Switchy Sharp

Proxy SwitchyOmega Proxy Manager Tutorial – Blog | Oxylabs SwitchyOmega is a powerful and reliable proxy manager that works with many popular browsers. From our own experience, it is one of the best proxy plugins out there. This short blog post will show you how to implement Oxylabs Datacenter Proxies […]

Chrome Proxy App

How to Change or Disable Your Proxy in Chrome | ExpressVPN Last updated: August 12, 2021Too frustrated to read this page? Talk to a HumanA proxy server is an intermediary between your computer and the internet, often used to hide your real location and allow you to access websites that […]

Proxy Google Chrome Extension

The best Chrome VPN extension in 2021 | Tom’s Guide Home Best Picks Apps (Image credit: Rafapress/Shutterstock) Chrome VPN extensions are offered by just about every one of the best VPN providers. They’re usually pared-down versions of the desktop app, and while they might not offer every feature, they’re a […]