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Fixed Price Intermediate Experience Level A python script for making facebook reactions(like, haha, care, angry etc) on all posts appearing on the timeline of an account with multi…
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$5, 000
Fixed Price Expert Experience Level Looking for talent in Hyderabad to meet in person and go over project details. Should be an expert in the field. Project cost is based…
$1, 000
Fixed Price Expert Experience Level Dear Talents
I have a paper that is almost ready but I have a very bad dataset collected and categorized that lead to nonsense conclusi…
Fixed Price Intermediate Experience Level Hi
We need leads from Instagram, E-commerce Brands for less than 30k Followers. Using IG Shopping.
Have poor design Shopify Website…
Fixed Price Intermediate Experience Level Hey Upworkers,
You will be given a list of company websites. For each company, you have to find 1 piece of content (video, audio, or w…
Less than 30 hrs/week Hours needed Less than 1 month Duration Intermediate Experience Level Hi there I am looking for an AWS Trainer to Teach a 12 Week AWS CLoud Practitioner course (remotely but live) between 3-5 days per week…
Less than 30 hrs/week Hours needed 1 to 3 months Duration Expert Experience Level Im looking for a professional who is accustomed to building bots and automation scripts, that target the algorithms on the top crypto d…
Fixed Price Intermediate Experience Level We need a scraper built that can take can scrape tiktok profiles and store the data back in our mysql database.
We ideally would like…
30+ hrs/week Hours needed More than 6 months Duration Expert Experience Level Need an expert to help create a program to create a path helping our clients avoid abuse by unreliable tradies
Less than 30 hrs/week Hours needed More than 6 months Duration Entry Experience Level We are looking for a Data Entry Operator to update and maintain information on our company databases and computer systems.
Data Entry…
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What is Web Scraping and Why You Should Learn It? - KDnuggets

What is Web Scraping and Why You Should Learn It? – KDnuggets

By Octoparse Sponsored Post.
What is web scraping?
It is the process of extracting information and data from a website, transforming the information on a webpage into structured data for further analysis. Web scraping is also known as web harvesting or web data extraction. With the overwhelming data available on the internet, web scraping has become the essential approach to aggregating Big Data sets.
So, why should you learn web scraping and who is doing web scraping out there? We are going to address this question by looking into the different industries and jobs that require web scraping skills. To do this, we’ve compiled and analyzed the data extracted from job sites, including Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.
At last, we also explored web scraping jobs in Google and YouTube, to find out how many jobs requiring web scraping skills and what are the other requirements, in addition to knowing web scraping.
Followings are our findings to share with you. You might be just as surprised as I was. If you are interested in the scraping process, you may want to check our GitHub Repositories to download the crawler, running them on Octoparse FREE app to get the data.
Finding 1: 54 Industries Are Requiring Web Scraping Masters
The statistics below are based on the information collected from LinkedIn. The top 10 industries that have the highest demand for web scraping skills are: Computer Software (22%); Information Technology and Services (21%); Financial Services (12%); Internet (11%); Marketing and Advertising (5%); Computer & Network Security (3%); Insurance (2%); Banking (2%); Management Consulting (2%); Online Media(2%).
Source: LinkedIn-Web Scraping Jobs in United States
The other industries include: Oil & Energy; Construction; Consumer Goods; Defense & Space; Staffing and Recruiting; Hospital & Health Care; Education Management; Nonprofit Organization Management; Pharmaceuticals; Publishing; Research; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing; Government Administration…etc.
Finding 2: Non-tech Jobs are Requiring Web Scraping Skills
This is also based on the information on LinkedIn. There is no doubt that the most jobs requiring web scraping are tech-relevant ones, like Engineering, and Information Technology. There are, however, surprisingly many other kinds of works also require web scraping skills such as Human Resources, marketing, business development, research, sales and consulting.
Finding 3: Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs
Based on the information aggregated from Glassdoor, there is a big difference in salaries for various jobs, from $25K to $203K. Among all the jobs, senior data engineer and data scientist are the best paying jobs.
Source: Glassdoor- Web Scraping Jobs
(Data based on Glassdoor’s estimate of the base salary range for the job, which is not necessarily endorsed by the employer. )
Among all the jobs information we collected, the least paying jobs are: Political Reporter and Junior Recruiter, which is starting from $25K and $29K.
Finding 4: Top 10 Best Paying Industries
We also explore on the average paying among different industries, based on the same dataset extracted from Glassdoor.
Finding 5: Web Scraping Skill Required in Tech Company (Google as an example)
Before we jump into a conclusion of all the findings, we also extracted all the web scraping related job posts from the tech Giant – Google, since it’s pretty obvious that software and Information Technology Company are the biggest markets for web scraping experts.
YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is another example of a tech company of different size and service than Google while also requiring a high level of web scraping skills in different job categories.
Unlike Google, in YouTube, the top 5 Job categories requiring web scraping experts are: Marketing & Communication; Software Engineering, Partnerships, Product & Customer Support, and the last, Business Strategy.
It is safe to say that web scraping has become an essential skill to acquire in today’s digital world, not only for tech companies and not only for technical positions. On one side, compiling large datasets are fundamental to Big Data analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence; on the other side, with the explosion of digital information, Big Data is becoming much easier to access than ever.
With web scraping automation tool becoming “smarter” and popular, even people with no programming background can easily apply web scraping for aggregating all sorts of data, empowering their business & work with the insights from Big Data.
If you wish to learn about web scraping but does not want to deal with Python or other programming languages, Octoparse| Free automatic web scraper, may be a good option for you to get started.
Original. Reposted with permission.
Octoparse V7 Review
Octoparse has recently launched a brand new version 7. 0, which has turned out to be the most revolutionary upgrade in the past two years. With not only a more user-friendly UI, but also some of the advanced features making web scraping even easier. The Octoparse Version 7 is a sleek, powerful and easy-to-use software that makes web scraping from any websites achievable for most people, including non-coders.
9 ways to make money with web scraping - WebAutomation

9 ways to make money with web scraping – WebAutomation

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. ”
– Warren Buffet
In today’s world, data has become the most valuable asset. Simply by knowing enough about the competition and the changing market trends, you can make informed competitive decisions that can greatly benefit your business.
But where does this data come from?
Not too long ago, this kind of data collection was done through surveys. But today, with the help of web scraping, all this information is available at the click of a few buttons.
Scraping websites relevant to your business generates data not only about your customers but your competitors as well. And today companies are willing to spend a lot of time and money to acquire this data.
What is Web Scraping?
Web scraping is a process of collecting data in an automated fashion. Generally, companies use web scraping for price monitoring, customer profiling, lead generation, targeted advertising to make smarter decisions.
Unlike the mind-numbing task of extracting data manually, web scraping gathers thousands of data points and leads from the internet and provides you with consolidated insights and market trends.
Web scraping has two integral components. The web crawler and web scraper.
The Crawler
Is an artificial intelligence that explores the internet by search and follows the relevant links, much like a person exploring the web. To begin with, you need to first crawl a website with a particular URL before it can be scraped.
The Scraper
Is a tool designed specially to extract data from websites quickly and accurately. Web scrapers come in a wide variety and design depending on the purpose and size of the project. An integral part of every scraper is the extractor which processes the code and then collects the relevant data.
How to make money from Web Scraping
Web scraping not only benefits the companies, but also the people selling the data. Let’s take a look at a few different ways a data collector can cash in his efforts:
Offering scraping services
If you have a scraper then you can offer your services to people looking for big data. Data is extremely valuable to people looking to expand and their business and you can make the most of this opportunity by providing your services.
For example- A fitness service might be looking for trainers to join their gym. You can use your web scrapers to find out who the best trainers in the town are, their rates, contact details, working hours, experiences, customer reviews and offer this data to help them make a more informed decision.
Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr are a great place to explore opportunities. These websites will not only help you meet the best clients but also guarantee a fair price for your service and effort.
Discounts, last-minute deals, lightening offers etc. are age-old marketing tactics, and yet very effective. If you regularly scape websites you might come across these deals frequently. If you have caught a lucky drop in price and purchased the item, you can later sell it for full price. Reselling premium and limited edition items can be a great way to make some cash as these items are highly coveted and hard to get.
Arbitrage Opportunities
If you are good at web scraping and have the data, try selling it. You will come across many companies looking for similar information for competitive advantage. And why limit yourself to one client? You can use your expertise and data extracting skills to service a plethora of clients and their needs.
But it’s not easy to make a scraper from scratch. So if web scraping has sparked your interest, you can try pre-made web scrapers from WebAutomation for free!
Selling Research
The benefits of web scraping not only stop at data. Another great way to make money with web scraping is selling research. Academic and research institutes are always looking for a wide variety of data for research purposes. You can even draw original insights from data which can be even more valuable than the data you scrape.
Make price comparison websites
People love saving money. Before making a purchase decision online, they often check various websites selling the same product to avail the best deal possible. By collating all this information in one place and regularly updating it, you not only make everyone’s life easier, but you have also set up a constant revenue source for yourself.
Uncover market opportunities
Web scraping can not only profile customers but can also predict their behaviour trends. It can be used to identify market opportunities and gaps in the product offering. These insights can then be used to understand customer needs and come up with new products or product innovation that meet consumer expectations.
Scraping customer leads
Every successful sale starts with a customer lead. And companies are willing to spend handsomely to gather those leads. You can either sell these leads to the companies looking for similar customer profiles or use them yourself by targeting people with relevant advertising to monetize it.
Creating an app
The data collected by web scraping can be collated in an app along with a bot to create a simple yet highly effective product. For example, you can make an app that alerts people about price drops on certain products they have wishlisted. Or an app for monitoring a drop in airline prices.
Become a data engineer
If web scraping has caught your fancy, you can always look at building your career in the big data industry as a web scraping engineer. A web scraper at the top of his career can earn up to $131, 500 annually.
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to scrape websites, try our web scrapers for free! We have a plethora of predefined web scrapers, all of which are easy to use and free to try. From real estate to e-commerce, you can scrape any website you want. Our scrapers will provide you with a plethora of information within minutes.
Here are a few web scrapers you can try out.
Amazon Mobile Phone extractor
Google Maps Scraper
Ali Express Web scraper
Wallmart Web scraper
For any query feel free to drop us a message at
We aim to make the process of extracting web data quick and efficient so you can focus your resources on what’s truly important, using the data to achieve your business goals. In our marketplace, you can choose from hundreds of pre-defined extractors (PDEs) for the world’s biggest websites. These pre-built data extractors turn almost any website into a spreadsheet or API with just a few clicks. The best part? We build and maintain them for you so the data is always in a structured form..
Save Costs, Time and Get to market faster
Build your first online custom web data extractor.

Frequently Asked Questions about web data scraping jobs

Is web scraping a career?

There is no doubt that the most jobs requiring web scraping are tech-relevant ones, like Engineering, and Information Technology. There are, however, surprisingly many other kinds of works also require web scraping skills such as Human Resources, marketing, business development, research, sales and consulting.

How much can you earn from web scraping?

If web scraping has caught your fancy, you can always look at building your career in the big data industry as a web scraping engineer. A web scraper at the top of his career can earn up to $131,500 annually.

Is it legal to scrape data from websites?

It is perfectly legal if you scrape data from websites for public consumption and use it for analysis. However, it is not legal if you scrape confidential information for profit. For example, scraping private contact information without permission, and sell them to a 3rd party for profit is illegal.Aug 16, 2021

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