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With brands jumping on the hype wave and the rise of sneaker resale you have a better chance of catching a cold than a W on Off Whites, Yeezys, etc… Luckily, many sneaker boutiques & retailers have begun to level the playing field by developing integrated raffles into their mobile apps for both in-store and online releases. To make your life easier, we put together a list of the top 10 sneaker apps for entering raffles on the go. We will always post the latest sneaker raffles and releases on Sole Retriever and our Twitter so be sure to keep it locked for the best chances of winning. The #1 Best Overall Sneaker Raffle App1. Sole Retriever MobileSole Retriever Mobile is every sneakerhead’s ultimate one-stop-shop for all things sneaker raffles, releases, news and more. Receive real-time notifications for every sneaker raffle, stay in-the-know with all of the latest releases and news, quickly enter raffles with advanced autofill, and much more. Download the app (available on iOS and Android), create an account, and join the waitlist. We’ll notify you when your access has been granted. Prepare for an experience like no other with this groundbreaking new mobile eaker Raffle Apps That Offer Worldwide Shipping 2. SNSNo surprise that Sneakersnstuff tops the list of must-download sneaker apps. SNS is usually one of the first shops to load raffles for limited kicks. They also tend to be generous when it comes to the amount of time they keep raffles open. Just because the raffles are open longer than most does not mean you should wait till the last minute to enter! Our favorite thing about the SNS app is that it’s solely dedicated to their limited launches and raffles. This results in a stellar user experience that gives users the ability to enter raffles from anywhere. They also offer worldwide shipping. The only drawback of SNS’s raffle entry system is that it REQUIRES you to download the app to participate in raffles. That’s right, no desktop entries, so be sure to download today. Full list of pros and cons in our SNS Raffle Review. 3. END. While END does not have a dedicated app for raffles, they do make it easy to enter within their app. END holds raffles for most coveted sneakers, and they tend to get them up early. Another huge plus is that END offers worldwide shipping. A couple things to be aware of… END does not always follow retail for their sneaker launches. There have been cases where the price of their launch items are cheaper than retail and other times where prices are $20-$30 over retail. They pre-charge you the price of the shoe so make sure to double-check pricing prior to entering. Looking for more info on END’s raffle? Check out our End. Raffle Review. 4. SVDIn an effort to combat bots, Spanish retailer, Sivasdescalzo, launched their raffles and launches app. Designed with REAL users in mind, the app allows its customers to enter raffles for the hottest kicks at the push of a button. To take part in SVD raffles, you must download the SVD app and signup for an account. Each time you enter a raffle you must include your ID, Driving License, or Passport number (to prevent multiple entries per customer). Sivas offers worldwide shipping and does not pre-authorize your card for entering raffles. If you enter you’ll get an alert giving you 12 hours to purchase. No risk, all reward. Check out our detailed write up on the SVD app. 5. Nike SNKRS or SNEAKRSIf you’re a sneakerhead, you’re probably familiar with Nike’s limited release app. What app you use depends on where you live for the UK & EU SNEAKRS & for US users it is SNKRS. Both apps function the same and Nike uses a few different mechanics for their releases: LEO – the most common method and the one which Nike most frequently chooses to utilize when releasing products via SNKRS. When release time hits, refresh the page, enter your details, and submit your entry. You will see a “pending screen. ” During this time, Nike is filtering through the accounts which have entered and selecting the lucky winners, those who are able to successfully checkout the sneaker. Although this release type isn’t necessarily “first come, first served”, it’s in your best interest to submit your entry as quickly as possible. DAN – for Nike’s most limited releases, they typically make use of the DAN release method. When a sneaker is released via DAN, Nike gives you between 10-30 minutes, depending on the release, to enter your account(s). This method is simply a raffle. Nike will send you a notification following the release, alerting you of whether or not your entry was successful. FLOW – releases are first come, first served. The fastest users are rewarded with the opportunity to purchase the sneaker. The faster you get to the product page and checkout, the better your odds. 6. FootpatrolLondon based fashion boutique, Footpatrol, announced their sneaker raffle release system in December 2018. The app is not required to enter their draws, but you will need to create an account to participate. Footpatrol is known for doing FLASH raffles that last only a few hours so be sure to enter quick. They offer worldwide shipping, and you’re not charged until you win the raffle and checkout via the unique link they send eaker Raffle Apps For In-Store Reservations7. Finish LineTo cut down on lineups, Finish Line has moved to mobile reservations. To enter: download the Finish Line app, create an account or log in, then head over to the releases tab to enter a “ticket” for your sneaker of choice and preferred pickup location. Choose carefully, you only get to select 1 location. When the raffle is over, you will be notified via email and push notification (if enabled). Finally, you’ll need to “peel to reveal” your W or L in the app. 8. Footlocker, Footaction, and Champs The “footsites” are mobile entry only. To enter raffles for Footlocker, Footaction, & Champs you must download each app. All three stores require an account so be sure to sign in or create one. Footsite raffles have a unique component where you earn “headstarts” or points that increase your likelihood of being selected on release day (more on that here). If chosen, you’ll receive a notification via email. If your sneakers are not picked up before 3 PM on release day, your reservation will be forfeited and they will sell on a FCFS basis. 9. AdidasAdidas recently pivoted from their clunky Confirmed app to a new, sleek app self-titled, “Adidas. ” So much for Adidas being original… With the Adidas app you can reserve Pharrell NMD’s to Yeezys for pickup at their Flagship locations in NYC & Chicago. Occasionally, the Adidas app holds raffles for products that ship anywhere in the US. 10. Hibbett | City GearIn 2018, Hibbett acquired City Gear and, in an effort to reinvent themselves, recently adopted the mobile reservation model. Like all apps, you will need to create an account or log in to enter raffles. Hibbett does a good job of sending push notifications when a new raffle is open (make sure you enable push notifications). To enter: head over to the “launches” tab, find the desired shoe, select up to 3 preferred pickup locations, then cross your fingers. If you win, you will receive an email with retrieval instructions. 11. KithKith Draws can be entered from desktop or mobile. You will need to log in or create an account before you can enter their raffles. For most releases, they require you to select one of four pickup locations: Brooklyn, Soho, Miami, or LA. If you win, they will send you an email with pickup instructions the day before release. You’re charged at the point of sale, not prior.
How to Find, Enter, and Win Sneaker Raffles - Sole Retriever

How to Find, Enter, and Win Sneaker Raffles – Sole Retriever

Whether you’re an experienced sneaker aficionado or just an average guy (or gal) looking to take a W on a hot upcoming release, it’s time you learn about sneaker raffles – what they are, how they work, and how Sole Retriever and our brand new mobile app simplify them for tting the Stage Times they are a-changin’. Ultimately, getting your hands on a pair of a fresh upcoming sneaker release in today’s world is not how it once was. Gone (for the most part) are the days of waiting in crazy lines and camping out on crowded street corners. Oh, you want to try your luck online on release day instead, you say? Best of luck in your fight against the determined infantry of botters. A combination of these factors, coupled with growing concern over the spread of COVID-19, has led many retailers to turn to an alternative launch method for their most highly coveted kicks – sneaker are Sneaker Raffles? A sneaker raffle or “draw” is when a retailer provides customers with the opportunity to win the right to purchase a pair of sneakers. Typically, the raffle mechanic is used when demand for the shoe exceeds supply. Raffles tend to level the playing field by giving everyone who enters an equal chance of being able to purchase the latest Yeezy’s, Jordan’s, Nike’s and other hot kicks for retail. Once the raffle period ends, the retailer will then select the winners at random and alert them of their winning entry. The ways in which these sneaker raffles are held vary in both their entry and retrieval methods. To make it easy, Sole Retriever has created a list of the different sneaker raffle types and retrieval methods. We’ve also included a brief description of how each of them QuestionsDo you have to pay for sneaker raffles? Yes. When you win a sneaker raffle, you are winning the opportunity to purchase the product; you’re not winning the product for free (unless otherwise stated) are the chances of winning sneaker raffles? Your chances for winning any given sneaker raffle depend upon a variety of factors – primarily, (1) how many pairs the store/retailer has been allocated for that product release, (2) how widely demanded the sneaker is and (3) how many other people entered the can I improve my chances of winning sneaker raffles? Enter more raffles. The best method for increasing your odds at winning a raffle for a new sneaker launch is to enter as many raffles as you can. The more raffles you enter, the more chances you have to win! Raffle TypesAlmost every sneaker raffle will fall into one of four main categories – In Store, Online, Social, or In-App. In-Store – The first major raffle type is classified as “In-Store. ” This typically involves an in-person pickup of the sneaker being raffled. Before entering, be sure that you’ll be able to pick-up the sneakers from the store on the dedicated pickup day. You want to ensure you’re able to claim your pair if you are selected as a lucky winner! Online – If a raffle is under the “Online” category, that generally means that it involves postage (or shipping). The winners of said raffle will have the sneakers shipped to them. Thus, you do not need to be physically present in-store to claim a winning entry for this raffle type! Some online raffles require upfront charge or payment, so be sure to read each individual raffle’s terms and information before submitting your entries. Social – Raffles that fall under the “Social” category are those in which the entering process takes place on social media. Typically, the store holding the raffle will use its specific social media page to hold the raffle and share the entry details. Almost always, this means the store’s official Twitter or Instagram account is where the raffle will be hosted. Most social raffle entry requirements include liking, commenting, or sharing the post. Once you navigate from Sole Retriever to any social raffle, be sure to read the store’s post and follow their exact instructions. This way you can rest assured that your entry is valid! In-App – Some stores have dedicated mobile applications where they announce and host their raffles. For a comprehensive list of the stores which have dedicated raffle app’s and where to download them, check out our article on the Top Ten Apps to Enter Sneaker Raffles. Similar to online raffles, some In-App raffles may require an upfront charge. Others, however, will give you the opportunity to claim, should you win. Moral of the story, always make sure to read the instructions and terms for each raffle you enter! Retrieval Methods Every raffle will possess a given retrieval method by which winners will purchase and receive the sneaker they’ve won the raffle for. There are two different retrieval methods – Shipping and Pick-up. Shipping – If a raffle has shipping (or postage), this means that the retailer will ship the pairs to the winners, upon purchase. This method does not require any sort of in-person retrieval. Be sure to check each raffle’s shipping guidelines & restrictions to ensure you qualify to enter. Pick-up – Unlike shipping raffles, Pick-up raffles require winners to visit to the store in person in order to claim and pay for their winning To Find, Enter & Win Sneaker RafflesSo now you know what sneaker raffles are, how they work, and their varying types. But, how do you go about finding and organizing all of the different stores’ raffles for each sneaker release? You don’t – we do. Sole Retriever takes care of the hard work in order to craft the ultimate destination for sneaker fanatics like yourself. We’re the true, one-stop shop for helping you secure W’s on the hottest drops. Our team digs up and organizes all of the raffles & releases for each of the latest sneaker launches, making it super easy for you! Organized, intuitive, and feature-filled, Sole Retriever is truly an essential for every sneakerhead. Here’s how it works. Welcome to Sole Retriever! Sneaker Raffles & Release Info – Without The over to our site and locate the upcoming release you’re looking to get your hands on. View and sort raffles with our various filter features including region, raffle type, and retrieval method. Easily find the raffles you qualify for and keep it all organized with our easy-to-use interface. Track all of your entries by marking each raffle as entered once you’ve completed it! Say goodbye to the painful and exhausting days of trying to keep up with all of the upcoming sneaker launches. Here at Sole Retriever, we know the industry inside out. Moreover, we understand the importance of finding, navigating, and organizing all of your sneaker raffle entries. We’ve got you covered. By sneakerheads, for sneakerheads, our mission is to give you the best shot at copping the latest drops for retail. If you want to start securing some W’s, it’s time you join the pack and sign up for a free account on Sole Retriever. For a premium, feature-filled experience, be sure to check out our mobile app.
Launch Reservation | Foot Locker

Launch Reservation | Foot Locker

Launch Reservation is Now Available Nationwide! Download the app to find a store near you. *Foot Locker knows how important your style is to you, and that having access to the freshest launches is a vital part of that. Our App-based feature is designed to make your Foot Locker experience seamless and StoreGoogle PlayTypes of Launch Features1. First come first served2. App Launch ReservationThrough the latest App update, the Launch Locator feature allows you to easily identify and follow launch features at the store of your choice. The App Launch Reservation option now allows you to select styles through the App. If available, choose up to three stores where the App feature applies, then select your size to start your countdown clock. When your countdown clock expires, you’ll be notified via the App of the outcome of your can also earn Head Starts to advance your countdown launch product feature details please visit the Launch LocatorSee full Head Start details hereLaunch LocatorStep 1Log into the App using your account on, or create one in the App with a valid email 2Enable “location”, “beacon” and “push notifications. “Step 3Enter the Launch Locator from the home 4From the Launch Locator, select a release to identify the launch features that 5If the App Launch Reservation feature applies, select up to three stores where you could pick it 6Select your size. Once size has been selected your countdown clock will begin. Important: Once you enter your reservation submission, your current VIP status will be locked 7Earn In-Store Check-In ‘Head Starts’ or edit your submission up until 24 hours prior to the countdown clock 8Once the countdown clock hits zero, unlock the outcome of your submission under “My Countdowns. ” If you enabled push notifications, you also will get a notification that your outcome is 9Present your App confirmation and a valid photo ID to the store indicated. Any reservation not purchased within the specified date and time frame will be memberIMPORTANT APP LAUNCH RESERVATION PICK-UP TIME INFORMATION: All pick-up deadlines for weekends are 3 pm local time and weekdays 6 pm local time. For further information please contact your local have the latest version downloaded from the App store or Google Play App Launch Reservation Feature applies only to select Launch features will be available the week leading up to the release must have a account, valid email address and be signed into the App in order to enter the Launch Locator, and enter an App Launch Reservation submission for an upcoming must have a mobile device present when picking up a submission details (size, stores, In-store Check-In Head Start) can be edited up until 24 hours prior to the countdown clock servations are portant: Once you enter your reservation submission, your current VIP status will be locked in. *The Launch Reservation app program is available in select stores in the 48 contiguous United States. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, USVI and Guam are full Terms & Conditions, Frequently Asked Questions and Head Start Details see the links equently Asked QuestionsTerms & ConditionsHead Start Details

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A sneaker raffle or “draw” is when a retailer provides customers with the opportunity to win the right to purchase a pair of sneakers. … Once the raffle period ends, the retailer will then select the winners at random and alert them of their winning entry.

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Log into the App using your account on, or create one in the App with a valid email address.Enable “location”, “beacon” and “push notifications.”Enter the Launch Locator from the home screen.From the Launch Locator, select a release to identify the launch features that apply.More items…

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