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Best 7 Websites like Hulu – TV and Movies –

is a popular website for people looking to watch their favourite TV shows without shelling out big bucks for a cable or satellite TV subscription. It can be used for free (with a limited content selection), and its Hulu Plus paid plans are cheaper than the subscription costs of most alternatives to Hulu (plus it takes up less of your monthly data cap). It has a large selection of TV shows (and a somewhat smaller selection of movies) — including original content — and often makes them available faster than other websites similar to Hulu. It also has features like the ability to rate and comment on movies, shows, and episodes, as well as the ability to set up a “queue” so you can plan ahead with respect to what you want to watch next!
Hulu has its limitations, though. For one thing, it’s only available in the U. S., so you can’t use it unless you’re on American soil. For another, the basic Hulu Plus subscription still contains advertisements between movie and TV show segments; you can get a commercial-free premium subscription, but it costs about $4 more per month. And not all movies and shows will be available on Hulu at all times; due to business and legal reasons, movies and shows come and go, so you have to watch some before they’re gone from Hulu.
Have a look at these 6 services like Hulu, all of which may offer something that Hulu doesn’t.
1. Netflix
Netflix is one of the most famous Hulu competitors, and one of the websites to which Hulu is most often compared. Whereas Hulu’s focus is television shows, though, Netflix specializes in movies (hence the name being a combination of “Internet” and “flicks”, a slang term for movies). Netflix has hundreds of movies in its library, from the latest blockbusters to award-winning classics. However, it has a small selection of television shows, too, including some exclusive shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Netflix costs a bit more than Hulu Plus and uses more Internet data, but it never shows you commercials.
We have a course on how to use Netflix, if you’re interested in checking it out.
2. Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video works a bit different than Hulu or Netflix. Instead of signing up for a flat subscription fee and then watching as many movies and/or television shows as you want per month, you have to rent or purchase movies or television shows (episodes) at varying prices. The good news is that, unlike the other websites like Hulu on this list, you can actually download the movies and shows that you purchase, so you can watch them offline if you want. Also, the cost of using Amazon Prime Video is reduced (or, in some cases, eliminated) if you are subscribed to Amazon’s paid membership club, known as Amazon Prime.
Speaking of which, we have a course on Amazon Prime that includes lessons on how to use Amazon Prime Video.
3. Vudu
A Hulu-like site from Wal-Mart, Vudu operates similarly to Amazon Instant Video: you only pay for what you actually watch. Like Hulu, though, it’s only available in the U. S., and its movie and TV show repertoire is rather small. However, it has a feature that allows you to unlock a digital copy of a movie or TV show that you buy on DVD or Blu-Ray Disc at Wal-Mart (or other participating retailers). You can even share that copy with your friends if they use Vudu, too!
4. Crackle
Crackle is a free alternative to Hulu that is probably the most similar site on this list to it. It’s run by Sony and its affiliate production studios, and allows you to watch as many of their movies and TV shows as you like (at least, from the limited selection that they choose to put on Crackle). Like Hulu, Crackle is supported by advertisements that play between segments of movies and television shows. And like Hulu, Crackle’s library of content changes occasionally, to be sure to watch any shows or movies that you want to watch on Crackle now before they rotate out at the end of the month.
5. YouTube
YouTube is another free Hulu alternative that is supported by advertisements. Unlike Hulu and the other three sites like it on this list, YouTube doesn’t specialize in professional content. Sure, it has some TV shows, movies, news clips, and music videos (some of which have to be paid for), but it also contains a lot of amateur content. Home movie footage, video diaries, original music, video game playthroughs… there’s lots to discover on YouTube! Plus, if you’re feeling creative, you can upload your own videos to YouTube and see how popular they get!
If you’d like to learn more about YouTube and how to use it, head over to our YouTube course.
6. iTunes
iTunes is mostly known as a program for purchasing, organizing, and listening to music. However, it can also be used as a Hulu alternative, as it has recently begun adding movies and TV show episodes to its store. Like on Amazon Instant Video, you can save movies and shows that you purchase to your computer and watch them any time that you want. However, they’re expensive to purchase, and you need to install the iTunes program to get them first.
Those are our top recommendations when it comes to other sites like Hulu. If you’ve used any of these, we’d like to know whether you had a good or bad experience with them, or if there’s something else about them that our users should know that we missed here. We’d also like to know if there are any other Hulu-like services out there that you use, and that you think our users would be interested in. Drop us a line in the comments below, or on our social media channels.
One last thing: if you want to commit solely to one of these alternatives (or another that you like) and want to leave your Hulu account behind, head over to our last tutorial: how to cancel your Hulu account.
20 Free Streaming Alternatives To Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu

20 Free Streaming Alternatives To Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu

Television streaming video concept. Media TV video on demand technology. Video service with internet… [+] streaming multimedia shows, series. Digital collage wall of screen abstract composition
With movie screenings postponed, concert venues shuttered, and theaters closed down for the foreseeable future, the public’s options for entertainment have dwindled down to almost nothing. At this point, home entertainment is truly one of the only outlets remaining.
Which, as it turns out, isn’t so bad. Because the streaming market has truly begun to hit its stride and currently offers more entertainment options than ever. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have continued their reliable output of movies and television series, and newcomers like Disney+ and HBO Max have expanded the market of platforms available.
The only problem? There truly might be too many options at this point—and you can’t pay for all of them. The streaming market has become so saturated that people are having to pick and choose between a myriad of different entertainment databases.
Luckily, a number of free streaming options have emerged from the pack as well, which makes the streaming surge a little more friendly to our wallets.
Just how many free streaming options are there? Perhaps too many to count. But there are 20 standout streamers that offer a range of movies and television shows. Here are the most popular free streaming platforms currently available.
hoopla has emerged as one of the most substantial alternatives to subscription-based streaming services, as the digital platform offers over 850, 000 movies, TV shows, albums and books. If the service partners with your local library, then you’ll have access to its deep catalog of options—including lots of material aimed at entertaining children.
Check out Forbes’ feature on hoopla for more information.
Kanopy is yet another on-demand streaming option for people who frequent their local libraries and universities. On top of the bevy of materials library already offer, membership through Kanopy includes access to all of a library’s films and documentaries as well. Kanopy’s subdivision, Kanopy Kids, includes lots of children’s programming as well.
Of course Vudu is one of the main hubs for buying and renting movies and television shows digitally. But Walmart’s on-demand streaming service also offers access to a number of options for free. If you can bare a few ads during your movie experience, this is a great option.
Much like Vudu, IMDb offers access to a number of movies and televisions shows for free—as long as you don’t mind advertisements during the watch. From new movies to old classics to television programs with cult followings, there are plenty of options to stream with IMDb TV.
You can buy just about any movie or any episode of television you can dream of on YouTube. But did you know there are also a number of movies available for free? Well there are, and they’re as easy to stream as any other video on YouTube.
For a while, most people didn’t know about Tubi. But after a study revealed that the free streaming platform actually ranked in the top ten of most downloaded streaming apps in 2020, it was clear that Tubi was no longer a movie lover’s best kept secret. Tubi offers access to a number movies and TV shows. Tubi makes money by running ads during the viewing experience, but many of its movies and shows are offered without ads as well.
Pluto is another service that’s quickly gaining in popularity. An American internet television service owned by ViacomCBS, Pluto is advertiser-supported (much like Tubi) and offers hundreds of curated channels. Many of those channels will feel familiar, like channel 236 which streams CBS news 24 hours a day. But you’ll also have access to channels that constantly stream shows like Degrassi, MTV Cribs and The Twilight Zone.
VIZIO has announced more than 50 free streaming channels since March across its SmartCast Platform. These free streaming channels complement VIZIO’s WatchFreeTM service, powered by Pluto, which now features hundreds of free streaming TV channels of news, movies, sports and more. All of those streaming options can be found under the “Free Channels” row on the SmartCast home screen.
The Roku Channel
If you have either a Roku streaming media player or Roku TV, then you’ll be able to access Roku’s free, advertiser-supported streaming channel. The Roku Channel offers its own content, as well as options from regular channels like Fox and CW and streaming services like Pluto and Tubi.
Think of Crackle as a smaller, less popular version of Netflix or Hulu. Sony’s platform offers access to a number of television shows and movies, as well as some Crackle-produced content that is exclusive to the platform.
Another ad-supported platform, Xumo offers live and on-demand content from hundreds of different channels. Much like Pluto, Xumo offers a number of options covering everything from sports to lifestyle to news.
This is a new ad-supported from Tivo as the service tries to adapt and compete with the changing times. Powered by Xumo, Tivo+ offers access to a number of older television shows, as well as content from outlets like TMZ and FailArmy.
LG Channels
Yet another service powered by Xumo, LG Channels Plus offers over one hundred on-demand sports, entertainment and news channels from all over the internet.
Another ad-supported service, Fawesome offers over 10, 000 movies and television shows from its database of over 250 channels. The service is owned by FutureToday, which churns out more than 1, 000 streaming channels that cover everything from cuisine to beauty and fashion to kids entertainment.
This advertiser-powered streamer offers a mix of local and national content on top of its myriad of on-demand movies and TV shows. After you’ve selected your city and state, you’ll then gain access to the local news. Then, much like Pluto, you can also choose between a number of curated channels available nationally.
An ad-powered service from the TVS Television Network, provides a multitude of options if you’re into classic television shows and movies. The platform is split into several networks covering a number of topics. Then channels within those networks provide more specific channels.
If you’re looking for some movie and television entertainment that’s outside the norm, then SnagFilms provides a number of options. It’s library of over 2, 000 movies and television shows cover a number of topics, from news to sports to entertainment.
Samsung TV Plus
This is Samsung’s self-started its own free streaming service, Samsung TV Plus. This limited offering provides over 120 advertiser-supported channels that cover news, sports and entertainment.
Plex has featured a growing list of movies and television shows over the years. From Captain Phillips to The Virgin Suicides to The Usual Suspects, there’s a bevy of cinematic options available on this free streaming service.
Here’s one you may not know about: Redbox has transitioned into the streaming arena. After years of relying on the rental of physical media, Redbox now offers a number of free on-demand movie and television options on its website.
Hulu+ Live TV Alternatives 2021: Your Top 7 Options - Flixed

Hulu+ Live TV Alternatives 2021: Your Top 7 Options – Flixed

Hulu + Live TV is a good mixture of on-demand and live TV, but it might not be for everyone. If you’re in need of a Hulu + Live TV alternative, a few current options include Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, or Vidgo. If all you need is Discovery’s line-up of channels, you may also want to consider the new Discovery+ streaming service.
Not sure which service to pick? Try our free streaming service TV guides that let you view live and upcoming content on available channels for popular multi-channel services.
Before we start, we want to highlight a particularly relevant stream for news, sports, and entertainment. Sling TV is one of the best options for streaming in 2021 with a rich catalogue of 50+ live channels and 50k+ on-demand movies and episodes.
Get $25 off your first month. Try Sling TV today.
FuboTV: Best Hulu + Live TV Alternative for Sports Fans
Source: fuboTV
Hulu + Live TV has a wide selection of sports, but fuboTV offers the largest sports channel package available on the market. If Hulu + Live TV doesn’t have enough sports channels for you, fuboTV may be your best alternative.
FuboTV Pricing and Packages
Through fuboTV, you’ll from 100+ channels to over 130 channels, depending on the package and add-ons that you choose.
7-day free trial
$64. 99/ month
114 channels
3 simultaneous streams
500 hours of DVR space
Sports Plus add-on
Family Plan with Showtime
$74. 99/ month
2 simultaneous streams
SHOWTIME included
$84. 99/ month
196 channels
*Note that in order to see the Family, Entertainment, and Ultra plans, you need to first press “Start Free Trial. ” After you create an account, you’ll see all of these plans. The service starts at $64. 99 per month, primarily because of the large number of sports and locals it offers (which are expensive to provide for services of this kind).
Learn more about fuboTV’s pricing and packages here.
FuboTV Channels
Sports are what fuboTV does best. You’ll get over 30 sports channels, including CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, BTN Sports, beIN Sports, NBA TV, Pac-12 Network and more. You’ll also get a wide selection of entertainment TV, like AMC, A&E, SyFy and HGTV, as well as a selection of local networks.
Learn more about fuboTV’s channel packages here.
FuboTV Supported Devices
You’ll find fuboTV’s device support doesn’t come close to Hulu’s device support. That said, you’ll still be able to stream on most popular streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and the Roku.
The full list of fuboTV’s supported devices includes:
TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Cube and TV Stick, Chromecast, and Roku
Smart TVs: Android TV (4. 4 and up), Hisense, LG, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio
Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS
Desktop browsers: Most Mac and PC browsers
Gaming Devices: Xbox
To learn more about fuboTV’s supported devices, check here.
FuboTV Simultaneous Streams
FuboTV and Hulu + Live TV are similar when it comes to streaming policies, at least at the base level. FubotTV carries 2 simultaneous streams per account for the Latino Plus subscription level. If you want the English-language subscriptions, the Starter pack offers 3 screens per account, while the other two subscription levels (Pro and Elite) provide up to 10 streams per account.
You can learn more about fuboTV’s simultaneous streaming policy here.
If you sign up for the Latino Plus or Starter subscriptions, fuboTV offers 250 hours of DVR storage. With the Pro or Elite packages, you’ll get a hefty 1, 000 hours of cloud DVR storage.
You can learn more about fuboTV’s cloud DVR here.
FuboTV On-Demand Library
FuboTV doesn’t describe its on-demand library size, but needless to say, it’s not nearly as large as Hulu’s offering. However, fuboTV’s large number of channels means you’ll still get a fairly large on-demand offering. And because fuboTV provides a 72-hour rewind feature for most channels, you’ll get fresh content from those channels on a regular basis.
Learn more about fuboTV’s on-demand library here.
Philo: Best Low-Cost Alternative to Hulu + Live TV
Source: Philo
Philo’s low-cost approach includes a large channel package with no sports and no local channels. This makes Philo a good Hulu alternative if you still want a large selection of channels with the added features common to internet TV services, but don’t want to pay the high cost that comes with Hulu.
Philo Pricing and Packages
Like Hulu + Live TV, Philo has just one streaming service package with almost a similar number of channels:
64 Channels
$25. 00/ month
64 channels
Starz and Epix add-ons
30-Day DVR
Try Free
Philo’s 60+ channels come in at less than half the price, however, thanks to its no sports, no local channels approach.
For more information on Philo plans, check here.
Philo Channels
Through Philo, you’ll get a full load of entertainment and lifestyle networks, including Paramount Network, AMC, A&E, HGTV, Game Show Network, MTV, CMT, BBC America, and more. You won’t get any sports channels, however, and no local networks like FOX or CBS. The exclusion of these types of networks makes it possible to offer a larger number of channels and features for less money.
This service also now offers movie channel add-ons. As an extra, you can get the Movies and More, Epix, or Staz packages added to your subscription.
For more information on Philo channels, check here.
Philo Supported Devices
Philo doesn’t have nearly as many supported apps and devices as Hulu + Live TV. However, its library of options is growing, and now includes iOS and Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV.
The full list of supported devices includes:
TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku
Smart TVs: Android TV
Mobile devices and tablets: Android (7. 0 and up), iOS (10. 3 and up)
Game consoles: None
Check here for more information on Philo’s supported devices.
Philo Simultaneous Streams
You can stream Philo on 3 devices at once. This is one more than Hulu offers, without having to pay extra.
To learn more about Philo’s simultaneous streams, click here.
Philo DVR
Philo previously offered a DVR with videos that expired after 30 days. Now, however, it’s taken a page from YouTube TV and offers an unlimited storage DVR with a 1-year expiration date to videos. If you had a pre-existing account, you’ll need to contact Philo to upgrade to the 1-year DVR option.
Check here to learn more about Philo’s DVR.
Philo On-Demand Library
Philo advertises an on-demand library with 20, 000+ hours of content. That’s not nearly as large as what Hulu + Live TV offers, but you can enhance this with Philo’s impressive TV Everywhere support. As well, Philo offers a 72-hour rewind feature for most channels, making new content always available on-demand without using your DVR storage.
Sling TV: Best All-Around Alternative to Hulu + Live TV
Source: Sling TV
If the high cost of Hulu + Live TV is making you second-guess subscribing, Sling TV is a good choice. Sling TV offers two bargain-priced streaming plans that are good alternatives to Hulu + Live TV.
Sling TV Pricing and Packages
For $35/month, you can subscribe to Sling Orange which includes over 30+ channels, or Sling Blue, which includes 40+ channels.
Sling Orange
Limited time offer
$35. 00/ month
30+ channels
Try 3 days free
1 simultaneous stream.
$25 OFF
Sling Blue
Limited time offer$35. 00/ month
45+ channels
Sling Orange + Blue
$50. 00/ month
50+ channels
4* simultaneous streams
* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue can also pick from over a dozen add-on channel packages to boost your channel count. Doing so could give you a larger number of channels than Hulu, even at a lower price.
Sling TV Channels
Through Sling Orange, you’ll get channels like ESPN, AMC, CNN, TBS, and TNT, among others.
If you are interested in getting a few more channels, you can subscribe to the 45+ channel, $35/month Sling Blue package. Blue includes some channels left out of the Orange package, such as NBCSN, Fox Sports, SyFy, and FX.
You can learn more about Sling TV’s channels here.
Sling TV Supported Devices
Streaming platform support is also quite robust for Sling TV. You can stream on Android/iOS, your web browser, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, and all Xbox One devices.
TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, AirTV
Smart TVs: LG TV, Samsung TV, Android TV, Roku TV, Mi TV
Mobile devices and tablets: Android, iOS, Facebook Portal
Game consoles: Xbox One, Oculus
Desktop browsers: Chrome on Mac and Windows recommended
You can learn more about Sling TV’s streaming policy here.
Sling TV Simultaneous Streams
Sling TV’s simultaneous streaming policy is either worse, or similar to what you’ll get through Hulu, depending on the package you choose. If you go with Sling Blue, you’ll get 3 simultaneous streams — the same that Hulu + Live TV offers without paying extra. However, if you opt for Sling Orange (ESPN, Disney), you’ll get just 1 stream per account.
Sling also has an interesting Watch Party feature. This allows you to share your stream with up to 3 friends for free. Watch Party is only available for streaming on browsers and on iOS devices.
To learn more about Sling TV’s simultaneous streaming policy, check here.
Sling TV DVR
Although the service provides a 10-hour cloud DVR with each subscription at not additional cost, you can increase that to 50 hours of storage with a paid add-on.
To learn more about Sling TV’s DVR, check here.
Sling TV On-Demand Library
Sling TV’s on-demand library isn’t nearly on the same level as what you’d get through Hulu + Live TV. Still, Sling TV advertises an on-demand library with over 10, 000+ hours of movies and TV show episodes. There’s also a growing TV Everywhere support through Sling TV that makes it even more worthwhile to explore.
You can learn more about Sling TV’s on-demand library here.
DirecTV Stream: Best Hulu + Live TV Alternative For Those Who Need Channels
Source: DirecTV Stream
On the high end, DirecTV Stream is quite a bit more expensive than Hulu + Live TV. However, its $69. 99 starting price is less than what Hulu has to offer, although you do sacrifice a large number of channels at the entry point.
DirecTV Stream Pricing and Package
DirecTV Stream completely changed its package options in 2021 as AT&T divested itself of the streaming arm. Its introductory PLUS package is among the highest-priced on the market at $69. 99 per month. However, some of the features make it among the best options you’ll find.
$55/ month
Add-ons like HBO and ShowtimeSIGN UP
$80/ month
60+ channels
HBO Max IncludedSIGN UP
*Note that DirecTV Stream offers several other plans that are hidden until you click to sign can learn more about DirecTV Stream’s pricing here.
DirecTV Stream Channels
Even the $69. 99/month package has a reasonable, although a small lineup of channels. The basic package offers ESPN, FX/FXX, TBS, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and even HBO. The inclusion of HBO and locals is what makes this package so expensive, however, compared to other streaming services’ channel packages.
You can learn more about DirecTV Stream’s channels here.
DirecTV Stream Supported Devices
Platform support is good, and comparable to Hulu + Live TV. You can stream on your web browser, Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast, Android/iOS devices, Apple TV, and select Roku models, though there is currently no support for gaming consoles.
Mobile devices and tablets: Android, iOS, Amazon Fire
You can learn more about DirecTV Stream’s streaming policy here.
DirecTV Stream Simultaneous Streams
Part of its 2021 service revamp included increasing the simultaneous streaming limit up to an industry-leading 20 screens per household. You can also stream on up to 3 devices not connected to your home wifi.
To learn more about DirecTV Stream’s simultaneous streaming policy, check here.
DirecTV Stream TV DVR
DirecTV Stream’s DVR is among the smallest on the list. You can record up to 20 hours of video which expires after 90 days. The company offers an unlimited DVR option as a paid add-on.
To learn more about DirecTV Stream’s DVR, check here.
DirecTV Stream On-Demand Library
DirecTV Stream’s on-demand library is not a match for Hulu’s, but it’s also larger than most other options on the market. Even with the introductory package of 45+ channels, you’ll get 40, 000+ titles on-demand through the service. DirecTV Stream also features a 72-hour rewind feature through its service that ensures fresh, new content from the channel it offers.
You can learn more about DirecTV Stream’s on-demand library here.
YouTube TV: Best Hulu + Live TV Alternative for DVR and Sharing
Source: YouTube TV
YouTube TV is the most similar service on the market to Hulu + Live TV, although it’s slightly more expensive and offers a slightly larger channel package. But if you need better DVR storage, sports channels, and account sharing features, YouTube TV is a good alternative.
YouTube TV Pricing and Packages
As of this time of writing, YouTube TV’s single package of channels costs $64. 99 and carries 85+ channels. That’s equivalent to Hulu + Live TV, which is why these two are the closest services on the market.
You can learn more about YouTube TV’s pricing here.
YouTube TV Channels
You’ll get 85+ channels from YouTube TV, with a heavy emphasis on sports. YouTube TV offers major networks, like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, many regionals sports networks. You’ll also get a full line-up of locals in most regions, and a wide selection of entertainment channels, like AMC, A&E, HGTV, and more.
To learn more about YouTube TV’s channels, check here.
YouTube TV Supported Devices
One area where it is still fairly lacking is device support. You can watch YouTube TV on Chromecast, Android and iOS device, and your web browser, as well as Android TV, Xbox One consoles, and Samsung/LG Smart TVs. There is limited support for the Apple TV via Airplay and, as of this time of writing, no support for Amazon Fire devices.
TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and TiVo Stream
Smart TVs: Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Vizio, Hisense, Sharp
Mobile devices and tablets: Android, iOS
Game consoles: Xbox One X and S, Xbox Series X and S, Playstation 4 and 5
You can learn more about YouTube TV’s supported devices here.
YouTube TV Simultaneous Streams
You can also stream on 3 devices at once with YouTube TV. Again, you would need Hulu’s rather pricey “Unlimited Screens” add-on to get this same level of service from Hulu + Live TV.
You can learn more about YouTube TV’s streaming policy here.
YouTube TV DVR
YouTube TV offers the single best DVR service in the industry. You get completely unlimited DVR storage for 9 months. You can record and store as many shows and hours of television as you want, with no simultaneous recording restrictions or limits. Compare that to Hulu’s 50-hour DVR (or the 200 hour DVR available for an added fee) and YouTube TV is the clear winner here.
Additionally, you can create 6 separate user profiles through YouTube TV, making it a far superior option for account sharing.
To learn more about YouTube TV’s DVR storage, check here.
YouTube TV On-Demand Library
As with every other option on our list, YouTube TV simply can’t match Hulu’s on-demand library. Nevertheless, what you’ll get is good, as YouTube TV’s channels offer a wide selection of their content on-demand, and YouTube lets you skip through commercials on some of its on-demand content.
You can learn more about YouTube TV’s on-demand library here.
Vidgo: A New Option for Sports and Entertainment
Source: Vidgo
While it’s one of the more recent entries on the market, Vidgo features a competitive package of channels for a low price. Its selection of channels also makes it a match for Hulu+Live TV, depending on what you’re looking for.
Vidgo Pricing and Packages
This service updated its package offering in 2021 to the following:
English Plus: $55/month for 95+ channels
English Premium: $79. 95/month for 112+ channels
Spanish Mas: $30/month for 30 channels
The channel packages are among the cheapest for the number of channels, making this a good option if you want something slightly cheaper than Hulu + Live TV.
Vidgo Channels
With over 95+ channels to start, Vidgo has most of the channels you might want. For sports fans, that includes ESPN1 and 2, Fox Sports, NFL Network, and more. And for entertainment TV fans, you’ll find HGTV, FX, History Channel, Science Channel, and many others.
Vidgo Supported Devices
Vigdo has apps for the most popular devices and operating systems on the market.
TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and Roku
Desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge
Vidgo Simultaneous Streams
You can stream Vidgo’s packages on up to 3 devices at once. The service also features a Live Watch Party similar to what you’ll find with Sling TV (and which it offered before Sling TV).
Vidgo DVR
There is no DVR available through Vidgo at this time of writing.
Vidgo On-Demand Library
Most of the channels available on Vidgo provide their content on-demand through the service. However, if you want TV Everywhere access, you’ll be a bit out of luck. Vidgo’s channels mostly do not work with TV Everywhere, likely due to licensing agreement.
Discovery+: Best Hulu+ Live TV Alternative for Discovery Inc. Channels
Source: Discovery
The newest multi-channel provider on the market, Discovery+ brings you every network currently in the Discovery, Inc. family of channels. And it does so at an incredibly low price (just $6. 99 per month), making it a perfect alternative if all you watch are Discovery, Inc. channels, or if you want to do a combination of Sling TV (for sports) and Discovery+ for entertainment.
The service officially launched on January 4, 2021, offering the following channels:
Food Network
Investigation Discovery (ID)
Animal Planet
Discovery+ Originals
Magnolia Network
BBC Planet Earth
The Dodo
The company expects to offer more channels in the future, as well. It boasts 55, 000 episodes and 2, 500 shows at launch.
Our Verdict – The Best Alternative for Hulu + Live TV
Sling TV Blue wins big here. For $30/month, you can get a good selection of cable channels and simultaneous streaming on 3 devices, which is better than Hulu + Live TV. You’ll have to pay extra for a DVR, but even if you do, you’ll still be paying less per month than for Hulu + Live TV.
Outside of that, Philo and Discovery+ aren’t ones to ignore. Philo’s package is incredibly robust for $20/month, while Discovery+ is attractive for people whose primary TV viewing involves the Discovery, Inc. channel lineup.
Our top overall picks
FuboTV is our top overall pick. The $64. 99/month starting price delivers 90+ channels, even if the features are a bit slim in comparison.
Outside of that, YouTube TV is a pound-for-pound competitor on almost all aspects, except with a unique feature offering.
The Biggest Problems of Hulu + Live TV
Before we dive into our top picks for Hulu + Live TV alternatives, let’s discuss some problems with the service that may make you want to consider other options.
Limited simultaneous streaming options
Hulu + Live TV only lets you stream live television on two devices at once. This is pretty restrictive, especially for anyone who plans on sharing an account with friends, family, or roommates.
However, you can an additional monthly fee to get unlimited streaming on devices on your home Wi-Fi network, and on 3 devices outside your home network. That’s a nice option – but add that to the $64. 99 base subscription and you’ll pay over $75/month for it.
There are quite a few other services out there that allow you to stream on more than two devices simultaneously – without any added fees. This includes Sling TV and YouTube TV.
Users report buffering issues – especially during sporting events
For the most part, streaming on Hulu + Live TV works well. However, some have reported slowdowns during sporting events. The official Hulu + Life TV Beta feedback site is littered with users complaining about slow loading, buffering, poor picture quality, and other issues, even with 1GB/s fiber connections.
Limited subscription customization options
Hulu + Live TV offers only two subscription options, but there’s little variation between the two. The primary subscription option is the one Hulu promotes, but if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, there’s a small-print link that lets you know you can sign up for Live TV Only. That will give you Live TV without Hulu’s on-demand service. Fur this option is more than a bit laughable, as Hulu offers it for only 1 dollar less. It’s not a serious option.
You also can’t add any additional channels, except for premium channels HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. If you’re looking to customize your cable package and add more channels, Hulu + Live TV does not give you many choices.
Other Great Streaming Services
Among the primary reasons for using Hulu + Live TV is its on-demand content library and sports channels. If you’re ditching the service for another one, you can still supplement the sports and on-demand content with Disney+ and ESPN+.
Using Disney+, you’ll get access to hundreds of high-quality content, including TV shows typically only available on Disney Channel. You also get access to Marvel and Star Wars-branded content.
ESPN+ is a great addition to any streaming line-up thanks to its exclusive sports contracts. You’ll find a large selection for US and international sports unavailable on regular ESPN channels, while ESPN+ is also the exclusive broadcast option for many UFC events.

Frequently Asked Questions about sites like hulu

What is a good alternative to Hulu?

Hulu + Live TV is a good mixture of on-demand and live TV, but it might not be for everyone. If you’re in need of a Hulu + Live TV alternative, a few current options include Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV, or Vidgo.

What else is there besides Netflix and Hulu?

Top Paid Alternatives to NetflixHulu. Hulu is similar to Netflix in many ways. … Amazon Prime Video. If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you can get access to Amazon Prime Video absolutely free. … Sling TV. … Pureflix. … Paramount+ (Formerly CBS All Access) … Showtime. … HBO Now. … Hallmark Movies Now.More items…•Aug 31, 2021

Who are Hulu competitors?

Hulu competitors include Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, HBO and Redbox.

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