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See the other productsAGRICOW Srl
The AGRICOW scraper unit equipment with steel rope traction is the most practical and effective solution for the hygiene and cleanliness of your stable.
-taylor-made construction
-suitable for one lane or 2 lanes
The scraper unit equipment with steel rope traction is the most practical and effective solution for the hygiene and cleanliness of your stable.
robotic manure scraper
Raclo Concept
Raclo Concept,
the robot scraper par excellence
The “Raclo Concept” robot scraper gives…
manure robot
Width: 966 mm… axis. This means even the narrowest manure alleys and cross-paths can be thoroughly cleaned. One major advantage of the JOZ-Tech is that the floor is completely free from obstacles such as guide beams, slurry…
Width: 155, 185 cm… wide manure alleys..
What’s clever about the Barn-E’s design is that it doesn’t simply push manure but picks it up. The manure is collected with a scraper beam, then…
A clean floor is a basic requirement for the well-being of the animals. It prevents hoof problems and keeps udders and tails clean. In addition, the cows behave more naturally, aiding in improved…
120… revolutionary manure robot for dense barn floors
A cleaner floor results in cleaner hooves
The Discovery Collector is specifically designed for barns with solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when…
See the other productsLely
You’ll like the ENRO manure robot – its flat design, its heavy weight and its safety! The ease of use and the simple programming will inspire you. If hygiene and hoof health in the dairy cattle shed are important to you,…
PriBot 100
Width: 1, 200 mm
The PriBot 100 is an advanced, self-moving dunging scraper and is mainly suitable for cleaning slatted floors. The dung removal system consists of a robot, a remote control and charging station. The driving way as well…
Complete safety for the animals, is always at the forefront and it can be ensured by the electronic management system Trusted System, which is totally automated and active during every operation step.
The electronic control unit includes…
Pro-ROB® 2020
The self-propelled manure scraper for clean slatted floors in the stable. The manure cleaning robot Pro-ROB® 2020 features an impressive compact design. This makes it very agile, even…
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Robot Scraper: JT200 EVO - Cookstown Dairy Services

Robot Scraper: JT200 EVO – Cookstown Dairy Services

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The animal-friendly, noiseless JOZ-Tech system scrapes the manure alleys spotlessly clean, even into the smallest of corners, at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, even between the cows and in extreme conditions, the JOZ-Tech is very reliable. The system can handle large areas, without a problem. The JOZ-Tech is highly manoeuvrable and can rotate around its own axis. This means even the narrowest manure alleys and cross-paths can be thoroughly cleaned. One major advantage of the JOZ-Tech is that the floor is completely free from obstacles such as guide beams, slurry scrapers, corner blocks or chains. Thanks to the unique operating system, the JOZ-Tech leaves no manure residues at the end of the manure alley.
Key Features and Benefits:
Cow friendly
Smart scraping: Choose which times you clean which areas
No restriction of alley width – Max scraper width of 2. 1m
Cross feed passages
Internet connected – View detail and manage through log in portal
Scrape collection yards
Scraper lift device and spray available
Scraping Robot | Quality Web Scraping | Try Our API Today

Scraping Robot | Quality Web Scraping | Try Our API Today

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“caption”: “Pay attention Lovely people, because you are watching the Magic of a modern Buddha. But not only a Buddha, a Master. So logical, so articulated, that even Gautam The Buddha would rejoice in such poetry that comes out of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s mouth. If you didn’t learn anything from a Buddha throughout your life, you have wasted your life. So I implore you, pay attention to whatsoever a Buddha has to say, because he or she is going to raise your awareness exponentially. \nNothing is the same after an encounter with a Buddha. Nothing. You might not know what brought you to him, you might think that you are close to him for an entirely different reason than the real one. And the real one is that you didn’t stand a chance, he called you and you came, because that’s how it works. Your entire being had been craving for Truth and when the Master made himself available, you came to drink from him, to rejoice in him, to absorb all that he has to give you, and trust me, he has the whole Universe to offer to you, you just have to drop yourself and let your guard down. Then, Existence will swallow you and you will realize Eternity this very moment. \nLook how beautiful Jiddu was. I would had hugged him, kissed his feet, the he would had kissed mine, and after this protocolary nonsense, we would had laughed and stayed in silence looking at our kids in shock. You want to hear the punchline? Neither Krishnamurti, neither Papa Bear and neither anyone or anything else, exist. \nThis is the joke of jokes. Only a Buddha will understand these words. YET I AM HERE… \nAES DHAMMO SANANTANO. \n#Krishnamurti #KrishnamurtiBJWT\n#PapaBearChronicles \[email protected]”,
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“title”: “Cielo pushing her dad into the Pool… “,
“caption”: “Yesterday, you saw how The Empress pushed Ma-Tzu into the pool. But before, it was my chance. Pardon my underwear… “,
“commentsCount”: 349,
“dimensionsHeight”: 1138,
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“videoDuration”: 97. 3,
“videoViewCount”: 314348},
“shortCode”: “CI_dZsbAbm3”,
“title”: “The Mighty Chiquitin’s Last Visit To His Garden… “,
“caption”: “We came from nothingness and back into nothingness we will go… \nAES DHAMMO SANANTANO #TheMightyChiquitin”,
“commentsCount”: 4600,
“likesCount”: 56805,
“videoDuration”: 1119. 6,
“videoViewCount”: 465483},
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“title”: “Part 1 of 3: LAST NIGHT:)”,
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“commentsCount”: 117,
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“title”: “ARRIBA ARGENTINA:)”,
“caption”: “Para uno de los países que más quiero y para mi equipo favorito de Fútbol, aquí les ofrezco un tributo de Corazon: Baby Argentina y Baby Mafaldita. Mafaldita obviamente es la respondona y mal portada. Por si no lo saben, #BabyMaradonaBJWT existe desde hace casi dos años. Quino y Mafalda siempre han sido parte de mi vida, es más, todas mis Tortugas se han llamado Burocracia cómo la de Mafalda. Quise buscar la remera de la Albi (La azul y blanca) pero no la encontré, y la que usé en el Mundial hace unos años tampoco la encuentro, pero aún así les mando todo mi cariño, y que se preparen Bilardo, Ruggeri, Caniggia y Batistuta, por que en cuanto tenga unos Leones hermosos voy a tener a mi propia cuadra Albiceleste jugando Fútbol aquí mismo. Van a ver, se los prometo. Les mando todo mi cariño y respeto a absolutamente todos los Argentinos, desde el más pobre hasta el más rico. Hombres y mujeres. Argentina es una y es gigante. Espero regresarles un poquito de la felicidad que se nos fue con la partida del diez de dieces y del Maestro Quino en este durísimo año. ARRIBA ARGENTINA. ARRIBA LA ALBI Y ARRIBA QUINO. Los quiero mis hermanos. \n#BabyArgentinaBJWT #BabyMafalditaBJWT #Quino #Argentina #papabearchronicles apaBearChronicles”,
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“caption”: “Thank you @fabifabulous17:)”,
“commentsCount”: 327,
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“title”: “Mexicanos Al Grito De Guerra… “,
“caption”: “A ayudar hermanos. Es ahora o nunca. Este video lo hizo mi amigo @reideralex pero es cuestión de que todos apoyemos. Cuando uno no tiene nada, un peso es una fortuna. Ayuden. Ayuden… \n\n#Repost @reideralex\n・・・\nQue no nos enteremos, no quiere decir que no esté pasando. \n\nGracias @cadena_ong @agregamx y todos los que han estado pendientes, en especial a mi amigo @blackjaguarwhitetiger por ayudar a visibilizar la situación de las comunidades indigenas en el sureste del país. \n\nCómo sea y cómo puedan, pero ayuden. \n\n,
“commentsCount”: 5,
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“title”: “FB Memories From 8 Years Ago… “,
“caption”: “Since it’s Friday, and it was brought up today by FB, I’m sharing with you a birthday party that I threw for my then best friend Mohamed Hadid, father of Gigi and Bella. We are not friends anymore, but I will always cherish our time together. I asked my friend Pia @thecultcollectivegroup to throw the most incredible party for Mohamed in my house in LA. Around 400 people arrived and we had an amazing night. By the way, that track that you hear was a remix made by Parlange aka The Piglet and by Papa Bear. As you know, Sacred Music is a trascendental part of me. I see Ambercita here, Ezna, Pavel @pavelkrapivin Daniel @dgh1 and tons of incredible friends that I haven’t seen since Cielo destroyed my previous life. Isn’t it funny, now that you’ve seen this vid, how stupid people say that I opened the Foundation to become rich and famous? I’ve given all that I am and have to my kids. I went back to Mexico City to pick up crap and fight people all day long. Why? Because if I don’t fight for my Planet that has given us all, then who? I’m not saying that you don’t do it, but everyone has to do their part. For the first time ever, this is the House that Cielo destroyed and rebuilt in Mexico. Enjoy. This is why when Papa Bear tells you something you can carve it in stone. If I wanted to, I’d quit the Foundation and start making money again. As simple as this. These 7 years have been my Sacrifice (Sacred-Office) to try, just try, to return one little thing to Our Mother that has Blessed us all with life, food, companionship and Love. This is why I always say that the only way to thank you for your support is through my job. Do you think that I really get impressed by celebrities? I get impressed by how Humane is a person, not by how famous they are. I am Eduardo Serio (Until I change my last name) and I will leave this Planet empty handed. I am nothing else. Last but not least, when the lights were turned off, I worked on my blog Check it out if you want to understand me, that’s PB writing to his Beloved people in their search of Enlightenment… \n#PapaBearChronicles #TheHouseThatCieloBuilt”,
“commentsCount”: 80,
“likesCount”: 2482,
“videoDuration”: 273. 333,
“videoViewCount”: 46692}],
“postsCount”: 26481,
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“type”: “Image”,
“shortCode”: “CMQAwVOjYUt”,
“caption”: “ACTIVE LINK TO DONATE ON OUR BIO:)\n\nIn these pandemic times, 5 dollars might not be a Life or Death situation for you, but it is for us. \nIf you are able to donate, please do so as this pandemic year has really hurt us. Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts and all our Blessings… \n,
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“dimensionsHeight”: 674,
“id”: “2526522712282465581”,
“alt”: “Photo by Black Jaguar-White Tiger on March 10, 2021. May be an image of text that says ‘If you can donate to us during these hard times, it would be incredibly appreciated. If not, please stay safe and enjoy our posts and Live broadcasts. ‘. “,
“likesCount”: 687,
“timestamp”: “2021-03-10T19:36:39. 000Z”,
“locationName”: null,
“locationId”: null,
“ownerUsername”: “blackjaguarwhitetiger”,
“ownerId”: “223049889”},
“shortCode”: “CMPzaoWj4-y”,
“caption”: “The Queen sleeps at Peace while The King makes sure that everything is ok. This is the Lion way… \n#503 #LovesPrideBJWT”,
“hashtags”: [
“commentsCount”: 52,
“dimensionsHeight”: 750,
“dimensionsWidth”: 750,
“videoUrl”: “,
“id”: “2526464046384779186”,
“alt”: null,
“likesCount”: 3692,
“videoViewCount”: 12187,
“timestamp”: “2021-03-10T17:40:40. 000Z”,
“ownerId”: “223049889”,
“productType”: “feed”},
“shortCode”: “CMPpVQQj2tY”,
“caption”: “:)”,
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“caption”: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream and invites audiences to participate in a live online performance – a shared experience between remote audience members & actors using motion capture technology. More info & tickets OR Get a hold of tickets at \n. \n\[email protected]\n\n#DreamOnline21\n\nIn collaboration with:\n\[email protected]_orchestra \n\[email protected] \n\[email protected]\n\[email protected] \n\n#virtualproduction\n\n#unrealengine”,
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“caption”: “WOW\nBy @zookeeper_dan\nBuilt tough out in this country – this Yellow-spotted monitor was a beast of a lizard to come across driving back into Windorah, Qld. “,
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“caption”: “There is a beautiful line that I heard from Tony Soprano that said that “Even a broken watch gives the correct time twice a day”. That quote really hit me because no one is so wrong as we think they are. There is Truth hiding inside all of us. Some have hidden it so much that you would have to drill very deep to find it. Unless you have X-ray vision like a Buddha, then you can see Truth instead of seeing the person. The word person means mask, it comes from the word persona, so your personality is fake. “The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you. ” Jesus says. “The Tao that can be described is not the Tao” Lao Tzu says. All of you know perfectly well what I’m talking about, but for you to accept it, you would have to accept the fact that YOU DO NOT EXIST. My brother Mauricio Ahued came to my Heart right now as I was writing these words; Since I have accepted that I am no more, when PB writes, he is in Silence and words just come to him. PB has no clue about what he is going to write, he writes and narrates stories, that is his Mission in this life. To tell Stories, to describe, as impecable as possible, whatsoever The Spirit whispers in his Heart. Mauricio is about to understand Truth, he is very close, he is very defensive in his life but he is full of Love. I have never met him in person, not with this body, but I know my people when I encounter them. Bodies are many, Truth is one. From Khalil Gibran to Tony Soprano. What a paradox. One question: Wasn’t Jesus accused of spending his time with prostitutes and gamblers? Why else would he come to #PlanetStupid if not to bring light into those who needed it? Do you think that Jesus would had had to explain to Gautam Buddha to Osho or to Krishnamurti the parable of the lost Sheep? He knew better, words are for those that can’t understand Silence, the language of the Divine. Mauricio is very intelligent but he needs to shut up. Internally I mean. He needs to be careful of the thoughts and just observe them. No positive or negative thoughts. He needs to just observe them. He needs to save his Energy for three days and be impeccable with his feelings. If he does that, he will be reborn. \n#503 #PapaBearChronicles”,
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“alt”: “Photo by Black Jaguar-White Tiger on March 10, 2021. May be an image of text that says ‘Every man is two men; one is awake in the darkness, the other asleep in the light. -Kahlil Gibran’. “,
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“caption”: “Dogs VS Cats… \nDate: February 8, 2015\n#TheMightyChiquitin #BabyBeverLyBJWT #LabaiForever #BallsyBJWT @bjwtintime”,
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“caption”: “Brother Rumi in all of his Glory. \nWords like the ones that came out from Brother Rumi’s mouth do not originate in the mind. If that was the case, everybody could talk like Rumi. And don’t get me wrong, everybody is able to realize what Rumi is trying to convey, but for that, you would have to transcend the mind. These words that Rumi is saying to you are what in Christianism is known as The Divine Verb. So pay attention to them because it is God talking through him. Read those words with your Heart, close your eyes, and realize that you are one with the whole. Only then, will you get know the real Rumi… \n#Rumi #BrotherRumi #PapaBearChronicles”,
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“caption”: ““Water is Life, Papa… ”\n— Achilles:)\n#ThinkBlue #AchillesBJWT #ThinkBlue”,
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