Definition Scraping

Definition of scrape – Merriam-Webster \ ˈskrāp \ transitive verb 1a: to remove from a surface by usually repeated strokes of an edged instrument b: to make (a surface) smooth or clean with strokes of an edged instrument or an abrasive 2a: to grate harshly over or against b: to […]

What Is Meant By Scraping

scrape – Wiktionary English[edit] Etymology[edit] From Middle English scrapen, from Old Norse skrapa (“to scrape, scratch”) and Old English scrapian (“to scrape, scratch”), both from Proto-Germanic *skrapōną, *skrepaną (“to scrape, scratch”), from Proto-Indo-European *skreb- (“to engrave”). Cognate with Dutch schrapen (“to scrape”), schrappen (“to strike through; to cancel; to scrap”), […]