Dynamic Pricing Examples

Dynamic Pricing: Strategies, Examples, and Applications – Oveit Recently, we’ve all seen concrete applications of dynamic pricing in different markets. Prices of everyday goods, such as toilet paper and hand sanitisers increased dramatically based on demand. Among other common examples of dynamic pricing, we can find happy hours at a […]

Dynamic Pricing Algorithm Python

How to Build a Dynamic Pricing Model | by Etienne Yuan DS in the Real WorldThe following is known to be true in business: High Price, Low Volumes. High Volumes, Low Price. Or is it? Photo by Benjamin Sharpe on UnsplashIn this article, I share with you my experience in […]

What Is Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing: What it is and how you can you use it Dynamic pricing refers to charging different prices for a product or service, depending on who is buying it or when it sells. Dynamic pricing is sometimes called demand pricing, surge pricing, or time-based pricing. And it’s a reaction […]