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SSH and VPN tunnels can mask a user’s true IP address. A proxy is generally used to hide the users identity or to avoid blocking access to a website or online service. It is also useful for accessing services that are only available in some regions. In addition to the general proxy functions such as surfing the Internet, the proxy over the SSH tunnel also ensures security between the user client (browser) and the proxy server.
Hiding a user’s identity with free web proxies unfortunately often results in slow web browsing speeds. This is where Squid proxy servers can help.
How Squid Proxy Servers Work
To improve the speed of SSH tunnels, VPN accounts or free web proxies you can use a Squid proxy. Squid proxies are popular with many SSH and VPN providers and are mostly offered for free. Setting up with web browsers and apps that support Squid in combination with VPN tunnels and SSH servers can improve overall browsing speed. It can also be useful to get around corporate network restrictions or ISP blockages.
Setup of a SSH Tunnel over Squid Proxy
Squid proxy server caches web content closer to a requestor than its original point of origin. When a user requests a website, the request goes to Squid proxy server, which then goes onto the origin web server and retrieves the content. Squid then caches all web content and returns it to the user. Caching frequently requested websites and media files speeds up response times and reduces overall bandwidth usage.
Squid as SSH Proxy
In addition to SSH and VPN accounts, many providers also offer free Squid proxies to accelerate the anonymized web traffic. Configure your SSH client to connect through the Squid proxy and bypass the limits of most proxy setups. This also gives you more freedom and prevents your surfing habits from being monitored! We Checked and sorted a collection of Squid proxies that are freely available at various SSH and VPN services.
SSH Providers in our Index
We list proxies from many VPN and SSH services like FastSSH, SpeedSSH and CyberSSH. Choose a proxy near your location as this affects the speed of your SSH or VPN account. All proxy servers are Checked for speed and availability.
SSHMonthLink List
Squid caching proxy for the web Squid Cache
Caching and forwarding with Squid web proxySquid server software @Wikipedia
Squid Proxy List |

Squid Proxy List |

Not satisfied enough with our high-speed SSH servers? Speed up your connection even more with our squid proxy servers! As a note, these proxy servers are only compatible with our servers.
A Squid proxy server works by tracking caches’ use over the network. Squid will initially act as an intermediary, simply passing the client’s request on to the server and saving a copy of the requested cache. If the same client or multiple clients request the same cache before it expires from Squid’s cache, Squid can then immediately serve it, accelerating the download and saving bandwidth.
NoIPPortTypeLocationAccess ForCheck
1194. 124. 35. 1078080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck2194. 1158080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck351. 159. 64. 1418080HTTPEUALL ServersCheck4163. 172. 29. 2248080HTTPEUALL ServersCheck545. 144. 240. 1708080HTTPJapanALL JapanCheck6147. 78. 15. 138080HTTPUSALL US ServersCheck781. 90. 189. 128080HTTPSingaporeALL SingaporeCheck
These Proxies only work for our SSH account
Premium Squid Proxy List - GlobalSSH

Premium Squid Proxy List – GlobalSSH

Squid Proxy Support SSL/TLS Encryption
In an internet having a server for providing service, a client for receiving the service, plural proxy servers for standing proxy for an access to the server done by the client, and a proxy server selecting server for noticing an IP (Internet Protocol) corresponding to a domain name of the client in response to an inquiry with the domain name added thereon, the proxy sever selecting server receives a request message with the domain name of the server for providing the target service from the client. Then, the proxy server selecting server notifies the client of the IP address of the most approximate server to the client in place of the IP address of the server, based on the physical/logical location information, and if necessary, the periodically obtained load information of the proxy servers. The client recognizes the proxy server of the IP address given thereto as the server for providing the target service and then makes access to the proxy server.
A transparent proxy. In a computer system, a layered service provider intercepts a communications request from a client application in the native protocol of the communications request wherein the communications request requests communication with a remote server. The service provider bundles and passes the communications request to a predetermined port. A transparent proxy application listening on the predetermined port receives the communications request in the native protocol of the request and establishes the requested communication.
Existing proxy servers require each client application program, such as an Internet browser program for example, to be configured to recognize and use the proxy server. Specifically, client programs need to know how to contact the proxy server with a communications request, and how to format the communications request in order to correctly identify the remote server with which communication is requested. Client programs which do not include proxy configuration capabilities may not make use of current proxy servers.
Currently available proxy servers have another issue in that specific code must be included in the proxy server to recognize and interpret each protocol that may be used by a client program. Commonly used protocols include Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Telnet, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), for example. However, new protocols and revisions of existing protocols are frequently introduced. Thus, there may be an issue if a protocol used by a particular client program is not supported by the proxy server. In order to support a new or revised protocol, a new revision of the proxy server is developed and released. Adding to and/or revising proxy code requires a significant amount of time and effort such that proxy support for a new protocol may lag introduction of the protocol by several months or longer.

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