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I love Texas. Especially Oak trees!
My good puppy dog. Beautiful day for hiking. Happy Thanksgiving! (at North Lake Waco, Waco, Texas)
Brass and glass sculpture #art #boston (at Boston Logan International Airport)
I love when I get to chase storms at home. Literally, 2 miles from my house in Frisco, Texas. This supercell formed quickly. 2″ hail was radar indicated. Nice summer storm! #weather #friscotx #storm (at Under the Glorious Skies of Frisco, Texas)
Spectacular lightning last night in the North Texas area. I didn’t have to chase far for this one! Hope you enjoy #lightning #storm #weather #texas (at Under the Glorious Skies of Frisco, Texas)
Massive supercell surrounding and moving away from us at sunset in Kansas a couple weeks back. One of the best I have seen this year. My @marmot Mica jacket lit up standing out watching. Sorry @steverokks for walking into your frame yo. I bet it’s killer lol #lexarmemory #stormchasing #adventure #sunset #weather (at Arlington, Kansas)
Waiting for this supercell to get a little closer made me nervous. Radar indicated baseball sized hail was in the core. The lightning was incredible. One cloud to ground strike after the other. All of the lightning had branches on the return stroke. Mainly see these with very strong storms. @steverokks and I were amazed! Here is one of my favorites from the day. #stormchasing #lightning #greatplains #kansas #weather #canon (at Arlington, Kansas)
V2 of the tornado @steverokks and I chased last week from Grover, Colorado into SW Nebraska. We witnessed this tornado forming and move over the road and then rope out stage. Lasted 5 mins. Went on to see several more that day. Hope you enjoy this version. Check out my feed for the earlier shot:) #stormchasing #tornado #weather #environment #greatplains (at Bushnell, Nebraska)
Tornado! @steverokks and I chased this supercell from Grover, Colorado into SW Nebraska last week. We witnessed this tornado forming to the rope out stage. Went on to see several more that day, all on the open Plains. Hope you enjoy #stormchasing #tornado #weather #environment #greatplains (at Bushnell, Nebraska)
Standing in this field in South Central Nebraska, watching this incredible supercell move away from us was quite the experience. One of my favorites from this year. Great times with my friend @steverokks. Hope you enjoy #stormchasing #sunset #surreal #lightning #weather (at Arlington, Nebraska)
The Desert Storm and Other Chaotic Things - Tumblr

The Desert Storm and Other Chaotic Things – Tumblr

The Desert Storm and Other Chaotic Things
the clone wars chronological watch: #82 ➡ DeceptionA terrorist threat! Moralo Eval, mastermind of a Separatist plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine, has been captured by Republic forces. But even with the criminal behind bars, rumors swirl in the underworld of Coruscant that Moralo’s plot has already been set in precious time running out, the Jedi Council hatches their own plot to keep the Chancellor safe…
honestly,, how is anyone supposed to handle the casual disdain with which he cuts down these droids as he’s stalking after ventress
Or like, how am I meant to handle Obi easily throwing The Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, over his should like a ragdoll? Too baddass…
yeah like i am totally fine with it!!!! totally, right. No, I am Not Finenot fine with this at alli am. Coping???? girl help
Things that are totally fine and do not require me to breathe into a paper bag for five minutes or anything, it’s totally cool, I’m fine, everything’s fine:The way he casually decapitates the magnaguard WHILE IT’S PICKING UP THE ELECTROSTAFF and just keeps walking? tally, this shit, what the fuck:Completely and totally I did not have any kind of breathing attack over this shit, either:…, maybe I’m not fine at all. [breathes into a paper bag]
Cody and Obi-Wan trust, respect and please to work with each other. (source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
caleras asked:
Any chance you have a reference photo for Obi-Wan’s haircut?
How it feels to read a really good fic and find the author has dozens more like it
Season 3 of the Mandalorian looks great-
The Society for Continued Galactic Safety strongly recommends against fighting humans, and regulations state that killing humans on worlds not already settled by humans is forbidden. Not because humans are dangerous, but because they’re 7 times more likely to produce ghosts than any other race.
Race to Crashpoint Tower | by Daniel José Older“Everything seemed to be happening so fast; Lula could barely catch her breath. It seemed like just yesterday the galaxy was at peace and all she had to worry about was learning the skills she needed to become the greatest Jedi ever. Now entire worlds had been nearly destroyed and secret plots to bring down the Republic lurked everywhere. Combat training had always felt like a kind of meditative exercise, learned more because of tradition than any dire necessity. Padawans learned the forms, memorized each step, and honored their lightsabers as a part of themselves, and in doing so, they walked the path of every Jedi before them, and every Jedi yet to come. ”HEY THANKS I’M CRYING ABOUT JEDI LEGACY AGAINJust the thought of all that connection, that every Jedi is connected to every other Jedi by walking the path of doing their best to help the galaxy, by walking the path of honoring their lightsaber and kyber crystal as part of them, I’M EMOTIONALBut also Lula and the other Jedi being in the middle of this giant snarling, tangle of plots designed to bring the Republic down, that she’d known peace before this, that she’s not even a full Jedi Knight yet, she’s still a Padawan learner, and the galaxy is being lit with a horrible fire around her, but she still wants to do her best to help, no matter what awful secret plots are lurking around the just. These Jedi facing the same thing the prequels Jedi will face, the same paths being walked, the same compassion being shown, that, yes, it sometimes does feel like an endless cycle of war, because that’s part of the nature of sentient beings, and the Jedi will always be there to step up and help as best they can.
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