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Hulu is a premium streaming service that offers a huge library of popular TV shows, movies, and on-demand channels. The Walt Disney company owns and manages the service, which is almost exclusively available within the US.
So, if you’re an American looking how to watch Hulu outside US – or you’re just trying to access Hulu content from anywhere in the world – you will be met with an error message. This is a direct result of geo-blocking and licensing laws.
Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. With the help of a VPN, you can watch Hulu from anywhere, at any time. We’ll break down the process step by step for you throughout this article.
Watch Hulu outside US: a short guideThere’s no need for you to miss out on your favorite blockbusters, series, independent movies, or TV dramas. The process of using a VPN is pretty simple once you become familiar with it. We’ve outlined the steps below:
Register and download a reliable VPN with US servers. We recommend NordVPN, now 72% OFF!
Install the VPN and connect to a US server.
Visit Hulu website to login or create an account.
Alternatively, download the Hulu app.
Search for your favorite content, and enjoy!
Visit NordVPN
Why do you need a VPN to watch Hulu? Hulu is one of the leading movie and TV streaming services in the US. With an impressive library of sought-after content (including many next-day new episodes! ) – it’s no surprise that viewers wish to tune in from around the world.
Unfortunately, there are geo-restrictions and licensing laws to contend with when accessing Hulu content. As a result of copyright laws and distribution rights, Hulu is only readily available within the US. To get around this issue, you need a VPN and a US IP address.
A VPN makes it possible to bypass geo-restrictions. It works by connecting you to a US IP address so that Hulu thinks you are located in the US and therefore eligible to stream content.
Sounds simple enough, right? It’s worth mentioning that not any VPN can do the job. You need to pick a reliable VPN provider with plenty of US servers that is capable of performing a Hulu location trick. By this, we mean it must be able to override the specific geo-blocks that Hulu has in place. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of our top three VPN providers below.
Best VPNs for watching Hulu anywhereHaving tested many VPNS out, we have narrowed down our top three options for watching Hulu from anywhere. Check them out below!
NordVPN: the best VPN to bypass Hulu geo-blocking
Based in:PanamaServers/countries:5, 500+ servers in 59 countriesUnblocks Netflix:YesCurrent deal:Now 72% OFF + 3 Months FREE!
NordVPN is a smart and reliable VPN option for anyone looking to watch Hulu outside of the US. It has a staggering amount of servers (over 5400 in nearly 60 countries! ) and is the largest of all major VPN providers.
NordVPN is one of the fastest providers on the market. It has a brilliant customer support team and a wide range of sophisticated security features that will keep you safe online. A single subscription lets you login to six devices at once, and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Surfshark: the best VPN for low prices
Based in:British Virgin IslandsServers/countries:3, 000 servers in 94 countriesUnblocks Netflix:YesCurrent deal:Get Surfshark, now 81% OFF!
Visit Surfshark
Surfshark is one of the more affordable VPN providers on the market. It has no connection limit and promises fast speeds, alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee.
The VPN offers a kill switch, protection against DNS leaks, and 256-bit AES encryption. It is known for excellent connection speeds and its ability to unblock most major streaming services.
ExpressVPN: the best VPN for streaming speeds
Based in:British Virgin IslandsServers/countries:3, 000 servers in 94 countriesUnblocks Netflix:YesCurrent deal:Get ExpressVPN, now 35% OFF!
Visit ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for streaming Hulu outside of the US. It has over 20 US servers and can unblock all major online channels. It also has advanced security features, including protection against DNS and 256-bit encryption.
As well as fast streaming speeds, ExpressVPN enables multi-logins and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Stable connections and bandwidth will guarantee that you can stream Hulu in HD from anywhere in the world – without interference.
How to unblock Hulu on your deviceOnce your VPN is installed and ready to go, it’s relatively easy to unblock Hulu and begin watching your favorite shows and movies. The process differs slightly depending on your device, so we’ve outlined the steps you need to take below.
Watch Hulu on your PC (Windows and Mac)Want to watch Hulu on your PC? This is a simple process as you can use your browser to access Hulu. We’ve covered the steps below:
Download a reliable VPN onto your PC. We recommend NordVPN.
Once the VPN is installed, pick a US server.
Go to the Hulu website () and login or create an account.
Find your show or movie of choice, and enjoy!
Top tip: if you follow the above steps and still can’t access Hulu content, try clearing the cookies and cache on your PC.
Watch Hulu on your phone (iPhone and Android)In case you would like to watch Hulu on your phone, here are the steps you should take:
Download and install a VPN with US servers. We recommend NordVPN.
Install the VPN on either your router or on a laptop that can create a mobile hotspot.
Connect to a US server and then connect to your mobile hotspot or wifi network.
If you have an iPhone, head to the App Store to find the Hulu app.
If you have an Android, you can find the Hulu app in the Google Play Store.
Sign in to the app to pick a movie or show!
Top tip: if you are making an account on your phone, the location of your Google Play Store and App Store needs to match the country your VPN has connected to. You can do this in your phone settings.
Watch Hulu on your Smart TVLooking to watch your favorite Hulu content on your Smart TV? Look no further, we’ve got the process fine-tuned for you below.
Connect to a US server.
Download the Hulu app onto your Smart TV.
Create an account with a US zip code or login.
Search for your favorite movie or TV show, relax, and enjoy!
Top tip: Many smart TVs will let you download a VPN app directly onto them. Try this before giving the above steps a go.
We hope those tutorials helped! In the meantime, you can browse our list of popular VPNs for devices below:
Smart TV
How to watch Hulu on streaming devicesThere are numerous streaming devices that work well with Hulu. From Kodi to Roku, to Google devices (like Androids), Apple devices (such as iPad and iPhone) – there are many options available to you.
Below, we’ll show you the steps for watching Hulu on different streaming devices.
Stream Hulu on RokuStreaming Hulu on Roku is fairly simple because you can just add the Hulu channel to your device.
Kick things off by resetting your Roku device.
Next, install a VPN on your router. We recommend NordVPN.
Once downloaded, connect to a server in the US.
Connect your Roku device to your TV and go to the Channel Store.
Find the Hulu channel and connect it.
Search the Hulu library, sit back, and enjoy!
Stream Hulu on KodiWant to stream Hulu on your Kodi device? Follow our step-by-step guide below:
Install the Hulu app on your device.
Create an account (be sure to use a US zip code) or login to your existing account.
Sign in, search for your favorite Hulu content, and enjoy!
Stream Hulu on Apple TVWatching Hulu on your Apple TV is not too different from the other devices listed above. Check out our instructions:
Find a reliable VPN with US servers. We recommend NordVPN.
On your Apple TV, go to the App Store and look for the Hulu app.
Download the app on your Apple TV.
Login to your existing account, or create an account with a US zip code.
Browse the selection, and you’re all set!
Stream Hulu on FirestickThe good news for Firestick owners is that Hulu is fully compatible with the device. We’ll explain the process to you now:
Connect your VPN with a US server.
In the Firestick dashboard, search for Hulu.
Download the Hulu app onto your device.
Create a Hulu account with a US zip code, or login if you already have a subscription.
Find your movie or tv show of choice, and enjoy!
How to watch Hulu in your countryWith a reliable VPN, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t watch Hulu from anywhere in the world. You just need to follow the steps below to unblock geo-restrictions and tune into Hulu from your country.
Download and install a reliable VPN with US servers. We recommend NordVPN.
Open the VPN app on your chosen device and connect to a US server.
Visit or open the Hulu app.
Browse the library of content, and enjoy!
The process will differ a little depending on which device you have. For device-specific advice, just refer to earlier sections of this article!
Can’t access Hulu with a VPN? Occasionally, you might be doing everything right but still find that you can’t access Hulu – even with a VPN. If this happens, don’t worry! There are many possible causes – and just as many solutions.
If you have a VPN installed and are still getting an error message, you likely need a better VPN for streaming. We always recommend NordVPN. It’s also possible that your VPN isn’t working or that you are connected to a server in the wrong country.
Other common issues that viewers experience when streaming Hulu from outside of the USA include:
The GPS location of your device and the IP address don’t match
Hulu has blacklisted the servers your VPN is using
You have cookies on your device that highlight your true location
Your real IP address is leaking
The VPN you are using is not able to bypass Hulu’s geo-blocks
To solve any of the above problems, you can try:
Contact the customer service for your VPN provider and seek advice
Try a different browser
Clear your cache and cookies
Enable your VPN leak protection settings
Change your VPN provider (if none of the above solutions are working out)
How to watch Hulu for freeTruth be told, you can watch Hulu for free. There are free VPNs on the market, but we generally would advise against using them. This is because they can be unreliable and are usually funded through the sale of your data and through tracked ads.
A somewhat better alternative is a freemium, which is the free version available with some VPNs. These tend to come with a data cap, and they are not usually able to unblock all major streaming services. If you’re really set on finding a free option, then ProtonVPN and Atlas VPN are some of the better freemiums available.
What can you watch on Hulu? The library of content on Hulu is absolutely huge. To give you an idea of what you can expect, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best shows and movies to watch on Hulu below.
Shows on HuluMovies on HuluThe Handmaid’s TaleA Simple FavorVikingsThe NightingaleCardinalCapoteMary Kills PeopleProspectLetterkennyUgly DollsHeartlandMissing LinkVeronica MarsSorry to Bother YouLittle FiresHeathers Our final thoughtsDue to copyright laws and licensing restrictions, Hulu is only readily available in the US. Fortunately, there’s no reason why Hulu content can’t be enjoyed from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN. A VPN makes it possible to change your IP address, bypass geo-blocking, and grant access to Hulu’s impressive library of hit TV shows, cult classics, and blockbusters.
Have you tried to use a VPN yet? We’d love to hear how you got on and if you found this article helpful. Your feedback helps us to improve our services – so please leave a comment below!
Can you watch Hulu without an app?
Yes, you can watch Hulu without an app by visiting the Hulu website to access the library of content through it.
How do I watch Hulu on my computer?
Watch Hulu on your computer by downloading the Hulu app or simply using your browser and heading to the Hulu website. Here, you can login and watch Hulu content.
Why can’t I watch Hulu online?
If you can’t watch Hulu online, it may be that your VPN isn’t working. Follow the steps mentioned earlier in the article to resolve this issue.
How do I watch Hulu on safari?
To watch Hulu on safari, simply open safari and search for hulu website. Here, you can login and watch Hulu.
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How to watch Hulu outside the US 2021 -

How to watch Hulu outside the US 2021 –

If you love entertainment, especially the TV type, then you’ve likely heard of you haven’t, where have you been? With that in mind, many people wonder how they can access Hulu guide will take you through the straightforward steps on how to achieve this whether you’re an ex-pat American or just a viewer outside the USA who wants to access the great content available on the Hulu to lose yourself in Hulu content? Keep is Hulu? Why is Hulu restricted? How to watch Hulu overseas on a desktop or laptopAre there other VPN services for Hulu? NordVPNSurfsharkCyberGhostCan I watch Hulu on an iPad, iPhone or Android? How to get a VPN for HuluIs there a free VPN for Hulu? How to sign up for Hulu outside the USSummaryWhat is Hulu? Hulu is a US online entertainment streaming website that is restricted for use within the United of 2021, Hulu is the 72nd most visited website in the world, according to Ahrefs – so it’s pretty popular offer free content from Fox, NBC, CW, ABC, Comedy Central, plus a whole host of other networks. So if you like watching Family Guy, South Park, Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and many other excellent American TV, then this is the platform for well as streaming content, they even offer live TV too, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, History Channel, CBS, ABC, and is Hulu restricted? Hulu is restricted to the United States, which means if you’re an ex-pat, travelling on vacation, away on business or just outside the United States for whatever reason, then you can’t watch Hulu content providers around the world only offer their service to a specific region. They do this by restricting access to the site to internet connections based within the United internet connection is assigned an IP Address that is unique to you at the time of connection and from this, the Hulu website and others can tell where you’re you’re in the US, then you’ll be able to watch Hulu without issue but if you’re overseas and want to watch Hulu abroad, then you’ll be hit with a big fat blocked may also see a similar message if you’ve tried using an anonymous proxy tool to try and watch Hulu outside the rtunately, there is a way to avoid these restrictions and access Hulu no matter where you are in the to watch Hulu overseas on a desktop or laptopTo achieve this, you need a simple tool called a VPN or Virtual Private Network to give it its full name. There are many providers of this service and some are better than watch Hulu, we used ExpressVPN, which is available worldwide that provide a simple app for your desktop or mobile VPNs are blocked by Hulu, which is why we tested ExpressVPN thoroughly before recommending it and can confirm that their service unblocks you need to do isSign up for an ExpressVPN wnload and install their nnect to a US over to ’ll now be able to watch Hulu overseas with minimal fuss and hardly any set-up VPN will cost you a couple of dollars per month but if you sign up for their 12-month package, you’ll get 3-months free, which makes the service nearly half the price over paying Hulu anywhere in the world using ExpressVPN. 30-day money back guaranteeThey offer some pretty cool features too, such as a smart DNS proxy service that can be used to help you watch Hulu outside the US and can be used on devices that aren’t capable of connecting to a VPN VPN works with some Smart TV brands too, which is rare with VPNs, and they also offer unlimited bandwidth that is ideal for streaming both catch-up content and live you’re looking for a few other recommendations, then NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN also work with Hulu and come highly recommended. We’ve tested them ourselves and can confirm we had no issues with you’ve got a Hulu+ account, then this works fine too but if not, you can stream US content for free no matter where in the world you there other VPN services for Hulu? Several other VPN services would be suitable for watching Hulu from outside the US. The best alternatives to ExpressVPN are:NordVPNNordVPN is one of the world’s most well-known VPNs. Not only do they have very fast connection speeds, but they’re also very offer you the ability to use either a shared or dedicated IP makes them perfect for streaming video content from popular streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Apple TV, Disney+, Hulu, and many rdVPN has a reasonably attractive price point, with their cheapest package coming in just under $3. 40 per month, plus their 2-year plan gives you an additional 3 months for also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like their service, you’ll get your money back. Plus, they offer live chat support just in case you need some rdVPN is one of the best Hulu VPN apps out rfsharkSurfshark VPN is one of my personal favourites for online only can they unblock Hulu, but they work incredibly well with the Netflix streaming service. They can unblock up to 30 different Netflix libraries from all over the world, including Netflix US, UK, Canada, and Japan, just to name a it comes to streaming speeds, they come in slightly slower than ExpressVPN but will still be fast enough to stream high-quality video to your streaming device, making it perfect for watching Hulu rfshark VPN is one of the cheapest VPN apps on the market, with prices as little as $2. 49 per month, they won’t be breaking the unlimited simultaneous connections on each account, you’ll be able to stream Hulu and other streaming sites on all your rfshark is one of the best VPN providers for berGhostCyberGhost VPN has one of the largest networks of VPN servers with locations all around the globe, including over 1300 in the US, so finding US IP addresses to connect to will be easier than taking candy from a have incredible streaming speeds and specialised servers that have been optimised for streaming videos from online streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many berGhost offers an attractive 3 year VPN subscription that will cost you $1. 99 a month, making this one of the cheapest options out there. Plus, this comes with a further 3 months for to mention they offer a HUGE 45-day money-back guarantee, making them one of the best VPN providers for unblocking I watch Hulu on an iPad, iPhone or Android? All three of the providers mentioned earlier in this article provide apps for iOS and Android, meaning your iPad and iPhone are covered as well as any other Android devices such as tablets and phones you may long as you can access the Hulu website or download the Hulu app before you leave the US, then the VPNs app will allow you to unblock Hulu overseas just as it would for your other bonus to mention is you can watch on more than one device at one time, so if you and your wife or husband want to watch on a laptop and your kids on a tablet then this is entirely possible and you only need one VPN account to do that saving you money and keeping you entertained while outside the to get a VPN for HuluTo unblock Hulu from outside the US, follow the steps below. I’ll be using ExpressVPN as an example:Visit the ExpressVPN website and click “Get ExpressVPN”, then select which VPN package you want. At the moment ExpressVPN offers a 12-month package that comes with 49% off and an additional 3 months for your email address and pick a payment method that suits you, such as Visa, PayPal account, or other. Complete your purchase by entering your payment information and clicking “Join Now”. Download the ExpressVPN app from either the ExpressVPN site or from your device’s app store. Then log in using your email address and password or the activation, select a location to join by clicking Selected Location, then find and choose the United States. Now press, sign in to your Hulu account, now you can access Hulu outside the US, avoiding the Hulu location error can now start streaming Hulu content and enjoy your Hulu subscription from anywhere in the world. 30-day money back guaranteeIs there a free VPN for Hulu? Unfortunately no, there’s no free VPN service for you to watch Hulu outside the VPNs are generally very unreliable and potentially dangerous for both you and your free services won’t work with Hulu and many other streaming platforms, as they have blocked the IP addresses that the free Virtual Private Networks use. When Hulu detects that you’re using one of these services, you’ll be blocked from accessing the content you want. A free VPN service is often very slow, making them awful for streaming video content. You’ll be waiting a long time for videos to buffer and nobody enjoys ’s also the security risks that come with free VPNs, such as your data and information being mined and sold to companies, governments, or hackers. There have been many cases where free VPN users have their information stolen, don’t let that be, most free VPNs don’t hide your real IP address or encrypt your web traffic (which is the whole point of a VPN). Online privacy is virtually non-existent with free you want to access videos from Hulu outside the US, stay away from “free” VPNs, they aren’t worth it. Stick with a paid VPN service like to sign up for Hulu outside the USHulu only accepts US payment methods such as a US credit card, so if you’re from the UK or another country, you’ll need to find a way around this solution that you can try is using a prepaid credit card called atescard is an online prepaid credit card service that provides you with US credit card details and a US postal address so that you can access websites that require you to use US payment neat little trick will allow you to sneak past Hulu’s barricade that prevents international viewers from paying for the Hulu ternatively, you can try and buy Hulu gift cards to access the streaming service. Whichever payment option you choose, you’ll still need the VPN app to watch the mmaryHulu is blocked for anyone outside of the USA. To unblock Hulu from outside the US, you’ll need to use a VPN number 1 VPN to unblock Hulu is ExpressVPN, they are the world’s leading VPN provider that not only has some of the fastest connections (perfect for streaming from Hulu), but they’re super can get ExpressVPN by following the step by step guide I provided you with earlier in this article. Or if you want to shop around, check out the alternatives I ExpressVPN and enjoy Hulu in any to unlock Hulu? ✔ Easy to use ✔ Works anywhere ✔ All devices work30-day money back guarantee
How To Watch Hulu Outside US: Easy And Simple Guide

How To Watch Hulu Outside US: Easy And Simple Guide

The U. S. version of Hulu has the best selection of content that isn’t available anywhere else. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, but many of the movies and TV shows in its selection aren’t offered in countries outside of the United States. As such, you can’t have the full Hulu experience if you don’t know how the system works.
Forget about watching free movies or paid forms of content from the best TV shows in the world. If you have a subscription, you can watch content on Hulu with almost all mainstream devices, including Mac, PC, PlayStation, Amazon FireStick, Android, iPhone and iPad. But no matter what device you’re using, you can’t watch the US version of Hulu if you don’t have an IP address that is based in the United States.
Online content today is geo-restricted, which means that for the same online streaming service, you’ll get one type of content in one country and another type of content in another country. To undo this problem, people in the online community have used proxy servers to get past geo-restrictions.
These methods have worked very well with sites like Hulu, but the developers behind the streaming platform have created new ways to prevent users from demolishing their geo-restrictions. Now, there’s very little chance that you’ll be able to watch the American version of Hulu from outside the US with a proxy server.
To watch US Hulu from outside of the United States, you’re going to have to learn a couple of new techniques.
Your starting point should be to renew your understanding of proxy servers, which are incredibly outdated for bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming websites.
Hulu has started to take drastic measures against services that unlock the site’s content. Proxy servers now don’t work with many online streaming services. In fact, if you use proxy servers now, there’s a decent chance that Hulu might even block your IP address too. But Hulu’s new measures have not only been effective against proxy servers; they have also given a good run for their money to Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers.
Hulu has banned many IP addresses that are associated with VPN service providers.
Pro Tip: With this action, you need to be cautious about which VPN service provider you choose to unlock content and watch the US version of Hulu from anywhere that isn’t the United States.
And just for clarity’s sake, your device plays no role in you getting banned. You could be accessing Hulu on your iPhone, Android iPad, PC, laptop or even on your PlayStation—you will still get banned if Hulu catches you using old services such as proxy servers and some VPN service providers.
Read on to find out how you can watch the US version of Hulu, with the most expansive selection of movies and TV shows, from any country or city outside of the US.
Best VPN Service Providers for HuluHow Does a VPN Unblock Hulu? Best VPN for HuluStep-By-Step Guide: How To Watch Hulu From Outside the USMandatory First Step (Updated in 2020)Use a VPN to Unblock Hulu in the USHulu’s VPN Blocks: Watching Hulu From Outside the USSign up for the Right VPN To Protect Yourself From Getting Banned by HuluHow To Pay for US Hulu AnywhereUse a Prepaid Card To Pay for Hulu AbroadUse Entropay To Pay for Hulu Outside the USUse StatesPay to Pay for Hulu AbroadFAQsConclusion
Best VPN Service Providers for Hulu
Hulu is an all-American streaming service. In order to buy Hulu outside US, you’ll need to change your IP address. You can do that with the help of a Virtual Private Network service.
So which VPN service provider should you go for?
The VPN industry isn’t exactly new and there are tons of VPNs to choose from on the market. Many are rip-offs with little to offer, while others provide advanced encryption capabilities at a reasonable and affordable price.
Your choice of a good VPN to unblock Hulu is limited by the fact that the streaming service has started to ban VPN server addresses from using its website.
A lot of VPN service providers that used to work with Hulu now no longer work consistently or at all. Many VPN service providers that claimed to be the best at working with Hulu are now out of business because of the bans.
There are many VPNs that can unblock Hulu no matter where you are—whether you’re at home, your office, a public library, or your school or university—but they too fail to unblock Hulu from outside of the US. Simply put, if you want to stream Hulu from outside the US, you’re going to need a unique solution.
If you don’t know what a VPN service does, simply read this guide and come back here when you’re done.
How Does a VPN Unblock Hulu?
The basic purpose of a VPN service is to change your IP address, making your connection appear to originate from a different place than your original location. If you’re in London and you want to watch Hulu US, you can connect to a VPN server in, say, New York or Los Angeles. This way, your real IP address will be hidden and your connection will appear as if it’s coming from the server in the city you connected to.
While this is very effective for the purposes of this guide, you should also know that a VPN service does much more than assist you with unlocking streaming content. It also protects your private information from hackers around the world. It keeps you anonymous and hence secures your privacy.
But people are increasingly using VPNs to unblock content more than to protect their privacy. Hulu’s online streaming service is in high demand.
A good VPN service provider would grant you access to the US version of Hulu from outside the US, all for an affordable subscription fee. VPN subscriptions typically average around $10 per month, sometimes less or more depending on the provider you choose.
As mentioned before, there are a lot of VPNs that work with Hulu. Most of them allow you to watch Hulu from outside the US anytime you want to.
Note: Each VPN service provider comes with its own unique set of features and advantages. Some offer more advanced and versatile unblocking services, while others are better at providing fast VPN servers. You have to make your decision according to your own needs.
Best VPN for Hulu
After some testing, we’ve found that the best VPNs that work with Hulu are:
Click here for more information on why we think these five services offer the best value for a VPN that works with Hulu.
Step-By-Step Guide: How To Watch Hulu From Outside the US
With the right tools, you can watch Hulu on any device. Hulu was launched as a US-based streaming service back in October 2007. Then, it was solely a video streaming company that worked in the US.
Now it has become a global force to be reckoned with, serving more than 32 million paying subscribers in the US (as of June 2020). Online users who subscribe to Hulu get a lot of advantages over other streaming platforms.
The first benefit is that they can watch the latest and the greatest TV shows from the comfort of their couch. It doesn’t matter which show you want to watch, chances are it will be available to stream on Hulu. The company also produces many top-rated original films and TV series.
Hulu allows users to watch any content of their liking on almost any device, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, Roku, Amazon FireStick, PlayStation, Apple TV and other smart TVs and gaming consoles.
The streaming service also gives you one-touch unrestricted access to HD broadcasts of some of the most popular TV channels in the world, including:
Cartoon Network
USA Network
And more
Now, we’ll take you through the whole process of watching Hulu from outside the US through just a few simple steps. If you want to watch US Hulu from outside the US, follow the below instructions in order. Before we start the step-by-step guide, we want to reiterate an important point: If you are physically present at a place that’s outside the US, then you can’t watch the US version of Hulu.
Hulu will simply be unavailable to you. As such, to watch Hulu from outside the US on an iPhone, Android phone or any other streaming device, we recommend that you first sign up for a VPN service. That way, your physical location won’t matter—you’ll be able to connect to a server in the US and use Hulu as if you were, in fact, in the United States.
Mandatory First Step (Updated in 2020)
Hulu has made the controversial decision to block all purchases that come from credit cards that are not based in the US. So, you will need to have a US-based credit card in order to sign up for Hulu now. Alternatively, you can follow the additional step mentioned below. Keep in mind that you will need to supply Hulu with a valid US address.
To get Hulu, you will need to purchase a gift card by going to This is a service that sells gift cards.
Note: Keep in mind that you will have to pay an amount that is in excess of what is listed on the gift card. You can do that with your current credit card if you live in a country like Australia or the United Kingdom.
Essentially, you are paying for nothing but convenience. In any case, after purchasing a gift card, you will have to visit this link:
From there, you need to enter the redemption code that comes with your gift card. When that is done, you will have to select your package.
Now, on to the remaining sequence of steps.
Use a VPN to Unblock Hulu in the US
First, sign up for one of the VPN services we listed above. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use NordVPN. If you haven’t do so already, you can.
Sign up for a VPN subscription and select the package of your choice.
Make the payment through any of the offered online payment methods.
Download and install the VPN client from the service provider’s website. Choose the right app for your operating system. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll use the iPhone as an example. You can download the app on NordVPN’s website or click here to find it on the Apple App Store.
Once it is done installing, run the VPN client on your iPhone and sign in to your NordVPN account.
Connect to the server that is located in the US from the main menu. Pick any city or state from the list.
Open the Apple App Store, tap the search icon at the top and search for Hulu Plus. Or, simply click here.
Tap on the listing with the green Hulu logo then hit Install.
When the app has successfully installed on your iPhone, tap on the green H+ icon on your home screen. This will allow you access to Hulu services.
To access content on Hulu, the Hulu Plus app will need your user login and password. Sign up for an account with a username and password.
When the screen prompts it, enter your Hulu Plus account information and gift card code (see the previous section of this guide).
Log in to the Hulu Plus app.
And that’s it—now you can watch TV shows and movies on Hulu from anywhere in the world, not just the US.
Hulu’s VPN Blocks: Watching Hulu From Outside the US
With a VPN service, you’ll unlock everything. Hulu has been on a wild hunt lately. The online streaming company has started to block the IP addresses of VPN services all over the world.
Even some of the top VPN services have had their IP addresses blocked by Hulu. Needless to say, this action by Hulu is not good for the health of the VPN industry. With that said, it is also true that the most premier VPN services have found effective workarounds.
The top VPN services on the market still work with Hulu services. You can access all the TV shows on the US version of Hulu from outside the US if you know which VPN service will work with Hulu.
Earlier in this guide, we shared a list of the VPN services that work best for watching TV shows and movies on Hulu.
Sign up for the Right VPN To Protect Yourself From Getting Banned by Hulu
As indicated above, Hulu only works with a select few of the Virtual Private Network service providers in the market. Luckily, you stumbled upon this guide. And now you don’t have to work hard to find a VPN service that works with Hulu.
To watch Hulu from outside the US using a VPN, you should sign up for a VPN service that has a dedicated IP address ready for your use. While shared IP addresses work well to protect your online privacy, they are not effective when it comes to accessing streaming sites like Hulu from outside the US.
So, you should always sign up for a VPN service that has dedicated IP address VPN services located in the US. This way, you’ll guarantee yourself access to Hulu from outside the US, wherever you are.
How To Pay for US Hulu Anywhere
To access the U. version of Hulu, you need a VPN that allows you to leverage the Hulu location trick to get rid of the Hulu location error, thus giving you a US IP address.
But you also need a United States payment method, such as a US credit card, Hulu gift cards or a valid United States live TV subscription account to actually pay for your US Hulu account and stream Hulu content through your US IP address.
So let’s take a look at some of the methods to pay for streaming services like Hulu outside the United States.
Use a Prepaid Card To Pay for Hulu Abroad
You can use a website like this one to get a United States credit card. You will have to pay around $20 and then the amount you want to spend on your subscription.
For Hulu, just set up your account, then go to Amazon and buy Hulu gift cards from there. You can also go to eBay and buy from there using your prepaid card, which acts like a United States credit card.
Use Entropay To Pay for Hulu Outside the US
There is another way to pay for your subscription and create an account to unblock Hulu: Entropay. Using this service, you can easily pay for your subscription to Hulu. You will first have to make an account and then sign up for one of Entropay’s virtual/digital visa cards, which are pre-paid and work like regular credit cards.
Note: Now, you can’t use the credit card you get from here to pay from your Hulu subscription directly. But you can use it to get a PayPal account in the US. Then use that PayPal account to pay for Hulu.
Use StatesPay to Pay for Hulu Abroad
Apart from US credit cards and Hulu gift cards, you can use StatesPay for your Hulu subscription and get an account without having a US zip code.
Go to the StatesPay website and sign up for an account to get a US virtual credit card. You will have to pay around $3. 95 per month for that. Use that time period to pay for your Hulu package and create an account there. For all other future payments, get Hulu gift cards.
StatesPay sometimes restricts registration, so you may have to wait for a bit before you can use a VPN to get Hulu unblocked and watch Hulu outside of the U. S.
How Does Hulu Work? You can subscribe to Hulu from the company’s website and start streaming after that. The only problem is that you can’t watch Hulu outside the US. For that, you need a Hulu VPN with a good number of United States servers. (See the sections above for steps. )
Is Hulu Available in Europe? No, Hulu is only available in the US. You can sign up for a VPN to enable location changes and watch Hulu outside the US. There is no dedicated Hulu Europe service.
Is Hulu Available in Canada? If there is one streaming platform that can legitimately de-throne Netflix, it is Hulu. In Canada though, it is not available. People living in Canada can access Hulu only when they use a Hulu VPN, as we covered above.
How To Watch Hulu in Mexico? First, you need to sign up for a Hulu VPN and then connect to a server located in the United States. Then subscribe to Hulu, create an account and access Hulu streams at your leisure.
How To Watch Hulu in Spain? There is no Hulu Spain service, as it only operates in the US. So, you need to use a VPN service to access Hulu in the country. That will let you take advantage of privacy features that will unblock Hulu.
How To Stream Hulu in Australia? There is no dedicated Hulu Australia version of the site. So, to watch all kinds of live TV and series on Hulu, you will need to use a VPN. Once you do, you will get rid of all Australia geo-restrictions. So use a VPN and stream Hulu (Hulu with Live TV, if you want live TV) without leaving your home.
On a side note, this also answers your question about how to get around Hulu home location problems.
This is important: Make sure you read our section on how to make a payment with Hulu. You will need a US credit card and a VPN.
To start watching Hulu content anywhere, you need a Hulu VPN and a US payment method. We’ve outlined the steps on how to do these things in the sections above.
Once you have the Hulu VPN working, you can access the US version of the Hulu content library from anywhere in the world.
DISCLAIMER: Security Gladiators in no way encourages or condones any kind of copyright violation or circumvention of restrictions. That includes streaming illegal content as some services can host both legal and pirated content. You need to do your own research to see if these services and content are legal in your own country. We suggest to always use a VPN while streaming or downloading anything from the web.

Frequently Asked Questions about watch hulu outside us

Can you watch Hulu live internationally?

Hulu is blocked for anyone outside of the USA. To unblock Hulu from outside the US, you’ll need to use a VPN app.

How can I watch Hulu outside US 2020?

To watch Hulu from outside the US using a VPN, you should sign up for a VPN service that has a dedicated IP address ready for your use. While shared IP addresses work well to protect your online privacy, they are not effective when it comes to accessing streaming sites like Hulu from outside the US.

Can you watch Hulu with a VPN?

You can use a VPN to watch Hulu even if you reside in the US and don’t need to unblock the streaming service. Here are a few extra reasons to get a VPN for Hulu: Avoid throttling.Oct 18, 2021

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