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Are you missing Sticky9 (StickyGram)? You don't have to ...

Are you missing Sticky9 (StickyGram)? You don’t have to …

March 12, 2019SquaredFarewell dear Sticky9. It has been a while since you closed your doors and discontinued providing people with custom magnets. For those of you who are missing Sticky9 magnets, we are here to offer you an alternative option – magnets made by We print high-quality photo magnets of different shapes: round, square, or puzzle. Do you want to know more?
Looking for a Sticky9 alternative?
Luckily, you don’t have to be sad and miss Sticky9 magnets anymore. Let us present you our project, which is a parallel to Sticky9. A business offering high quality custom photo magnets printable from upload, Instagram or Facebook with a fast delivery and for a good price. We believe our app is suitable sticky 9 replacement. Sounds cool? Keep reading!
What do we offer? Let´s focus on some facts:
You can choose from square, round or puzzle between sizes 2×2″ & 2¾×2¾″. Yes, we do the popular 2×2 inch size photo magnets!
Our magnets are printed on high quality Fujicolor paper, which means that our magnets look like a photo.
We use special magnetic foil that is flexible.
You can choose your own border colour.
You can arrange, crop and resize according to your wishes and needs.
We ship worldwide, but if you make an order for $90 or more, you will have it for FREE.
We do worldwide Economy Shipping via USPS or Priority Shipping via FedEx Express.
Do you like square or round photo magnets? Squared’s customer feedback ❤️
I was so excited to get these square magnetic prints done for the fridge! They turned out so cute, and a perfect way to fill in the side of the fridge up! ✨
Printed photos have always been important to me but especially since being a mom they have become even more important and special knowing that one day her and I will go through these photos as I have done with my mother. I recently discovered and I am so in love with their photo prints and magnets! Their website is so easy to use and the quality of the photos is beautiful. Mika loves staring at these magnets on our fridge while I do my cooking! I know you guys will love them as much as I do
Sundays are family days in our house. We do our best to spend quality time together and have family centered activities.
If you haven’t caught on by now I’m huge into my family and pictures. So it makes since that my family is the #1 thing I take pictures of. I’m loving these picture magnets from Now I have some of my favorite pictures on my fridge to easily see anytime!
Hello igers! Take yours memories on photomagnets
I have just got beautiful photomagnets from, Colors and quality is really so good! I have to share it with my son’s grandparents! (they Love it) ❤️Do You like yours pictures on magnets? You can print Your photomagnets right from Instagram
This is how we feel about matching jammies and the coolest picture magnets from I seriously wanted to print my whole Instagram feed!
Questo amore che non basta mai. Mi piace veramente. Ma con te di piú❤️
STELLAR photo magnets, which highly exceeded my expectations! Crisp images on high quality magnets. Perfect for enjoying your fav photos on your fridge at an awesome price point. Looking forward to purchasing more for gifts!
My order of magnets came and they are fantastic!!!!
Well, but what happened to Sticky9 (former StickyGram)?
Let´s pay some respect to Sticky9. They had been in business for 5 years, but unfortunately their project ended in 2017. As they mentioned for commercial reasons. During that time, they achieved to attract customers from all around the world and become an essential photomagnets printing app for many Instagram and Pinterest icky9 statement on their blog about the business, what are you waiting for?
Check our website, dress up your fridge again, give your walls some life and complete your albums with stickers. In case of any questions, we will answer as soon as possible via e-mail or phone (we have a nice and fast support ).
So, don’t hesitate, make your first order and in few days, you can expect a beautiful package.
Sticky Grams

Sticky Grams

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