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There are many people that are forced to use a proxy, be it students in shared accommodation or school staff. Following the blog of The Minecraft Teacher I’ve realised that Minecraft could be used for educational purposes, but most schools have a proxy.
I’ve so far found that moving the into the%appdata%/bin folder and creating a batch file with this in should work:
java oxyHost=hostURL oxyPort=hostPort -Xmx800m -jar… although I’ve so far been unable to get this to work.
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asked May 9 ’11 at 9:58
To be able to play not just the HTTP proxy needs to be added, but also the HTTPS, because authenticating is going through that.
The proper batch file should look like this:
java oxyHost=proxyURL oxyPort=proxyPORT oxyHost=proxyURL oxyPort=proxyPORT -Xmx800m -jar
I put the batch file next to my and started with this.
Works like a charm;)
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answered Jul 23 ’11 at 10:48
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If you have sufficient control over the server, I’d suggest using something like n2n, which is an awesomely simple (though command line argument heavy, and gui-less) VPN system.
PuTTY is a very cool ssh client for all platforms, and while the tunneling configuration is a bit wonky, you can essentially remap the server’s port to a local port (the command would be ssh -L:localhost: though working through the gui would be a bit harder. ) When you’ve got that set up, you can type localhost: into Minecraft and connect to the server. Note that you need ssh access to the server for this to work, similar to the solution.
Those are all the solutions I can think of now, though previous posters have suggested other VPNs you might want to look in to.
answered May 15 ’11 at 3:36
I have wanted to do the same thing and by combining the answers on this page along with the answers on another page, I have a solution that is working for me. All the commands that you’ll need (create a batch file and put it in the same directory that the file is in) are:
java oxyHost=localhost oxyPort=80 oxyHost=localhost oxyPort=443 -DsocksProxyHost=localhost -DsocksProxyPort=1080 -Xmx800m -jar
The extra part (on top of what Dutch suggests) is the forwarding of the SOCKS port as well. With all this in a batch file and with my SSH proxy running through Putty, I was able to connect to multiplayer servers without any problems.
answered Nov 22 ’11 at 21:39
Your best shot would be to set up your own proxy.
I do not know if you can configure an SSH connection to a PC of yours. But SSH enable you to tunnel connections via the SSH one.
So if your school does not allow the port you need, you’ll have to “enable” it by your own means. (The best would be SSH cause you can set it up on 443 port that is use for HTTPS, so it is enabled in most proxies)
answered May 9 ’11 at 13:59
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I use Comodo VPN to play Minecraft with my friends and it works great, right out of the box.
We’re students and our dorms each connect to the Internet via separate NATs, so we cannot establish connections directly between our machines. Because of that, even though SSH and proxies are possible, they weren’t really practical since we needed an external server for them, so we decided to use a VPN software. Once the connection is established, traffic is routed directly between us, not using an external server, so the speed is great.
If you have the necessary privileges required to install software on the machines you’re using, I’d recommend giving Comodo VPN a try (it’s free as in beer by the way).
answered May 9 ’11 at 14:11
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This answer used to work for me, but recently stopped working, possibly due to a Minecraft update. Now I run Minecraft via ProxyChains ala
proxychains java -jar
answered Dec 2 ’16 at 5:27
As things currently stand, there is no way of playing Minecraft, Vanilla (i. e. no mods or extra software), through a proxy. This may change within time and if it does I will update the answer.
answered Jul 5 ’11 at 16:28
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How To Use Minecraft Proxies and Minecraft VPS Hosting

How To Use Minecraft Proxies and Minecraft VPS Hosting

When it comes to dreaming up new worlds in Minecraft, your imagination is limitless. The more you build, the more your creative brain keeps thinking up new places and spaces to create. But the more you interact with the game, the more bandwidth you use and the more you want to stay anonymous when using the aying a game within the confines of what your computer has to offer in terms of space can be a detriment to the game itself. If you find yourself limited or even inhibited by your own device, it could be time to begin using a Minecraft proxy or a Minecraft VPS hosting service dedicated entirely to the play of Minecraft. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just learning about all online gaming has to offer, you might be wondering about the different ways to use and stream Minecraft. That’s where a Minecraft proxy and VPS hosting comes into play. Before buying or downloading a proxy or VPS that you are unfamiliar with, you’ll want to have all the information you need about what exactly each does and how to set them up on your device. This blog will take you through all you need to know when it comes to using proxies and VPS while building worlds right from the comfort of your own of Contents1. Minecraft Proxies and Minecraft VPS2. Using a Minecraft Proxy and VPS Hosting3. How to Setup Minecraft Proxies and VPS4. Using a Minecraft Proxy and VPS TogetherMinecraft Proxies and Minecraft VPS What is a proxy? Technically speaking, the proxy is like having another computer with its own unique IP address that serves to send you all the internet requests you are looking for when on the internet. Setting up a proxy in order to play Minecraft decreases bandwidth issues and allows you to create more intricate designs and play for hours and hours on end. A proxy is also a form of protection on the internet. When visiting a variety of sites relating to Minecraft and playing with friends from around the world, your server is vulnerable and unprotected. A proxy shields your IP address while using your device and allows you to browse the internet a little more incognito, both of which give you an extra layer of privacy from fraud and hackers. In this way, a proxy keeps out unwanted things that may crop up while on the internet and gives you peace of mind while online for long periods of is a VPS? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A virtual private server is a totally private server that you’re able to access and control. With a VPS you’ll have private access to your data, which simply means you don’t have to share it with others while online. A VPS is like a private storage facility that you have access to, separating all your information into files for your own personal milar to a proxy, VPSes offer a way to control how much bandwidth your server offers. A Minecraft VPS also gives you the option to install all the software you need to need to start playing while allowing you to add more as the need arises. So, if your life as a Minecraft builder begins as a solo career but slowly grows into a multi-player job, then a VPS can help expand your world with a Minecraft Proxy and VPS Hosting Minecraft ProxyIn the case of Minecraft, proxies shield your IP address while online. This is a practical, secure way to keep your computer protected and running at full speed. If you find yourself needing more security as you continue to play for longer stretches of time, a proxy will keep your IP address undetected while playing. The proxy functions as a practical function of a Minecraft proxy is to give you more control over the game that you love. Without the use of a proxy, your IP address is left exposed and you are personally reliant on the amount of processing power given to you by your computer. When dedicating time and effort to a game, it can be an added benefit to have more room to use the game as you would like, not within the constraints of the base device you have chosen to play the game HostingIt’s time to talk a little bit about VPS hosting and the functionality of it compared to other types of hosting available while playing, let’s address the other kinds of hosting you might run into on the internet. The most common types of hosting are shared and dedicated. Shared hosting is pretty aptly named. When you buy shared hosting, you’re sharing space with other people. This allows other website owners access to your hardware and everything else within that dicated hosting gives you total control over a website and gives you the option to tailor your software to better meet your own needs. In general, dedicated hosting costs more because of its ability to handle high levels of traffic and because you have sole how does VPS hosting fit into all this? VPS Hosting is a cost-effective way to have your own personal operating system while still allowing other websites to exist on the same server as your own. With Minecraft, VPS hosting gives you all the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth you need to play successfully without burdening you with an expensive dedicated hosting package or leaving you exposed with an entirely shared hosting to Setup Minecraft Proxies and VPS Minecraft Proxy DownloadNow that we’ve established what a proxy is, let’s discuss how to setup a proxy for Minecraft. Before purchasing a Minecraft proxy, you’ll want to research how many proxies you might need. The more bandwidth and storage space required, the more proxies you might want to buy. Another benefit of purchasing multiple proxies is the ability to choose different locations from which the proxies originate. By choosing different locations, such as the United States, Australia, and Japan, your server is more protected, and you are able to use all the features of Minecraft with you set up your proxy will depend on the browser you choose. Whether that be FireFox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, you’ll want to keep in mind the settings of each and pay attention to the installation instructions given to you once the proxy is ’ll also want to pay attention to what kind of proxy you are using. The two different types of proxy are HTTP and SOCKS. HTTP runs at a higher level than SOCKS, which means it can detect more traffic coming through the server. Furthermore, HTTP is primarily focused on requesting something and getting an answer back. So when you send out a “request” on the internet, like moving from webpage to webpage, the webpage sends out what is known as an HTTP owing the kind of proxy you’re using will help you to better understand how protected your server is at all Hosting DownloadLike the proxy download, your provider will give you access to all the VPS Hosting has to offer once the purchase is made. But there are a few things to consider when getting your computer ready to handle a Minecraft VPS Hosting you have access to your VPS, makes sure you take note of your computer’s IP address and your username and login. This will allow you to install new updates to the software when it becomes available. Installing new updates ensures that your gaming experience is always running at full addition to checking for updates, you’ll also be able to create new users within the VPS. Most VPS Hosting platforms give you a base or “root” user after purchase. By adding another user, a less powerful user than the root user, you are saving yourself the trouble of using a root user with almighty administrative capabilities. A secondary user won’t have administrative access, preventing any issues from arising should you accidentally enter the wrong key or run into unfamiliar territory. Of course, if you’re comfortable using your VPS hosting underneath the administrative root user, then you are more than free to do so. Just be sure to do your research on how the VPS works and pay close attention to the instructions your provider gives a Minecraft Proxy and VPS Together Okay, with all this talk about Minecraft proxies and Minecraft VPS, you might be wondering which one if best for your gaming needs and the needs of your personal computer. As we discussed earlier, both have major benefits when it comes to protecting your identity online and giving you more storage space and increasing the speed at which you build, create, and keyword to remember when talking about Minecraft proxies versus Minecraft VPS is encryption. Depending on your knowledge of computers, this may already be a word you are incredibly familiar with. As mentioned, both a proxy and a VPS can shield your IP address from the outside world. However, a proxy does not encrypt the information while a VPS does. When using VPS Hosting all traffic going either direction is totally protected and veiled from the best part about this software is that you are able to use both at the same time. Go head and hide your IP address while increasing bandwidth by using a cost-effective option like a proxy for all your Minecraft wants. If you require more protection then Minecraft VPS hosting has you completely covered from the first hour of gaming to the last of the evening. Because a proxy and a VPS serve two different functions, you will get the absolute most out of gaming by operating both at the same time. Employ both and go undetected and increase bandwidth. It’s the best of all the worlds you’ve ever dreamed up on ThoughtsTo summarize, Minecraft proxies and Minecraft VPS hosting services can help shield your IP address from the outside world and provide you with more space to expand upon the worlds you’ve created within the game. While gaming without a proxy or VPS is certainly a possibility, using either specifically for gaming could be incredibly helpful to the success of your game. Before purchasing, make sure to do your research and pay close attention to the installation guidelines provided to you by the proxy or VPS provider. These instructions will save you from running into installing issues and help to run the software without any delays or is a serious business and investing time and energy into a game you love means you shouldn’t have to suffer a slow connection or an unprotected server. When your online world has grown larger than you ever dreamed, your computer might benefit from an upgrade. Using a Minecraft proxy or Minecraft VPS exclusively for gaming will free up space on your device and keep you protected when building new lands and imagining up distant kingdoms to explore and information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.
Is using a proxy server legal?

Is using a proxy server legal?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy server. Proxies have many different uses, including enabling remote work; setting up a support system for users who are located outside a particular network; protecting networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside a country and more.
When are Proxy Servers Illegal?
Keep in mind that there are some circumstances in which using a proxy server is illegal. For example, some websites stream content that is only available to audiences who have paid their license fees to access it. If you did not pay license fees and tried to access that content via a proxy server, that act would be considered illegal.
Why Use a Proxy Server?
Let’s say you are living in the United Kingdom, and trying to log onto a U. S. based website to watch educational documentaries or your favorite TV programme. However, you discovered that IP addresses in the UK have been blocked. Don’t feel down just yet because proxies allow you to circumvent web filters that are blocking you from your geographical location.
There is content out there that may have been produced for individuals to view for free, so why shouldn’t you be able to view or access it? As long as using proxies do not appear to be an infringement of copyright law, you can use proxies to stream content while enjoying complete peace of mind.
Good Practices for Using Proxies Legally
Before you use a proxy server to stream any content that has been blocked in your geographical location, you should carefully read the target website’s terms and conditions. This practice ensures you avoid breaking any terms and conditions that may lead the target website to take legal action against you.
At Proxy Key, we offer stellar proxies that grant you instant access to your favorite content online with just a few clicks. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about proxy minecraft

What is proxy in Minecraft?

In the case of Minecraft, proxies shield your IP address while online. This is a practical, secure way to keep your computer protected and running at full speed. If you find yourself needing more security as you continue to play for longer stretches of time, a proxy will keep your IP address undetected while playing.

Is it illegal to use a proxy server?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy server. Proxies have many different uses, including enabling remote work; setting up a support system for users who are located outside a particular network; protecting networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside a country and more.

What is proxy in Hypixel?

The Hypixel Network has many “proxy” servers you connect through. This is how we are able to teleport between different games and support so many players. Hypixel is actually made up for thousands of traditional Minecraft servers networked together. That’s what a “Minecraft Network” is.Jul 31, 2020

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