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Are you looking for the best sneaker proxies to use for your Adidas sneaker copping endeavors? Then read on, in this article, I will be discussing the top 5 residential IP proxies provider that can be termed Adidas proxies for AIOBOT, Cybersole, sole AIO and other Yeezy Bot…It is no longer news that Adidas is one of the top sneaker sites and one of the tops on the line when it comes to discouraging individuals from buying more than a pair of their limited-edition sneakers. What is news is that using proxies together with Adidas bots will give you that I say Adidas sneaker sites here, this includes Yezzy (a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas) sites like YeezySupply hosted on Shopify, I mean though YeezySupply is Shopify platform, I still suggest you use the residential IPs for best types of proxies to use for copping sneakers from Adidas are residential proxies. These include residential IP proxies from, Overview of Best Adidas Proxies #1 residential proxy network for all purposesSmartproxy: (Editor Choice) – Adidas Proxies for Yeezy releaseMicroleaves: Special backconnect residential for Adidas US, EUIcedoutproxies: Short-time proxies – Active then Adidas releasingStormproxies: optimized for sneaker sitesLet take a look at each of them briefly below. 1. Bright Data (Luminati)Number of IP in Pool: Over 72 millionLocation: WorldwideThe concurrent connection allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth: Starts at 20GBCost: Starts at $300 per monthBright Data residential proxies are arguably the best residential proxies in the market. Their developers have been termed as a market leader in the proxy have the largest number of residential proxies and have permission to use the IPs and Internet connections of the devices they route their clients’ requests proxies have been found to work perfectly with Adidas sites. They are reliable, secure, and easy to use. However, because they are premium proxies, they are expensive. 2. SmartproxySmartproxy residential proxies are some of the best residential proxies you can use for copping sneakers from Adidas sites. They are located in many locations around the globe with a good number of them present in the United States and EU region – you can even buy city-specific proxies from artproxy residential proxies are perfect for sneaker sites because their engineers had sneaker sites in mind when developing them. They are premium and have been found to have an existing name uptime of about 99. 9 of IP in Pool: Over 40 millionLocation: 195 locations including cities in the United StatesThe concurrent connection allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth: Starts at 5GBCost: Starts at $75 per month3. MicroleavesMicroleaves has one of the largest residential IPs with the number put around 31 million. Their residential proxies have been designed to leave no footprints for sites to detect and as such, they have become popular among proxy users that want to manage multiple accounts on a not made with sneaker sites in mind, they have been found to work perfectly with sneaker sites, Adidas inclusive. These proxies are fast and provide you a good value for the money spent on of IP in Pool: 31 millionLocation: WorldwideConcurrent connection allowed: Not statedBandwidth: UnlimitedCost: Starts at $124. 99 per month4. Icedout ProxiesIcedout Proxies have their eyes on sneaker coppers from the stage of their development. Their residential proxies have been found to perform excellently well when used with Adidas copping are fast, providing you a speed of about 1Gbps. In terms of reliability, Icedout Proxies are also on top of the line – you can expect nothing less than an uptime of 99 percent. They are purely US proxies (Chicago, New York, and Virginia proxies) and as such, they are only appropriate for sneaker sites hosted in the of IP in Pool: 110, 000Location: United StatesThe concurrent connection allowed: Not specifiedBandwidth: UnlimitedCost: Starts at $20 per month5. StormproxiesStormproxies residential proxies in the form of backconnect proxies have been found to be compatible with Adidas sneaker them won’t get your accounts detected as being operated from the same computer especially if you follow the best proxies come with high speed and performance that meets the requirements of proxies for copping sneakers. There is also no limit placed on the amount of bandwidth you can of IP in Pool: Over 40, 000Location: The United States and EU regionThe concurrent connection allowed: UnlimitedBandwidth: UnlimitedCost: Starts at $50 per monthConclusion No doubt, the proxies discussed above are some of the best proxies for Adidas sites (YeezySupply inclusive) to Copping Shoes with Sneaker bots, proxies, and them, you’re safe to manage multiple accounts without the fear of getting them banned. They are also fast enough that you get the speed required to effectively compete with other Adidas sneaker coppers.
What a real Sneaker Bots attack looks like: A Deep Dive - PerimeterX

What a real Sneaker Bots attack looks like: A Deep Dive – PerimeterX

In our last blog, we talked about sneaker bots–what they are and what drives them.
In this blog, we will explore how they work, what tools and methods they use and what a real attack looks like. Last but not least, we will look at the damage they cause and how to protect your e-commerce website from them.
The Tools and Tricks of Sneaker Bots
In the early days, using tech to “cop kicks” required actually building a stack of tools. You needed a scraper to pull in the information, pricing and inventory, and then a bot for automating purchases. You didn’t have to worry about making multiple tries from the same IP address because retailers were only waking up to the bot problem. This has evolved considerably.
Today so called all-in-one (AIO) bots perform scraping, automated purchasing and scheduling. Their systems are designed not only to find inventory and click “buy, ” but also to constantly evaluate shopping cart processes and update whenever those processes change. Increasingly, too, AIO tools incorporate steps to outsmart bot solutions and evade detection. The best AIO bots can target dozens or hundreds of stores, allowing a single user to literally scour the globe for sneaker deals. After purchasing the tool, sneaker bot operators usually can install a browser extension to activate the bot.
CyberAIO home page advertising its speed and showing it’s “sold out” status
The Tesla of sneaker bots is a tool called CyberAIO by Cybersole. Designed with a beautiful User Interface, CyberAIO is also a technically sophisticated product. Built ostensibly on top of a headless browser – a stripped-down version of a standard web browser – CyberAIO has loads of features that allow its operators to simultaneously target numerous sites and sneaker drops. CyberAIO users simply pick the sneakers they want to buy from a menu of upcoming drops, set a budget, and then sit back. CyberAIO covers over 170 sites, including not only sneaker retailers but also brand sites and streetwear companies like Supreme -another company that uses limited release items to drive awareness and brand perception. And CyberAIO just came out with Android and iOS versions of its software.
The bot acts autonomously. CyberAIO gets around the standard bot-blocking CAPTCHA tools by queueing up multiple CAPTCHA windows and allowing the human bot operator to quickly answer them, providing verification that allows the bot to complete the transaction. CyberAIO has a reputation for being incredibly fast. This is crucial because, in reality, it is competing more against other types of bots than against humans.
Just like most popular SaaS tools, CyberAIO has a community of thousands of users in Slack and its own Discord channel where users can share tips and expert users provide support. Getting CyberAIO is almost as hard as buying a pair of Travis Scott AJ OGs. The bot’s shadowy creator sells no more than 100 licenses per month at a price of over $300 apiece plus bi-annual subscription fees. Ironically, there is a hot secondary market for CyberAIO licenses which can be sold for nearly $3, 000.
Oculus AIO tool marketing page advertising automatic CAPTCHA solver
Another popular AIO sneaker bot, OculusAIO, actually provides artificial intelligence features to help its bots navigate security measures. It can automatically solve simple CAPTCHAs, circumventing that security measure. A quick Google search turns up dozens of sneaker bots and the major ones, like Cybersole and OculusAIO have tens of thousands of public Twitter followers. They are not afraid to poke fun at those who try to block them and their users like to publicly celebrate their kicks conquests.
Tweet from a CyberAIO user showing hot shoes bought with the bots
Another technology tool that smarter bot operators frequently pair with bots is advanced proxies. A proxy is basically an intermediary that sneaker bot operators use to hide their identity. Proxies supply sneaker sites with a variety of different IP addresses. A commonly used one is AU Proxies. These proxy services are also not technically illegal even though they are often used for malicious hacking attempts. Note that proxies are also a key tool for protecting privacy in countries with repressive governments.
Twitter page of popular proxy provider AU Proxies
More advanced proxies today not only act as intermediaries but they also use IP addresses assigned to residential Internet connections to trick bot mitigation tools into allowing multiple connections from the same bot operator behind the proxy. Because a residential IP is more likely to be a real shopper rather than a bot, sneaker sellers are reluctant to introduce friction into the sales process and so are less likely to require a CAPTCHA solution or to block traffic from this IP. Residential proxies sell for two to three times the price per month of non-residential proxies that use cloud server IP addresses from public compute clouds and hosting services. For both residential and data center proxies, CyberAIO, OculusAIO and other AIO bots can help a user test and configure proxies, and will check to make sure they are working well.
Pricing plans for residential proxies on AU Proxies page
Anatomy of a Sneaker Bot Attack
Attackers receive early guidance on which targets might be the most valuable from online exchange websites that post prices for upcoming sneakers not yet released. Once their targets are clear, a bot operator begins testing out a target site a few days before a major sneaker drop to make sure they can solve any challenges directed at them by the site operator trying to prevent bots from buying up the limited inventory. Unfortunately, this early testing is difficult to detect; it represents a minute amount of traffic and is hard to distinguish.
Prior to the shoe launch, malicious traffic by bots is generally well below legitimate traffic. Once a hot sneaker drops and the bot armies swing into full gear, that ratio reverses; malicious traffic can be twice or three times the volume of legitimate site traffic. This traffic quickly drops off after inventory is exhausted and the bots move on to other targets.
Let’s look into a sneaker bot activity from a traffic standpoint. In the graph below we see the traffic from two shoe releases on November 2nd from multiple well-known shoe retailer websites. The first shoe was the Adidas soft version of Yeezy 500’s, and the second one was the Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Fearless. ” The red line shows the unwanted sneaker bot traffic, while the blue line represents the human traffic.
As can be seen on the graph, the Nike Air Jordan 1’s that were launched at 7:00am were much more popular, getting 3X of the traffic that the Yeezy 500’s saw at the peak. During the launch time of both shoes the sneaker bot traffic ranged between ~55-68% of the total traffic.
For both shoes, resell items appeared online quickly and at much higher prices.
Adidas Yeezy’s 500’s resale example:
Nike AJ1 Fearless resale example:
Looking carefully, one can also recognize third and fourth spikes in traffic. These are the result of a restock notification from various different monitors. Here is the third spike trigger, at 8:58 am:
And this one triggered the fourth and smaller one at 1:42 pm:
These later spikes, are harder to see and not as pronounced as the first two. The reason is that those restocks were unexpected, so the larger bot operators did not have enough time to prepare, as it takes time for a singular computer to spin up a network of proxies and co-locations.
Another thing we can see when taking a closer look at the traffic is the clear difference in the traffic pattern between bot traffic and human traffic. In the graphs below, we see the traffic a day before the launch, just before it starts to spike up. As we usually see when comparing automated traffic to human traffic, it is pretty clear that while human traffic tends to grow during daytime hours and drop at night, the unwanted automated bot traffic doesn’t show this pattern.
This is typical of this type of automated traffic – sneaker bots don’t go to sleep.
The Real Costs of Sneaker Bots
We discussed above how sneaker bots harm regular online shoppers and sneaker lovers by jacking up the prices. They also hurt the brands which dislike seeing their shoes go for such high prices on secondary markets. The bots harm the independent sneaker shops as well, because it forces them to take extreme steps to protect their online inventory.
Launch Day Failures, Jacked Up Bandwidth, Lost Sales
More broadly, sneaker bots can cost large and mid-sized internet retailers and shoe brands big money in a variety of ways. To start with, bots suck up huge amounts of bandwidth and can actually take a site down on sneaker launch day. This could cost a large retailer millions of dollars per day because the bot operators may make an entire site unavailable, shutting out buyers not only of the hot sneaker but also of any other item on the site. This forces retailers and brands to spend big money for CDNs, extra server capacity and extra bandwidth to handle the crush.
Wasted Employee Time
Security, web operations and site reliability teams of retailers and brands often spend hours combatting the effects of rampant sneaker bots. This can mean reconfiguring cloud services, dialing up and down bandwidth, tweaking firewall configurations and server capacity, creating special scripts to lock out bots and more. In reality, maintaining and tuning all the tools and infrastructure required to stop bots would also require multiple full-time employees, and retailers would still struggle to keep up with rapidly improving sneaker bots. In addition, support teams often waste time dealing with angry legitimate customers on social platforms complaining that they couldn’t buy the shoes they wanted. All told, bots can suck up dozens of hours of staff time per sale. That’s time which could be spent on other more impactful and less reactive activities.
The Benefits of Outsourcing Sneaker Bot Protection
There are numerous benefits to using a specialized bot mitigation service to monitor and block sneaker bots. Rather than struggling to keep up with all the rapid advances in bot technology in-house, relying on a specialized bot mitigation firm will afford retailers and brands more comprehensive protection because the firm’s dedicated team will be better able to keep up with bot developments. The firm, too, can share that requirement across a wide variety of customers, all of whom will benefit from the collective intelligence gathering; any new capabilities showing up in sneaker bots will be detected sooner and mitigation improvements can be implemented more quickly.
At PerimeterX, we have a long history of working with retailers facing sneaker bot attacks and we are constantly watching developments in bot technology. With the holiday season upon us, and the sneaker market growing both more liquid and more lucrative just as bots are getting faster and ever-more sophisticated, the winter sneaker drops could cause a botpocalypse for unprepared retailers and brands – unless they get ahead of the curve on sneaker bots and make sure their Travis Scott Air Jordans don’t get the rapid-fire CyberAIO treatment.
Best Proxies For Yeezy Supply - ProxyRack

Best Proxies For Yeezy Supply – ProxyRack

Are you in search of the best proxies for Yeezy Supply? Follow me.
Getting a pair of the much-coveted Yeezy Blue Tint from Yeezy supply is almost an impossible feat without the use of sneaker bot and proxy due to limited supply and high demand.
This post focuses on the benefits of coping sneakers on Yeezy Supplies with bots and proxies and also suggests the best proxies for Yeezy Supply.
The Best Proxies For Yeezy Supply
Since Yeezy Supply maintains a strict ‘one purchase per account’ policy, you will need proxies indistinguishable from regular users’ IP addresses and traceable to a device and location.
Thus, the best proxy for coping on Yeezy Supply are residential proxies. A rotating proxy changes its IP address for every logging session you make to keep your identity anonymous, evade detection, and prevent you from getting banned as a multiple account user.
Aside from using residential proxies, mobile proxies are also ideal for coping on Yeezy Supply since they possess the same features as residential proxies, except that they originate from mobile phones rather than computers.
ProxyRack is one of the best sources of Yeezy Supply residential proxies for coping limited Yeezy editions. Not to mention, ProxyRack has over 2 million proxies originating from proxy servers spread in over 140 countries worldwide.
Residential proxies
Never get blocked, choose your location
3 Day Trial
Test all products to find the best fit
What Is Yeezy Supply?
Yeezy Supply is Kanye West’s e-commerce platform, where you can buy any of Kanye West’s latest footwear and clothing brands.
It’s also the best e-commerce site for getting any Adidas Yeezy sneakers you can think of because Kanye’s Yeezy Supply gets the largest volume of Yeezy stocks from Adidas.
Hence, Yeezy Supply will stand out as the preferred e-commerce choice for coping multiple pairs of limited Yeezy releases due to the reduced competition since the e-commerce platform gets the largest share of Yeezy line latest releases.
Also, the joy of getting a pair of Yeezy’s latest release dropshipped at your doorstep directly from Adidas would make you head to Yeezy Supply’s e-commerce platform.
3 Day Trial of All Proxy Products
We want you to find the perfect Proxy Product for your purposes. So we have introduced this new trial product that gives you access to all our products. 3 Days for $13. 95, Learn more
Why You Need Proxies For Yeezy Supply?
Imagine having to compete with hundreds of thousands of buyers for the latest releases of limited editions of Yeezy Sneakers. The good news is that with sneaker bots, you can add goods to your cart and checkout faster than is humanly possible.
You don’t need to buy a pair of Yeezy sneakers from reseller sites at almost $2000 when you can readily get the same pair for $200 from Adidas or Yeezy Supply stores.
However, if you need to buy multiple pairs of Yeezy sneakers, you will need multiple accounts with unique financial details, addresses, and other personally identifiable information.
In addition, you will need sneaker bots with premium residential proxies optimized for Yeezy Supply, without which your accounts will be closed down for generating multiple requests all coming from the same device and IP address in violation of the ‘one sale per account’ policy.
Speed is another crucial factor to consider when buying a Yeezy Sneaker since they sell out faster than you can imagine. To give you the advantage of speed, you will need a Yeezy bot and optimized residential proxies in close proximity with Yeezy Supply’s servers for faster connectivity and copping speed. Hence, with a premium proxy, you will be able to make faster purchases ahead of competitors.
Bottom Line
Purchasing a pair or multiple pairs of limited sneaker editions from Yeezy Supply will require you to use a sneaker bot and residential proxies. Nevertheless, ProxyRack remains one of the best sources for reliable residential proxies.
For information about subscribing to residential proxies from ProxyRack, contact our support team via dedicated helplines, email, or LiveChat.
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Do you need proxies for Adidas?

If you want to get the latest Adidas limited release, you must have a good Adidas sneaker bot AND some premium Adidas proxies. This article will tell you what makes a proxy good for Adidas releases. When you cop shoes online, you must be as fast as possible.May 25, 2021

Are sneaker proxies illegal?

A proxy is basically an intermediary that sneaker bot operators use to hide their identity. Proxies supply sneaker sites with a variety of different IP addresses. … These proxy services are also not technically illegal even though they are often used for malicious hacking attempts.Dec 17, 2019

What kind of proxy does Yeezy supply use?

Aside from using residential proxies, mobile proxies are also ideal for coping on Yeezy Supply since they possess the same features as residential proxies, except that they originate from mobile phones rather than computers.Dec 28, 2020

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