeking a mobile VPN. With great speeds, security, and servers, the VPN delivers more than most other competing services. Servers and SpeedCountries – 19Servers – 2000+Server Speed – Users frequently report dramatically increased streaming speeds when connected to a protected server. Does it Work with Netflix? it Work in China? Yes.
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8. 30 MB
5. 32 MB
4193280 KB
2083840 KB
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Product Details
Ranking in Security & Antivirus:7
Last rated on:10/10/2021
File size:126. 10 MB
Version:6. 3. 2
Last updated:18/9/2021
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2010, Android,
English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese,
Download count:70, 805
Download count (All Languages):170, 410
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Frequently Asked Questions about proxy master for windows

What does proxy master do?

VPN Proxy Master is a Singapore-based Virtual Private Network for smartphones and Mac. Offering a degree of encryption and a very simple app, it comes across as superficially appealing – especially for entry-level users. But scratch the surface and this free provider starts to look a lot less attractive.Apr 21, 2021

Is proxy master VPN free?

VPN Proxy Master is a popular free VPN for MacOS, iOS, and Android. The logging policy isn’t awful, but the VPN is slow with bad customer support. … In short, VPN Proxy Master is not a safe VPN.Sep 27, 2021

Is VPN Proxy Master good?

VPN Proxy Master is a decent VPN. Its speeds are good, its privacy policy is reassuring, and its applications are efficient. Not to mention that its server network is massive, and its security features are comprehensive (on desktop at least). However, there are a few areas in which VPN Proxy Master falls short.

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