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Discord Poll Bot – Bot for Discord

This poll bot helps you to create polls on StrawPoll without leaving Discord. After creating a straw poll, a link will be provided immediately.
There are two different commands:! poll creates an inline voting using reactions! strawpoll creates a poll on StrawPoll
Type! strawpoll Title for quick poll with “Yes/No” options.
Type! strawpoll Title | Option 1 | Option 2 |… for more detailed polls.
Type! poll or! strawpoll for additional help.
The bot is also hanging around in the official StrawPoll Discord server, feel free to join and try it out!
A Python3 Bot for voting unlimited times on a poll.

A Python3 Bot for voting unlimited times on a poll.

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Python 2 or 3
pip install requests
Script Arguments:
id: The Poll ID
option: Which option should the bots vote for? 1 for first checkbox, 2 for second, etc…
f F: Change the frequency of the votes (one every F ms)
m M: Max M threads
p: Use proxies (in case the poll is doing an IP Check)
It cannot vote for multiple options at once
It cannot vote for polls with a captcha
A voting bot written in python 3.x for It uses a ...

A voting bot written in python 3.x for It uses a …

A voting bot written in python 3. x for It uses a proxy list to vote multiple times in a survey.
It works on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Easy to use command line driven program
270 proxies are given from the get-go. More can be easily added
The program saves already used proxies in an xml file to enhance the voting speed dramatically
Usage: [options]
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-v VOTES, –votes=VOTES
number of votes to give
-s SURVEY, –survey=SURVEY
id of the survey
-t TARGET, –target=TARGET
checkbox to vote for
-f, –flush Deletes skipping proxy list
python -v 10 -s abbcw17 -t check3537987
Download the zip or clone it with git then install the required library with:
pip install requests
What is pip? I don’t understand!
If you don’t understand how to install a library also called a “module” in Python please go checkout YouTube:
How to download and install Python Packages and Modules with Pip
Proxy timeout?
If a proxy times out it means the server is not reachable anymore. The predefined list given with this repository most likely only has
proxies that are not online anymore thus you get many proxy timeouts. To get a new list of proxies just search for proxy lists on the web.
Download Libre Office open up the LibreOffice writer.
Paste on each new line the proxy IP and a port divided by a colon.
149. 56. 160. 23:80
193. 108. 38. 23:80
94. 130. 89:3128
Save the file as an file and replace the file in the project directory.
The survey id is always in the url pointing to your survey for example: then abbcw17 would be the id.
To find the target you have to right click the checkbox you want to vote for, then go to inspect element and search for a
value with ‘check’ at the beginning like check3537987. This is the checkbox id.

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