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Affiliate Disclosure WE EARN COMMISSIONS IF YOU SHOP THROUGH THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE. Please be aware that BestValued might accept advertising compensation from companies that may appear on this platform, this may influence the order in which the content/product/service/company is advertised. In some cases the compensation may also influence the rating and tags assigned by BestValued. The rating is also determined by our subjective opinion and the brand preference based on the reputation or market share of a particular Brand/Company. Any product/Service/company listings do not imply any type of endorsement. All representation of features and other information are subject to change at any time and all the information presented on this page is disclaimed. Please check the Terms of Use for additional information. How To Pick The Best YouTube Proxy Websites To Unblock Geo-restricted Content? Avoid bans and blocks! The YouTube proxies give the hidden IP addresses that allow bypassing internet censorship, streaming movies, etc., facilities to users from the blocked content. Moreover, proxies are compatible with mobile as well as desktop servers essentially alter a user’s IP address and mask it with another IP Address without the need for online traffic encryption. It helps the user surf the net privately on the web, making it difficult for malware or other harmful forces to infiltrate and acquire your browsing data and other leads other regions by a marked 30% higher rate of proxy server usage. The North American region is second on the list with 28%. A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to proxies is important while surfing through YouTube because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms. If affected by malware, you can hack your important information like bank details, credit card information, Is A Proxy, And How Does It Work? A web proxy works by camouflaging or masking your identity (hiding your IP address), acting as the middleman, and conveying messages between your computer and the website you want to access. Using proxies is important while surfing through YouTube because your usage patterns are shared across multiple platforms. Accordingly, if affected by malware, you can get hacked by others, and important information like bank details, credit card information, etc., can be transferred to a third to the proxy section of Network and Internet settings of any device like Windows, macOS, or Linux and turning it on along with the setup script will create a proxy to your system. The procedure is quite simple and does not take much of your Many Types Of YouTube Proxies are There? YouTube proxies are generally traditional proxies that help in downloading videos and movies from streaming service Platforms. The majority of users prefer reverse, anonymous web proxy servers, and transparent verse ProxiesThese free youtube proxies redirect the users to a particular website on a server according to their request. It is transparent and is accessible by external users but provides protection to the actual owner. Anonymous ProxiesThey are useful to people who do not want to make an original IP address for streaming. The servers are still detectable, but it does a good job in concealing the actual device the user is utilizing. You can opt for RUSVPN, a VPN proxy service, to get anonymous access to the internet and the blocked Proxy ServersThese types allow youtube to make HTTP requests to other externally hosted sources like videos and movies. They act as firewalls that monitor the traffic of multiple servers in the ansparent ProxiesIt acts as a cache for websites, which provides an uninterrupted policy over communication over several servers to share media. It does not hide the client or the IP address so that every process is tracked by other users to avoid To Download YouTube Proxy? There are certain steps users have to follow to download a free youtube proxy with nothing going wrong. Follow these steps:Install and run the software on the system after checking if it’s compatible or the options tab and select the proxy by ticking the option and typing the ID. Copy and paste the required blocked YouTube video link on the main downloading the file. Features And Benefits Of YouTube ProxyProxy List gives you a list of different and budget-friendly proxy websites that you could use to access YouTube as an anonymous user. There are premium proxy lists that charge monthly. They provide immense benefits if you want to stay hidden and avoid sharing user data; these are as follows:IP Addressing SupportThis feature helps to hide your IP addresses while browsing through YouTube. In simple words, it keeps shuffling your IP addresses so that if you are in a region where you are not allowed to access YouTube or a set of videos under a certain category that is blocked, a proxy can help you get access to this some countries, accessing YouTube is banned, or its usage is heavily restricted. There are many good learning and education videos. The blazing YouTube proxy can provide access to it; a YouTube Proxy download or subscription can be your best investment of accessing materials without being tracked. Free proxy list for youtube cannot be trusted, but the paid ones do their jobs of spoofing your IP Address very Cache EntryThe cache is the mini storage where all your usage data is thrown in. The data includes usage patterns, interests in certain products, or products related to a certain topic by reading the number of searches for that topic, etc. The proxy list of YouTube will deny any registration of user usage data to the cache completely. Thus, spoofing the is indeed annoying to get bombarded with advertisements of products you are least interested in just because of the click of that single video. The best YouTube proxy list will provide you with the best workarounds to access your YouTube peacefully to get rid of this LockAs mentioned earlier, YouTube proxies lists can also access YouTube from regions where the access is completely denied. It also comes in handy in different work sectors too. Certain companies that provide official laptops to their employees have YouTube locked from the device itself, or the IT department has barred the access of that laptop by blacklisting the IP Address. Here is when the Proxy list comes in note that going against office rules is not recommended. Still, with the consultation of the IT department, the use of a proxy can be granted to the employee to access YouTube for research purposes. There are many unblock youtube proxy sites that are effectively used by offices for instant access to information, usually taking a lot of time otherwise to get clearance from the IT Definition ContentDue to high usage traffic, there are many places that YouTube has limited the video quality to only 480p. It is annoying for some users because usually, the devices they access YouTube are of very good display quality, and they would like to watch HD Videos on their HD Devices. All of these youtube proxy list servers will spoof your IP address for another Country and help you get access to HD Videos without many is nothing like getting access to HD Videos because the clarity it provides is unmatchable. Plus, many of the high-end devices support 4k videos too. So, there is nothing like getting access to those contents in a region where you curityUsing the best and high-performing proxies for surfing YouTube does provide a huge amount of Security to you. Your location, IP Address, browsing cache, and other important information are protected and cannot be misused by malware to spam you with of this malware can even get access to your passwords on different sites, which is very dangerous. YouTube itself has an in-app payment that can prompt you to pay for a membership to certain channels and hence require you to give in your card details which have a high risk of being misused by anonymous sites. So, investing in a decent proxy membership for regular protection from such malware is indeed a good CachingSome internet video services, specifically YouTube, take advantage of the caching features of proxies on the web. It helps promote potential channels to you related to your content to keep you entertained and expose you to more adverts and potential places where they might want you to invest. Hence, the YouTube Proxies list bypass the web proxy and help keep your Video Cache is a good practice to keep clearing your YouTube cache regularly, but practically not many of us have the time to do it as a regular practice. These things are taken care of by the proxies for does RUSVPN Lets You Watch Streaming Services Online? RUSVPN is the best choice for internet security when it comes to Vumoo, the latest and advanced version of the technology that permits you to watch non-accessible and copyright video content on your websites without interruption for exceptional To Unblock Youtube Videos With RUSVPN? The simple way to unblock youtube videos with RUSVPN is to create an account and add a VPN to youtube blocked videos. It gives accessibility to stream blocked content, seamless movie or TV serial from worldwide To Use Online YouTube Proxies Free? Proxy servers are very easy to install and set up on devices, no matter what the operating system or the software is. Before going all the way through turning it on and using it efficiently, one has to make sure that the proxy chosen has a low rate of risks regarding security issues. Every proxy provider company has its own set of rules and steps to set it up and use it. Depending on the browser one uses, the procedure of proxy usage may have slight To Unblock YouTube For Free? Unblockable Proxies youtube server works in the same way as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to unblock youtube videos that are geo-restricted at offices and schools. Although unblocking is quite easy and does not look like a big deal, users who use proxy sites for youtube must be careful not to use it for highly restricted content and schools; there will be legal problems. The following steps describe how to unblock youtube videos by proxies for wnload a proxy server of high-security features and run it on your device. Open the unblockable proxy youtube and make it default to youtube by changing the settings. Insert the video link you want to watch in the input dialog box of proxy and get access to it for Online Youtube ProxiesIf you want to use youtube without transferring your data, it is suggested to use the smart youtube proxy websites. You can download and use them on mobile and laptop. It helps you to watch your favourite video without any interruption or interference. Check out some shared proxies for business is always recommended to use a premium proxy to provide genuine servers with high Security and seamless streaming. They have a very small membership cost of around 5-10$ a month which is enough to have you well protected online.
Picking the Best Proxies for YouTube Bots

Picking the Best Proxies for YouTube Bots

Looking for the best proxy service to use for your YouTube marketing campaign? Then come in now and read our expert recommendations on the best YouTube proxies to use, depending on your use you are a regular YouTube user, you wouldn’t have the need to make use of a proxy. But for Internet marketers and those restricted from watching region-specific videos, YouTube proxies become some of the best tools they can Tube proxies are intermediate servers that hide your IP from YouTube, circumvent restrictions, and work perfectly with YouTube without getting minati: #1 residential IP proxies for Youtube automationSmartproxy: Affordable choice for Youtube bots like JarveeMicroleaves: Unlimited bandwidth for youtube video engagementIf you need to proxy to unblock Youtube, I would suggest you use do need Youtube proxies? YouTube is very strict about the use of proxies and bots for automation, and your account can get blocked when noticed. This is because proxies serve as a shield for marketers using YouTube bots to increase the view count of a video in order to claim revenue from ads and manipulate the YouTube video ranking algorithm. Picking the Best Youtube Bots for automation marketingSome also scrap data from YouTube and automate following and subscription which are all against YouTube. However, with YouTube proxies, you can get all these done without getting oxies for Youtube automation: Datacenter or residential IP proxies? Because there are different things you can do on YouTube, I am going to make recommendations based on specific use cases. Regardless of the use case, residential proxies are the best type of proxies for no mistake about it, datacenter proxies will easily get detected and you’ll be faced with a lot of Captchas as such; they are left for menial works like unblocking YouTube. But for the more rugged tasks, residential proxies, To avoid the Captchas and IP block on the youtube, residential IP proxies are much better to use for youtube Difference Between Residential and Datacenter ProxiesBest Proxies for Follow/Subscription on YouTube One of the major automation activities is following/subscribing to a channel. One will mass create accounts and get them to follow a single channel or a few defined do this, you have to make use of residential proxies to avoid solving too many captchas. Following does not require much bandwidth and as such, we can make do of proxies that come with unlimited bandwidth for economic reasons. Below are the top best proxies for follow/Subscription on Best Youtube proxies Choice! IP Pool Size: Over 35+ million residential IPsLocations: Almost all countries in the worldConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedCharging Mode: By Bandwidth (Not monthly)Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GBLuminati is arguably one of the best and the largest proxy service provider in the market. It has a combined IP size of over 42 million, with 35 million being residential proxies. They are also the pioneer in the field of mobile proxies and prides themselves as an elite proxy service for business. A good number of Fortune 500 companies are making use of their proxies. They can be used for a good number of activities. However, they are expensive and come with limited bandwidth. As I stated earlier, limited bandwidth still works for following since not much bandwidth is artproxyAn affordable choice for Youtube bots like Jarvee to Follow and SubscriptionIP Pool Size: Over 40 million residential IPsLocations: 195 locations across the globeConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedCharging Mode: By Bandwidth (Monthly)Cost: Starts at $75 monthly for 5GBSmartproxy residential proxies are some of the best proxies to use for subscribing to channels on YouTube. Their proxies are premium and designed not to fail. Unlike Luminati that you need a fat pocket for their smallest plan and you might end up not consuming the whole bandwidth before it artproxy has more friendly and flexible packages than is affordable to small businesses. Yes, your connection is also capped as per consumable bandwidth. They also have a large pool of residential IP addresses and have present in a good number of locations around the globe, get more details from our oSurfIP Pool Size: Over 2. 5 millionLocations: 130 countriesConcurrency Allowed: UnlimitedCharging Mode: By Bandwidth (Monthly)Cost: Starts at $450 monthly for 38GBGeoSurf has proxies in the residential proxy category, and they are also premium. Their proxies were made initially for web scraping and crawling but soon becomes general as it can be used for a good number of activities, which includes automating channel subscription on proxies are also quite expensive like Luminati and also have their starter plan coming with the bandwidth you might not need. However, GeoSurf works and a good number of YouTube marketers have used it for their campaign without experiencing any hassles, detection, and blocks. With the right strategy, GeoSurf will work for Proxies for Watching/Viewing Videos on YouTube Unlike a subscription, watching videos for the sake of inflating its view count is a different ball game. While the above mention proxies will also work for watching videos, it is not economical because you’ll be consuming a lot of bandwidth, and as such, I am going to be suggesting 3 residential service providers that provide unmetered (unlimited) bandwidth. MicroleavesUnlimited bandwidth for Heavy usage! The ultimate youtube video engagement proxiesIP Pool Size: Over 26 millionLocations: 130 countriesConcurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threadsProtocol: HTTP & HTTPS & SOCKSCharging Mode: By PortsCost: Starts at $125 monthly for 10 portsMicroleaves is one of the unlimited bandwidth proxy providers in the market. It provides backconnect proxies that can be used for watching YouTube videos for the sake of inflating view proxies are not priced based on consumable bandwidth but based on the number of ports and as such, you are provided an unlimited bandwidth to use with the IP assigned to you part port changing after every 5 minutes. Microleaves has one of the biggest IP pool, and its location coverage is worldwide. They make use of real broadband digital cables residential IPs and they are both HTTP and Socks ProxiesThe Cheapest residential proxies for Youtube BotsIP Pool Size: 40, 000Locations: the US and EU region onlyCharging Mode: By PortsAuthentication: only one device per portCost: Starts at $50 monthly for 5 portsLast on the list of our recommendations on the best residential proxy providers for watching YouTube videos is Storm Proxies. Their residential proxies are the cheapest on the list and they are quite functional too. They have other proxy services they offer including specialized proxies for special use ever, they limit your access to a port to one device. This means that you cannot use it on more than a device as a time. Your connection through their proxy is also not metered and as such, you’ll be enjoying an unlimited bandwidth when you subscribe to their Pool Size: Over 7 millionLocations: 195 countriesProtocol: HTTP & HTTPSCharging Mode: By PortsCost: Starts at $225 monthly for 10 portsFlipnode prides itself as the fastest residential service provider in the market. While our study reveals that they are not the fastest, our studies confirm that their backconnect proxies are some of the best residential proxies to use for inflating your view count on make use of real broadband digital cables residential IPs or DSL connections. Their prices are also on the highest and not as cheap as Microleaves. However, you’re sure to get proxies that will minimize the occurrence of Captchas and blocks. They are used by big companies Proxies for Unblocking YouTube RestrictionsWhile the above two use cases are common among marketers, there is one particular use case that is common among regular YouTube users with no other reason other than to watch videos on YouTube. This other use case is for circumventing geolocation are some videos on YouTube that you have to be in a particular region to view them, such as when you’re living in China. If you come across such videos, you only have two options available to you. You can either make use of proxies or Unblock Youtube, I would recommend you use a paid VPN to bypass IP block, some top choice is, ExpressVPNNordVPNPureVPNHow to Use Private Proxies and a VPN SimultaneouslyIf you are going to be working with proxies, private proxies will work just fine; you do not need to spend huge on residential or mobile proxies. This is because using the same YouTube account will not pose much suspicion and need for solving private proxies, you can buy them from either MyPrivateProxy, Highproxies, or YourPrivateProxy, among others. Alternatively, for a more robust solution, you can make use of a equently asked questions (FAQs) on YouTube ProxiesIs Using Proxies Allowed on YouTube? While just trying to hide your IP address might not be an issue, trying to hide your location and access videos not meant for you is frowned upon by YouTube. Besides, people that use proxies on YouTube use it for web scraping and some black hat purposes like inflating video view Automation Possible on YouTube? Yes, a lot of marketers automate their actions on YouTube, including watching videos for the sake of claiming ads revenue and inflating view counts. They also use YouTube bots for automating data collections like scraping comments and other data from YouTube Bots to Use Proxies for? There are many YouTube bots in the market, but their functionality is not the same. Some have been proven to work wonders and comes with more features than the that provide support for YouTube automation includes Jarvee, FollowLiker, and a few others. You can use the proxies discussed above with these many YouTube Channels per Proxies? According to many marketers that are into YouTube automation, there is no much limit to the number of Accounts you can use per proxy. However, you’ll do yourself a measure of good by using fewer accounts per nclusionWhen it comes to making a choice regarding the proxies to use for YouTube, there is a good number of choices for you. However, to avoid getting you confused, the above recommendations were made for you. Use either of them to enjoy an amazing YouTube the residential IP Proxies for Instagram automationUsing Twitter proxies for twitter automation marketingGet Best Proxies for Reddit automation
The Best YouTube Proxy Providers for 2021 - StupidProxy

The Best YouTube Proxy Providers for 2021 – StupidProxy

Getting a message that a YouTube video is not available in your country is nerve-racking. To bypass geo-restricted content, you need YouTube proxies. To help you in your search for that, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube proxies that you can find on the market.
Ever since its release back in 2005, YouTube has been the go-to platform for video content. Even though the quality of the content in the early days was not something spectacular, over the years, as the popularity grew, so did the amount and quality of the content.
Something that people haven cringing about is the geo-restrictions that the platform presented some time ago. YouTube allows uploaders the freedom to make a particular video accessible only to people from a specific region. In contrast, others would get a message that the video is not available in their country.
The most popular bypass method for bypassing geo-restricted content is with proxies. They enable you to mask your home IP address, and to YouTube, it would seem like the person accessing the content is from the country where it is available.
In this article, we are going to outline the best YouTube proxies you can find on the market.
Best YouTube Proxies
Shifter used known as Microleaves, or previously known as Microleaves is not a YouTube proxy provider that is often found on the top of the best proxy providers list. Taking into consideration their heritage, this company offers a decent-ish balance between price and performance.
With a pool of proxies consisting of over 31 million IP addresses around the world, they claim every country, which means that you would have no problem with any geo-restrictions. Another thing that we rarely get to see is residential proxies dedicated to something. In Shifter’s case, you have basic and special proxies, where the special ones are recommended to be used as YouTube proxies.
Another advantage is the advanced geo-targeting option, with the ability to choose the country or even city make it that much more attractive. The “decent-ish” part was referring to the price. Even though it is a bit on the pricy side, you are getting unlimited bandwidth with all proxy packages, so no worries on reaching a limit when streaming.
A downside is the fact that you do not get a free trial to test the proxies, but you can ask for a refund within three days of making the purchase.
Lots of proxies in all counties around the world
Unlimited bandwidth
Advanced geo-targeting options
No option for a free trial
Slightly pricy
Often viewed as a direct competitor to Shifter, Smartproxy is another YouTube proxy provider that you should look into. The available proxies consist of over 10 million, which is less than Shifter but are more than enough for the job. The list of locations is not as extensive, but with 195 available locations around the world, geo-restrictions will not be an issue.
The geo-targeting is excellent; you can choose an IP address from anywhere that you need to, but you might feel a bit limited in the case of geo-targeting cities. At the moment, there are only eight cities available, and over half of them are in the US. A slight downside is the sticky proxies. You can set them up for a sticky session up to 10 minutes, meaning longer videos might be an issue.
The pricing plans for these youtube proxies are affordable and are separated by the amount of bandwidth you need so that you can access any of the available IPs. Identical to Shifter, you do not get a free trial option, so you will need to make a purchase and ask for a refund within three days.
More than enough proxies in a lot of locations
All packages are with limited bandwidth
The last entry on our YouTube proxy list is Stormproxies. Most people would not consider this option unless absolutely necessary, but we feel that is should be mentioned. The proxy pool consists of only 40 thousand proxies in the US and EU. Compared to some of the other providers, this is far below average. Another thing we need to mention is that the list of locations is not available, so you will have to settle with knowing that the proxies are from the states and EU.
Here we see another proxy provider with an easy to use dashboard aimed at beginners, offering the basic set of features to get the job done. The prices are cheap, on par with Proxy-Cheap, but unlike them here, you purchase the number of YouTube proxies you intend to use while getting unlimited bandwidth on all of them. Considering that this is a low budget provider, a free trial is not available. The refund policy allows you to ask for it only within 24 hours.
Unlimited bandwidth available
Limited amount of locations
IP pool has only 40 thousand proxies
Probably the cheapest YouTube proxies that you can purchase at the moment come from Proxy-Cheap. Regardless of the price, this provider still manages to provide the same if not more than other, more expensive choices.
Their pool of proxies consists of over 6 million proxies in around 130 countries, making a decent contender. The set of features might not offer anything flashy but are enough to enable you to bypass geo-restrictions. Another advantage is the simple and easy to use dashboard.
The pricing plans are where we start to see some drawbacks. You can get these YouTube proxies in a variety of pricing plans that differ in the included bandwidth but are identical in the features and the number of available proxies. Another downside to Proxy-Cheap is the fact that you do not get a free trial or a refund option, but considering how low the prices are, it is understandable.
One of the cheapest option available on the market
Decent sized proxy pool with a lot of available locations
Limited bandwidth on all packages
Payment options are limited
No free trial or money-back guarantee
Going head to head with Smartproxy in regards to available proxies, we have Flipnode. They offer over 10 million YouTube proxies in all countries in the world, meaning that they are almost identical to Smartproxy.
Feature-wise the story is the same. You can choose between static and rotating IP addresses from a dashboard that is aimed mostly for non-advanced proxy users. What sets them apart from most of the YouTube proxy providers on the market is how their pricing packages are structured.
When making a purchase, you are purchasing the number of proxies that you think you will need, and with those, you get unlimited bandwidth. There is a small problem, though. Flipnode offers a different set of features, depending on if you are registering as an individual or a company. Among the few differences is that individuals can get a 3-day money-back guarantee, while companies have a seven-day free trial option.
Unlimited bandwidth on all packages
Proxies in every country in the world
Features vary depending on the type of user, individual or company
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use YouTube without a proxy?
Yes. Quite a lot of the content that is uploaded to YouTube is available worldwide. You would need a YouTube proxy only when you want to access some content that is not available in your country.
Which are the best YouTube proxies?
We already outlined a few YouTube proxy providers that we think you should look at. Generally speaking, it would be ideal to use residential YouTube proxies because they are IP addresses from an internet provided intended for home use, so as far as YouTube is concerned, a real person will be accessing that content.
Read more, How to fake IP address
Are there some free options?
Yes, you can find some free YouTube proxies on the internet, but we would advise against using them. Performance-wise they would not be as good as the paid ones, and there is always the risk of your personal data falling into the wrong hands.
Can YouTube ban me for using a proxy?
There is a chance of that happening. YouTube is not too happy when people access their website through a proxy, so if they detect that kind of activity, you can get the proxy banned, and maybe even your account blocked. To prevent that from happening, make sure you are using high-quality residential YouTube proxies from reputable providers, like the ones we have mentioned in our article.
Geo-restricted video content on YouTube has been a problem for quite a lot of people for years. Ever since users started using YouTube proxies to bypass it, we began to see an increase in their demand.
If you are one of those that are looking decent YouTube proxy provider, we hope our list will provide some great choices. Bear in mind, these are not the only ones that offer suitable youtube proxies, so if you find others that work better for you, feel free to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions about youtube proxy list 2021

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