Snkrs App Payment Error

Nike SNKRS app just didn’t take any of my goddamn card info …

So it’s my first time trying to cop a pair of limited sneakers so I wake up early, make sure my credit card is working, and then prepare for the UNDEFEATED drop. 7am rolls around and I try to buy the shoe. “We encountered an issue with your payment method… “Which was weird because I had just bought something with the exact same card and info yesterday. I redo all my info, still get the my dad to put his info in, still an error. I’m in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1There’s nothing wrong with anyone’s payment information. The shoe is just sold out is all! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! level 2well if it’s sold out, just say sold out. bad enough they sell out in 1 min. i sat there right when the shoes opened up, app crashed. after restarting, they were still in my size, took 5 mins to get that error. so i copped the UB ATR Mids, which took all of three seconds to cart and then i had 10 mins to finish the 2This was at 7am and I was actually getting sold out notifications at around 7:13 for sizes 13 and 14level 1Happened to me too… then like 20 mins after drop it finally took my PayPal and said I was in line. At the bottom of the waiting in line screen it had a button that read: “got it” which I took to mean I was in line and understood o was going to wait…. so I clicked it and it went back to the main screen showing sold out 1I had the same issue! Caused me to be a little slow on getting VaporMax’s and ended up missing out on my size. Its weird since I couldn’t buy anything on SNKRS but I could spend money on other issue for me was I had too many billing address’ on my payment info. I wiped everything regarding payments, and just put one card in with one set of info on my phone. Now it all 2Op · 4y · edited 4yOh that makes sense, but I only had 1 billing address listed but I did add one card in like 5 timeslevel 1This actually happened to me too with the SP Fly but I was in line at NikeLab so I ended up getting them anywayslevel 1I’ve got multiple pairs off the sneakers app and if you’re talking about the 97’s that dropped I had the same issue. For some reason this drop was bugged, saw in another thread other people had the same issue. This hasn’t happened with any of the previous limited drops that i got or lost.
SNKRS App Secrets - Six Figure Sneakerhead

SNKRS App Secrets – Six Figure Sneakerhead

We’ve all been there. There’s a hot drop incoming that is immensely popular and has an extremely high resale value but there’s only one problem – the drop is a Nike SNKRS exclusive. With so many competitors out there, the sneaker reselling game has made it extremely hard for the average joe to be able to stand a chance. But we want to tilt the balance in your favor.
In this article, we will reveal the secrets behind the workings of the SNKRS app and how to increase your chances of winning all the exclusive drops. These are the type of secrets that we share with our winner’s circle but you will be getting them for free. So without further delay, let’s just get into the first tip.
1) Increase CPU usage for NIKE SNKRS
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Your mobile phone is a computer essentially. A computer has limited memory and therefore it has to prioritize tasks. If you have a bunch of applications opened up at the same time, your phone’s memory gets depleted and this makes your phone slow. So if your phone gets lazy then it won’t be able to participate in the SNKRS raffle effectively. It’s just as simple as that.
So how do you counter this? You start by making sure that your phone is not running any other applications in the background. For iPhone users, the process is as easy as swiping up on the home screen and then swiping all the applications up to close them. This frees up space in your phone’s memory and it can focus on dedicating its entire efforts to the Nike SNKRS application.
Even a delay of a second during the raffle can mean that you won’t be able to cop your favorite sneaker. Therefore, while this tip might seem common sense, it’s pretty damn effective.
2) Internet Speed
Most of us either use LTE or our own home Wifi but do we really know for sure which is faster? What if your LTE is faster than your Wifi but you keep using your WiFi for raffles? Could this mean that you’re losing out on sneakers simply because you don’t have the most optimum network at your disposal? It certainly could.
Therefore, to check which network is faster, head over to and check out for yourself. The networks will be measured on three criteria – Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed. You want to choose the network (for Nike SNKRS) that has the lowest ping and highest Download/Upload speeds.
3) Nike Membership
We all hate shipping charges. It doesn’t matter how insignificant of an amount they might seem, we just despise paying extra. And if you’re a reseller, your customers want the best price possible. Therefore, the lower the cost for you, the greater the value for them.
Therefore, head over to and register yourself. Becoming a member has it perks such as FREE SHIPPING. So if you’re purchasing the latest Jordan or Dunk, you don’t have to pay anything above the retail price. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.
4) Optimum Payment Method for NIKE SNKRS
Why does a different payment even matter? Well, it does for Nike. And the best payment method for Nike is Paypaland here’s why. When you have a Paypal account, this gives Nike the assurance that you’re an actual human being behind the account. You’re not some bot trying to hack the system and cop a sneaker. Apple Pay unfortunately does not have the same features and you don’t want to lose out on a sneaker just because of a silly payment method. Therefore, switch to Paypal and make your life easier.
5) Gender Option on NIKE SNKRS
Now, this is a bit controversial. But I’ve seen it happen myself. Most of the accounts on Nike SNKRS are male and due to the cluster, Nike tends to favor female accounts a bit more. If you set your account’s gender to female, this gives you that increased chance of copping SNKRS. Nike wants to be inclusive and therefore female accounts are able to check out quickly.
Moreover, if you switch your account’s gender, Nike doesn’t even ask for any further verification. So there’s really no harm in switching your gender on Nike SNKRS.
6) Researching Drops for NIKE SNKRS
If you’re a reseller, then this tip is for you. Stockx will be your best friend. Before a sneaker drop, what you should be doing is looking at the shoe listing on StockX and check out the Bid and Ask prices. What you’re primarily looking for is, what sizes are in high demand. Now if a certain size range, for e. g., 9-11 are being sold on StockX then you know there’s a greater supply for them which makes the resale price competitive and therefore reduces profits.
So what you want to do is figure out what sizes aren’t available and then purchase those sizes from SNKRS. When you’re the only seller with a specific size, this makes the buyer desperate to appeal to your offer rather than counter it. Sneaker reselling is a business and you have to tap the untapped market in order to get ahead, therefore researching comes in handy for that.
Our Winner’s Circle also has the best monitors in the game valued at several hundred dollars per month, all included in your membership.
Here’s a sneak peak:
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Alerts of restocks right when they happen
Some of these tips might seem like common sense to you but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective. All of these are tried and tested and if implemented in cohesion, you will see increased success in winning drops. You have literally nothing to lose here so I highly encourage you to apply these tips and tricks.
That’s all from us today, I’ll see you all next time.
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Nike SNKRS app error : How to fix it ? - DigiStatement

Nike SNKRS app error : How to fix it ? – DigiStatement

SNKRS or the Nike SNKRS is an online shopping destination that provides you access to the best and premium quality Nike sneakers. The app has the best catalog of sneakers for men as well as women among Nike Sportswear, Nike SB, Nike Basketball, Nike Training and also includes well-known franchises like Air Force 1, Air Max and Foamposite and Jordan. The site has a large number of customization and personalization options. When you log in with the credentials, you can easily select your favorite Nike franchises you want to follow.
The site has the ability to set notifications for staying a step ahead in the game of upcoming releases and also the tracking order status. It also offers inside story on the most well-known sneaker franchises with exclusive content directly from the source. You can easily purchase your favorite sneakers in a few seconds within the app. The information related to billing, shipping and sizing can be properly stored for expediting the process upon check out. The app is at present available only for iOS users in U. S. and the Android version is being planned for a release as soon as possible.
Each and every app and website have its own flaws like absence of features and other issues. But certain errors that pop up while opening pages for payment; checkout etc. is not a new thing. It has now become a very common problem. In the same way, even SNKRS app faces such type of errors. A few users have reported that when they try to open the app in their desktop, when they check out, they get into the queue and a message which says that an error has occurred with the picture of a shoe at the bottom of the error message. A button appears which says ‘Refresh’ and when users click on that, three dots appear and it remains like that for many hours. This is a common error that has been faced by many people.
If a question is asked that whether there is a solution to this issue or not, it can be said that there is no permanent solution for it. In most cases, it has been seen that these kinds of errors happen normally when the internet connection is too slow or if there is any server issue. Usually, the mentioned problems get solved in just a few hours. But still if the issue is not getting fixed in your part, you should try to open the app again by either closing it for once or by removing and reinstalling it. Alternatively, you can also contact the customer care of their website.

Frequently Asked Questions about snkrs app payment error

Why can’t I use Apple pay on SNKRS?

Why don’t I see Apple Pay as an option? You need to be signed in to your iCloud account to see Apple Pay as an option on and in the Nike and SNKRS Apps. If you’re shopping on, you need to use Safari as your web browser.

Can you use a debit card on SNKRS?

@AllSolesSneaks You can’t use gift cards in the SNKRS app. Debit/credit cards are the only form of payment at this time.Feb 18, 2015

Why does it say pending on SNKRS app?

Pending means you have a spot in line. Keep it locked to SNKRS for updates.Dec 8, 2018

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