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FingerprintJS – GitHub FingerprintJS is a browser fingerprinting library that queries browser attributes and computes a hashed visitor identifier from them. Unlike cookies and local storage, a fingerprint stays the same in incognito/private mode and even when browser data is purged. View Our Demo. Quick start Install from CDN Run […]

Browser Fingerprints

The Top Browser Fingerprinting Techniques Explained To generate a highly accurate browser fingerprint, many techniques are used to gather information about the user that can differentiate them from millions of others online. In this article, we review some of the most common methods used in a browser fingerprinting script. Also […]

Browser Fingerprinting

What Is Browser Fingerprinting and How Can You Prevent It? What is browser fingerprinting? Browser fingerprinting (also called device fingerprinting or online fingerprinting) refers to tracking techniques that websites use to collect information about you. Modern website functions require the use of scripts — sets of instructions that tell your […]