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What is Tumblr and how is it used? [2018 Definition]

What is Tumblr? Definition: Tumblr is a blogging and social media tool that allows users to publish a “tumblelog”, or short blog posts. Tumblr’s major differentiator is the free-form nature of the site and the ability of users to heavily customize their own pages. This is the exception to the rule, as nearly all other social networks have standardized profile pages with limited design flexibility. A multi-purpose networkTumblr’s lack of limiters or rules on the forms and types of content that are created, as well as the design of the page where such content is posted, defies a singular definition. The company itself says Tumblr is both easy to use and hard to explain, due to content ranging from text and files to music and videos that address specific fan groups, subcultures, businesses, social issues and other concerns. Ecommerce stores are certainly included in this wide-ranging list.
Tumblr’s overall flexibility is an attractive feature for ecommerce store owners who want to create a specific look, focus on details of design or strongly emphasize their brand. The social media aspects of Tumblr mean that content is liked and shared, and a business page is easily followed by interested Tumblr users.
How is Tumblr used? Getting a page set up on Tumblr is similar to other social media networks. Users sign up for an account by providing an email address as well as creating a password, username and a URL for the page. URLs can be changed in perpetuity, but this can lead to a negative impact on SEO – it’s best to take the time and find a URL that will work for a store at first.
The design of a page can either be custom built or chosen from a list of pre-existing themes that can be found both on Tumblr and through outside websites. Furthermore, the majority of these premade themes can be adjusted in terms of frame size, color and many other variables. An assortment of images, including an ecommerce store owner’s product photos and logo, can be incorporated into the page. A store page should take advantage of available opportunities to present these related images and to link to the actual ecommerce site.
The dashboard is the main method for adding content to a Tumblr page. This functions as a content posting tool for nearly all types of text as well as graphic and video files. Users can view their own posts in both the theme chosen for their page as well as in an editable format. Posts from Tumblr pages a user follows are also seen on the dashboard, where they can be liked or reblogged. The number of other pages followed will directly correlate to the amount of content flowing through the dashboard.
Just like any other social media site, a Tumblr page should be linked on a merchant’s main ecommerce site and on other social media accounts as appropriate. The opposite is also true: The about section of a Tumblr page should link to the main ecommerce site, as well as to other profiles on social networks.
5 Good Reasons to Use Tumblr | Practical Ecommerce

5 Good Reasons to Use Tumblr | Practical Ecommerce

Tumblr is a social blogging platform that allows users to upload multimedia posts, follow other users, and engage in communities without some of the constraints found on Twitter or Facebook.
As a platform, Tumblr has been growing rapidly, and some retailers are now using the service as part of their social media marketing efforts. While there is certainly no shortage of social media sites that retailers can post to, there are five good reasons to invest resources in Tumblr.
Visually Engaging Rich Media
Tumblr allows users to post several kinds of content, including text, chat messages, quotes, links, photographs, videos, and audio files. This ability to include a lot of rich media has been particularly helpful for some retailers.
Kate Spade, a clothing retailer, frequently posts vivid product images and videos on its “tumblog, ” which is a Tumblr stream.
Retailer Kate Spade posts images and video to its tumblog.
Kate Spade’s digital marketing manager, Cecilia Liu, told Mashable in February that “people are using and sharing beautiful visuals on Tumblr, posting things they think are inspirational. In that vein, it seems like a really great platform for us to get our voice out there, not just as tweets and text, but through images and color, which is the DNA of the brand. ”
Tumblr makes it easy to integrate visual media.
Design (Brand) Flexibility
Henry Ford was reported to have said that customers could have the Model T in any color they wanted, so long as they wanted black. In some sense, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have limited just how much customizing that retail brands — and other users — can do. These limitation come in the form of character restrictions, layout restrictions, and color restrictions.
Tumblr, by contrast, has many of the same social features as Facebook or Twitter minus the constraints. Rather, Tumblr users may purchase, acquire, or build their own themes top to bottom. This gives online retailers an opportunity to brand their Tumblr blog.
Drop Dead Clothing has a Tumblr theme that is edgy, just like its brand.
Jessica Boulanger, the designer behind online retailer More of Me has a sophisticated theme for her Tumblr blog, 101 Things.
More of Me’s 101 Things Tumblr blog has a sophisticated look to match its brand.
Tumblr also offers two ways to embed a blog into your existing site.
Advanced Email and Mobile Publishing
Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways of engaging with customers. But “engaging” is no easy task and sometimes there’s something that you’d like to post about, but it is just not convenient.
Tumblr has an excellent email-or-text-based publishing system that makes it rather easy to post good-looking items to a tumblog with ease. Even when doing so might not be, as mentioned above, convenient on other platforms.
This system makes use of Markdown, a text-to-HTML tool. So after a bit of practice, Tumblr users can publish posts including some formatting from an email message or SMS. Tumblr can also absorb audio files, quotes, and pictures that are attached to or in the email or text message. You can even create audio posts (think mini podcast) over a telephone.
Post To and From Twitter and Facebook
Often online marketers will repeat content across several social media sites. For example, a marketer could mention a blog post on Facebook and then tweet it on Twitter.
Tumblr posts should be no exception. And, in fact, the platform makes it very easy to publish your Tumblr posts to Facebook, Twitter, or an RSS feed using Feedburner. What’s more, this integration is a two way street since Tumblr can also automatically republish what you’ve posted on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog — this works especially well with WordPress.
Tumblr Is a Rising Star
Finally, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It has more than 20. 3 million users that blog there. On a typical day, Tumblr reaches about 250 million page views with something like 33 million new posts.
Holly Matheson, writing on Technorati, wondered aloud if Tumblr might be on a trajectory to overtake Facebook and Twitter. While this seems a bit unlikely, data from Quantcast does indicate rapid growth.
Tumblr gets more than 250 million page views daily according to Quantcast.
Tumblr also has a slightly different demographic than Facebook or Twitter, which, for example, tend to have more female users. About 51 percent of Tumblr users are male.
Quantcast shows that slightly more than half of Tumblr users are men.
Summing Up
Tumblr is a short-form, social blogging platform that supports rich media like videos and photographs; is flexible in terms of design and use; absorbs posts via email, text, or even a phone call; integrates well with other social media sites; and is growing in popularity.
For all of these reasons, ecommerce marketers interesting in social media should consider Tumblr.
Tumblr girl - Dictionary.com

Tumblr girl – Dictionary.com

Slang dictionary
What does Tumblr girl mean?
A Tumblr girl is a specific kind of young woman that actively uses the social media website Tumblr. Typically, Tumblr girls are considered attractive, are interested in fashion, post many photographs of themselves, and have a distinctive aesthetic sensibility associated with hipsterism.
Where does Tumblr girl come from?
Tumblr is a microblogging platform, founded in 2007. The website makes it especially easy to post photos with short captions. One particular type of Tumblr blogger emerged over the site’s history who has a distinctive look and has come to be called, and stereotyped as, the Tumblr girl. The term was used as early as 2009, though it took a couple years to become more widespread.
Both on and off of Tumblr, there are a few unifying features that describe the Tumblr girl and the personality she’s said to cultivate on her Tumblr page. She’s considered hip and stylish, with a fondness for fashion and often wears t-shirts with witty slogans and high-waisted shorts. She sports styled hair, often ombre dyed or dyed a bright color. And she posts her own photographs, often of herself, rather than simply posting other people’s. Tumblr girls are also often white.
The demographics of Tumblr have historically skewed young, with over half of the website’s users under 35 and about a quarter under 25, according to 2016 data. A majority of users are also female. Tumblr girls reflect this demographic, being more common than their male counterpart, Tumblr boys, who have developed a reputation for their own distinctive style.
Examples of Tumblr girl
“I am determined to become one of those girls that everyone looks up to for theRe [sic] pretty face, I finally feel beautiful, and I’m proud to tell people, a lot has changed about me and I’m finally confident but for now no girls are going to look up to me so I’ll just be a wanna be tumblr girl”
wtfstfuidgaf Tumblr (August 3, 2017)
“my only regret in life is that i was never a tumblr girl with blonde hair and spider lashes that took stupid pictures with an okay camera”
@dinahditch Twitter (March 28, 2017)
“’Cause I’m in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits / Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she’s the baddest”
G-Eazy, “Tumblr Girls, ” These Things Happen (2014)
Who uses Tumblr girl?
Tumblr girls is often used in a derogatory way outside the website itself. Non-Tumblr users, or even Tumblr users who are outside of the subculture in which Tumblr girls prevail, may view them as being annoying or vain. Musical artist G-Eazy wrote a song in 2014 about his own experience with Tumblr girls. He characterized them as thin, pretty, fun-loving, and confident but also superficial and attention-seeking.
Despite this negative view, many within the subculture feel that a Tumblr girl is a good thing to be. To them, Tumblr girls are attractive, self-assertive, and fashionable. They serve as aspirational figures that other Tumblr users can look up to. Guides on how to be a Tumblr girl or how to be a Tumblr boy detail the specifics of the look and attitude you need to achieve this goal.
Hipster is a related term. Hipsters are said share many characteristics of Tumblr girls, like being trendy in an “unconventional” way. Several fashions have been associated as typical for the two terms, such as flannel shirts and converse sneakers. Sometimes the terms Tumblr hipster and Tumblr boy or girl are used interchangeably. The Tumblr girl may be regarded as being a part of the hipster fashion subculture.
This is not meant to be a formal definition of Tumblr girl like most terms we define on, but is
rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of Tumblr girl
that will help our users expand their word mastery.

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What does Tumblr stand for?

Blog Of The Week (tumblr) Internet » Blogs. Rate it: TS. Tumblr Savior.

Why do we use Tumblr?

Tumblr allows users to post several kinds of content, including text, chat messages, quotes, links, photographs, videos, and audio files. … In that vein, it seems like a really great platform for us to get our voice out there, not just as tweets and text, but through images and color, which is the DNA of the brand.”Jun 9, 2011

What means Tumblr girl?

A Tumblr girl is a specific kind of young woman that actively uses the social media website Tumblr. Typically, Tumblr girls are considered attractive, are interested in fashion, post many photographs of themselves, and have a distinctive aesthetic sensibility associated with hipsterism.

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