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The best Chrome VPN and extension 2021 | TechRadar

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Partner up your Chrome browser with the best VPN service for a safer approach to surfing online, and get all the perks of a virtual private network all in one window. Continue to benefit from Chrome’s versatility and keep reading, as we summarize the best Chrome VPN to install into your many, Google Chrome is your default browser, rising above the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Edge. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Chrome also offers a multitude of ways to customise your browser and make it yours. And it feels truly endless when you consider the amount of extensions out there to boost your efficiency and get what you need out of your time makes sense, then, that VPN providers would invade this space with their very own Chrome extensions, bringing the joys of a virtual private network right into your window without the need to click this guide we’ll bring you the best of the best when it comes to the right Google Chrome VPN extension for your needs, including free and paid-for to choose the best Chrome VPNOf course, among this bewildering array of potential add-ons for Chrome are extensions from VPN providers, but how do you pick out the ideal VPN for Chrome? For starters, your VPN should be just as easy to use and navigate as Google Chrome itself. From setting up the extension to using on a day-to-day basis, we really value ’ll doubtless be looking to protect your privacy while surfing, and to bypass censorship or unblock geo-restricted content. And as always, you’ll want strong encryption and protocol support for tight security. All of the choices below have those assets in common. Performance levels are also important, especially if you’re keen on using Chrome to access streaming services or downloading torrents – you don’t want your VPN to slow down what you’re five options we’ve picked out below are all paid-for, fully fledged ‘premium’ VPNs that offer unlimited use once you’ve signed up, rather than free extensions that have their limitations. We explain more about the distinction further down this article – picking up a free option may suit you better in some circumstances. 1. ExpressVPN – the best Chrome VPN
Not merely a barebones iteration of its full-fat counterpart, the Chrome ExpressVPN extension boasts a robust offering, which is easy-to-use and has some neat features to use within the browser. Get it 100% risk free with its 30-day money back guarantee and benefit from 3 months free. 2. Hotspot Shield – a speedy Chrome VPN
Offering both a Free and Elite version, Hotspot Shield’s Chrome client is a speedy performer with the latter a great tool for worldwide streaming and keen torrenters. A couple of clicks away, this is a great extension to have in your browser. 3. Windscribe – a reliable free option
Giving you up to 10GB on its ‘freemium’ tool, you can hop on servers based in over 10 countries and benefit from geo-spoofing. You can also feel reassured with a more secure connection using its ad and malware-blocking best Chrome VPNs in 2021(Image credit: ExpressVPN)1. ExpressVPN Best all-round VPN for Chrome and beyondDedicated chrome extension: Yes | Chrome Web Store rating: 4. 5 | 24/7 live chat: Yes | Free trial length: 30 days | Maximum devices supported: 5 | Servers/countries: 3, 000+/90+Quality extension – not just a proxyImpressive server coverageSuperb customer supportReliable, speedy performanceCan’t use extension without the appBest Chrome VPN 2021 – Get 3 months free with an annual planExpressVPN routinely delivers on the software front, and its Chrome VPN extension is no exception. It’s easy-to-use, has some neat features and – unlike a lot of the competition – is a genuine extension rather than a mere from the get-go, you can tell that the Chrome extension has all the usability and smarts you’d expect from ExpressVPN’s usual Windows and Mac clients. So you can immediately turn on, change location and change your settings right there from the extension – it will come as little surprise when you start using it that ExpressVPN tops our charts as the overall best VPN out Chrome VPN service did well in our performance tests, with speeds only slightly slower than our normal (non-VPN) rates. And this provider maintains a favorable privacy policy with no logging of traffic data and online activity. Indeed, on the security front, the ExpressVPN extension also boasts settings to prevent HTML5 geo-location from revealing your real location while using using HTTPS Everywhere to automatically force connections to the HTTPS versions of websites whenever they’re available. It’s always about safety first with the main reason for kitting your Chrome browser out with a VPN is to stream shows from abroad, then you’ll also be pleased to hear about Express’s pretty faultless unblocking record. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video – it can get around geo-restrictions on them thing to bear in mind here is that you cannot use the ExpressVPN browser extension without having the appropriate ExpressVPN desktop app installed as well. If this is a major problem for you, then there are standalone Chrome extensions that can be used instead (Windscribe listed below is a good example). That may make the choice for our #1 spot seem controversial to if you’re coming into this wanting all the bells and whistles a premium product offers then you’re probably going to want to use it on your desktop (and mobile, and streaming device, etc) anyway, so this doesn’t feel like a major disadvantage to us. In our view, ExpressVPN is the best overall option on the market, and that means the same goes for the best Chrome VPN with 3 months extra FREE
Time and again Express tops our lists of the most impressive VPN for pretty much all your needs. Streaming, can do it all. And the good news is that ExpressVPN has agreed to give TechRadar readers three months extra free when you sign up for its annual plan. And if you’re not 100% happy, you can cancel for a full refund within he first 30 days.
View Deal2. Hotspot Shield Fast Chrome VPN with excellent freebie optionDedicated chrome extension: Yes | Chrome Web Store rating: 3. 7 (4. 4 for free version) | 24/7 live chat: Yes | Free trial length: 45 days | Maximum devices supported: 5 | Servers/countries: 3, 200+/80+Fast download speedsSuper simple to usePlenty of unblocking power Not available on some other platformsIn our latest round of VPN testing, Hotspot Shield made a great jump up our list. It’s always been super fast, but it has made strides when it comes to usability and the amount of geo-restricted sites and services it can it comes to its Chrome-based VPN, this provider really has its cake and eats it, too! Type in ‘Hotspot Shield’ to the Chrome Web Store and you’ll be faced with two options: Free and former option is a quick-start version of the product that tops our best free VPN listings. The reasons we like it remain the same as we state in that guide: that it’s a friendly app to use, won’t slow down your web traffic and will help mask your IP address and block WebRTC without the need to part with a single dollar. But the downfalls also remain the same, the main two being the fact you’re stuck using only one server based in the US and you only get an allowance of 500MB per day of by all means give the free version a whirl, but for something more fully formed you’ll want to pay the effective few dollars a month and crank things up to Elite. That shows off all of Hotspot Shield’s best bits, making it a proper tool for watching worldwide streaming content no matter where you are and proving a handy companion to torrenters. Either way, the Chrome VPN extension only takes a couple of clicks before you’re up and running. While with the Elite, app, you’re automatically assigned to the optimal server with the fastest connection speed. And if you just want to get stuck straight in with that paid-for option, you do get a 45-day safety blanket within which you can cancel and get your money back. (Image credit: Shutterstock)3. Windscribe Easy-to-use extension with a really handy free versionDedicated chrome extension: Yes | Chrome Web Store rating: 4. 7 | 24/7 live chat: No | Free trial length: 30 days | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited | Servers/countries: 400+/63Excellent free optionLoved by its usersSo simple start up and useLive chat support would be welcomePremium version has fewer servers than mostWhen it comes to browser extensions, Windscribe is in its element. Look at some of the blogging that its team does around what the best Chrome VPN extensions really look like and you’ll get some rthright short, the provider takes the ‘freemium’ model to its Chrome extension. That’s great news for you, as it means that there’s a very solid free option on offer for all that you can get started with and start using in Chrome in mere seconds (literally) gives you plenty of geo-spoofing prowess and IP privacy with a monthly data-use limit of 2GB (or a very generous 10GB if you’re happy to give Windscribe your email address). And even with this option, at our last count there were over 10 countries that you could connect to, including the US, Canada, Germany and the UK. And it doesn’t stop there as it also kicks in added extras to make your browser a better place, with additional ad and course, in an ideal world, Windscribe wants you to be so impressed that you’ll go on and sign up to its Pro plan. It’s a little pricier than much of the competition these days, but means you can use the service on unlimited devices simultaneously (including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux) and offers 100+ server locations across more than 60 countries. 4. Private Internet Access Brings extra features and security to ChromeDedicated chrome extension: Yes | Chrome Web Store rating: 3. 7 | 24/7 live chat: No | Free trial length: 30 days | Maximum devices supported: 10 | Servers/countries: 20, 000+/77Really easy to useJam-packed with featuresBonus privacy toolsNo live chat supportRequires sign upWhen we tested and reviewed Private Internet Access (PIA for short) one of the things that stood out most was the quality of its browser extensions. They genuinely add value – which is saying something, considering how affordable PIA is to subscribe it on Chrome is really easy and it brings loads of extras to the table. There are bonus privacy tools for starters, that can prevent websites accessing your location, camera or microphone. They’re able to stop WebRTC leaks, and variously block or disable Flash, third-party cookies, website referrers, hyperlink auditing, address and credit card auto filling, and more. That’s strong stuff, in a market filled with extensions that are merely veneer extension on offer here applies only to Chrome browser traffic and outside of Chrome, it isn’t as fleshed out a service as ExpressVPN – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth considering, especially at the reasonable price points available for longer term plans. If you’re in it for the Netflix unblocking, then we successfully got PIA working across regions for that, Hulu and YouTube (although not BBC iPlayer). And the download speeds while the VPN was turned on were above average, too – even when we jumped on to a server in new Zealand. 5. NordVPN A mere proxy – but still a VPN provider of noteChrome Web Store rating: 2. 8 | 24/7 live chat: Yes | Free trial length: 30 days | Maximum devices supported: 6 | Servers/countries: 5, 500+/59Great server coverageUnlocks tons of streaming servicesA very secure VPNCan’t control the whole VPN suiteNot brilliantly reviewed on StoreNordVPN doesn’t offer a free Chrome extension, so you’ll need to set up an account with the provider to get its for Chrome. Some of the major benefits here include the firm’s CyberSec feature which is designed to block adverts and prevent you accessing malware-laden sites, making your browsing a more streamlined and safer experience. The extension is also lightweight and user-friendly with just a simple couple of clicks needed to get things rformance-wise, speeds were solid enough and certainly acceptable. Users have a large server network at their disposal, with over 5, 000 servers and counting across the globe. NordVPN has a ‘no logs’ privacy policy, too, that’s audited by the esteemed and independent ‘ll see above that NordVPN scores pretty low compared to most from users on the Chrome Web Store. Some reviewers suggest it’s pretty buggy – although that’s not something we encountered to any degree in our testing. Thankfully Nord has a handy 24/7 live chat support system in place, which should come to your rescue if anything goes VPN FAQWhat is the best Chrome VPN? If you’re looking for a complete Chrome experience, then we’d direct you ExpressVPN’s way. Also topping our guide to the best all-round VPNs, Express packs a huge amount of functionality to its Chrome extension in terms of privacy, security and unblocking geo-restricted content. We also like how handy its 24/7 live chat support is – real human beings on hand to get you out of any pickles you find yourself can a Chrome VPN extension do? There’s several reasons why adding a Chrome VPN extension is well worthwhile on your computer. Firstly, in the case of providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, it just makes functioning your VPN much quicker and easier to do – the best Chrome VPNs have super straightforward On/Off button and all the basic tools you need for changing servers and avoiding those geo-blocks.
Picking one of our top providers from this article means access to Netflix unblocking, geo-spoofing and online security from the convenience of the browser you use day-in day-out. (Image credit: Shutterstock)What are Chrome VPN proxies? Some – or rather, most – VPN proxies only work within the Chrome browser itself. So take a provider like Windscribe, for example, that has its own free Chrome proxy that can still hide your IP address and unlock streaming content (with data limitations in place) but lives separately from its ‘Pro’ VPN tier.
The rare alternative is how a provider like ExpressVPN works. Its Chrome extension works like a a control hub for the core VPN tool that you need to have downloaded to your computer already. So handy if you’re a fully signed up member of that service already, but not so good if you were just looking for a standalone proxy to live and work in your Chrome browser Chrome have its own VPN? This article would be a whole lot shorter if it did! No, Google doesn’t offer a VPN to its loyal tribe of browser users. But luckily the Chrome Web Store is practically overflowing with them and Google does allow these third party extensions and proxies to be added to your browser for quick easy I install a free Chrome VPN? You certainly can, but we’d exercise a little caution before you do.
There are literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of free VPN extensions in the web store. But unlike our top picks above, they very infrequently are able to boast the kind of protection and verified privacy policies that you can rely on. They may allow you to change location to another server, but what about the ads, the lack of extra functionality, and where exactly is your information going to next?
Don’t forget that these free services have to make their money from somewhere. And at least the free options on this list work to a ‘freemium’ model where the free proxy is a gateway to hopefully convert you into a paying customer in the long more:PC user primarily? Check out today’s best Windows 10 VPN for PCCheck out our pick of the best US VPN to use in and outside USACombine quality and value with the premium cheap VPN providers
Adam is the Editor-in-Chief of Subscriptions and Services at Future, meaning that he oversees many of the articles TechRadar produces about antivirus software, VPNs, TV streaming, broadband and mobile phone contracts – from buying guides and deals news, to industry interest pieces and reviews.
The best Chrome VPN extension in 2021 | Tom's Guide

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The best Chrome VPN extension in 2021 | Tom’s Guide

Best Picks
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Chrome VPN extensions are offered by just about every one of the best VPN providers. They’re usually pared-down versions of the desktop app, and while they might not offer every feature, they’re a convenient way of changing your location or accessing blocked websites and streaming all are created equal, either. A dedicated Chrome VPN extension will sometimes allow you to you control the desktop app from within Chrome, which is excellent in terms of functionality and power. However, others offer totally in-browser extensions, which can be very useful if you’re on a computer that doesn’t have or allow VPN clients to be makes the best Chrome VPN? When picking your Chrome VPN, you should first consider what you need from it – do you want to stay fully anonymous and explore streaming media from around the world, or do you just want a quick and easy way to check your emails and banking in privacy? If you’re only after very basic functions, you may find a free VPN for Chrome that suits your needs, but if you’re after in-depth features or streaming support, a more premium product will be help you decide, we’ve put together this list of the five best Chrome VPNs available today. Topping the list is ExpressVPN – it’s easy to use, swift and powerful, and offers a powerful Chrome VPN extension alongside its top-rated desktop VPN client. There are other options that are worth exploring, though, so read on to find the five best VPNs for Chrome available today. 1. ExpressVPN – the most powerful Chrome VPN
ExpressVPN’s Chrome VPN extension offers total control of the desktop app in-browser, and it’s the most fully-featured option available. You can claim three free months through Tom’s Guide, and you’ll also be covered by a fantastic 30-day money-back DealSave your money by checking out the best cheap VPNIf you’re serious about streaming, you might need a Fire Stick VPNWhat about P2P? See what’s the best torrenting VPNThe best Chrome VPN extensions in 2021(Image credit: ExpressVPN)1. ExpressVPN Best all-round Chrome VPN and beyondSpecificationsDedicated chrome extension: YesChrome Web Store rating: 4. 5/5Servers/countries: 3, 000+/90+Maximum devices supported: 5Reasons to buy+Feature-rich Chrome extension+Excellent 24/7 customer support+Wide international server coverage+Reliable and fastReasons to avoid-App required for extensionExpressVPN is the most powerful VPN available, period, so it makes sense that you get an absolutely stellar Chrome VPN extension too. And yes, it’s a full extension, not just a proxy like some others ‘s you get is essentially the desktop app readily available in your browser. While that means you’ll have to have the client installed, if you do, you’ll have a lot of power at your fingertips. Unlike many Chrome VPN extensions, activating ExpressVPN in-browser will give you full protection – not just your browser traffic, but your whole device. It’s also really convenient that you don’t have to launch the desktop app to use the browser extension – it’s right there in Chrome, ready to ‘ll get WebRTC blocking, location spoofing and HTTPS Everywhere (even when the extension’s not turned on) to help keep you and your browsing private, alongside swift connection speeds, other apps for all your devices, and a cracking support system to help if anything goes wrong. Plus, the Chrome VPN blocks HTML5 geolocation from revealing your location – something the desktop app doesn’t do your way onto a streaming service site through Chrome while abroad and Express will have you covered, as it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more – impressive when you consider these streaming services are constantly trying to actively block VPNs. If you want to give the best Chrome VPN a test run, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we think you’ll find it’ll meet – if not surpass – your expectations of what a browser-based VPN can three months free of the best Chrome VPN
Tom’s Guide readers signing up for 12 months of ExpressVPN will bag an excellent 49% off deal, which includes 3 months additional coverage absolutely FREE. And don’t forget, if you just want to give it a try with no obligation, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee that you can rely upon without any quibbles.
View Deal(Image credit: Future)2. Windscribe Powerful and free Chrome proxy extensionSpecificationsDedicated chrome extension: YesChrome Web Store rating: 4. 7/5Servers/countries: 400+/60Maximum devices supported: UnlimitedReasons to buy+Unlimited simultaneous connections+Free 10GB monthly option+Clear privacy policy+Works without desktop clientReasons to avoid-Slightly cramped interfaceWindscribe is a great choice if you’re looking for a no-fee VPN, but what really stands out is its excellent Chrome VPN extension. While the service is a proxy, you don’t need to install the ‘real’ VPN client on your PC to get it working – that’s really useful for work laptops and other devices you might not want or be able to install software on, and addresses one of the main issues of the ExpressVPN that, the extension offers an impressive suite of features. There are tons blocking features, covering ads, social media and other trackers, WebRTC, website notifications and malware. You’ll also get timezone and user agent spoofing, plus advanced cookie controls which can be set to delete any and all when you leave a a fully-fledged VPN, Windscribe’s extension can also virtually relocate you and get you access to geo-restricted sites, and by offering servers in 10 countries (over 60 if you decide to pay for a premium plan) you should have a decent selection to choose from, including Netflix-compatible ‘Windflix’ an absolutely free service, there are a couple of drawbacks – chiefly that 10GB data limit – but for such a well-featured extension, that’s something we can excuse. If it turns out you do need more than that, premium plans also have unlimited it can’t compete in true power to ExpressVPN’s extension that controls the desktop client, it’s an entirely different beast. This standalone Chrome VPN extension is one of the best of its kind, and for free, it’s certainly worth checking out. 3. Private Internet Access Chrome VPN with tons featuresSpecificationsDedicated chrome extension: YesChrome Web Store rating: 4/5Servers/countries: 11, 000+/74Maximum devices supported: 10Reasons to buy+Feature-rich Chrome extension+Great privacy tools+Simple to useReasons to avoid-No live chat support-Limited locationsPrivate Internet Access – or PIA – is an affordable option that offers a huge amount of features in its Chrome VPN extension for the price. It also does this while remaining very easy to use, making this an ideal option for VPN are some great security features you get with its browser VPN extension including a third-party cookies blocker, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, hyperlink auditing, credit card auto-filling and more. Of course, PIA will also take care of the big stuff like blocking your location from websites as well as camera or microphone access, and download speeds remain above average with the VPN running. Also, in our testing we reported that PIA can access Netflix and Hulu – although it does struggle as an iPlayer PIA doesn’t offer the amount of server locations of ExpressVPN and support is somewhat lacking, it’s a genuinely useful Chrome VPN extension available at a great price, and it’s an option worth up now on the Private Internet Access website. 4. CyberGhost Great free Chrome VPNSpecificationsDedicated chrome extension: YesChrome Web Store rating: 4. 4/5Servers/countries: 8/4 (free), 6, 200/90 (paid)Maximum devices supported: 7Reasons to buy+Good selection of free servers+Unlimited free data +Unblocks streaming mediaReasons to avoid-No kill switch or customer supportCyberGhost is known as one of the top VPNs on the market, and another string to its bow is the free Chrome VPN extension on offer. While not as powerful as the paid VPN, the browser extension can work without installing a desktop client, meaning it’s super simple to 8 servers in 4 countries, there’s a decent selection compared to some other free services, but we were really impressed with the streaming unblocking – you’ll be able to watch US Netflix and BBC you want the full package, for a very reasonable price you can upgrade to a huge 6, 200 VPN servers in 90 countries, plus you’ll get access to CyberGhost’s excellent desktop app with its streaming and torrenting streaming system. You’ll also get a kill switch, customer support and secure Flash it’s not as great as ExpressVPN, for a free Chrome VPN CyberGhost’s offering is powerful and eminently usable. And if you upgrade, things only get up now on CyberGhost’s website 5. Hotspot Shield Incredible speeds and a decent free optionSpecificationsDedicated chrome extension: YesChrome Web Store rating: 4/5Servers/countries: 3, 200+/80+Maximum devices supported: 5Reasons to buy+Super fast connections+Free trial optionReasons to avoid-Not cheap-Configuration limitedHotspot Shield is a great Chrome VPN extension option if you want something that’s simple to use, runs fast and is free. Yup, the free version works with very few strings, although it is basic with only four location choices – plus, it’s not such a fast VPN as the premium reason Hotspot Shield is so simple is that when you fire it up with a single click, it automatically picks the fastest server based on your location – you’ll be connected security you have a 256-bit encryption looking after you across the 1, 800 servers spread over 80 countries. However, fans of true privacy will be disappointed in Hotspot’s logging policy. While the provider claims not to store anything that can identify you, details like bandwidth used and connections times you’re looking for a quick, simple Chrome VPN, though, Hotspot Shield is a good choice – and with a 45-day money-back guarantee, it’s definitely worth giving a go if you just want basic privacy when you’re out and about with your up now on the Hotspot Shield Chrome VPN FAQDoes Chrome have a VPN? While Chrome is very well-featured, it doesn’t offer a built-in VPN. However, that’s not a problem as there are a huge number of browser VPNs to pick from – not least the top five above.
Thankfully, Chrome is also the perfect environment for a browser VPN to work in – it’s stable, simple, easy to use and incredibly customisable, so there are some great Chrome VPNs that will work just as reliably as their standalone there a free Chrome VPN extension? A free Chrome extension is a tempting prospect – browsing anonymity and data security for nothing sounds great. However, in practice these free services aren’t as great as they seem.
The first thing to consider is where the free service is making its money. It’s likely that you’ll be seeing ads, or, more sinisterly, it could be skimming your data and selling it for profit. If that’s happening, you’re better off using no VPN at all.
There are some good free Chrome VPNs out there – like Windscribe at number 2 on this list – but on the whole you’ll never be able to get a truly good all-round VPN experience unless you pay.
However, that doesn’t have to break the bank. Surfshark, for example, offers a totally secure and fully-featured VPN service for less than $2. 50 a month. While its Chrome VPN isn’t powerful enough to feature on this list, it works well as a lightweight proxy extension – and at a price you’d barely notice, we think it’s worth the should the best Chrome VPN extension do? A good Chrome VPN extension is one that’s not only simple to install and use but also, ideally, offers some in-depth features too. While there are basic proxy versions which simply turn on and off within Chrome – and that’s useful – we prefer more feature-rich options.
The option to pick the location you want to connect from is a really basic but helpful feature – perfect if you’re looking to watch geo-restricted content in a tab and need a certain location selected.
Security features are also really helpful with blocking your location from websites, and blocking camera or microphone access are basic necessities. Extras we like to keep an eye out for are third-party cookie blocking, Flash blocking or disabling, WebRTC leak protection, hyperlink auditing and credit card auto-filling. Being able to use Netflix VPN unblocking is also useful.
Whichever option you go for, a VPN Chrome extension is only ever as good as the VPN behind – it so going for a fully fledged and feature-rich standalone VPN is always a good idea. Got all you need to know? Now make sure that you’re getting the very best VPN service with our expertly assembled top 10.
Mo is eCommerce Editor at Tom’s Guide. Day-to-day he oversees privacy and security content, and his product guides help his readers find the best software and products for their needs. When he’s not testing VPNs, you’ll find him working on his classic car or plugged into a guitar amp.
Best VPN Chrome extension in 2021 | NordVPN

Best VPN Chrome extension in 2021 | NordVPN

Secure your browsing experience without sacrificing speedBlock ads and malicious websites with the CyberSec featureKeep your IP safe by disabling the WebRTC protocolBuy NordVPNDownload AppGet NordVPN for all your devicesEnjoy the full benefits of the VPN Chrome extensionFull-speed privacyEnjoy internet freedomBrowse, stream, or work without slowing down thanks to our extensive infrastructure and advanced server computing bandwidth limitsWe won’t put any artificial restrictions on your browsing experience. Push your VPN connection to the max with our app or browser VPN extension for access everywhereThe NordVPN network covers 60 countries on five continents to ensure a stable VPN experience wherever you curity you can trustBrowse safelyThe NordVPN extension hides your IP address, so that no one can snoop on your browsing data and learn your digital ads and malwareThe CyberSec security feature prevents you from accessing malware-hosting your IP address safe at all timesWith the NordVPN proxy extension, you can disable Chrome’s WebRTC protocol, which may otherwise reveal your IP address when you least want it. Flexible lightweight securityNot a moment wastedThe Chrome browser VPN extension is so light and fast, you can jump back and forth between different locations quicker than you can say “NordVPN”. Privacy with one clickA couple of seconds is all it takes to protect your IP address from third-party snooping. Just click Quick Connect and enjoy browsing in IP, your rulesOur browser VPN extension secures only the traffic on Chrome, which means you can use your real IP address for other connections on your to set up a VPN extension on Google Chrome? 1Get the appPurchase NordVPN2Find the appGo to Chrome Web Store and add NordVPN3Use itLog in to your account and use it! Frequently asked questionsHow do I set up a VPN extension on Google Chrome? Setting up NordVPN is pretty straightforward. Just find our app in your Chrome Web Store and click the Add to Chrome button. It will be added as your browser extension automatically. Once it’s done, you just have to sign in with your NordVPN account. If you don’t have it yet, get it do I enable a browser VPN on Chrome? To turn on NordVPN on Chrome, you only have to click one button. Once you are signed in, click the Quick Connect button and you will be connected to the best server automatically. If you are looking for a particular location, click the Connect to a specific country button and choose from the list of 60 do I use a browser VPN on Chrome? Aside from the 5100+ servers available in 60 countries, NordVPN for Chrome offers additional features that might be useful. The Chrome extension automatically blocks WebRTC — a protocol that could leak your IP. Another neat feature is CyberSec — it blocks ads and protects you from entering malicious websites. You can control both in the settings panel of the do I change my IP address in Chrome? Here are three easy steps to change your IP address in Chrome with NordVPN:1. Add the NordVPN extension to Chrome. You can do that by going to the Chrome Web Store. 2. Tap the NordVPN icon in the upper right corner of your browser and log into your account. Don’t have an account yet? Get it here. 3. Tap the Quick Connect button. That’s it! Browse securely with a different IP in ’t have an account yet? Start protecting your online security30-day money-back guarantee

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