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Our Smart system is developed to help you download and extract data from Google Search engine result pages (SERPs) while keeping captcha = 0 all time.
Captcha is 0 all time?
Yes we are not kidding at all! We have our own smart system!
Many Rank-trackers, Data miners and Scrappers use our service for its robustness to avoid bots detection.
Our prices are best over dedicated proxies for Google with very fast google response time. So no need to worry about timeouts and Drops happening with conventional proxies.
As an example, If we have plan “RedFire” which has 10 req/sec plan, its 10X60X60 = 36000 Hourly successful Serps lookup, Per 24 hour it will be 864000 successful Serps lookup with Google captcha = 0.
Our packs can be used for Google and Youtube Scrapping too.
We have our proxy packages that have been developed for various tasks, and most importantly repeatedly tested in the field. Such a variety has been made so that everyone can choose a proxy package by the price.
We don’t have Bandwidth Limit on requests, Our plans are suitable to save your Cash!
Buy Proxies Server Online | Best value Money Proxies

Buy Proxies Server Online | Best value Money Proxies

Competitive Price Proxies
For Recaptcha V2 and V3
For Scraping
For Incognito Stealth Browsing
Best Quality & Competitive Price For Proxies On The Internet
Best Proxies For Solving Recaptcha V2 & V3
All Proxies Are Private On One Hand No Shared Proxies
Daily 24 Hours Round Support Even On Holidays.
Works Great for high performance, multi threaded softwares and bots.
IP white listing or user/password based authentication. No setup fee`s.
We guarantee a 95% uptime of our proxies
We give you to choose between rotating IPs or use the static IPs, Both exist on the client dashboard. All of the new proxies will be virgin and private.
Different location – a different high-level subnet. Inside the same location, different servers – different / 48 subnets
We use technology that is uniquely developed in house to make proxies 100% highly anonymous. Your true IP will permanently remain hidden.
Clients All Over The World
/ Month
1, 500 IPv6 private proxies
IP whitelisting or user/password based authentication
Up-To 5 ip whitelist
24×7 Technical Support
Monthly Subscription Available
4, 500 IPv6 private proxies
Up-To 7 ip whitelist
13, 500 IPv6 private proxies
Up-To 10 ip whitelist
22, 500 IPv6 private proxies
Up-To 15 ip whitelist
31, 500 IPv6 private proxies
Up-To 20 ip whitelist
40, 500 IPv6 private proxies
Up-To 40 ip whitelist
/ Week
One Time Payment
$143. 5
$241. 5
/ Day
$20. 5
$34. 5
Buy Proxy Server | Things you’d like to know before buying private proxies
If you are interested in buying a private proxy server, this article will come in handy to help you to choose the right proxy you need. For instance, you might need to look for social media proxy to scrap social networks or doing tasks automation on Facebook and Instagram. Discover our buying guide to choose your proxy provider and find your way between proxy servers, private proxies, IPv6 proxies and IPv4 proxies.
What is a private proxy? A proxy server is the intermediary between the Internet (and the data on it) and you browse the web, your connection goes through a proxy server: its role is to filter the data that passes between you and the servers that host the sites you visit. This is useful for data and device security, but also for sharing the network between machines (computer, servers). A proxy server transmits your IP address to the servers hosting the websites, so that they can send the data from the pages to your computer and not to another. A private proxy is therefore a proxy server that belongs to you, an additional intermediary that serves several ivate proxies What for? First of all, having your own proxy server means that you can control the use of the Internet, whether in your home or in your company; it allows you to see which sites people are connecting to, but also offers the possibility of blocking some sites or unlock restrictions due to your country or school. Facebook proxies are commonly use for by pass restrictions and unlock blocked account. Proxies can also be very effective for parental control, for example. Secondly, it can be used to save bandwidth by improving the management of requests to sites (page caching, bandwidth allocation, etc. ) another point of view, it can have advantages with regard to the confidentiality of the data shared by your computer; proxy servers can modify your IP instance, with Instagram proxies you can keep enjoying sharing your awesome pics with 100% anonymous connection. Moreover, it also has a security dimension, since the request data between your computer and a server can be encrypted: even if a hacker has infected one or more machines, it will be (at least) more difficult for him to infect nally, buying a private proxy server is the possibility to bypass the blocking of your IP address by certain sites. Whether it is because your connection is blocked (company, parents, institutions, etc. ) or because sites have detected suspicious activity linked to your IP, several reasons come into play. As we have seen, a proxy can change your IP address: once this is done, the sites that were blocking you can no longer detect you.
What is a VPN? VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”, the VPN makes it possible to make the link between “distant” computers by isolating them from public networks. This type of network is often used to access remote computers as if the computer being used was on the same local network; practical for teleworking, for example. For the general public, it is above all the possibility of changing one’s IP address to be less easily identified and geolocated, as well as to encrypt one’s data. It is mainly used to access the foreign catalogues of the major videos streaming difference between Proxy and VPN? In reality, a VPN is more secure than a proxy. Indeed, it allows you to encrypt your data and hide your IP address by replacing it and locating it wherever you want. A proxy “only” changes your IP address. This is why when you are performing “sensitive” tasks such as entering a credit card or a password on a website, it is better to use a ever, for some tasks requiring low bandwidth, the proxy will be more advantageous. Moreover, in some countries the use of a VPN is not recommended or even forbidden, where the proxy is legal;All this means that you cannot use both a VPN and a proxy server, in any case you will have to choose one of the two solutions. Fortunately, the use of one of these services can be coupled with the use of Tor, for a more secure browsing.
When talking about private proxy servers and proxy purchases, a distinction must be made between dedicated proxy servers and semi-dedicated proxy servers. There are also free proxies or general proxies, which are to be shared between all dicated private proxies are better than semi-dedicated onesA dedicated proxy server implies that the IP address that will be granted to you entirely: nobody else can use it. In the case of semi-dedicated proxy servers, it is the opposite: the IP address is shared between several users. This means that the risks of blocking are greater, but also that these “semi-shared” proxies are not completely free. A dedicated, truly private proxy is therefore more advantageous. The other side of the coin is that this solution is obviously more expensive than the others (but much better). Private dedicated proxies are more customisable/manipulableProxy sellers obviously place restrictions on the uses of semi-dedicated private proxies. You cannot necessarily do web scraping, which is a technique that consists of using automated software to retrieve certain data online. This method is often detected and blocked by search engines and social networks in particular. This also means that semi-dedicated or free proxies are more prone to crashes; some malicious users break the rules that have been put in place. The purchase of a private proxy is then a more customisable solution, especially at the software level: the configuration can be more advanced and thus more secure, fast and stable.
As we have seen, you need to look at the many offers on the Internet to see if the proxy you are being offered is general, semi-dedicated or dedicated. Then you have to look at the basic characteristics, such as compatibility with your operating system (not all proxy software is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux) be sure that a support is fully available to help you adress some issues you might have. Cold Proxy sells high quality proxies and offer you premium support
An HTTP proxy is used for regular web browsing while a SOCKS proxy is used for downloading torrents with a SOCKS proxy, performance is lower but still optimised for this use. If you want to buy a private proxy, you have to choose between these two types of proxy depending on your use: some allow you to have both possibilities.
The best private proxy is probably… the most expensive. It sounds silly to say, but the most expensive ones are often the most secure, the most reliable and the Cold Proxy, we sell best value money proxies, not the cheapest but highest performance and reliable private proxies for affordable pricesThis is why when you are looking for a proxy, adapt your search according to the price you wish to invest but also to the use you will make of the proxy. There are many online reviews, so don’t hesitate to check them out. Hav a look to Cold Proxy reviews, you’ll see that our worldwide customers are satisfied of our services and proxies. In addition to online reviews, you can consult the many comparisons that exist between proxy providers; this will allow you to understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each.
We Care About Your Opinion
They’re happy about doing business with us
An excellent company, incredible support.. I highly recommend
William William
soir et le week-end. Prise en main à distance pour le paramétrage des proxies, bonne humeur, c’est impressionnant. Proxies de qualité exceptionnelle.
PierreExcellent provider for ipv6 proxies. All of the proxies are indeed virgin and stable. The owner is very nice and will work with anyones needs. I highly recommend vipv6proxy if you want virgin ipv6 proxies!
RussThis is my favourite proxy provider by far! The proxies are literally 2x Faster then anyother site and I have tried many sites. This is most likely because everysingle proxy is a Virgin. The customer service with this guy is amazing. He is very understanding and willing to help new commors without a doubt.
EXCELLENT Based on 29 reviews. Good proxy, great support Customer service is amazing! Proxies are also Great and very cheap! Très bonne expérience avec ce prestataire de proxies. Un support disponible, même le soir et le week-end. Prise en main à distance pour le paramétrage des proxies, bonne humeur, c’est impressionnant.
Proxies de qualité exceptionnelle. Duy Nguyễn Hải 2020-11-03 Best proxy and support team
vipv6proxy is best choice for me William William 2020-10-24 An excellent company, incredible support.. I highly recommend NumberOneCustmer 2020-10-05 This is my favourite proxy provider by far! The proxies are literally 2x Faster then anyother site and I have tried many sites. He is very understanding and willing to help new commors without a doubt. Excellent provider for ipv6 proxies. I highly recommend vipv6proxy if you want virgin ipv6 proxies!
Frequently Asked Questions
We’re here to help. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can
It’s straightforward. We will provide you ipv4 in front, but in the backend, it will be ipv6, so your proxies will be like 1. 1. 1:12000, but when you visit a website, it will be converted automatically to easy is that?
You can get the refund within 24 hours (1 day) after the payment is only 24 hours? We have daily packages, so you can buy them for 1 day to test if you are not sure about the of my proxies are virgins, so it’s exclusive to only one person, and only one user can use the same IP sources were already used, and manhours were spent to generate these proxies from a server that’s already paid for.
We offer both options rotating proxies and static proxies from the client dashboard, How cool is that?
Sure, you can! We’re not limiting anything. You can do whatever you we still recommend you to check if the site accepts IPv6 or not from
Instantly, our system working automatically to deploy your fresh proxies for ever, please wait up to 20 minutes to finish the setup installation after the payment is completed.
Sure, please contact us! we are super happy to help you.
We are never limit anything, Any Bandwith limitations or any other limitations as well.
Have Questions? Or May Be A Custom Order!
Get our proxies today and start crushing ReCaptcha!
Buy proxy. Personal anonymous IPv4/IPv6 proxies / PROXY6 ...

Buy proxy. Personal anonymous IPv4/IPv6 proxies / PROXY6 …

Personal anonymous proxy HTTPs/SOCKS5
Users have chosen us
Our advantages
Low prices
We have some of the lowest prices in the market.
Everything is automated
Proxies are activated immediately after payment.
Per customer
Sale proxy only in one hand.
Proxy switching from HTTPS to SOCKS5 and back in your account.
Purchase from 1 ip
You can buy from one proxy, the number of does not matter.
Several periods
You can buy proxy for 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month.
Api allows you to integrate purchase and extension of a proxy into your service.
Fast support
We try to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.
More than 337 thousands of clients already chosen us
Buy proxy IPv4 / IPv6
− Proxies are issued in the automatic mode right after payment −
− Our paid proxies are only available in one hand – it means that except you nobody use them −
− Our proxies are fully anonymous −
Partnership program
Our partnership program allows you to gain 30% from all payments of the recruited clients.
To join our partnership program you just need:
To recruit new clients with the referral link – the user registered from your link is permanently assigned to you and from all his payments you will be paid a percentage;
Distribute a coupon for a discount – the user who used your coupon receives a 5% discount on the purchase and assigned to you and from all his payments you will be paid a rtnership bonus can be used for payments of our services or you can withdraw it by PayPal, WebMoney or
Read more
Our partners have already earned
511 018, 56
Write to us and we will try to help as fast as possible you and to consult.
Our team is selling personal, individual, anonymous proxy servers during six years. Why should you buy proxy from us?
High speed – our proxies are fast and stable;
Fully anonymous – the proxy is completely anonymous and we do not log your actions, and we issue a proxy only in one hand;
Low prices – we have some of the cheapest proxy IPv4 and IPv6;
Full automation – you do not need to wait for the leased proxy to be issued after payment, they are issued immediately and automatically displayed in your personal account;
Fast support – we will answer all your technical or other questions about IPv4 and IPv6 proxies. To contact us use email or online chat;
Our reliable personal proxies are suitable for working with all sites and services:
Proxy IPv6 is perfect for working in social networks, such as: facebook, instagram, youtube and many others with support for IPv6;
Proxy IPv4 suitable for work with any sites and services;
Our cheap fast proxies allow you to work in a network comfortably and safely. You can access sites that are not allowed to view in your country.
If you are still wondering: Where to buy a proxy? – then the answer to it is

Frequently Asked Questions about v6 proxies

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