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One of Kobe Bryant’s most recognizable sneakers ever will be getting a re-release this Christmas, with the return of the Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” for the festive season.
Originally released for Christmas 2010, Kobe Bryant’s iconic green Grinch sneaker has served as inspiration for a slew of colorways and customs over the years, and has earned itself legend status amongst sneakerheads and Kobe fans alike. Now, about to embark on its 10th anniversary, the silhouette is said to be returning in early 2021, but one would suspect that a Christmas release in 2020 might be better suited.
A first look at the 2021 reissue of the Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” has arrived courtesy of @dj_sneakerhead. The sample collector has flexed a bevy of beauty shots of a 2021 sample pair on the gram, showing a predicted one-for-one reissue.
Take a look at the 10th-anniversary release here below, and keep your eyes locked on our official Twitter account for further developments on its impending release. In related news, the Nike Kobe 6 “Del Sol” will also return in 2021.
Update 11. 24. 20 // A release date for the Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” has been confirmed for December 24th, 2020, with the below retailers expected to drop pairs from 10 am on the day for $180.
Style Code: CW2190-300
Color: Green Apple/Volt/Crimson/Black
Release Date: December 24th, 2020
Price: $180
Where to Buy:
@ 10 am ET
Dick’s @ 10 am ET
Shop Nice Kicks @ 10 am ET
Foot Locker @ 10 am ET
Shoe Palace @ 10 am ET
Sneaker Politics Raffle
SNS App Raffle
Shiekh App Raffle
Eastbay Check Site
Finish Line Check Site
JD Sport Check Site
Stadium Goods
In-Hand Looks //
Where To Buy Store Lists for Sneakers |

Where To Buy Store Lists for Sneakers |

Welcome to the Sneaker News Where To Buy Store Lists. These comprehensive lists are useful guides to help you purchase some of the most sought after sneakers as well as key releases. Some of these sneaker releases will be hard to buy as you’ll have to enter raffles (in-store or online). Other releases may be readily available.
In general, sneaker releases launch at 10:00 AM EST at Nike US and most retail partners.

Here is a list of online stores we recommend: Nikestore, adidas, Finish Line, JD Sports, Foot Locker, Eastbay, Footaction, SSENSE, LUISAVIAROMA, Stadium Goods (after market) and eBay (after market).
Make sure to follow @kicksfinder on twitter for up to the minute links on where to buy starting at 9:45am ET most mornings.
15 Reviews of | Sitejabber

15 Reviews of | Sitejabber

How would you rate ShoePalace?
Top Positive Review
“Great place to shop”
I read a few negative reviews before ordering from shoe palace but I typically don’t let “few” bad experiences keep me from getting what I want so I took the chance. I ordered a new pair of timberlands from them and the entire experience was perfect. From ordering to receiving the product, I had no issues. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future.
Thank you Shoe Palace for a great product and experience…
See positive reviews
Top Critical Review
“Don’t buy from here”
King S.
I have spent the last eight weeks begging for return labels from this company because they erroneously sold me two left shoes today I finally give up and I will throw the shoes away because I have not received responses from the manager after he promised to send me the labels three times do not waste your time or money by buying shoes from here I am out of money after buying a brand new pair of Nikes
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Reviews (16)
Thank you
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My order took 2. 5 months to get to me I emailed them and was told my sneakers “could not be fulfilled in the first shipment due to the item or items being on a possible back order. ” when the website could’ve have not let me make the purchase in the first place and just said that it wasn’t in stock.
I went to the one at the Tucson Mall and was greeted by the associate by the name of “Alan”. He was very nice and patient with helping me and my three children find what they liked and wanted on their feet. Thanks Alan. Will be returning in 3 to 4 months for same care. -loyal customer
Ordered a pair of New Balance 547’s and two pairs of socks (which were BOGO) last week before checking the reviews online of the site; my mistake that I now recognize. I was obviously very skeptical and worried that I just wasted $100 after seeing the difficulties people have previously had with the customer service. Since I ordered on a Saturday, it wasn’t until Monday when I received the tracking number on my package. I then received my package on Friday, as expected, happy with what I had received. Thank you Shoe Palace! And for potential buyers reading this review, please don’t let the other reviews deter you, I hope you have as good of an experience that I had.
I’ve never bought from this store but started receiving daily spam emails suddenly. Basically, this business functions under the same model as Chinese counterfeit shoe selling websites. You should never trust a business that spam emails non-customers.
Lawrence from SF SHOE PALACE is very rude & racist towards African Americans. He’s not friendly at all I’m not sure how he’s able to be a manager treating people unfairly. He’s not respectful at all. He definitely plays favorites against staff that’s not black. He have no respect for customers or employees with the way he treats them. He don’t like black people at all. He swears at his employees when talking to them. He should not be working there at all because BLM “NO ONE SHOULD GET TREATED DIFFERENTLY BECAUSE OF THE SKIN TONE “it’s not ok. He have poor customer service. I will never shop there again because of him.
I placed an order and paid in full for said order, online, on July 17, 2020. On Trac, the party contracted with Shoe Palace to make deliveries loses the package. On Trac sends a message to Shoe Palace telling them they lost the package. I email Shoe Palace telling them On Trac Lost the package, with a copy of the email I received from On Trac stating they lost the package.
Shoe Palace’s response: “Sorry you didn’t recieve your order. We will complete a claim with On Trac for you. ”
For me? According to On Trac there is no claim to be filed. They are going to reimburse Shoe Palace. But guess what… Shoe Palace will not issue me a refund, respond to an email or even answer a phone call.
Who loses? Me! $250! WTF Shoe Palace?
Ordered some shoes online and they sent me the wrong color, size, and gender type shoes. It took me over 10 calls until someone picked up. The person kept encouraging me to fill out a return and exchange form thinking I was trying to do a gift exchange after I had explained many times that I wanted a return shipping label so I could send the shoes back and receive the correct size and color. Finally they got the memo after repeatedly explaining the situation. I finally received a return label but it took so long for the package to ship back to the facility. After getting a notice from UPS that it was returned, I tried calling customer service many times in a row for over two days and still no one answer the phone. Literally so fed up with them! I only wanted to get the correct shoes sent to me and its been over two to three weeks. It shouldn’t have taken this long at all and now I’ve wasted my hard earn money because apparently this shoe business loves to steal from their customers.
Horrible experience. My shoes never arrived and shoe palace doesnt want to take responsibility, they keep on giving me the run around. Also, their customer service lacks professionalism. Im not sure who is worst, if the managers or the customer service agents. If you want to avoid a headache do yourself a favor and go buy somewhere else.
Everytime we go they dont never have her shoe size you only have 14 days to get a full refund and to day we going in there to use her gift card and the servicer are down its always something with them i hate that store once she do spend her gift card i will never shop there again i dont care if they are the only show store in the world
Where do I start, I ordered a pair of shoes last weekend and turned out they sent me the wrong ones. Then told me I could not take them to their shop as I would be provided with store credit even though it was their mistake. I was then told to order the shoes I order initially again. Hesitant to do so I did in the end because the so called customer service was terrible and got absolutely no where. Now I am a week in to the new order and still have not received any type of acknowledgment from them. Subsequently I have requested another refund. All in all took a couple of weeks and lost funds to end up absolutely no where with no shoes. F this company and what they are about, do not let them profit from you.
I walked into the Shoe Palace at new park mall a few days ago and inquired about the Jordan 1 Fearless that were in the window. An employee said all we have is that size 14, then in the same breath said I have 2 pair at home in your size sell you one for $240. I was like WTF! I calmly declined her $80 mark up walked out and called another store to have the district mgr call me back. Shortly there after i got a call. I explained what had happened he informed me that he would check the video at the store and get back to me. The next morning he called saying there was egnough on the tape to back up what i said that he would make sure it was handled. HERES THE KICKER! I shot him a text asking to purchase the fearless at retail. NO REPLY! Next day i get a call from another DM telling me he would have them shipped to the store by Friday for me to buy at 100% retail of $160 plus tax. No apologies, no discount not even a bottle of cleaner. What happened to customer service? Now tomorrows friday so i have yet to buy the shoes. I will post an update tomorrow if and or when the shoes arrive. This is not a reflection of the store in general just sharing my personal experience with their upper management 1 sales person. So far theyre customer service skills are non existent. Lets see what happens tomorrow
Stay away from these guys. I accidentally placed an order clicked on wrong size. Called customer care immediately still they took $15 cancellation charges. Stay away from these guys! Spread the word to other innocent shoppers
I ordered my shoes Aug 3rd online. In the middle of the night I received a text from credit card if charge was okay, since it was charged overseas somewhere. Shoes cost $45 plus $10 shipping, and then some extra due to exchange rate, which wound up to be $61. 53. I should have texted back no, but I really needed my shoes bad. Received an e-mail that my order was pending/processing. I never received a tracking no. My e-mail inquiry came back as undeliverable. I left a couple of messages on the phone, no one called me back. Never heard from them again, and after I had looked at all the complaints, I wished I thought about checking that out first. Called credit card and filed a dispute since I had a feeling there were no shoes coming. Week after that, a package was in my mail box, had something wrapped with material that looked like trash bag plastic. It came from China. I opened it, and shoes were supposed to be New Balance 8 extra wide, white, but there were some very poor quality Nike shoes that were at least 1 1/2 inch too short in length and 1 inch too narrow in width, and were black and colored. So I had to return them. Finally, found a form on Shoe Palace website in Morgan Hill, CA, and I filled it out. Per Credit Card instruction, I shipped the shoes with a tracking #, which cost me $12. So a week after that, I received a call from one of their employees, who said the shoes were not their product, and she’ll send them back to me. I told her not to send them back here, because I am not going to spend $20-$30 mailing them back to China, since I already had spent $61 plus $12 so far and had no shoes. The employee insisted on shipping them back to me, and repeatedly I told her no, and she insisted she’d send them back to me. So it looks like they have a third party vendor in China, which I didn’t know how that worked, and all the expenses would be on me, and no shoes. So I called my credit card and told them about my experience, and they took the charge off. They were going to get me fill out some paper work after my second complaint, and I didn’t get any paper work, so I checked on it. They said they’ll give me credit, which I found wonderful. I wound up ordering a pair of shoes from Zappos, and they were in my hands after two days. Should have done that in the first place, but thought I was getting a deal. It was a deal alright, spent $73 and had no shoes. It was 16 days ago that one of their employees called me, so far, 16 days later she didn’t send the shoes back, and I don’t want them back. As a matter of fact, I will never ever deal with the Shoe Palace again. The good reviews on this site must be some of their employees. My experience was as sour as a lemon and very upsetting to me.
While ordering a pair of shoes I had a complication with their site stating that my card was “declined”. I tried entering my information again as the site suggested, it lead me back to the same thing so I stopped. I checked my orders and it said that I ended up ordering two of the same items in two separate transactions. Which I did not according to their site since my card was “declined”. I kindly emailed them asking them to cancel one of my orders. They did end up canceling it and leaving one, which is what I wanted. Two days later I checked on my orders they were both “closed”. I called their $#*! ty custom service no one answered. It’s ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that they can’t follow simple instructions and not to mention them trying to scam me outta 30 dollars. SMH!
Q&A (1)
Darn near impossible. They may reply once to an email, but if you follow up, they don’t respond.
Typical questions asked:
How long does shipping take?
What is the return policy?
Where is the company located?
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Frequently Asked Questions about shoe palace release calendar

What time does Shoe Palace release Kobe Grinch?

Update 11.24.20 // A release date for the Nike Kobe 6 “Grinch” has been confirmed for December 24th, 2020, with the below retailers expected to drop pairs from 10 am on the day for $180.Dec 23, 2020

How do I get shoes on release date?

In general, sneaker releases launch at 10:00 AM EST at Nike US and most retail partners. Here is a list of online stores we recommend: Nikestore, adidas, Finish Line, JD Sports, Foot Locker, Eastbay, Footaction, SSENSE, LUISAVIAROMA, Stadium Goods (after market) and eBay (after market).

What time do shoes get released?

ShoePalace has a consumer rating of 1.6 stars from 15 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about ShoePalace most frequently mention customer service problems.

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