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What to Know
If you know the IP address, enter it on ARIN WHOIS to view ownership.
To find an IP address, open Windows command prompt (Start + CMD on Windows) > type ping
To find an IP address owner if you don’t know the IP address, use UltraTools,, GoDaddy, or DomainTools.
This article explains how to find the owner of an IP address, whether you know the IP address or not. Also included are instructions for finding an IP address using the Windows command prompt.
How to Find Out Who Owns an IP Address
Every internet protocol (IP) address used on the internet is registered to an owner. The owner may be an individual or a representative of a larger organization such as an internet service provider. Many websites don’t conceal their ownership, so you can look up this public information to find the owner. However, some services allow the owner to remain anonymous. As a result, their contact information and name are not easily found.
ARIN WHOIS service queries the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) for an IP address and displays who owns the IP address and other information such as a contact number, a list of other IP addresses in that range with the same owner, and dates of registration.
For example, for the 216. 58. 194. 78 IP address, ARIN WHOIS says that the owner is Google and its IP range falls between 216. 192. 0 and 216. 223. 255.
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If You Don’t Know the IP Address
Some services are similar to ARIN WHOIS, but they can search for the website owner even when the website’s IP address is unknown. Examples include UltraTools,, GoDaddy, and DomainTools.
To use ARIN WHOIS to find the owner of an IP address, convert the website to its IP address using a ping command in the Windows command prompt. With the command prompt open, type the following to find the website’s IP address:
Replace websitename with the website you want to find the IP address for.
About Private and Other Reserved IP Addresses
Some IP address ranges are reserved for use on private networks or for internet research. Attempting to look up these IP addresses in Whois returns an owner such as Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). However, these same addresses are employed on many home and business networks worldwide. To find who owns a private IP address in an organization, contact their network system administrator.
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IP WHOIS Lookup - Lookup an IP Address - DNS Checker

IP WHOIS Lookup – Lookup an IP Address – DNS Checker

About IP WHOIS – Check Who Owns an IP Address
IP WHOIS Lookup Tool offers a free IP Lookup Service to check who owns an IP address. Just enter an IP and perform the IP Lookup to find which organization or individual owns that specific IP address.
IP WHOIS Lookup Tool
Go for Lookup IP WHOIS information using the IP WHOIS Lookup tool for any allocated IP address.
The IP WHOIS information contains
The contact information of the IP address owner.
The Regional Internet Registry (RIR); which assigns that IP address.
The autonomous system (AS) numbers.
The designated owner, location, contact information, and abuse reporting details.
The number of IP addresses in the block or blocks assigned to the owner of the IP you are researching.
What is IP address ownership?
Someone somewhere owns an IP address that is in use on the internet. An Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible worldwide for managing the allocation of IP addresses. The organization is responsible for reporting the information, for example, IP address, root zone management in DNS, ASNs allocation, and other Internet numbers and Internet Protocol-related symbols.
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority further assigns Internet number resources (IP addresses and AS numbers) to regional internet registries (RIRs). These registries are responsible for allocating and registering Internet number resources within a specific region of the globe.
Each RIR has its regional rules and policies and follows those to assign the IP addresses and AS numbers to their customers, including ISPs and end-user organizations.
Every IP address that floats on the global public internet is administrated by one of the five RIRs, each working within a specific region of the globe. The RIRs and their regulatory areas are as follows.
African Network Information Centre (AfriNIC) Manages IP addresses for the Africa continent.
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Manages IP addresses for the United States, Canada, and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands.
Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Manages IP addresses for Asia, Australia, and surrounding Countries.
Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre (LACNIC) Manages IP addresses for Latin America and the Caribbean.
Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) Manages IP addresses for Europe, the Middle East, and the former USSR.
Note: Suppose an RIR assigns a block of IP addresses to one of its ISP in the United States. The same ISP further assigns a sub-block of those IP addresses to one of their customer in Canada. The IP address’s location still is reported as being in United States.
However, for more accurate geolocation data and to get IP’s location from several geolocation databases, you may use the IP geolocation tool.
How to find the WHOIS information of the given IP address by using the IP WHOIS Lookup tool?
To find the WHOIS information of a particular IP address. Perform the following steps.
Open the IP WHOIS Lookup tool.
Enter a valid IPv4 or IPv6 in the “Enter any Valid IP Address” section.
After entering the IP address, click on the “Lookup IP” button.
The tool performs the IP WHOIS lookup and provides you the WHOIS info of that particular IP address.
IP WHOIS Results
You will get the information you should contact to reach out to the IP address owner from the IP WHOIS results. You will most likely get the Internet Service Provider (ISP) information to whom the IP address is assigned. If someone tries to spam or hack you, etc., it’s best to dig out the abuse information included in the results. Otherwise, using the non-abuse contact information will be your best option when attempting to reach the controlling party.
Can I see the WHOIS details of the end-user?
The WHOIS results provide the organization or individual’s name against which the IP is registered in the IP WHOIS Database. Frequently it’s an internet service provider (ISP). However, it’s impossible to get the end-user information to whom the ISP assigns the IP. Only ISP has the original and exact details of its end-user. You can get it if the court directs the ISP to provide the end-user name, address, and contact information.
Inside Secrets About IP Address Geolocation

Inside Secrets About IP Address Geolocation

Should you worry about being tracked?
We’re all familiar with the cartoon, “Where’s Waldo? ” As you know, it’s not always easy to find the character in the red and white striped shirt, glasses and ski cap.
Using top-tier geolocation, authorities can track down Waldo the instant he’s online.
It’s about the same with Waldo’s IP address (even if it is fictional). If he sent you an email with a picture of himself buried in a crowd, you might find him in the picture…but how would you know where he’s geographically located?
Impossible, right?
No. Not as impossible as you might think.
Geolocation lookup.
Through a useful Internet tool called IP geolocation lookup, you can track an IP address close to someone’s exact location, if they’re communicating with you through the Internet…and if you want or need to know where they really are.
You can get pretty close, depending on a variety of factors, to finding the physical location of someone’s IP address (if you can capture it).
Need proof? Let’s see where you are, in real time, right now.
Where are you?
Go to our IP Lookup (which is an IP location finder or tracker) to see where you show up on the map. If you allow your browser to update your location (when it asks you) the geolocation accuracy gets even better.
You can get a good idea of the where someone is emailing you from using a geolocation tool, like the one right on our site (see IP Lookup). And that, for the most part, should be good enough. It will not give you anyone’s name and address, but it’s not supposed to. That would be a violation of their privacy… and a little too creepy.
But you’d be surprised at how close geolocation can sometimes “zoom in” on you.
Zeroing In
When you came to the website, you saw that your IP address was conveniently displayed on the home page. And you also saw—maybe surprisingly—that other information was displayed, such as your:
ZIP code
Longitude and latitude
Whoa! Where did that come from?
It came from the IP address geolocation service used to look at the IP address of wherever you were when you visited our site.
“Based on his IP address, we know
he’s within 2 miles. ”
The IP address you saw could be your home computer’s IP address, or the one at the local coffee shop or airport. It all depends on where you are.
Are you feeling creeped out? You don’t have to be.
Learning more about the Internet
You can also look at this as a way to get educated on the power of the Internet and the tools that you (and others) can use to keep safe. (Read our section on Change IP Address and Hide IP Address. ) After all, your name, street address, nickname or favorite color were not revealed. Chances are, your location was, at best, some five or six miles away from your home.
And does anybody care where you are? No, not unless you’re Waldo.
Still, even when not pinpoint accurate, geolocation usually puts a computer user in a nearby town or area, which may be good enough for the person who wants to know where the curious email they received was actually sent from. Check out Trace Email.
Super geolocation accuracy drills down to your Zip Code, and sometimes even down to your kitchen window.
And that person might be you. In other words, you may want to find the IP address of someone who emails you, run it through a high accuracy geolocation service and get closer to zeroing on their location. Maybe not the exact location of their IP address, but with great accuracy.
And that means you can locate Waldo and even direct him to the nearest mall to get a new shirt.
Get hidden now. »» I want to hide my IP
How Geolocation Works
Geolocation Database Providers
Update your geolocation
Check an IP’s location

Frequently Asked Questions about track ip address owner

How do you find out who owns an IP address?

To find an owner of an IP address, you’ll use ARIN WHOIS lookup tool to query an IP address. Much like the domain WHOIS lookup, the ARIN WHOIS lookup will provide the details of Network, Organization, and Contact information.Mar 12, 2021

Can you trace an IP address to a person?

Through a useful Internet tool called IP geolocation lookup, you can track an IP address close to someone’s exact location, if they’re communicating with you through the Internet…and if you want or need to know where they really are.

How do I trace an IP address exactly?

How to Trace an IP Address Using the Command PromptOpen the Command Prompt. First, press the Windows key and the “R” button. … Ping the Website You Want to Trace. Type “ping” followed by the URL of the website to get its IP.Run the “Tracert” Command on the IP. … Put These IPs Into an IP Lookup Tool.Oct 4, 2021

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