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Why Do You Need a Proxy Server for PS4? Offers a Great Uptime for an Enhanced Gaming ExperienceProxy Servers Offer a Fast Internet ConnectionUnblocking the Blocked Gaming SitesMultilocation ParticipationHidden IP Address Using a Proxy Server Proxy Servers Help With Slow Lagging Internet SpeedsHow Do You Add Proxy Servers to PS4? Steps of Setting Up a Proxy Server for PS4Find the IP AddressIf you want to set up a proxy server, first, you need to get the IP address of your PC, Mac, or mobile signing Proxy Server for Your PS4 ConsoleConclusionFAQs1. Why does my PS4 keep asking for a proxy server? 2. What’s the proxy server for PS4? 3. How do I setup a proxy server on PS4? 4. Can you use a hotspot for PS4? 5. What is the best IP address for PS4?
Do you want to have a world-class gaming experience free from a loose internet connection? How about getting rid of all connection lags and getting your way around IP bans? Well, all this and more is possible while using a proxy. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between your devices and the website you wish to visit. It sends the request to the website on your behalf and relays back the information. To get the hang of it, check out our best proxy server can access restricted content as the website doesn’t know who it is relaying the information why would you need a web proxy for your ps4? Does using a ps4 proxy have any impact on your gaming experience? Why Do You Need a Proxy Server for PS4? You can use a proxy server with your ps4 as it comes with a lot of benefits to you as a gamer. Some of the benefits include:Offers a Great Uptime for an Enhanced Gaming ExperienceDo you need to setup a proxy server to enjoy an enhanced game experience? Uptime refers to the number of hours the proxy was working from the source center without any malfunctioning. Reliable proxy servers offer a 99. 9% is uptime important for gamers? With a 99. 9% uptime, it means you don’t have to pause your game for any reason, including gaming updates. Using a proxy ensures you will have the best game Servers Offer a Fast Internet ConnectionSpeed is of the essence for every gaming enthusiast. With the right speed, you can expect smooth gaming free from any interruptions. Therefore, you can enjoy your fast action games without fear of any network interruptions. Without using a proxy server, you have no guarantee of a fast internet the other hand, proxy servers have an incredible speed, enabling you to enjoy your gameplay. You can get some gaming servers offering a speed of 1GBps, which will make playing games more exciting. Unblocking the Blocked Gaming SitesSome gaming sites may be blocked for some gamers depending on your location or for other ever, if you make sure you use a proxy server, you can access blocked gaming sites. The proxy server prevents the gaming server from identifying whoever is visiting their site, which enables blocked users to access the ltilocation ParticipationVarious games hold competitions globally in different ever, some gamers cannot participate in some competitions or matches due to that case, proxy servers come in handy in helping to get around the restrictions of your internet service provider. Using the proxy service, you can set the settings to appear like you are playing the game from a location with no gaming servers also divide gaming zones. However, with a proxy server, gamers can play games globally and game with anyone, including gaming friends, without being IP Address Using a Proxy Server Having your Sony PlayStation 4 IP addresses exposed as you surf the internet is risky. Hackers and other cybercriminals can track your location and use your IP address to steal your data, identity, and personal information, such as your bank account stolen information and identity can then be used in committing other cybercrimes such as cyberbullying and selling illicit a proxy server ensures anonymity as you can choose a type of proxy that doesn’t make your IP address available on the HTTP, you can enjoy your gaming without the fear of online threats or anybody tracking your online servers also offer peer to peer facility, which is helpful for faster torrent downloads. Peer to peer enables you to use two computers to download content such as games Servers Help With Slow Lagging Internet SpeedsPS4 is designed to offer you the best game experience. As such, you need to ensure you have a fast and reliable internet connection to enhance the a proxy server, you don’t have to worry about connection lags or losses in proxy server is the same as a VPN that acts as an intermediary between your gaming console and the gaming server and ensures a non-stop internet Do You Add Proxy Servers to PS4? Although using a proxy server with a PlayStation comes with many benefits, it’s not easy trying to follow and configure your PS4 with a proxy will be of great help if you can learn how to configure the gaming console with proxy can use the following steps to configure a proxy server with your of Setting Up a Proxy Server for PS4Find the IP AddressIf you want to set up a proxy server, first, you need to get the IP address of your PC, Mac, or mobile do you go about looking for the IP address? Finding the IP address for a PC:First, open the PC, go to the Run tab, type “cmd, ” and press enterA “command prompt screen” will openOn the command prompt screen, type “ipconfig/all” and then press enterThe IP address of the PC will show automatically. Note it down as you’ll use it laterFinding the IP address on a mobile device:Open the settings and go to “About phone menu”Click on the “Status” optionYou’ll get a list of data, including the IP address. Note it down to use it laterFind the IP address on Mac:On the Apple many, open “System preferences”Go to the “Network preference” menuYou’ll get the IP address on the right side of the paneAssigning Proxy Server for Your PS4 ConsoleAfter finding your IP address, you can now proceed to set up a proxy server for the PS4 console. Assigning the server is a seamless process that involves the following steps:First, turn on the PS4Next, proceed to the “Settings” menu and then select the “Network section”The next step will depend on your choice of internet connection. You can use a LAN cable option or Wi-Fi. Select the Wi-Fi or Lan cable option depending on your choice to connect to the internet. If you go for the Wi-Fi option, you have to enter the password before you can proceedNext, go to the custom optionWhen the custom option is open, make the DHCP host name as “do not specify. ” The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a protocol associated with the network management system. When you connect your device to the network, the Dynamic Host Configuration protocol will dynamically assign the IP address and other network parametersNext, configure the DNS settings and set the domain name system (DNS) as automaticAlso, set the Mtu settings as automaticWhen you are done setting the domain name and Mtu settings, a screen will appear for you to select the proxy server option. Proceed to select the proxy server option as the “Use” optionInside the proxy server’s page, write the IP address of the PC that you noted down earlier. Enter the port number of the proxy that you wish to use. For windows, the port number is usually 6588, while for Mac, it is you are done entering the IP address and port number, click “Next”Finally, check your internet connection and see if it has any loose or interrupted nclusionDo you need a proxy server for your PS4? You don’t need to use a proxy server with a PS4 console. However, using one comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, you can access even the blocked gaming site as the gaming server doesn’t know who is visiting them. You also enjoy incredible internet speeds and anonymity as the proxy server keeps your IP address though using a proxy server with your PS4 console comes with a ton of benefits, it’s not easy configuring the console with a proxy server. You can use our comprehensive process above to make it seamless and effortless for you to configure your PS4 console with a proxy server. FAQs1. Why does my PS4 keep asking for a proxy server? If it requests a proxy, it is not properly detecting your internet connection. You’re almost certainly going to need to reset your modem or router. 2. What’s the proxy server for PS4? The proxy server acts as a conduit between the user’s PlayStation console and the gaming server, ensuring that an uninterrupted internet connection is maintained. This results in an uninterrupted gaming experience. 3. How do I setup a proxy server on PS4? Configuring a DNS Proxy on a PlayStation 41. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu bar. Click on ‘Network’. Click ‘Configure Internet Connection’. 4. Click on ‘Custom’. 5. Depending on how you connect to the Internet, select ‘Use Wi-Fi’ or ‘Use a LAN cable’. 6. For IP Address Settings, select ‘Automatic’. 7. For DHCP Host Name, select ‘Do Not Specify’. 8. For DNS Settings, select ‘Manual’. Can you use a hotspot for PS4? This is, in fact, possible. You simply need to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone and connect the PS4 to it. If you intend to do a lot of downloading on your PS4, keep an eye on your data plan. What is the best IP address for PS4? Google DNS 8. 8 and 8. 4 respectively. This gaming DNS is simple to use and a viable alternative to the default that you have been using. Google DNS for PS4 enables the optimal IP address for gaming, ensuring a stable connection that also operates smoothly.
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PlayStation 4 DNS Proxy Setup Instructions - IronSocket

PlayStation 4 DNS Proxy Setup Instructions – IronSocket

Setting up DNS Proxy
Our DNS Proxy requires your Public IP Address to be authorized to access the service. You can head over to the IP Authorization page to configure your access. We also have this handy guide to follow if you need any help.
Navigate to ‘Settings’
Select ‘Network’
Select ‘Setup Internet Connection’
Select ‘Custom’
Select ‘Use Wi-Fi’ or ‘Use a LAN cable’ depending on how you connect to the Internet
Select ‘Automatic’ for IP Address Settings
Select ‘Do Not Specify’ for DHCP Host Name
Select ‘Manual’ for DNS Settings
Set the DNS addresses:
Primary DNS: 138. 197. 111. 193
Secondary DNS: 64. 225. 90. 91
Once done, click ‘Next’ to test the connection
Then restart your PS4 device
Please Note:
To install US applications on your PS4, you will need a US PlayStation Network (PSN) account. If you don’t have one yet, go to and create your account. Once done, use the US account with the PlayStation store and then search and install the app.
After your IP is authorized, you can start accessing geo-restricted channels to watch movies or listen to music.
Best PS4 Proxy Servers for PS4 Consoles (2021) - IncrediTools

Best PS4 Proxy Servers for PS4 Consoles (2021) – IncrediTools

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If you like to play online with your PS4, then there’s a good chance that you’ve run into a roadblock or two trying to do so. One of the biggest reasons why you might be met with restrictions at times is your IP address.
If you want to unlock the potential that PS4 has to offer on the internet, then you will need to make the most of a proxy. With a proxy, you can get around normal restrictions, so that you can use your PS4 as intended.
Let’s take a look at the best PS4 proxy servers to use with your PS4 console online.
First Look
Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy
“I love using SSL Private Proxy not only because they are one of the most effective proxy databases out there, but they’re one of the safest as well. They keep me safe online so that I can play my PS4 online done anonymously, and securely. ”
Second Best: High Proxies
“High Proxies makes it super easy to play my PS4 with all of my friends online, even if I want to get around restrictions that other locations and countries have. They have a lot of proxies to choose from, and they are all safe to use which is nice. ”
Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxy
“I love Blazing SEO Proxy for all of my PS4 gaming online because they can help me stay safe, but they also have a lot of PS4 proxies to choose from so I’ll never get caught or banned from anything. I’ve got friends who play it overseas, so it’s nice to stay connected with them. ”
Fourth Best: Your Private Proxy
“If you are someone like me and need to find a PS4 proxy server that supports SOCKS protocol, then you need to check out Your Private Proxy. They are incredibly fast yet reliable, so I know that I can use them for a long time to come and won’t have any issues. ”
Fifth Best: Storm Proxies
“I love that most of Storm Proxies’ PS4 proxies are located in the U. S., which is where I do most of my PS4 gaming. This means that I can access websites I would otherwise be banned from, and I can stay connected with my gaming buddies as well. ”
Best for Convenience: My Private Proxy
“Because I game so much online through my PS4, I like to be able to go through proxies pretty quickly. I struggled to find a company who could help me with this many proxies until I found My Private Proxy. ”
Best for Budget: InstantProxies
“I love playing PS4 online, but I struggle to find a PS4 proxy server who can not only provide me with the quality that I need, but keep the price nice and low. I was having issues finding the right company until I came across InstantProxies. ”
Best for Variety: Buy Proxies
“I love that Buy Proxies own the servers that they use, which means that they control what happens to them, and who has access to them. This also means that I can safely use them for my online gaming, and I don’t need to worry about there being a risk to my personal information. ”
Best PS4 Proxy Servers
SSL Private Proxy Is one of the best PS4 proxy server providers for online gaming because they can offer you super secure, dedicated IP addresses in multiple cities and multiple subnets.
One of the things we love the most about this proxy service is that they randomize their PS4 proxies every month, so that you are never using the same proxy for too long.
They also offer their clients unlimited bandwidth, as well as 100 threads per proxy, and their pricing isn’t all that bad either. They have one of the biggest databases in the industry and promise that all their PS4 proxies provide high anonymity for their clients.
High Proxies likes to be able to help its clients no matter what they are using their proxies for, which means that they definitely have proxies that you can use for your PS4 gaming online.
They say that their secure proxies are configured for high anonymity, reliability and security, and they even offer their clients VPNs as well, so that you can cover every aspect of your online gaming.
They promise that their proxies are dedicated, which means that you won’t have to share them with anyone else, and we think that their monthly pricing is pretty affordable, especially when compared to other PS4 proxy servers in the industry.
Blazing SEO Proxy says that they provide their gaming clients with unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited threads, which means that you can try their proxies with zero limits.
They also say that they have some of the fastest network lines in the industry, and they have proxies that support HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS.
We love that they have a high level of authentication, so that your personal information will be kept safe at all times, and they have competitive pricing, with their dedicated PS4 proxy servers based in the US starting at just $1. 40 a month. They will also automatically replace proxies for free.
Your Private Proxy is the kind of proxy server for PS4 that is great if you need help supporting SOCKS.
They also have some of the fastest proxies out there, which of course is essential if you want to be able to game for long periods of time without any interruption.
Another thing that we like about this proxy company is that you can easily choose a location, and then choose a proxy server that is closest to your location.
Their bandwidth is unlimited, and their pricing begins at $6. 97 per proxy per month.
Storm Proxies is a dedicated proxy company that can help you with all kinds of different proxies for your PS4 activity online.
The only downside to this company is that they are based in the US, which means that they only have proxies for America. However, we know a lot of people out there that wouldn’t consider this a downside.
They have high-performing infrastructures, and a fast speed, so that you will have a good time playing online with your friends without worrying about glitches or technical issues.
The best part is that their IP addresses are virgin, so nobody has used them before.
My Private Proxy is arguably one of the best proxy companies when it comes to your PS4 activity online.
They can help you in both Europe and America and have unlimited bandwidth. Their proxy pricing is $1. 49 per proxy per month, and they say that their proxies have been built on top of some of the best hardware infrastructure out there.
This is why they are considered one of the most reliable proxy companies for your online gaming, which means that you will be benefiting from them for a long time to come.
Best for Budget: Instant Proxies
InstantProxies is one of the best places to get your private proxies for online gaming.
They say that they can provide their clients with cheap private proxies, that begin at just $1, which is almost unheard of in this industry. They even test out each and every one of their proxies before they send them out, to make sure that they are working.
We love that they have servers in various locations out there and come with unlimited bandwidth. They are compatible with PS4 and are pretty reliable when it comes to all of your proxy needs.
Buy Proxies is a great PS4 proxy server provider because they own the servers that they give out, which means that there’s absolutely no risk to your online gaming reputation when using them. They decide what’s done with their servers, and they decide who gets to use them.
We love that they have excellent reliability already with their existing clients, and they always make sure that your IP address won’t get leaked. They support many different locations around the world and have unlimited bandwidth.
Why Use Proxy Server PS4?
As soon as you take your PS4 gaming online, you will need to use a proxy. Why? Let’s talk about it.
Reduces Lag: One of the biggest upsides to playing offline games over online games is that you don’t need to deal with frustrating network lags that will make your user experience in general way worse. However, if you are going to take your gaming online, use a fast data center proxy to reduce lag which will ensure a smooth Geo-Targeted Games: There are some game websites out there that only make their games available in specific locations around the world. This means that if your country is not supported and you still want to play the game, then you will need to use a proxy to access cessing Restricted Game Sites: Some websites will just completely deny you access because you have been caught spamming, or because of your region. If you are trying to access a game online through work or at school, then you might come across some blockades. In order to unblock these websites, you’ll need to set up a proxy to Set Up a PS4 Proxy Server
Turn your PS4 console on and go to your ‘settings’. Find ‘network section’ and select ‘enter’.
Choose either ‘LAN cable’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ depending on what type of internet connection you’ve got.
Find ‘custom option’ and ensure that your DHCP hostname is set to ‘do not specify’.
Set both your Mtu and Domain Name System as automatic.
An option to add a proxy server should appear – select ‘use’.
You will be shown a screen where you can enter the port and IP of the proxy.
Select ‘next’ and your settings will be saved.
Our Review Process
When we review PS4 proxies like the ones on the list above, we make sure to do our homework. This is why we look at upwards of 86 PS4 proxy servers and read through at least 1450 customer reviews.
This gives us a really good idea of what’s worth your time out there, and what’s not. Make sure you stick to companies like the ones on the list above if you want a great experience with your PS4 gaming online.
Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions about ps4 proxy server address

How do I find my proxy server address on Ps4?

Setting up DNS ProxyNavigate to ‘Settings’Select ‘Network’Select ‘Setup Internet Connection’Select ‘Custom’Select ‘Use Wi-Fi’ or ‘Use a LAN cable’ depending on how you connect to the Internet.Select ‘Automatic’ for IP Address Settings.Select ‘Do Not Specify’ for DHCP Host Name.Select ‘Manual’ for DNS Settings.More items…

What is a good proxy server for Ps4?

2.1) Best of the Best: SSL Private Proxy.2.2) Second Best: High Proxies.2.3) Third Best: Blazing SEO Proxy.2.4) Fourth Best: Your Private Proxy.2.5) Fifth Best: Storm Proxies.2.6) Best for Convenience: My Private Proxy.2.7) Best for Budget: Instant Proxies.2.8) Best for Variety: Buy Proxies.

How do I find my proxy server address?

Errors & TroubleshootingIn the Windows search bar, type “Internet Options”.Select Internet Options from the results list.Click to open the Connections tab.Click the LAN settings button.Notice in the Proxy Server section: … The proxy server address and port in use for HTTP/HTTPS traffic will be displayed.

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