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The Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows

The Best Free Streaming Sites for Movies and TV Shows
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We’ve all got Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming services that just eat into our bank accounts every month even though we barely use them. Well if that sounds like you and you’re keen to cut costs to make room for a charity or something. There’s free streaming services.
Yes, you heard it right, free streaming services that let you watch movies, TV shows and even live TV in a totally legit way.
Most of these websites are just restricted to America though but like always, you can use our awesome Smart DNS Proxy to unblock them. Let’s the streams begin and let’s check out the free streaming services now.
1. The Roku Channel
The Roku Channel is now available for free. While the selection isn’t as huge as Netflix or Amazon Prime, it still has some good titles available like The Bachelorette, The 100, The Matrix trilogy and even live TV from ABC. Roku is also adding a “Featured Free” section to the Roku home screen. The content in “Featured Free” won’t actually play in that section. Instead, you’ll be directed to the app on which it’s available.
There’s only one issue with The Roku Channel: it’s only available on US, but hey, that’s something you can easily fix with Smart DNS Proxy.
2. Pluto TV
Pluto TV offers access to over 100 live TV channels, as well as a huge selection of movies and shows for the price of absolutely nothing.
Scrolling from top to bottom will show you categories like News, Sports, Movies, Entertainment, and Comedy etc. It includes some of the popular channels like Bloomberg, Cheddar, CNBC, MSNBC, CBSN. And if you scroll from left to right, it’ll show you the shows timing up to the next 5 hours
Best of all, Pluto TV is available for all streaming devices. – TV, be it your computer browser, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android TV devices, the PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Chromecast etc.
All the content changes frequently, with the service promising new hit movies every week.
3. Tubi TV
Tubi TV, like Pluto TV, it’s a totally free, ad-supported streaming video service that you can access on heaps of devices like Android, iOS, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast etc.
However, unlike Pluto TV, where you can simply fire up the app and start watching, Tubi does require you to sign up for the service, if you are watching Mature or R rated content. — but that’s a small price to pay for free movies and TV shows.
According to the company, Tubi has more than 50, 000 titles in its library, at the time of making this video. It includes The IT Crowd and Spaced, Cowboy Bebop, True Grit, Oldboy, Naruto, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc.
Although, do note there is no way to get rid of ads, you’ll have to watch them. Thankfully, the ads are short and bearable.
4. Sony Crackle
Crackle is pretty old in the list and owned by Sony.
Like the previous ones, all of Crackle’s content is completely free. Some popular movies and relatively new TV shows are available for streaming. Popular titles include – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Sports Jeopardy, or TV series like Firefly and Seinfeld, Homeland, Dexter, and The Walking Dead. There’s a catch though – the newer shows like Dexter or Homeland, though, might only give you an episode or two.
And just in case you are wondering, like Pluto TV, Tubi, Crackle is available for pretty much any streaming device you can think of.
My only complaint is the lack of search function and no HD content. But then again, you can’t really complain when you get it for free, can you?
Overall, Crackle, has a good selection of free TV shows and movies and is worth checking out even if the videos are in standard definition.
5. SnagFilms
Like the previous one, SnagFilms has thousands of free movies but there aren’t a lot of advertisements and there are plenty of high-quality movies to stream. Yes, many of these movies are available for 720p and 1080p.
Everything is neatly classified. The site claims to have 2, 000 videos of films, shows, and documentaries like Athletes & Their Triumphs, History Lessons, and Youth & Education.
Below each movie there is some additional options so you can share the link to the video over email, Facebook, or Twitter.
They also have a mobile app like all the sites in the list. Overall, SnagFilms is a great source for free movies, the content is not as rich as the previous ones, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
The good thing about free streaming service is that they’re free and you’re not paying a dime at all. But the downside is that most of the content available in those free streaming sites is pretty much the same so it’s repetitive.
What do you think, thought? Would you rather stick to Netflix or switch to free streaming sites like those? Let us know in the comments below. As always, if you like this video, give it a thumbs-up and subscribe to this channel for more awesome content like this.
Thanks for reading and watching.
Best Video Streaming Proxies - ProxyRack

Best Video Streaming Proxies – ProxyRack

This post will show you the best video streaming proxies.
If you live outside of the US or geo-restricted regions, proxies is the best solution for enjoying your favorite video streaming platform such as Netflix US, ESPN+, Disney+, HBO, etc.
This post focuses on video streaming and the best proxies for video streaming.
The Best Video Streaming Proxies
Datacenter proxies are the best proxies for streaming videos. This is because Datacenter servers have high upload/download speed, especially when located in close proximity with the video streaming servers. Plus, they are cheaper when compared with the cost of subscribing to Residential or Mobile proxies.
Conversely, residential and mobile proxies with servers located within the same geographical location as your favorite streaming platform work perfectly well for quality video streaming. However, they are more expensive as a result of their IP source.
One quality source of Datacenter proxies is ProxyRack, a premium proxy service provider with over 2 million premium proxies from more data centers spread in over 140 countries. They also offer mobile and residential proxies.
Residential proxies
Never get blocked, choose your location
Datacenter proxies
Super fast and reliable
Mobile Residential
Highest level of trust
3 Day Trial
Test all products to find the best fit
What Is Video Streaming?
Video streaming is accessing or viewing live or recorded video content via the internet with a computer, mobile devices, Smart TV, or other internet-enabled digital devices.
Examples of streamed online content include movies, live TV shows, webcasts, podcasts, music video, sports, video games, etc.
Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, Prime Video, HBO Max, YouTube, Vimeo, etc., are popular video streaming platforms with varying media content based on your geographical location.
3 Day Trial of All Proxy Products
We want you to find the perfect Proxy Product for your purposes. So we have introduced this new trial product that gives you access to all our products. 3 Days for $13. 95, Learn more
Why Do You Need Proxies For Video Streaming?
Content provided by video streaming platforms varies according to regions. In most instances, these streaming platforms are geo-restricted. This means that if you live within a geo-restricted region, you wouldn’t be able to assess video streaming services from your favorite platform.
For instance, if you live in Australia, you will only be able to stream videos from Netflix Australia or other Australian based streaming services providers. Hence, you won’t be able to access US-based video streaming platforms such as Netflix US or other US-based streaming service providers.
Therefore, you need proxies to overcome geo-restrictions imposed by video streaming service providers.
In essence, proxies work by channeling your data request through a third-party or intermediary server (proxy server). This gives your device a new IP address to channel your data request to your streaming service provider from the proxy server location. Therefore, your device automatically bypasses the geo-restriction to access your favorite content because the streaming service platform assumes that you’re located within the same region as its server.
Lovers of HBO in the US will have to connect via a datacenter proxy server in Australia (within the same region for optimum performance) to enjoy HBO’s sports content. Likewise, lovers of the US’s rich video content will have to connect to proxy servers located within the US to access content from Netflix US, CBS, or other streaming service providers in the US.
Bottom Line
Streaming video content from geo-restricted video streaming service providers is possible with the use of proxies. There are different proxies for such purposes, depending on the media streaming platform.
The best Video streaming proxies are the Datacenter proxies, much preferred for their speed and availability.
For more information about subscribing to ProxyRack proxy services, contact ProxyRack via its dedicated helpline, email, or LiveChat handle on its official webpage.
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How to View Streaming Online Television From Another ...

How to View Streaming Online Television From Another …

Maybe you’re a citizen of the UK who’s moved abroad and you miss keeping up with your favorite television shows-or maybe you’re just an American who is curious what TV in another country is like. Whatever the reason, if you’ve ever tried to go to a streaming TV website such as iPlayer, iTV, Hulu or Netflix and you’re in a different country, you’re greeted with a message telling you that due to restrictions they can’t let you watch anything. Bummer! How does it know that? What’s happening is that the website looks at your public IP address and uses it to determine your location. If you’re wondering what your public IP address is, you can go to and it will tell you. The solution to this problem is to use what is called a proxy server. A proxy server is a separate computer that acts as intermediary between you and whatever resources you’re trying to access. You send a request to the proxy server and then the proxy server processes the request on your behalf. Proxy servers are primarily used in the corporate environment to filter network traffic, but to solve our problem we are relying on one characteristic of its use that might not have occurred to you yet. The resource (in this case a website) only sees the public IP address of the computer making the request: the IP of the proxy server, not yours. So now imagine if you were in America and connected to a proxy server located in the UK. What would happen? It would look like you were in the UK! In this article I will provide the steps for how to find a proxy server service and configure your computer to use it. Find a proxy server service to use. If you’ve searched for one before you’ve likely come across a number of “Free” proxy server sites. Some of the servers on these sites do work to a small degree for browsing web pages, but for actually trying to stream media I have yet to find one that will work. The best solution is to use a paid proxy service. For this example I am using XROXY has a lot of things going for it. They have a free 3-day trial, they’re cheap, they fully understand that you want to use their service to stream media for good performance, and they use PayPal, so you don’t have to worry about giving some stranger on the other side of the planet your credit card information. On the XROXY website, choose “Premium Proxy. ” Select the flag of the country you want your proxy server to be located in by clicking the radio button next to the flag. Choose your “Subscription Period, ” and “Subscription Recurrence. ” Then enter your email address and hit “Subscribe. ” Be sure the country you are choosing is the country that hosts the websites you are wanting to access. Don’t use a fake email address, or else they can’t send you your proxy server address. This will take you to PayPal where you will check out. At the end of the checkout it will give you a username and password for the proxy. *Note: Be sure to write the password down because it will not be emailed to you. If you want to end your subscription before your trial runs out, go to your PayPal account to cancel the subscription. There is no option at the XROXY site to cancel. Check your email. You should get a message with your proxy server’s address, port number, username and subscription ID. Your password was given to you during the PayPal checkout. You did write it down, right? Set Up Firefox I’m starting with Firefox because it is the easiest to configure to use a proxy. The instructions are virtually identical for both PC and Mac. On a PC in Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Network > Settings. For a Mac in Firefox, go to Firefox > Preferences > Network > Settings. Click “Manual proxy configuration” and enter the IP address of your proxy server in the “HTTP Proxy” field and the port in the “Port” field. Check the box that says “Use this proxy server for all protocols. ” Click OK. Now, the next time you try to connect to a web page it will ask you for the proxy server username and password. Enter in the credentials XROXY gave you and you’re done. To later disconnect from the proxy just come back to Network Settings and click “No Proxy. ” Set Up Internet Explorer Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings to set up a proxy server in Internet Explorer. Make sure both boxes for Automatic Configuration are unchecked. Check “Use a proxy server for your LAN. ” Enter the proxy server IP and port into the appropriate fields. Check “Bypass proxy server for local addresses. ” Click “Advanced. ” Check “Use the same proxy server for all protocols. ” Hit “OK” on all the windows. The next time you time you try to connect to a web page it will ask you for the proxy server username and password. Enter in the credentials XROXY gave you. To later disconnect from the proxy just come back to LAN Settings and uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN. ” Set Up Safari on a Mac To set up a proxy server for a Mac to use with Safari we have to go into System Preferences. Go to Apple > System Preferences > Choose your network connection (Airport or Built In Ethernet) > Click Configure (or Advanced for Leopard) > Proxies. For Leopard there is one more step; change Configure Proxies to “Manually. ” Choose “Web Proxy (HTTP)” and enter the proxy server IP address and port. Check “Proxy server requires password” and enter the credentials XPROXY gave you. When you’re done click Apply and then choose “Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)” and repeat the process. To undo the Proxy Server connection you will have to come all the way back here and uncheck Web Proxy and Secure Web Proxy. Test out your configuration by going to and see if your browser thinks you are in a different country. For example, if I have a UK Proxy Server, when I enter into my browser it will automatically route me to instead. Now you are ready to go watch some foreign online streaming television. If you have a UK proxy, BBC iPlayer and iTV are favorites. If your are outside the United States and are using a U. S. Proxy, check out Hulu, Netflix, AOL television and more! Tips Be sure to check out some of my other eHow articles for more cool stuff you can do with your PC, Mac or iPhone. Writer Bio Alexia Petrakos has been working in the web industry for 10 years, helping clients such as Cartoon Network, CNN, Nascar, CARE USA. Mainly focusing on front-end web coding, she’s also done technical writing and QA. Alexia’s taught several classes on HTML & Web Development at workplaces and local libraries. Her love for computers was nurtured by her father who always brought home the latest technologies. When she’s not geeking out Alexia is often found playing with paint, paper & fabric.

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What is a streaming proxy?

In essence, proxies work by channeling your data request through a third-party or intermediary server (proxy server). This gives your device a new IP address to channel your data request to your streaming service provider from the proxy server location.Dec 28, 2020

What is a TV proxy server?

The solution to this problem is to use what is called a proxy server. A proxy server is a separate computer that acts as intermediary between you and whatever resources you’re trying to access. You send a request to the proxy server and then the proxy server processes the request on your behalf.

How can I watch US TV from outside the US?

How Do I Watch American TV Overseas?Subscribe to a reliable VPN. (Like NordVPN.)Install the VPN provider’s app(s) on your viewing device(s).Log in to the VPN provider.Select a VPN server located inside the United States.Go to your favorite streaming site or app and enjoy the show!Jul 12, 2021

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