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Learning To Appreciate Arachnids With Reddit’s “Spiderbro …

Spiders… even the word is unsettling for some of us. But the r/spiderbro community on Reddit is a place where you just might gain a new appreciation for arachnids — from the petite and unassuming, to the big and Notes: Ben’s camel spider story The cutest spider picture you’ve ever seen (seriously) The “spider grabber” that Amory bought for Ben Amory’s “Why don’t you die? ” story “Pretty sure a spider saved my life”Thanks to u/duke413 for letting us feature his piece, “Spider, pen on paper. ” You can see more of his work @duke4133 on pport the show:We love making Endless Thread, and we want to be able to keep making it far into the future. If you want that too, we would deeply appreciate your contribution to our work in any amount. Everyone who makes a monthly donation will get access to exclusive bonus content. Click here for the donation page. Thank you! Story continues belowSubscribe to the podcastRSSGoogle PodcastsStitcherTuneInSpotifyRadioPublicNPR OneContact Us:We want to hear from you! Tell us about your reaction to this episode or send us a story idea. There are a few ways to reach us: Post or comment in the official Endless Thread subreddit Send us a direct message on Reddit. Our username is endless_thread Email us at Leave us a voicemail at 857-244-0338
Spiders cover bushland in Australia's Victoria in webs. Watch

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Spiders cover bushland in Australia’s Victoria in webs. Watch

Many took to social media to share images and videos of the spider webs in Australia’s Victoria.
The image shows a region covered in spider web in Australia. (Reddit)
Published on Jun 17, 2021 03:00 PM IST
If you’re an arachnophobe and the eight-legged creatures make your skin crawl, then this is a story you don’t want to know. This is a story of how an Australian region is draped in spider webs following days of heavy waterlogging in the caused by torrential downpour in Australia’s Victoria caused humans to flee to safety. It did the same for the spiders too. That resulted in an area of the region to be covered in a blanket of thick took to social media to share images and videos of the webs. And they aren’t for anyone afraid of the is a video shared by ANI on Twitter. “Massive spider web blankets Australia’s bushland after heavy rains in the region. Visuals from Gippsland, Victoria, ” they wrote while sharing the a look at the video:
Take a look at the images shared on Reddit:
Check out some more pictures shared by an Instagram user:
“This is a surprisingly common phenomenon after floods. When we get these types of very heavy rains and flooding, these animals who spend their lives cryptically on the ground can’t live there anymore, and do exactly what we try to do — they move to the higher ground, ” Professor Dieter Hochuli, an ecologist from the University of Sydney told CNN affiliate 7News. He added that the spiders responsible for the beautiful yet scary webs are sheet web spiders that generally live on operations are underway in the flood-hit areas of Australia.
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If You Live in These States, Watch Out for the Huntsman Spider

If You Live in These States, Watch Out for the Huntsman Spider

While not native to the U. S., this spider can be found in certain parts of the country.
Spiders come in all shapes and sizes, and even the smallest of these creepy crawlers can give us quite a fright. According to Prevention, the most common spiders you might happen upon in the U. S. include the American house spider, wolf spider, and daddy longlegs. Fortunately, most of the typical arachnids you’re likely to discover in your home are not only small but also not harmful to humans. Depending on where you live in the country, however, you may still get scared to death by coming face to face with the world’s largest spider: the huntsman spider.
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The huntsman spider is big and brown, with a leg span that can grow to 12 inches, making it the world’s largest spider by diameter, according to Live Science. In fact, this spider has often been described as being “the size of a dinner plate, ” per the science news outlet.
Due to its color and size, this spider is sometimes mistaken for a brown recluse or a tarantula, but the telltale sign of a huntsman spider is the position of its lengthy legs. While most spiders’ legs bend vertically under the body, “huntsman spiders usually have legs that are splayed out to the sides, crablike, ” Christy Bills, an entomologist and the entomology collections manager at the Natural History Museum of Utah, told Live Science.
According to Bills, “colors and patterns vary” for huntsman spiders, although their legs are usually gray or brown with bands. “They can often be quite large and very quick, ” she adds, noting that this spider has the ability to move up to a yard in just a second.
The huntsman spider is also so big and scary that it does not need to “build webs to catch prey, ” Bills said. Instead, it hunts its prey down, as its name suggests. And despite this spider not actually being venomous to humans, it will deliver a painful bite when it feels the need to defend itself, which can cause swelling, headache, and possibly nausea, per Orkin, an expert pest control company.
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According to the Texas Invasive Species Institute, huntsman spiders have a sensitivity to cold that makes them prefer warmer climates, so this spider may be found hidden in houses, barns, or greenhouses when the weather gets colder. The flattened body of a huntsman spider also allows it to squeeze into “surprisingly small cracks and crevices, ” according to Orkin, which makes it that much easier for it to sneak into your home.
This spider is native to Asia, but was likely transported to the U. through banana shipments from Central America, according to the institute. Read on to find out which states the huntsman spider has been found in, along with some notable sightings.
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ShutterstockIn 2019, a Reddit user posted a photo of a spider on the ceiling of a home in Mobile, Alabama, which other users determined to be a huntsman spider.
ShutterstockA Reddit user posted photo of a Golden huntsman spider found climbing up a driver’s leg in Joshua Tree, California, in 2016.
iStockMyBackyardBirding, a YouTube channel with more than 132, 000 subscribers, posted a video of a large spider in Florida in 2015, with a Florida Department of Agriculture expert confirming it to be an invasive huntsman spider.
ShutterstockThe huntsman spider is common in Georgia, according to Drive Bye Exterminators, an exterminator company that removes this spider in Georgia and Florida.
ShutterstockA Reddit user in Louisiana posted a video of a huntsman spider leaping out of their mailbox in 2020.
ShutterstockMississippi Bug Blues, an educational outreach program of the Mississippi Entomological Museum, posted a photo of a huntsman spider from the state in 2020.
ShutterstockIn 2015, a Reddit user shared a photo of a huntsman spider his wife had found in their bathroom in Houston, Texas.
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