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Anonymous access to internet sites. Unlock telegram, youtube, facebook, gayfuror, vkontakte.
Proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.
A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.
Today, most proxies are web proxies, facilitating access to content on the WWW and providing anonymity.
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Mtproto proxy telegram iran Jobs, Employment | Freelancer

Mtproto proxy telegram iran Jobs, Employment | Freelancer

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Full Time Jobs.. checking, running simultaneous checking threads over proxy servers that will save parsed data to database (csv).
Config setup:
-Input domain list
-Input proxy list (ip:port)
-Checks limit per proxy (example:50 checks per proxy server, than script will use next available proxy from the proxylist)
-Threads number ( set the simultaneous parsing
abber. Please PM me if you have the experience of developing this block. Please DO NOT bid if you don’t have the experience of building this bot.
You will need to install a proxy server onto a VPS. You will need to have this connect to the server to access the blocks for the Flex program/app. I need it to check for blocks between 10-20 times per second.. so that the internet is routed through a proxy server (your production server). The proxy server can then listen to the login command and capture the digital key. It can then be used by your script to log in. While your phone is linked to the proxy server, you can also check for blocks. The proxy server can output this information and show you.. programming and the amount is about $4000, so I need a programmer who has a residential proxy of his own making or programming. If the proxy is good or excellent, I will deal with him on other projects if There was a programmer who had a residential proxy that is renewed every second. if it is strong and the same I want, I will deal with it to.. The proxy server can output this information and show you
i need someone who speaks decent english to help me organize my shoutout for shoutout in telegram. Easy.
Full Stack Dev required – SOLANA EXPERIENCE
– Experience in Blockchain/NFT
– Experience with Solana NFTs
– Experience in Smart Contracts
– NFT website to built fron… Experience in Blockchain/NFT
– NFT website to built front and back end
– On-going Dev support required via Discord/Telegram
VNDT is a stablecoin of the AntEx ecosystem
Connecting people, connecting financial services, nnecting financial services, connecting cryptocurrencies, anytime, anywhere!
We would like to hire someone to translate documents into the following languages:
1. Persian (Iran)
2. Thai
3. French
4. Danish
5. German
6. Turkish language
7. Argentinian
Neeed. A telegram signal copier for our trading company
We have install pfsense with default settings. You will need to install and configure:
1) OpenVPN.
2) Squidproxy + Lightsquid.. Once all the things are configure you will need to make sure that we are getting user wise activity report via lightsquid..
Final output: Each and every user connected via openvpn and their report is generated.
Need documentation once project is done.
automation telegram bot
with license key like admin add admin expired date for admin
auto send message to group
looking for a company to help market an upcoming play to earn NFT game.
Will need twitter and telegram management. we are starting from compete scratch with no user base at all.
We need to put together a marketing strategy and accomplish tasks in a timely manner including posting game development updates, screenshots and videos as well as a roadmap
AFFILIATE / [login to view URL]
Hello again, please see everything here: [login to view URL] and also please feel free to use telegram and Twitter materials. Telegram: [login to view URL] Twitter: [login to view URL]
Also pls register on [login to view URL] and redeem your affiliate link
i need a professional social media marketer that can help me gain more engagement in my telegram group and help me to promote my nft and have experience about crpto currency.. output. Be sure to test the script running many searches because the script needs to avoid being blocked by google. You can incorporate a proxy if needed and I will purchase accordingly (the proxy cost should not be more than $5-$10/month).
I will create 2 milestones. The first milestone will be 50% of the total and will be released upon confirmation
[login to view URL]
Looking for someone to setup kamailio / OpenSIPs for the following
– Registration pass-through SBC for Freeswitch Servers and Remote Phones… kamailio / OpenSIPs will be hosted inside Amazon EC2
– SBC Setup for phone calls with Least Cost Routing… Freeswitch will use kamailio / OpenSIPs as the gateway and kamailio / OpenSIPs will pass the call to the a…
I’m looking for someone who can GUIDE ME to setup an Ubuntu Amazon AWS EC2 proxy server with multiple outbound IPs (more info below). I don’t want the freelancer to setup the server themself, but to create a simple step by step guide/tutorial for me on how can I do it. It’s not necessary to start from the basics, as I already have basic Unix, AWS EC2
I need to promote my telegram channel.
Sealed.. 09:00:00. The first proxy that catches it is in Germany at 09:00:10 (10 seconds later) and the last one in China (09:00:58)
Scenario 2: A blog post at 10:00:00: first proxy catch in Sri Lanka at 10:00:01 (1 second later) and the last one in France (10:00:57).
We are looking for a way to always get the content via a proxy within that 1st second
I would like to have an app for checking the status of a phone number if it does have activate social media such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Instagram.
I am looking for a system building company for chatbot services that can work with: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram.
That I will be able to set up chatbots for customers through the system without the need for programming
nnecting financial services, connecting cryptocurrencies, anytime, anywhere!
We are looking forward to your cooperation!
ographical representation to track the requests and offers on a map. Similar to the app Park4Night. Users can communicate with each other in the app. Similar to the app Telegram. It is a challenging app that needs to be developed in a simple and intuitive way. This means that the developer must already have experience in these areas to meet the requirements
Follower inestagram and member telegram
If you have telegram channel with good number of original subscriber then I want to promote my website in you channel.
A text file with about 250 short messages, with.. file with about 250 short messages, with date and time, should be translated into the proper file to import into a new Telegram chat group to appear as chat history.
For example [login to view URL]
hello freelancers,
my setup looks like this actually:
Backend IP < - > Cloudflare
i want something like this
Backend IP < - > Proxy < - > Cloudflare
is this possible? which server would you recommend
please bid only if you are familiare with this kind of setup, otherwise dont waste time
thank you
I am looking for telegram scraper and adder service to add Only active telegram members from group to group add 150 K ”ACTIVE” members and should have 150k active Members by the time You hand me over the [login to view URL] Niche.
With our platform Barakbot we create Telegram, Facebook and SMS chatbots. So, I am looking for business development specialist that can grow our web agency by bringing in clients to us. Long term role if 1 month probation is successful.
Hello, I need a female proxy for data analyst or data science roles and the candidates resume says 5 years of experince.
i want to buy premuim fresh dedicated proxy accounts
if you have proxies for sale please contact me
It is for a traffic script and I need interaction build in on.. in on the site
Now it just visits a link and leaves, I need it to, after visiting the link, look at the page for a button to click and go to an other page for example
Proxy settings need to be adjusted
Just is just simply explained but will be talk about in detail
I want to send charts from Amibroker to telegram channel auto each one hour
I am looking for a method to create user and view on telegram.. front-end and back-end are hosted in a DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet. The back-end process is running on PM2 while the front-end is served using nginx. A reverse proxy is configured so that the Nginx server (front-end) can interface with the server (back-end). The SSL certificate is provided for free by Let’s Encrypt and the certificate.. information when the match is over.
Output will be provided in accordance with the structure that we want the data to be.
Data should come very quickly. There should be a proxy infrastructure against the risk of ban.
Data should be transmitted smoothly at a maximum speed of 1 second.
Data of 2 seconds or more is detected as late. Data should be transmitted
I want a proxy web server installed that logs requests sent to it
I need a tool simiilar to this one [login to view URL]
When the user buy a shared account from me, they can connect using this extension as a proxy that auto login to the website without I share username and password.
I Want my videos to get edited like youtuber rouk ff, with awsome effects, i will pay for ur editings, if ur ok then contact me on telegram, my number:7358931047[[[plz no calls]]]. i gave u a sample clip of my gameplay, edit that and send me, so that i can see ur skills
only professional people big on my project
Hi. I need blogabet program-telegarm that will automatically copy picks to telegram channels.
I have a new install of buddypress with a few templates that I dont like. Need clean and usable landing.. clean and usable landing page, site structure and a few free courses. Subscription/donations function. Payment on Freelancer and details to be shared via discord or telegram. Bids to be considered will include one of those contact methods.
I need custom developed web browser bugging / etc.. (they cannot steal cookies from browser)
3 – Users won’t be able to install any extension
4 – By default, browser will run on our proxy
5 – Config file to set different parameters like proxy and homepage
If anyone has similar solution or can develop something like that please let me know
I just need a proxy able to intercept and save in a log all the traffic received, of curse it should act as a man in the middle, and then redirect the full request to the correct target.
Iranian Expats Launch Own Telegram 'With Built-In Proxy' To ...

Iranian Expats Launch Own Telegram ‘With Built-In Proxy’ To …

Two Iranian IT experts have launched a modified version of Telegram to help their countrymen get around Tehran’s latest attempt to block the wildly popular messaging app.
Amin Sabeti and Nariman Gharib’s version integrates the software Psiphon for those who aren’t already using that circumvention tool or a virtual private network (VPN) to evade snoopers.
Iran’s powerful judiciary ordered Telegram to be blocked on April 30, saying its use foments unrest in the country.
Telegram is thought to be used by around half of Iran’s 82 million people.
‘Digital Resistance’
Sabeti and Gharib say the aim of their Telegram DR — the “DR” is for Digital Resistance — is to help fellow Iranians fight Internet censorship and access uncensored information.
“One reason we did this is to demonstrate that the idea that [authorities] can block Telegram in a way that no one will be able to access it is very wrong, ” Sabeti told RFE/RL in a telephone interview on May 2.
Their Telegram DR is now available for Android users, although they acknowledged that the speedy rollout prompted by Iranian authorities’ swift crackdown has left it slightly buggy. Sabeti said on May 2 that it had been downloaded 1 million times since its launch the previous day.
A version for iPhones is due to be released in the coming days, they told RFE/RL.
Half of Iran’s population are believed to use Telegram for everything from sharing videos with family and friends to conducting business to engaging in political debate, the latter a potentially perilous activity in a country whose clerical leadership routinely jams outside media and sets out “red lines” for public discourse.
The judiciary said the ban was prompted by “various complaints” and “thousands of open cases” related to the use of Telegram and demands by the nation’s security services to “confront” its illegal activities.
“The blocking of the Telegram app should be carried out so as to prevent users from accessing it with VPN or any other software, ” the order published by the judiciary-affiliated Mizanonline news agency said.
Iranians display their smart phones using the Telegram messenger application. (file photo)
The Iranian ban was issued after top state officials, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced they were quitting Telegram in the national interest.
It also came after Iran banned the use of Telegram by government bodies.
The filtering has angered many Iranians, including Sabeti, 32, and Gharib, 29, two émigrés who now reside in the United Kingdom.
Sabeti said he and Gharib accelerated the release of their app with a built-in proxy once Iran banned Telegram.
“We didn’t expect the ban to take place so quickly, ” Sabeti said, adding that they are working to resolve the issues.
He also said that Telegram DR is for those Iranians who are unfamiliar with the use of anti-filtering tools.
“It’s one of many options, ” he said. “Those who already have Psiphon or other anti-filtering tools don’t need this application. ”
Many Iranians are savvy in the ways of circumvention, having dueled for years with public bans on social media like Facebook and Twitter despite their widespread use among Iranian political elites.
After an eruption of street protests in December and January, Iranian officials have pressed publicly for “homegrown” software and a more aggressive digital strategy “to secure” cyberspace in the face of foreign “enemies. ”
The hard-line Fars news agency, which is affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), blasted Telegram DR, saying it wasn’t officially released by Telegram and that users should not trust it.
Eavesdropping Fears
Fars suggested that Iranians should instead use domestic apps that have been promoted in recent months, although public distrust of such tools appears to be high over fears that they will allow eavesdropping by the state.
“There are currently numerous domestic messengers active in the country, and any user can find out about their background, owners, and developers with a simple search, ” Fars said.
Gharib reacted by saying that the Fars suggestion came as no surprise.
“IRGC wants to lure in the #Iranian usrs to use the local messaging apps to exert even more control on the lives of Iranians, ” Gharib said on Twitter.
Authorities temporarily shut down Telegram in January in an effort to contain the antiestablishment protests across the country at the time, but many Iranians kept using it.
Despite the recent latest ban, several users in Tehran told RFE/RL on May 2 that they were still using the app via anti-filtering tools.
The Telegram ban is a blow to President Hassan Rohani, who won office in 2013 and reelection last year promising less censorship and more freedom to Iranians.
Rohani’s communications minister criticized the ban via Twitter which is also filtered by Iran, saying the free flow of information cannot be stopped.
“People’s access to sources of information cannot be interrupted even when software is [filtered], ” Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi tweeted on April 30.
“Even if we ban the use of software, other software will be identified and information will start to circulate freely again, ” Jahromi wrote.
In Russia, around 10, 000 people rallied in Moscow on April 30 to protest authorities’ recent blocking of Telegram, chanting that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a thief. ” Telegram had fallen afoul of Russian officials over its refusal to give the Federal Security Service (FSB) access to users’ private messages.

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