Craigslist Rules For Posting Ads

Top 5 Rules to Keep Your Craigslist Ad from Getting Ghosted … Allen Cook Sr. Vice President of Sales at Published Nov 4, 2014 (What we learned from 321, 021 Craigslist ads) If your properties regularly advertise their vacancies on Craigslist, they have likely experienced having their postings ghosted or […]

How To Stop Craigslist Flagging

6 Ways to Avoid Ghosting on Craigslist – Knock CRM It is undeniable that Craigslist is an essential channel for multifamily property managers because it is a free channel that prospects regularly visit as they look for new apartments. However, it may not seem so “free” when leasing agent time […]

Craigslist Flag

How to Flag Postings on Craigslist – Small Business – If you see an inappropriate post on Craigslist, the popular classified advertising site used by individuals and businesses, you can flag it for removal. Do so whether it’s affecting you personally or interfering with your business. A Craigslist flag […]