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Lawsuit Says Sega’s Key Master Arcade Game Is Intentionally Rigged

Sega is being sued for $5 million over claims its Key Master arcade game is rigged.
A lawsuit says the game was marketed as a game of skill but is more like a game of chance.
The game won’t allow a player to win until after a certain number of losses, the lawsuit said.
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Sega’s Key Master arcade game is at the center of a class-action complaint that says the game is intentionally rigged against players. The lawsuit, filed on Monday in California, said the game was “systematically marketed and sold” as a game of “pure skill” but is instead rigged to “prevent even highly-skilled users from being able to win” until there’s been a set number of losses. Plaintiff Marcelo Muto is suing the company for $5 million. “Nowhere on the Key Master Machine do Defendants inform consumers of the truth: that the machines are rigged so that players can only win prizes at certain times, ” lawyers for Muto said in the lawsuit.
The game is found in arcades and malls across the country, Screen Rant reported. Players have to hit a button to move a key into a specific keyhole to win prizes like earbuds and video lawsuit said that even if a highly skilled player were to move the key into a specific keyhole for a prize, if it’s not in a pre-programmed time that allows for a win, the game will overshoot the keyhole and the player would lose. There are multiple YouTube videos with tips and tricks on how to beat the game that acknowledge the the lawsuit, Muto’s lawyers said the default number of losses on a machine is set to 700 before winning is allowed. They added that each machine can also be individually programmed to any number of losses before a win.
The game is no longer featured on Sega’s website but a similar game called Prize Locker was released and is advertised as a “100% skilled-based” game. The lawsuit said Sega itself acknowledged the game is not a game of “pure skill” with the rebrand. The lawsuit said Sega made the switch because they realized regulations in many places in the world don’t allow the Key Master game. They added that a conversion kit that was sold to remodel Key Master machines into more skill-based machines also shows Sega was aware of the issue. “Defendants have refused to cease their deceptive conduct and continue to manufacture and advertise the Key Master Machines as games of skill, as opposed to the illicit gambling machines they truly are, ” the lawsuit said. “This refusal, and continued marketing of the Key Master Machines as games of skill, only serve the profit interests of Defendants. “This isn’t the first time the Key Master game has caused controversy. reported in 2019 that a vendor settled a $1 million lawsuit over the game. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the game was set up to only allow someone to win after 2, 200 attempts and that it was more like a chance-based game, which are only legal in casinos in the state.
Insider has attempted to reach Sega for comment.
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Want Yeezys? Try This Arcade Game | GQ

Want Yeezys? Try This Arcade Game | GQ

Buying rare sneakers, particularly Kanye West’s Yeezys, can be thought of as a game of chance. On Yeezy release day, a few lucky customers are welcomed through gilded doors where they can gratefully fork over at a minimum $200, leaving the rest of us in an at-best a functional digital queue—and at worst a site with a server buckling under all the traffic. But here’s some good news: You’re just as likely (and maybe even more likely) to get a pair of Yeezys from a literal game of chance—like, an actual arcade game—as you are by going through the proper channels. I don’t mean that as a metaphor: sneaker retailers are using a Sega arcade game called Key Master to bring customers into their stores, and stocking the game with precious streetwear grails. What they might not have expected is that the Key Master would turn into one of the best bets to score Yeezys—and potentially take money from those stores in the ’ve no doubt seen the Key Master machine at your local movie theater or arcade: it has a plain white exterior—subtle for an arcade game—and about the size of a middle linebacker. Customers use a joystick to steer the “key, ” and hit a bright blue button to make the key move forward, and hopefully straight into a waiting outline. If you fit it perfectly, you win. When the machine gets streetwear-ified, maybe three pairs of Yeezys and Jordans dangle in the ‘s the vibe at Snkrflea in New York, where, before customers get to the racks of Off-White, Supreme, and Givenchy, and the shelves of plastic-wrapped sneakers, they pass a Key Master machine. A kid named Taylor is here now; his nanny sits in the corner. He starts feeding the machine with $5 bills. Joe, who owns Snkrflea (and declined to give his last name), says Taylor wins a lot. “He has the eye-hand coordination of a fucking leopard because he plays Xbox all day” Joe says. Taylor’s won three pairs of Yeezys (over $2, 000 in value, according to Joe), and also snagged $500 to buy anything in the store from ’s machine is relatively new, but he says that since September, he’s had approximately 58 winners. “It ends up being like $56, 000, ” he says of the hit he’s incurred. Joe says he’s definitely losing money on the machine but considers it a worthy cost of doing business. “[The expense] goes into my marketing budget anyway, ” Joe explains. “Because if I were to spend $56, 000 on marketing there’s no way I can get 58 people to tell 10 friends who are gonna tell 10 friends that they won free shoes. ”The proprietors of other sneaker stores that operate these machines agreed that they’re doing it at a loss. Kevin Arora just opened Central Hype, a streetwear consignment shop in Illinois, on January 6th. In that time span, he’s had ten winners walk away with items like Yeezys, Pharrell’s Human Race sneakers, and a Supreme x Nas tee. “I mean, we could be losing money but half of the time it just almost, like, evens out, ” Arora says. Evens out financially or evens out because of the other benefits the machine provides? “The benefits, ” he says.

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The lawsuit, filed on Monday in California, said the game was “systematically marketed and sold” as a game of “pure skill” but is instead rigged to “prevent even highly-skilled users from being able to win” until there’s been a set number of losses.Jul 13, 2021

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