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Updated date:Sep 18, 2019I’m Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! Apple cider vinegar for the win! Although many people haven’t heard of it, the wedding shoe game is becoming an increasingly popular reception activity. Learn how to play! Wedding receptions are a great relief for everyone involved because they mean the most stressful part of the day is over and party time has begun! During this big celebration, games are often played in between cake, refreshments, dancing, and ding games are a fun way to celebrate the new couple and give the audience a few laughs, too! This simple and easy game involves nothing more than the bride, the groom, and their shoes. Of course, this game works with many different partner arrangements (such as bride/bride, groom/groom) and can be played at other commitment ceremonies (such as handfastings, ring-exchanges, engagements, anniversaries, etc) Do You Play the Wedding Shoe Game? The wedding shoe game is an increasingly popular reception activity. While many still haven’t heard of it, it just might be played at the next wedding you attend, so here’s a rundown on how it works. Wedding Shoe Game InstructionsThe bride and groom are seated on chairs in the middle of the venue, back-to-back.
Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one so that they are both holding one of each shoe. The bride will have one of her shoes and one of her partner’s shoes. The groom will have one of his shoes and one of his partner’s shoes.
During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either “the bride” or “the groom. ” The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer. For instance, if the question was “Who usually cooks breakfast” and the answer is the groom, they should both hold up the groom’s shoes.
The game usually lasts about 10 minutes with a series of 20–30 questions being asked.
You can either plan the questions ahead of time and have them written down somewhere, have the audience shout questions out, ask the guests to write questions down on paper, or use a combination of all three methods (though that could get a little chaotic).
Game Question TipsDepending on the kind of audience present, it’s probably best to keep the questions clean.
Keep tally on how many questions they answered the same just to tell them for fun.
If taking questions from the audience, be sure to have someone go through them to ensure they are appropriate. You can provide scraps of paper and writing utensils for guests to write their questions down. Appointing one individual as a spokesperson is probably a good idea.
Have note cards at each table for guests to write down their question suggestions before the game for quicker filtering.
Feel free to get personal while playing the wedding shoe game, but take note of the audience and keep questions appropriate. Wedding Shoe Game QuestionsIf you are planning on playing this game, then you will need some questions to ask. Whether you use these as examples of what’s appropriate or if you are looking for a few questions to use, here’s a list of popular neral QuestionsWho hogs most of the bed?
Who is the better driver?
Who has the better driving record?
Who farts more?
Who is the better cook?
Who uses more toilet paper?
Who has bigger feet?
Who has a bigger butt?
Who has better vision?
Who has better hearing?
Who is worse with direction?
Who sneezes more?
Who has the nuttier family?
Who has the most shoes? (It is the shoe game, after all! )
Relationship QuestionsWho was the first to admit their love?
Who was the one who made the relationship “official? ”
Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Who has to always have the final words in an argument?
Who is the better kisser?
Who flirts the most?
Who is always the first to say “I love you? ”
Who is the smarter one?
Who is your favorite person?
Financial/Work/Money QuestionsWho makes more money?
Who spends more money?
Who shops more?
Who works more?
Who generally picks up the tab at restaurants?
Who is the cheapest?
Who tips the most?
Who pays the most bills?
Personality QuestionsWho is more clumsy?
Who talks the most?
Who looks in the mirror more?
Who stinks up the bathroom more?
Who talks the loudest?
Who has the better laugh?
Who tells the best jokes?
Who is more serious?
Who is more flexible?
Who is most the dramatic?
Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?
Who gives better presents?
Who gives the most unexpected surprises?
Who is the first to apologize after arguing?
Who has better hair?
Who is more forgetful?
Who cries the most during movies?
Who has more dressy clothes?
Who is more stubborn?
Habit QuestionsWho exercises more?
Who eats healthier?
Who is in better overall shape?
Who eats the most fast food?
Who does more household chores?
Who’s car is the cleanest?
Who would rather be outdoors?
Who spends the most time on the phone?
Who sings better?
Who dances better?
Who brushes their teeth the most?
Who holds their liquor better?
Who takes longer showers?
Who takes the longest to get ready?
Who is the cleanest?
Who dresses better?
Now that you have plenty of ideas for your wedding shoe game questions, you should be all set to play the game. Just wait and see what your guests can come up creative with your questions. Try to come up with something the bride and groom might have to think about for a few seconds. Newlywed Game (or Shoe Game) at Wedding Reception3 Games That Are Similar to the Wedding Shoe GameIf the wedding shoe game sounds like a blast, you may be interested in learning about some other similar reception games. These three are a lot of fun and have some characteristics in common with the wedding shoe game. 1. Hold All My Love (A Game With Chocolate)What You’ll Need:A ton of individually wrapped chocolates, such as Hershey’s Kisses
The couple
How to Play: This game can be played in two play the first way, have one partner dip their hands into a bucket of chocolates, and then have the wedding guests try to guess how many pieces of candy they’re holding.
To play the second way, have one partner stand up, and then the other partner has two minutes to place as many chocolates as they can on the other partner. The second way to play the game ends up being incredibly cute because chocolate is sure to fall off!
2. Remember That Tune? (A Funny Story/Funny Memory Game)What You’ll Need:Some kind of PA system
A pre-selected set of songs
How to Play:Have each member of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen select a song that they feel is representative of their relationship with either the bride or the groom. Songs with stories or memories that can be shared are the best choices. You can also guide the choices by asking the various parties to pick funny stories or songs, that way someone doesn’t accidentally get sad.
Have the DJ (or whoever is in charge of the PA system) play a 30-or-so second clip from the song.
The bride and groom must then guess who picked the song and whom the song was for.
The person who chose the song then reveals whose guess is correct and shares the story behind the song.
Example:Sherry, the head bridesmaid, and Carole, the bride, have been friends for years. On one particularly rambunctious night, they got a little too rowdy at karaoke and wailed “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” so passionately that a traveling business man couldn’t help but buy the entire bar a “round of crown” in celebration. So, Sherry chooses this song. Carole recognizes the tune, shouts out excitedly that it’s definitely Sherry’s song, and then they share the funny memory with riations:Just the Bride and Groom: Instead of involving the bridesmaids and groomsman, you could have the bride and groom create a small playlist of songs that have cute or funny memories attached to them. And then the bride and groom try to recall which memory the song went to while sharing that memory with the rest of the ceremony.
3. Pin the Kiss on the Couple (Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but Cuter)What You’ll Need:A large amount of kiss stickers
A Sharpie
Post-It Notes (or some other way to keep track of the guests’ numbers)
An enlarged photo (we’re talking like a 5×5) of the couple bending towards the middle of the page kissing. You could also use a comical drawing.
How to Play:Before the party, you’ve got to prepare a bit. Make sure that you either have the drawn version of the couple or the large picture. You’ll need to have picked up the lip stickers, and you’ll need to have used the Sharpie to write on the lip stickers.
Tape the picture to a wall.
Give each guest a lip sticker, and have them record their number in some fashion, like on a Post-It note, an index card, or a scrap of paper.
One at a time, spin the guest around, and have them walk toward the photo. The guest’s goal is to put the lip sticker right over the point where the couple’s mouths meet.
Whoever gets the closest wins! You can play either for bragging rights or some kind of prize, such as a bottle of champagne or some fancy chocolate. And, of course, the newlyweds get to keep their wonderful work of art.
Variations:Decide When to Play: This game can be fun to watch and get everyone in on the action. You might go around the room, table by table, and watch each group try to get that perfect kiss. Or you might have play this game while everyone is filtering in.
Amanda on May 10, 2020:Happy mothers day to kissPhoebe towey on October 05, 2019:I will try sign up yes I Jain from Delhi, India on October 16, 2017:A rather interesting collection of funny games. Keeping the guest amused and creating some amazing memories for the bridal couple is not an easy task. I’m sure all possible help would be definitely appreciated. Kathleen King on July 25, 2017:I have seen this game at weddings, but could not remember the questions. Thanks for publishing some, so no I can have the game played at my niece’s wedding. Thanks a bunch!! The Interactive DJ on September 08, 2016:We love doing this ice breaker at weddings! It gets everyone laughing and warmed up for dancing! Beck on May 12, 2016:Great game, but totally tacky to ask who farts the most and questions like that. Keep it classy.
I bought Puma's £80 esports shoes so you don't have to: Active Gaming ...

I bought Puma’s £80 esports shoes so you don’t have to: Active Gaming …

Just before Christmas, sportswear giant Puma announced its first products designed explicitly for esports. Called “Active Gaming Footwear”, these lightweight socks cost $105/£80 and are designed to be used indoors and in esports arenas, providing the comfort, support and grip that professional gamers need to compete at the highest level. This sounds to me like complete bollocks – and that’s why I knew I needed to buy them. You see, people have been selling utterly useless “pro gaming” gear for absolutely ages. Even in the early days of esports, when Twitch was still called and StarCraft 2 was the biggest game in the scene, professional players would be hauled in front of a camera to shill stuff like oversized, overpriced racing chairs or piss-yellow gaming glasses that made wearers look like off-brand rent-a-cops. Delivering their lines with the clumsy charisma of a professional footballer asked for their opinion on the Iran-Contra crisis, these folks would swear up and down that you too could make it to the big leagues if you plonked down $199 for a XtreemPro 360 gaming towel with extra sweat rivulets and an inner lining made from Mongolian yak hide. I knew that it was all nonsense, but a small part of me still wanted to believe there was a grain of truth behind the marketing – that maybe you could find that critical one per cent of extra performance from an unexpected source. Now, I had the perfect chance to disabuse myself of that ridiculous notion once and for all – by ordering these shoes and actually testing them in-game.
The esports trainers arrived on my doorstep a few days later. Taking them out of the box, the generic “footwear” designation immediately made a lot more sense. In the same way that many American ice creams can only be legally labelled as “frozen dairy product”, describing the Active Gaming Footwear as shoes would be going too far. After all, calling something a shoe implies some sort of structural rigidity, whereas the AGF deflated like a punctured puffer fish once the packed tissue paper and cardboard supports were removed. It’s more accurate to call them socks, perhaps, or “generic foot coverings”, with a knitted upper sitting atop a very slim rubber sole emblazoned with the phrase “designed to the requirements of active gaming”. Executing on that tough design brief largely meant removing functionality, apparently, with the box warning buyers that these shoes are designed for indoor use only – you can use these at home or walking from the player area to an esports stage, but you can’t go into the garden with footwear of this quality! One of the most enticing parts of the Active Gaming Footwear proposition came on its product page, which promises four different all-caps “modes”: SEEK, ATTACK, CRUISE and DEFENSE, each providing a different element of grip, support and stability. Unfortunately, these modes are just marketing nonsense; the shoes can only be worn one way and there’s not even a useless mode selector switch or something to pay lip service to the product description. I didn’t expect that the shoes would start driving around on their own in SEEK mode, but even an RGB light with different effects would have been nice!
Of course, the AGF could still live up to their name by delivering excellent performance in-game… so I loaded up Counter-Strike, my competitive game of choice, and hopped onto a Dust 2 deathmatch server. I played a little without the shoes on, to warm up and get a baseline measure of my performance, then I put the Pumas on as the computer loaded the next round. I don’t know why, but I immediately felt more focused – more engaged. I sat straighter in my chair, pulled the screen to within a few inches of my face and started fragging. It was weird – enemies seemed to hesitate in my crosshair for a splitsecond, giving me the chance to line up a clean headshot and send them to the respawn screen. No matter where I went or which weapon I pulled out, I felt untouchable. AWP collaterals, nutty Deagle headshots and AK-47 sprays for days, it all just the time the end-of-game scoreboard appeared, I’d set a new personal record – 55 kills and 660 points in 10 minutes. I put in a triumphant “gg! ” in chat, waiting for the accolades to roll in. Only one player spoke: Verok: lol
Verok: bot game He was right – he was the only other human player on the server. Of course, it’s not a great surprise that the purpose-built gaming footwear doesn’t improve performance in what is largely a hand-eye operation. I repeated the test in a competitive match, just to be sure, and once again I felt no better prepared with the Pumas on as with any other foot covering – or even none at all. So no, the Active Gaming Footwear won’t improve your performance. They’re just comfy, indoor-only foot wraps, somewhere between a sock and a shoe. To say that another way: they’re slippers. Fancy, sportswear-inspired, $105 slippers. For that money, you could get an extra pair of trainers to wear indoors if that feels right for you, and still have money left over for actual slippers to wear in the winter months. But just because these pro gaming socks are a farce, it doesn’t mean that all non-digital equipment marketed to the esports market is too. Here’s one example: over the past few months I’ve been testing out the Ority esports backpack. The idea is that it’s a bag large enough to actually fit all of the PC peripherals you’d need to take to a LAN party or esports tournament, including separate compartments for a 17-inch gaming laptop, a full-format mechanical keyboard, oversized headphones and a rolled-up mouse mat. I’ve taken it whenever I’ve travelled for work, and I’ve loved having easy access to all of my peripherals (and their many cables) without worrying they’ll get scratched or dented in the bottom of my bag. I would have absolutely killed for a backpack like this when I attended LAN parties more regularly – and judging by the frequent peripheral failures experienced by professional gamers on the big stage, the Ority wouldn’t go amiss for them, either. I wouldn’t recommend this bag to everybody – its size and weight make it a real commitment and similarly large bags without the custom internals are much cheaper – but it is perfectly suited for the small segment of the population that it’s marketed towards. That’s what makes it a successful esports product in my mind – and by the same token, why Puma’s Active Gaming Footwear is just a doesn’t mean that these shoes are awful and no one should buy them – it’s just that marketing something as “created with console gamers in mind” and then including no console gaming features or characteristics doesn’t make sense. As a lightweight shoe for AR and VR gaming? Sure. A grippy sock for DDR enthusiasts? Definitely, I could see that. But for the sort of professional gaming that takes place in arenas, this shoe ain’t it you are looking to get better at video games, here’s my recommendation: stick to the products that actually matter. That means headsets and gamepads on consoles, plus mice and keyboards on PC. A higher frame-rate can also make games easier, so unlock that with a faster graphics card and then make use of it with a high refresh rate, low input lag monitor. Once you’ve got these elements sorted, then you can start hitting your peak as a competitive gamer – and after you’ve won some prize money, maybe Puma’s esports shoes will come in handy.
The Wedding Shoe Game: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and...

The Wedding Shoe Game: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and…

Wedding Reception
So when do you play the shoe game at a wedding? Read our article to find out everything you must know about the wedding shoe game to entertain your guests.
January 7, 2021
Simply Elegant Weddings
You’ve probably been seeing a lot of pictures of couples waving shoes in the air in the middle of the dance floor. No, they’re not bragging about their tired feet (but yes: taking those heels off is still probably a relief after a day of pictures! ). Those shoes are flying high as part of a new trend: The Wedding Shoe Game. Fun for both the happy couple and the wedding guests, this clever trivia game will have the whole party roaring with laughter. It’s a new take on the Newlywed Game (appropriate: You’ll actually be brand-newlyweds! ), and one that can be played on your big day. And because this activity only involves the newlyweds, it’s a safe reception game for a COVID wedding. Thinking about giving the wedding shoe game a try? Here’s everything you need to know about this fun activity.
How do you play the wedding shoe game?
Start by pulling two chairs to the middle on the dance floor, front and center where all the guests can see. Face the chairs back to back and sit so that you can’t see your beloved new spouse.
Next, both of you take off your shoes and hand one over to your partner. Now, you’re each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partner’s shoes. See where we’re going with this? Enlist a designated trivia master to lead the game (think: a bridesmaid or groomsman, the maid of honor, best man, the emcee for the night, or your DJ). They’ll get the ball rolling by asking a series of questions about your relationship (see ideas for questions below). With every question, each of you will raise the shoe of the person it matches. For instance, let’s say the trivia master asks “Who said I love you first? ” Most likely, you’ll both get this one right and raise the same shoe. But what about if they ask “Who’s the better cook? ” and you raise your own shoe, your beloved raises their own shoe. Get ready for the laughs—and the ensuing debate! Sometimes, you may even find an occasion to raise both shoes in the air!
It’s best to keep the wedding shoe game questions tame and appropriate (Grandma is sitting right there, after all), so make sure you ask your trivia master to screen any questions before reading them aloud. Also, keep a tally of how many questions you matched on—just for a fun way of keeping score.
When do you play the shoe game at a wedding?
The wedding shoe game is a great way for folks to get to know the two of you better as a couple, as well as provide entertainment during what otherwise might be a lull in the day. Think about playing this reception game during dinner—after toasts have been completed—or in between courses. You can also play between dinner and dancing if you have some downtime or the band needs a moment to set up. While the party is getting ready to start, you can get your guests laughing while you debate who is the messier person in your apartment.
How do you introduce the shoe game to your wedding guests?
If your DJ or emcee will be running the show, entrust them to introduce the wedding shoe game to your guests. If someone else, like a wedding party member or other loved one, will be emceeing, they can introduce the game by saying something like:
“Folks, we’re going to play a little game with our newlyweds today—it’s called the Shoe Game [or Newlywed Game]. Give a big round of applause to [couple’s names]! We’ve set up two chairs on the dance floor, and [couple’s names] are going to give each other one of their shoes. We’re going ask them a couple of questions to find out how well they really know each other. If the correct answer is [partner’s name], they’ll hold up [partner’s] shoe, and vice versa. Here we go! ”
B. Jones Photography
How long should the wedding shoe game last?
Don’t cut the game too short, but don’t let it go too long either. Take no more than 10 minutes (about 15-20 questions), which will keep your guests engaged, but not bored.
What are some alternatives if you don’t want to use your shoes during the game?
If you’re prefer not to remove your shoes during the reception, you have lots of other options (and can just rename the activity The Newlywed Game, instead of the Shoe Game). We’ve seen couples hold up paddles featuring each partner’s face, signs saying “bride” or “groom” or each partner’s initials or names, dolls representing each partner, and more.
Can the shoe game be played at other pre-wedding events, aside from the wedding reception?
Absolutely! If you’d prefer to focus your reception entertainment on dancing, the shoe game can be played at several other pre-wedding parties. It makes a great icebreaker at an engagement party or rehearsal dinner, and can also be played at a couple’s shower, or the bridal shower.
What are some ways to get wedding guests more involved with the shoe game?
The wedding shoe game is pretty simple, and loads of fun—plus free entertainment for the night! Want to get the guests even more involved? Plan ahead and include a spot on your RSVP cards for the guests to ask a question with their reply. As you collect RSVPs, save the best questions and use those for your trivia master to go by. You can also have a set up next to your guest book where people can write down a question and drop their slip of paper into a jar. The trivia master will then pull a question at random—and the fun can really begin! Alternatively, you can place notecards at each table for guests to write down questions, and the trivia master to collect before the game begins.
What are some sample questions for the wedding shoe game?
Want to come up with a list of questions before the big day? Here are a you could try:
Who made the first move?
Who fell in love first?
Who said “I love you” first?
Whose family did you meet first?
Who is the better kisser?
Who hogs the bed the most?
Who is the better cook?
Who has the most clothes in the closet?
Who always “has to be right”?
Who is the bigger shopper?
Who hogs the bathroom more?
Who hogs the remote?
Who is the messier one/cleanest one in the apartment?
Who takes longer showers?
Who is the planner in the relationship?
Who has the healthier diet?
Who holds their liquor better?
Who is always the one to replace the toilet paper roll?
Who takes the longest to get ready?
Who has the better sense of style?
Who is the morning person?
Who will want kids first?
Who was more obsessed with wedding planning?
Who plays their music/podcasts the loudest?
Who spends more time on their phone?
Who chose the honeymoon location?
Who is the better driver?
Who has the bigger sense of adventure?
Who is the pickier eater?
Who is the bigger (insert favorite sports team, TV show, comic book) fan?

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How does the shoe game work?

Both the bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one so that they are both holding one of each shoe. … During the game, a series of questions are asked, and the answer is either “the bride” or “the groom.” The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer.Sep 18, 2019

What are gaming shoes?

Called “Active Gaming Footwear”, these lightweight socks cost $105/£80 and are designed to be used indoors and in esports arenas, providing the comfort, support and grip that professional gamers need to compete at the highest level. This sounds to me like complete bollocks – and that’s why I knew I needed to buy them.Apr 24, 2020

When should you play the shoe game?

The wedding shoe game is a great way for folks to get to know the two of you better as a couple, as well as provide entertainment during what otherwise might be a lull in the day. Think about playing this reception game during dinner—after toasts have been completed—or in between courses.Jan 7, 2021

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