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[Solved] Rapidgator issues - JDownloader Community

[Solved] Rapidgator issues – JDownloader Community

13. 07. 2020, 18:00
Rapidgator issues
Rapidgator download reset from 0 after trying to resume, i’ve tried to set max chunks to 1 using 2 max simultaneous download to download from rapidgator using premium account.
it always occurs whenever i tried to resume download at any percent of download progress
here’s the log
13. 20 15. 54. 55 <--> 13. 20 22. 40 jdlog5112125302851/
Last edited by raztoki; 21. 2020 at 10:27.
13. 2020, 18:46
also everytime i set the download chunk to be larger then 1 (5 chunk), it comes back to 1 chunk for every file. i guess it makes the download to restart everytime i try to resume it?
14. 2020, 12:37
Community Manager
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Deutschland
Posts: 59, 285
So resume in premium mode is only working with 1 chunk?
__________________JD Supporter, Plugin Dev. & Community Manager
JDownloader 2 Setup Download
A users’ JD crashes and the first thing to ask is:
Originally Posted by Jiaz
Do you have Nero installed?
That’s true James
Originally Posted by James
Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist
14. 2020, 16:00
however, the premium resume appears to work now, but still only having chunks set to 1.
I guess it’s rapidgator server issue(? )
16. 2020, 18:38
Update on the following issue.
It appears that the issue has returned. Everytime i start the download it restarts the download from 0%.
Log file:
16. 20 23. 36. 20 <--> 16. 38. 12 jdlog8672125302851/
17. 2020, 11:12
Dies resume work fine via browser?
Do you use a proxy?
Looks like resume was declined by rapidgator or firewall/av scanner/proxy issue.
17. 2020, 15:33
Modem User
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 3
Since today I’m getting the following issue downloading via JD2 and via links directly at/from the rapidgator site:
{“error”:”Denied by IP”, “success”:false}
I’m getting the same on all my devices. So is this RG, JD2, me, my ip? How do I fix it?
17. 2020, 15:38
I will play nice!
Join Date: Aug 2019
Posts: 1
Rapidgator – Try restarting, plugin outdated
Hi guys I need some help.
I am getting from my rapidgator premium account the error try restarting, plugin outdated.
Have restarted, reinstalled program and premium account with still same problem. Also checked via browser and file available etc.
Any assistance greatly appreciated.
17. 2020, 17:16
Originally Posted by famitsu1
I’m getting the same on all my devices. So is this RG, JD2, me, my ip? How do I fix it?
I too, am getting the above response from RG… checked Firewall, Proxy settings etc and no change to them from yesterday – when everything behaved properly.
17. 2020, 18:05
English Supporter
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 17, 374
are you using your standard isp connection? or 3rd party proxy or vpn?
17. 2020, 18:14
standard isp connection
17. 2020, 18:27
re: {“error”:”Denied by IP”, “success”:false}
@isp connections/famitsu1 we recommend that you contact rapidgator support and ask why your ISP has been blocked. It might be a false positive on there end.
@others that use VPN/proxies, RG among others block some ip subnets from VPN providers, you will either need to find a subnet that works for you, or ask there support to unblock you.
18. 2020, 12:26
Baby Loader
Join Date: Jul 2020
Posts: 5
Having the exact same issues since yesterday.
18. 2020, 15:27
I have noticed a problem with Rapidgators ‘Check IP during authorization’ process, in that it incorrectly identifies my IP address (which is not behind a VPN) here in the UK.
Their Support have stated that it’s a problem with my ISP, however, checking my public IP address using 5 other different services produces an accurate result, i. e. My correct public IP address.
18. 2020, 23:30
Super Loader
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 26
Me too. Looks like an updated plugin is required for some reason.
I’ve performed all the usual tests to check availability, account status etc and all are good so it looks like a legitimate plugin issue.
19. 2020, 03:49
Ultra Loader
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 49
moin, dasselbe auch hier, allerdings in einer eher surrealen Variante: Isch ´abe gar keinen account. Trotzdem meckert JD:
und dieser thread erleichtert mich etwas, denn ein Eigenfehler wird unwahrscheinlicher…
Allerdings verwundert das StartDatum des threads – denn gestern (18. 7. ) abend so ca 20:00 gings hier noch 1A.
LOG: 19. 20 03. 17. 21 <--> 19. 35. 52 jdlog8033125302851/
rweil wurden die urls aus dem dlc extrahiert und werden bereits ‘pur & zu Fuß’ runtergeladen, kein Zeitproblem meinerseits also.
(english version will be tried to deliver on demand… )
ne schöne jrooß, sj_rolak
19. 2020, 14:12
I’m having the same issue for the past couple of days with Rapidgator so not sure what the issue is (based out of the UK).
I have tried to download directly from the rapidgator website (i. e outside of JDownloader) and I still receive the same error. Hence, it might not be a JD issue per se.
If anyone has figured it out, please share so we can pinpoint where the issue is.
19. 2020, 18:54
In free-mode the issue seems to be their lowering of the filesize-limit from 1GiB to 500MiB. The first three parts of the testbundle were above that limit.
19. 2020, 20:43
Hi all,
I got a response from Rapidgator. Apparently the issue relates to region ISP issues.
A bit is lost in translation I think but their response was;
“We made some changes (enabled possibility to download from different IP addresses) in your accounts settings, try to download again.
As we able to see it is a problem in your region with ISP, not with our service. ”
I can confirm that downloads now work perfectly via browser as well as in JD2.
I have a couple of accounts and I had to ask them to make the same change to both and so whatever gets reconfigured needs to seemingly be applied per-account and so isn’t likely a blanket IP -ban or anything like that.
I can’t say I understand what they might have changed but if your system isn’t working raise an issue\incident ticket and they will respond fairly quickly. Good luck!
19. 2020, 23:39
Works for me too now in the UK
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