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Facebook IP Address Finder – Find IP Address from Facebook

Today, imagining our lives without social media seems very complicated. Every day, people share millions of photos and videos on their social accounts to stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues. Even companies and popular brands have started embracing the power of social tools for marketing and promotion.
Most people use social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with online friends, check their feeds, post interesting content, and advertise their business to reach a large number of people.
While some users are out there to trace other user’s online activity, view private Facebook profiles without being friends or want to view locked Facebook profile picture. More specifically, people also want to track the IP address of someone’s Facebook account or page to discover their real identities and current location related information.
The IP address not only helps people find the location and identity of the target Facebook user, but it also find email address of someone’s Facebook account and gives a plethora of information such as their real name, phone number, area pin code, and so on.
There can be many reasons you would like to find the IP address of someone’s Facebook account or page.
Maybe, you are collecting data about your audience to offer personalized services. Possibly, you are receiving spam or inappropriate messages from an unknown user over messenger. People can also easily fake their identity and display wrong information on their profile and want to track them.
For example, they can easily update their profile with fake information and add New York as their hometown. They might also list the colleges and schools in New York they have graduated from. But, what’s the guarantee the information is accurate?
That is when tracking the IP address of a Facebook user comes into the picture. It helps you find the exact and real-time location of the user on the Google Map for free.
If you’re new to Facebook, this guide will tell you how to find IP address of someone’s Facebook account or page for free.
In fact,
These are the same strategies you can use to track the location of someone’s Facebook account and page in real-time.
Sound’s good? Let’s get started.
How to Find IP Address of Someone’s Facebook Account
1. Facebook IP Address Finder by iStaunch
You can find the IP address of someone’s Facebook account or page using the Facebook IP Address Finder. All you have to do is enter the FB profile or page URL in the box and tap on the find button. That’s it, next you will see the IP address of entered Facebook account or page.
Facebook IP Address Finder
Keep in mind that you might need to wait for a couple of seconds to see the IP address of entered Facebook profile, highlighted in bold letters.
We must notify you that this might not be the real-time IP address but it’s the time when you last copied the URL or username. If this doesn’t sound beneficial, then move to the next method.
2. Facebook Location Tracker
Open Facebook Location Tracker.
Type username or link whose IP you want to find.
Enter captcha for verification.
After that tap on the Track button.
You will see the location and IP address of the profile.
3. Find IP Address from Facebook Using Messenger
It is possible to find an IP Address from a Facebook profile or page using the messenger. You can use the command tool on Windows and the netstat function to identify the user’s IP address. However, you have to start a chat with the user whose IP address you are trying to discover.
Initiate a chat with the target user on Facebook Messenger and make sure you do it while the user is online. Keep the chat window open and access the command prompt tool simultaneously. Type ‘netstat –an’ and hit Enter. You will get a list of IP address and look for the target Facebook user’s IP address.
Ensure that you have closed other and browser sessions and tabs as other Internet Protocol addresses could be shown, which might confuse you.
There you go! The IP address of the target will be displayed on the command prompt.
4. Grabify IP Logger
Grabify is an free IP Logger website that track and find IP address from Facebook. However, the downside is that even government authorities can also use Grabify to track social media accounts.
Here’s how you can:
Open the Facebook app.
Copy Faceook profile or page link.
Oepn the Grabify IP Logger website.
Enter the copied link and click on create URL.
It will generate a IP address tracking link.
Initiate a chat with Facebook user and at the right time send them an IP tracking link.
Ask them to open the link for some exciting content.
When they click on it, Grabify will find IP address.
Just refresh the Grabify page, and IP will be displayed.
Final Words:
I hope guys now you can easily find someone’s IP address on Facebook. If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment below.
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How to Find Somone's IP Address on Facebook - Hotspot Shield


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How to Find Somone’s IP Address on Facebook – Hotspot Shield

In today’s modern world, social media play an important part in our everyday lives. Many people check their social media feeds daily and make posts to their profiles. Social Media has become a hugely important tool and it is used for social interaction, and also as a means of promotion and advertisement for 99% of the public use social media for legitimate and valid purposes, there is unfortunately that 1% that attempts to spoilt it for everyone else and cause disruption. The situation may arise where you need to track someone down and take action against their online activity – A sure fire way to do this is to find their IP Address. It is possible to track someone’s IP address using Facebook and this article explains how! What is Facebook? If you haven’t heard of Facebook then you must have been living in the jungle or something – Facebook is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms available today. Facebook allows individuals to connect, share information and photos, find businesses, record live content, and a whole host of other social documentation. Many people simply love Facebook and the level of interactivity and social interaction that it can would I need to find someone’s IP Address? In most cases, you may need to find someone’s IP address if they have acted in an inappropriate manner towards you or your business on Facebook – maybe they have tried to infect your browser with a virus or sent spam messages over Facebook messenger. Alternatively, they could have breached contract terms with your business or tried to sabotage your Facebook page. Whatever the reason, you may want to report them, or try to obtain an IP block so they can no longer cause can I find someone’s IP Address on Facebook? It is possible to find an IP Address using the Facebook messenger/chat application. Using the command prompt tool (for Windows users) or the utility tool (for Mac users) and the netstat function, you can easily trace someone’s IP address on this social media platform. You must first establish a connection with the user – This should be an open connection, therefore, the built in Facebook chat system is the best option to use. Open a new chat window with the user and ensure that they are online. Once you have opened a chat window, keep it open, and then proceed to open the Command Prompt tool or Utility tool depending on your you have opened this tool simply type in “netstat –an” and press enter. Providing that you have an active connection with the end user, their IP address should then appear after a short period of time. Before executing this command, ensure that you have closed any other windows and browser sessions as other IP addresses could be returned also that could be obtaining the IP address, you can then do as you wish with it and even report it to Facebook if you feel that the user requires a ban or disciplinary wnload Hotspot Shield VPN. It’s Free! Join over 650 million users already enjoying absolute Internet Freedom around the world by downloading Hotspot Shield Hotspot Shield
How to trace a fake Facebook account - Engage Web

How to trace a fake Facebook account – Engage Web

Since the creation of the Internet, websites have been used to carry on the much practiced offline technique of bullying. What used to happen face-to-face, and in school playgrounds, now takes place online on websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The problem is that children today are very well versed in technology, having grown up with it, but have little understanding of the dangers it carries, or of the responsibilities they should have with regards to how they treat others online.
How to Trace a Fake Facebook Account
To many, including some schools and some authorities, online bullying seems to be a harmless crime which is completely untraceable.
Facebook, in particular, is a main target for cyber bullies because it allows people to create fake accounts with very little in the way of validation, and to target others without any fear of reprisals. When fake accounts are created in someone’s name, and used to post hurtful photographs or make unpleasant comments towards their intended target, or the target’s friends, it can often be difficult for the victimised party to even find the profile itself, let alone get it removed or bring those responsible to task. With Facebook’s privacy settings, bullies are able to create fake profiles and have them unsearchable, so it’s next to impossible to find them – until they contact you.
Today’s cyber bullies know how to use the technology at their disposal, and believe they’re safely anonymous in their actions. This, of course, is not the case.
The Problem
We recently needed to trace a fake Facebook profile when someone came to us after they had been targeted, and their friends were receiving obscene messages seemingly ‘on their behalf’. The victim of the bullying didn’t even have a link to the profile, they just knew someone had created one claiming to be them and they were sending messages to their friends.
A search around various websites and forums for how to proceed showed that nobody had any real insight into how to deal with this issue, and the general consensus was that Facebook itself could probably get information, such as the IP address of the person responsible, but they would never share it. Finding the identity of the bully was impossible, it would appear.
The Hunt
The first step was to locate the profile itself. Without this, there really was nothing that could be done. Despite the victim’s friends claiming to have received obscene messages, nobody was willing to provide a link to the profile in question – perhaps because they knew who was responsible and didn’t want to get them into trouble, or perhaps because they were scared of reprisals from the online bully. Whatever the reason, this was a dead-end. It also didn’t help that the person being bullied wasn’t even on Facebook, so they didn’t have any connections either.
Instead we needed to trace the profile based on the friendship principle. We knew the people who had supposedly received messages and, by using Facebook’s search facility, we were able to trace one or two of those people on Facebook. Once we had two people, it was easy to scour their friends’ lists and locate the profiles of the others. Before long, we had uncovered a web of profiles, all cross-linked between each other (Facebook does something similar to offer suggested friends as ‘people you may know’). Now, while the fake profile itself was set so that it couldn’t be searched, it was still discoverable from the profiles of the people it had connected with – and some of the profiles we found had the fake profile displayed as one of their friends.
We had found our fake profile.
The Decision
We were now faced with a decision. It would have been easy at this stage to report the fake profile to Facebook, and have it removed. Well, we say ‘easy’, but actually Facebook doesn’t make it easy to report a profile when it isn’t yours if you actually have a Facebook account yourself. When you come to report a profile, Facebook asks if the profile is yours and if you have a Facebook account. It doesn’t allow you to report a fake profile on behalf of someone else if you have a Facebook account, as it doesn’t seem to accept the fact that you might have a Facebook account yet you have a friend who doesn’t.
To report a profile on behalf of someone else, you need to log out of Facebook and say you don’t have a Facebook account. It’s a long-winded process, but it’s the only way to do it if you want to go through Facebook.
However, doing that wouldn’t necessarily help in finding out who created the profile in the first place. It would only serve to report the profile to Facebook and have it deleted. No, instead we needed to be a little more technical.
The Method
Finding out the identity of who created a Facebook profile is, according to most websites and forums, impossible and, using just the tools made available via Facebook, this would be the case. However, using systems we have already developed here at Engage Web (such as our location-based weather system) it is possible to get a lot of information about someone if they just follow a link of our choosing, a link to a page made just for them and containing code developed to gather data about the computer used by the person looking at it.
We’re not going to reveal the code used in this article but, suffice to say, what we discovered should serve to warn people of the dangers of pretending to be someone else online. But how to get someone to click on a link? That’s the difficult part. Surely nobody would be stupid enough to follow a link sent to them by someone they don’t know on Facebook? Well, yes, actually. Confidence breeds complacency and people who think they know what they’re doing online are often very complacent because, after all, who could possible catch them out? They’re the technical experts. They’re the cyber bullies hiding behind a fake profile. They’re untouchable.
Oh, no they’re not!
A message sent to the fake profile, containing a link to a page that harboured our code, was enough to tempt the cyber bully to follow it and give us all of their information. The promise of information about the person they were bullying was more than they could resist.
The Result
Below you will see the raw headers captured by our code when the cyber bully followed the link from Facebook. We have removed the referring URL (which would show the name of the person in the profile) and we have removed the Host URL (the website we used to trap the data). We have left everything else in, however.
Opera/9. 80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4. 2. 14004/34. 788; U; en) Presto/2. 8. 119 Version/11. 10
Accept ==>> text/html, application/xml;q=0. 9, application/xhtml+xml, image/png, image/webp, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, */*;q=0. 1——Accept-Encoding ==>> gzip, deflate——Accept-Language ==>> en-GB, en;q=0. 9——Connection ==>> Keep-Alive——Device-Stock-Ua ==>> Alcatel-OT-800——Forwarded ==>> for=\”149. 254. 58. 252:31991\”——Host ==>> ********——Referer ==>>%3A%2F%2F *********** *************%2F&h=9AQG1O_eu&s=1——User-Agent ==>> Opera/9. 10——X-Forwarded-For ==>> 149. 252——X-Operamini-Features ==>> advanced, file_system, folding——X-Operamini-Phone ==>> Alcatel # OT 800——X-Operamini-Phone-Ua ==>> Alcatel-OT-800——
So what does this show us? Firstly, we can tell the bully isn’t using a computer. They’re using a mobile phone. We have learned the manufacturer and the model of the mobile phone used to access the website, an Alcatel One Touch 800 (not a common phone). We have learned the IP address of the phone, 149. 252. A search on this IP address in Google tells us the mobile phone is on the O2 Network.
So we have the network, the mobile phone manufacture, the model of the phone and the IP address. This is a lot of data from just one click, and enough for the school itself to begin investigations. However, it’s not enough for us. We need more.
The Facebook Route
This is where the reporting of the profile comes in. Facebook allows you to report fake profiles (once you remember to log out to report a profile of someone else and to say you don’t have a Facebook account). You do, however, need to prove who you are and submit copies of a government issued ID (such as driver’s licence or passport). The response from Facebook to this is usually very fast indeed, just a few days, as Facebook takes matters of cyber bullying very seriously. Once Facebook has reviewed the information given to it and confirmed the profile is fake, its team will act and get it removed.
Imposter Account Information Requests
This isn’t the end of it, however, because you are now able to go a step further and request information about the ‘imposter account’, such as who created it, when it was created, the email address they used, the IP address, when they logged in and even their phone number.
That’s right – you are able to get the mobile phone number of the person who created the fake profile. We bet the cyber bully responsible didn’t think someone could get that information from Facebook.
This sort of information requires even more hoop-jumping however, as Facebook requires something called a ‘notarized statement’ confirming your identity. This is common in the USA, but not something we really have in the UK. However, a signed and dated statement from someone such as a solicitor, policeman or vicar should be sufficient. We used a solicitor, who wrote our notarized statement and stamped copies of a passport confirming the identity. This was then uploaded and accepted by Facebook, and a full document was forthcoming with more information than we could have hoped for.
What Facebook gave us
Facebook sent a document showing the dates, times and IP addresses of every instance where someone accessed the fake profile, every time someone logged in. This document showed when the fake profile was created, the date and time, and it gave us the phone number of the person responsible.
An example of the Facebook data:
IP Address 78. 148. 183. 215
Time 2013-06-13 20:40:37 UTC
Location WAP
Time 2013-06-13 16:53:09 UTC
IP Address 212. 128. 218
Time 2013-06-07 06:40:47 UTC
IP Address 212. 234
Time 2013-06-07 01:05:34 UTC
From this, we have learned that the person who created the profile either changed their phone twice, or there were three different people – as the IP addresses used belong to Talk Talk and Vodafone, as well as the original O2 mobile we trapped earlier. The fake profile was created using a Vodafone mobile on the IP address 212. 221 at 22:04 on 6th June 2013, and was validated via text using the mobile number 0750 231 0842 (this number currently has a Vodafone voicemail message when dialled).
So, if you or someone you know has been the victim of bullying via a fake profile on Facebook, not only can you have the profile deleted; you can find out who created it, when they created it, when they have logged in, and what their phone number is.
As for the cyber bullies reading this (because we know some will while they Google how to do it, and whether they can be caught) – yes, you can be caught. Yes, you can be traced.
The Internet is not anonymous, and bullying is bullying. Click To TweetUpdated 3rd August 2016 – We have received a vast number of requests from people asking for help in tracing fake Facebook profiles. We regret we are unable to assist anyone with this or offer advice beyond what is already contained within the above article, however we have written an eBook explaining in detail how you do it, including how you get the IP address of the person responsible. The eBook can be downloaded here and costs £29 but we are able to offer a discount with the code EWTRACE which gives you the eBook for just £9. 99. Enter the code EWTRACE in the checkout for the discounted price.
About Latest Posts Darren is Technical Director at Engage Web, as well as being a co-founder of the company. He takes a hands-on approach to SEO and web design, helped by more than 20 years’ experience in these fields.

Frequently Asked Questions about tracking ip address from facebook

Can you trace an IP address from Facebook message?

It is possible to find an IP Address using the Facebook messenger/chat application. … Once you have opened a chat window, keep it open, and then proceed to open the Command Prompt tool or Utility tool depending on your OS. Once you have opened this tool simply type in “netstat –an” and press enter.

Can you be traced through Facebook?

Your article is correct, a Facebook user can be traced by an individual, but not without the assistance of legal representation, law enforcement, the compliance of Facebook and Internet Service Providers in compliance with the Data Protection Act and to get started with this procedure, there must be a strong reason to …May 1, 2014

How can I trace a fake Facebook account?

Visit the profile of the fake account. Click on the three dots within a circle on the cover photo. A line will appear that says: Give feedback or report this profile. Click or select this line and follow the on-screen instructions Facebook provides for reporting a fake account.

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