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10 Best Mobile Proxy Providers for Web Scraping – Scraper API

There are numerous types of proxies available, but a mobile proxy is one of the most versatile. In today’s world, staying competitive is becoming increasingly difficult. Many businesses and agencies have turned to web scraping to extract actionable data from websites to gain an advantage over their competition.
In response, many major websites have taken measures to prevent web scraping by blocking suspected IP addresses, making it that much harder to extract data.
Mobile proxies provide a viable solution to this problem, allowing businesses to extract data without the fear of being blocked. For anyone asking what is a mobile proxy, or how do mobile proxies work, here’s a quick explanation. Mobile proxies work by rotating IP addresses and redirecting traffic through various mobile devices connected to 3G/4G cellular towers. This makes it difficult to detect masked IP addresses, resulting in increased privacy, security, and anonymity.
Knowing which mobile proxy provider to choose can be difficult, however. Ultimately, your choice will be determined by speed, price, and reliability. To help you make the right choice, we’ll be looking at the ten best mobile proxies, 3G proxy, and 4G proxy providers for web scraping.
The 10 Best Mobile Proxy, 3G Proxy, and 4G Proxy Providers for Web Scraping:
3G Proxy
Bright Data
Custom Proxy Solutions
Honorable Mention: Luminati
1. Scraper API
Proxies Location: Worldwide
Perhaps the most specialized tool when it comes to web scraping, Scraper API offers premium proxy pools of mobile proxies to ensure you’re never blocked again. With massive customization options, Scraper API is one of the more attractive mobile proxy providers on this list.
You can customize IP geolocation, request headers, request type, and more. You can also create sessions to reuse IP addresses as often as you like. To ensure users have consistent speeds up to 100Mb/s, Scraper API will periodically remove slow proxies from their pools.
With more than 20+ million IPs to choose from, 99. 9% uptime guaranteed, easy automation, and professional support, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better mobile proxy for web scraping.
Prices range from the hobbyist tier, which will run you $29 per month up to the business tier, which will cost you $249 per month. Custom pricing is also available for large-scale projects.
2. Proxy Guys
Proxies Location: United States
ProxyGuys has over 1, 000+ dedicated 4G/5G LTE modems located across 25+ different locations across the USA providing users unlimited access to millions of fresh mobile IPs. With their multi-location plan for rotating mobile proxies, you receive unlimited premium bandwidth, unlimited instant IP changes along with access to a web portal, firefox & chrome plugins, and a fully documented API.
With ProxyGuys you can connect to your mobile proxy via HTTP(s), SOCKS5 and now you can even connect via one-click VPN access which means their mobile proxies are compatible with virtually every browser and application out there on the market. You can optionally set up an automatic IP rotation timer to get a fresh new IP every 1 minute to 24 hours for those customers that do not wish to use the portal, API or plugins.
Pricing plans start at $20 and ProxyGuys offers various plans to suit your needs and budgets including a new shared mobile proxy plan, single-location proxies, and multi-location proxies.
3. AirProxy
Proxies Location: Italy
AirProxy is another 4G mobile proxy that’s widely used for social media automation. This service specializes in eliminating follow and like blocks. That said, it offers a wealth of additional features.
AirProxy offers up to 10 accounts per proxy as well as a dedicated connection SIM card that’s rented exclusively to individual users. You can also change your IP address automatically, giving you more control over your ability to stay anonymous.
If you’re unsure whether or not AirProxy is the right choice for you, you can test the quality of their proxies with a 72-hour mobile proxy trial period. Expect to pay €90 per month for this service.
4. Itespace
Proxies Location: Russia
Perhaps the most competitive choice when it comes to pricing, Itespace puts a special emphasis on the fact that they offer rock bottom pricing for a high-quality service. They also make claims that you will never be blocked again when you start using their mobile proxies.
Features include rotating IP addresses in two-minute intervals, unlimited traffic, maximum connection speeds up to 45Mbps as well as a strict no-log policy which adds an extra layer of anonymity to your web scraping activities. In addition, you will only have five users per channel.
Sitting at $9 at its cheapest price point for shared proxies and $45 for private proxies, Itespace is designed for budget-conscious web scraping operations. You’re unlikely to find a cheap mobile proxy service that costs less.
5. Proxylte
Right away, Proxylte’s tagline grabs you – “We provide clean, highly anonymous proxies. ”
Proxlyte promises to update its proxy pool regularly with 50 different IPs every 24 hours. As a Proxlyte customer, you’ll have access to a highly intuitive control panel. The design is clean and simple, with a wealth of features. The control panel allows you to view proxies by location, easily access your plans, export lists of proxy IPs, and more.
Proxylte’s pricing structure includes daily, weekly, and monthly tiers that range from 25 proxies at $225 per month up to 1, 000 proxies at $1, 699 per month. In addition to government-issued currency, Proxlyte accepts Bitcoin as a valid payment.
6. 3G Proxy
Proxies Location: Current focus in the Middle East and Asia
3G Proxy claims to offer the most extensive 3G mobile proxy testing solution in the world. This platform provides easy access to its worldwide network of 3G/4G modems. By requesting a demo, you can test your direct carrier billing, mobile campaigns, and SMS delivery remotely.
Having helped dozens of reputable corporations and tech companies, 3G Proxy has ample social proof that supports their claims of fast and reliable service. It also proves that 3G Proxy stands out from many of its competitors in terms of popularity.
3GProxy also claims to offer the largest selection of mobile operators in over 40 countries (130+). Additional benefits include real sim cards, 3G/4G proxies, and cutting-edge security.
While 3G Proxy may primarily promote their services for online testing, you can still use their mobile proxies for web scraping.
The basic price tier will cost you €149 per month whereas the highest price point will run you €599 per month.
7. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)
Top proxies location: United States, Great Britain, Canada, India, Brazil, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea
Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, claims to be the most advanced mobile proxy service that offers the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G IPs in the world. Luminati rotates mobile proxy IPs through its pool of more than seven million IP addresses that span across numerous mobile carriers, countries, and cities.
If you’re willing to pay a higher price tag, you can have access to exclusive rotating mobile proxy IP addresses. Additional features include access to unlimited geo locations, unlimited users, the ability to acquire mobile IPs in every city across the globe, and no limits on the number of concurrent requests sent.
One of the more unique aspects of Luminati is the way it acquires IP addresses. Luminati has an SDK (software development kit) that is implemented into applications. By opting into Luminati’s network, users can forego advertisements. In turn, Luminati pays a monthly fee to the app vendor. The vendor benefits by monetizing their app, and the customers win by having a better overall user experience due to the absence of ads.
Luminati offers a unique pay-as-you-go structure. Visit the site to see what options are available to your organization.
8. Custom Proxy Solutions
If you’re looking for the largest network of 4G LTE modems in the United States, then look no further then Custom Proxy Solutions. This service claims to have the largest network of rotating residential proxies in the USA and was specifically created for web crawling and ad verification.
The company claims not to borrow the IPs of other people. Instead, they own their own modems and pay the ISP monthly fees to provide their own service, placing their modems in hotspots around the United States.
Features include 30-minute IP rotations, the ability to use a dedicated modem for the fastest speeds, and 4G LTE mobile proxies designed explicitly for Instagram automation.
This great service comes at a price, however. You’re going to pay around $200 – $250 a month for even the lowest tier, which is quite expensive when compared to other options on this list.
That said, if you’re looking for a dedicated 4g mobile proxy server provider with an IP pool size of 1. 5k and unlimited bandwidth, this may be the route for you.
9. Proxy-Cheap
Proxies Location: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy
As the name implies, Proxy-Cheap focuses on providing value for good performance. As a Proxy-Cheap customer, not only will you have access to an impressive 4+ million IP pool from 127 countries, you can also expect lightning-fast speeds through their 4G mobile proxies.
Proxy-Cheap is perfectly compatible with tools like Followplanner, Jarvee, GMT2, Nextpost, Alfred, and MP5. You can also expect 99% uptime and 24/7 customer support.
Proxy-cheap goes above and beyond when it comes to educating their customers about the various applications of their mobile proxies. You can find use cases on their website for all types of scenarios, including data extraction.
If you’re looking for a cheap mobile proxy service, Proxy-cheap isn’t a bad bet. In terms of pricing, you’ll be looking at tiers that range from $50 per month for the entry-level up to $600 per month for the enterprise level. The price you pay will reflect the size of your web scraping operation.
10. Illusory
Illusory is one of the highest quality mobile 5G proxies that offers numerous benefits. For one, they offer dedicated IPs to individual customers. You’ll also have access to unlimited 5G data without limits on threads or connections.
Illusory claims to have top-of-the-line hardware and security, meaning you’ll have increased uptime and reduced security risks. When it comes to IP rotation, you can set the rotation yourself at intervals of your choosing, giving you more control over your anonymity.
With an ergonomic dashboard that allows you to control your proxy settings with ease and a no logging or tracking policy with privatized IP tunneling, you’ll be hard-pressed not to like this service.
When it comes to pricing, they offer a wide variety of tiers depending on your needs. From low rates for light testing use to higher rates for unlimited use, there is a plan for every need. the standard tier will cost $59 per month, while the highest tier package will cost $129 per month. This is a great option for businesses and organizations.
Final thoughts on Mobile Proxy Services
There’s a massive selection of mobile proxy, 3G proxy, and 4/5G proxy providers to choose from. Before making a decision, consider the speed, price, and reliability of the service. Consider your personal needs and the goals you wish to accomplish.
Web scraping doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Take your time and pin down the mobile proxy service that’s perfectly suited to your needs.
10 Best Mobile Proxy Services of 2021 [3G/4G/LTE] - Blackdown

10 Best Mobile Proxy Services of 2021 [3G/4G/LTE] – Blackdown

Whether you’re checking out a friend’s pictures on Facebook or looking up nearby restaurants on Google, chances are you’re using your mobile device to conduct most of your online activities. That doesn’t apply to everyone, of course, but it’s clear that more and more people are browsing the internet from their phones instead of their desktops nowadays. Browsing from a phone is more convenient a lot of the time, however, doing so has a few disadvantages as well.
For example, you’ve likely encountered a security check screen at some point when trying to access certain websites from a mobile device. If you’re on a desktop, you can just go incognito or try a different browser to visit said website and you will generally be able to access it. On mobile, it’s a bit trickier to bypass things like that because of how IPs work. However, you can still do it quickly and easily by using a mobile proxy service.
Top Mobile Proxies Providers
Not sure which service to choose? Don’t worry because that’s what we’re here for.
We closely looked into the available options and decided to put together a definitive list of the best mobile proxy services that offer 3G, 4G, and LTE proxies in 2021.
Luminati – The first company to offer mobile proxies and still the most popular one around even in 2021.
RSocks – Flexible subscription-based system that allows you to test the service for cheap.
Proxy-Cheap – True to its name, the company offers bargain prices for mobile proxy plans.
DSL Rentals – Access to DSL, cable, and mobile proxies with a single purchase.
Proxy Source – A very trustworthy proxy provider known for its ethical business practices.
AirProxy – Excellent speed and performance, however, all the proxies are based in Italy.
3G Proxy – In spite of its name, the provider actually offers both 3G and 4G mobile proxies.
Proxyrack – Large network and a very generous refund policy.
Airsocks – Wide variety of features but the company charges 20% for proxies outside Moscow.
ProxyLTE – Specialized provider that works exclusively with LTE mobile proxies.
Remember – Just because this is a ranked list, that doesn’t necessarily mean that some of these companies are automatically better than others. Every provider on this list has its own pros and cons and they are all worth checking out.
1. Luminati
Luminati was the first company on the market to offer mobile proxies and continues to be one of the most popular providers of its kind to this day. The provider earned a very good reputation over the years thanks to its ethical business practices. As a result, this has led it to become the mobile proxy provider of choice not just for regular users but also for a high number of Fortune 500 companies. Luminati currently has the largest network of mobile proxies out there, which consists of over 7. 5 million IPs spread across almost every country in the world.
Luminati Mobile Proxies Page
Bans or blocks on Luminati IPs are few and far between thanks to the company’s extensive network. Users are given the option of picking between regular shared IPs and exclusive IPs, which are groups of addresses that can be used to exclusively target a specific domain. Luminati allows users to pick between a nearly unlimited number of geo locations and send an infinite amount of concurrent requests. Moreover, Luminati is extremely convenient to work with as users can connect to their mobile IPs via the proxy manager interface or a Chrome extension.
Luminati’s prices are fairly expensive but the service is well worth it for those who can afford it. The starter package comes with 17 GB of traffic ($30 per GB) included and has a monthly commitment of $500. The company offers several more packages, which are primarily aimed at big enterprises, including one that includes a whopping 2 TB of traffic. Luminati doesn’t have a refund policy, however, the company does offer a free trial to those who want to test the service.
2. RSocks
RSocks is a proxy provider that primarily operates across Europe and the US, though they also have proxies in a few Asian countries like China. The company allows users to access IP addresses of specific mobile carriers in the countries it operates in, such as O2 in Great Britain for example. You can change the carrier at any time and even request carriers that are not yet supported. RSocks will take your request into consideration and will do its best to provide support for these carriers in the future.
RSocks Mobile Proxies Page
RSocks offers support for HTTP/s and SOCKS4/4a/5 connections. The company only works with highly trustworthy dynamic IPs that change every 2 minutes. At least, as far as its mobile proxies are concerned. RSocks also offers other services, including residential proxies and VPNs, but the mobile proxies are arguably one of the main selling points here. The service is perfect for creating multiple accounts on social media platforms as the IPs come straight from trusted operators and therefore raise very little suspicion.
The company works with a very flexible subscription-based payment system. If you want to test out the service, you can subscribe for one day and get 100 MB of traffic for $10. You get a better deal if you subscribe for a longer period, though. The service costs $60 per week and includes 1 GB of traffic while the monthly subscription costs $200 and includes 4 GB of traffic. You can also add extra traffic to your package at a rate of $10 per 1 GB. This price is fixed regardless of whether you subscribe for a day or a month.
3. Proxy-Cheap
Proxy-Cheap provides a good balance between quality and affordability. Thanks in no small part to its low prices, the company has become one of the most sought-after providers of mobile proxy services in recent years. Proxy-Cheap works exclusively with EU and US-based proxies, which makes this service a bit more limited compared to some of the others on this list. However, if you do want to target these regions, you’re in very good hands here because Proxy-Cheap has some of the lowest ban rates on the market and its uptime is around 99% on average.
Proxy Cheap Mobile Proxies Page
The provider offers instant setup, unlimited bandwidth, and dedicated ports with all mobile proxies packages. All IPs come from popular US and EU mobile carriers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone or AT&T. The service seems to have been designed specifically with social media automation in mind and works perfectly fine with all types of networks and platforms. That said, Proxy-Cheap can be used just as effectively for web scraping, SEO research, or any number of other online activities.
True to its name, Proxy-Cheap offers very affordable prices for its packages. There are three plans to choose from – €50 per month US mobile, €65 per month EU mobile, and €500 per month enterprise. The first two are aimed at individuals while the third targets businesses. All plans come with the same features but the enterprise tier’s price is for 10 proxies instead of just one. Proxy-Cheap doesn’t have a refund policy but there is a free trial.
4. DSL Rentals
DSL Rentals is one of the larger providers of mobile proxies on the market right now, boasting a network of around 350. 000 IPs distributed across 21 locations. The company claims to be the biggest player in the industry, however, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Still, its network is definitely nothing to sneeze at and DSL Rentals has a pretty unique proxy panel that I think a lot of users will enjoy. The panel is unlocked by purchasing a key and provides access to proxy servers in all locations. Moreover, the key will grant you access to DSL, cable, and mobile proxies.
In terms of other features, you can expect unlimited bandwidth, fully anonymous proxies, and the ability to change your IP as frequently as you want, among other things. There’s also a very convenient one-click IP changer and remote desktop access should you need it. The company guarantees high-speed connections and 99% uptime. DSL Rentals has been in the business for over 8 years so you can bet that the company is able to stick to those promises.
Signing up with DSL Rentals will set you back $65 per week, which is a bit more expensive than some of its competitors but definitely not unreasonable. If you’re thinking long-term, I suggest going with the $240 per month package instead. This plan offers a better deal compared to the weekly one and includes a few extra features to boot. You can take advantage of DSL Rentals’ free trial, however, it’s worth noting that it only grants access to the service for one hour.
5. Proxy Source
Proxy Source is a premium provider of 4G mobile and DSL/cable proxies based in the United States. This is a very trustworthy company that works closely with internet service providers and pays them a monthly fee in order to get access to their IPs. This ethical business practice helped the company earn a very good reputation in the industry over the years and is to be commended. Honesty and professionalism are the two pillars that Proxy Source was founded on.
The company provides access to over 750. 000 mobile IPs spread across the US. Proxy Source has pools of IPs in pretty much every major US city and users can choose to exclusively target any of them. In fact, when you order a mobile proxies package you first need to pick the location before doing anything else. This system is a bit limiting in some ways but it can also be very useful for users who want to target a specific location.
The pricing model is pretty straightforward as there are only two packages to choose from. You can either go for the $75 weekly plan or the $250 monthly package. However, you can get a better deal on the monthly plan if you choose certain locations. The package only costs $200 per month if you go for cities with small IP pools. The downside is that you would only have 1. 5K IPs to work within that case. By comparison, the locations that cost $250 per month have around 30k IP addresses in their pools.
6. AirProxy
AirProxy is an Italian company that only works with premium 4G/LTE proxies. Given that all their proxies are based in Italy, this makes the provider a bit of a niche choice. However, if you don’t mind where your proxy is located, AirProxy is a very good option. The company uses dedicated fiber instead of a VPS as the gateway server and each user is granted access to a dedicated SIM card. Moreover, each SIM card connects to the internet via its own individual modem, which results in very fast mobile proxies.
The company states that most of the IPs are registered under Vodafone but users can request another carrier at any time. Judging by some of the main features listed on the official website, AirProxy would be most suitable for social media sites like Instagram. Users are able to change their IP address whenever they want and you can expect instant delivery as soon as you subscribe to the service.
There is only one package to choose from and the price is quite high all things considered. The package costs €90 per month and gives you access to one dedicated proxy server. The company recommends users stick to a maximum of 10 accounts per proxy. Technically, you are not limited to just 10 accounts, however, using more than that will greatly increase your chances of getting blocked.
7. 3G Proxy
The name is a bit misleading as the company in question doesn’t actually work exclusively with 3G mobile proxies. That is one of its specialties but don’t worry because here you will be able to find 4G mobile proxies as well. This is a worldwide operation with a fairly large network that encompasses over 130 mobile operators in 45+ countries. The network was established as a testing service for mobile campaigns, direct carrier billing, and SMS delivery, though there are plenty of other use cases for 3G Proxy.
The nice thing about 3G Proxy is that the company uses real SIM cards instead of ISPs. Thanks to this feature, it’s extremely unlikely to get blocked or banned by any website. According to the company, at least one SIM is always available for any of the supported mobile carriers so there’s no need to reserve one in advance. API access is included along with a few other neat features like Chrome integration.
Signing up with 3G Proxy will set you back $149 per month for the basic package, which includes access to proxies from up to 4 carriers. The gist is that the basic package only includes proxies from a single country. You can target more countries and gain access to proxies from additional mobile operators by going with one of the more expensive packages. There’s also the option to get access to 3G Proxy’s entire network but you’ll need to get in touch with the company and request a price estimate.
8. Proxyrack
Proxyrack is a rapidly growing provider that offers both 4G & 3G mobile proxies. The company’s network consists of around 500. 000 IPs, located mainly across the US. According to the company, all these IPs come from a major residential 4G internet service provider that serves more than 53 million customers. Most of the addresses are located inside major cities across the United States and users receive dedicated access to them, meaning you won’t have to share them with anybody else.
Proxyrack supports HTTP and SOCKS protoctol2 connections. Mobile IPs rotate at regular intervals, however, you can also choose to manually reset your address whenever you want. Proxyracks offers automatic proxy replacements and has redundant systems in place to ensure that users don’t suffer any significant downtime. Just in case something does go wrong, the company claims it is able to deploy new servers in under 30 seconds.
Mobile proxies are pretty cheap but here you pay for ports as opposed to traffic. The cheapest package only costs $25 per month and grants you access to 25 ports. On average, you can expect to pay about $1 per port with any of the other packages. The company has quite a bit of confidence in its mobile proxies because it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to all customers, which is a lot more generous compared to most other providers.
9. Airsocks
Airscocks is a company that specializes exclusively in mobile proxies. The provider is able to support all common types of mobile networks, including 3G, 4G, and LTE. In addition, Airsocks also supports HTTPS, SOCKS5+, DNS, and VPN connections. The company’s pool of IPs isn’t particularly large, however, all IPs are trusted and come from big mobile carriers across Europe and the US. IP rotation is dynamic and occurs automatically every 40 seconds, though it’s possible to manually change the address as well.
Airsocks uses in-house hardware and software to ensure high speed and performance for its users. Some of the technologies employed by the company include TCP/IP fingerprint substitution, large geo-distribution, solid API integration, and an ever-expanding network. Airsocks also promises 100% uptime but should something go wrong, you can expect a free replacement for any banned or blocked proxy.
The pricing system here is a bit convoluted compared to the other companies on this list. Airsocks is a Russian company and most of its proxies are found in Moscow. The company charges 20% for proxies outside Moscow so the price can get a bit high depending on the location you want to target. Prices for US proxies sit at $110 per month while UK proxies will set you back $96 per month.
10. ProxyLTE
Just as its name indicates, this is a more specialized provider that only works with LTE mobile proxies. Moreover, all proxies are based in the US so ProxyLTE will not be of much use to you if you want to target other countries. If the US exclusivity isn’t a problem for you, there’s a lot to look forward to here as ProxyLTE is considered a premium service. Unlike Proxy Source, it’s not possible to target specific cities here, however, you can target specific states.
ProxyLTE provides a good amount of customization for potential customers. You are allowed to select the proxy type (SOCKS5 or HTTPS), connection (Cellular, WiFi, or both), time period, state, and the number of proxies you want to buy. The bad news is that ProxyLTE has a very small pool of IPs available at its disposal. We’re talking thousands as opposed to hundreds of thousands like other companies offer. That said, the company provides clean proxies with encrypted traffic and its network is constantly expanding so the IP pool is bound to get bigger in the near future.
The company charges per number of proxies and the minimum amount you can get is 25, which will set you back $225 per month. However, you can also purchase a weekly subscription or even a daily one. In addition, ProxyLTE also offers social proxies. These cost more or less the same as the private proxies but you can choose to buy a specific amount, so you don’t have to commit to at least 25 right off the bat. You can even purchase a single one and subscribe for a single day if you only want to test the service.
What are Proxies?
Before we get too deep into specifics related to mobile proxies let’s talk a bit about proxies in general. Otherwise known as proxy servers, proxies act as a middleman between a smart device and the internet. When you’re using a proxy, your web request goes through an additional server before reaching its intended destination. On its way there, the proxy service assigns a different IP to your request, making it look like you’re trying to access the website from a different location.
The main reason for using a proxy is anonymity. This is by no means a foolproof system, however, it will allow you to successfully hide your identity in most cases. Among other things, a service like this can allow you to access websites that might normally be restricted in your country. Given that a lot of proxy services constantly rotate your assigned IPs, you can use this feature to create multiple accounts from the same device on websites that normally only allow one account per IP.
Those are just a few examples but you can use proxies for pretty much any online activity that involves hiding your identity and preventing your location from being tracked by third-parties. Unlike VPNs, proxy services will not mask all traffic coming from your device. Rather, they work by masking a single application, which is usually a web browser, though some people often use them for things like BitTorrent clients or video game launchers. Another important thing to note is that connections via proxy are not encrypted, however, these services have other safety measures in place (such as IP rotation) that make it very difficult for third-parties to track the web request’s original location.
What Are Mobile Proxies?
In order to better understand mobile proxies, we’re going to draw a few comparisons between them and residential proxy services. When you sign up with an internet service provider, the company assigns a certain IP to your household. This is usually a static IP or one that rotates whenever you reset your router or restart your computer. If you want your IP to change frequently on a desktop you’re going to want to use a residential proxy service. These types of services reroute your web requests through various other households (often in different countries), which are all part of a shared network.
Mobile proxies work in a similar fashion, however, in this case, the service provider only uses IPs assigned to mobile devices. More specifically, permanent IP addresses you would get from a mobile carrier, as opposed to temporary IPs you get whenever you connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. An important distinction to note here is that residential proxies do use home Wi-Fi along with broadband connections as they both come from an ISP (internet service provider). Meanwhile, mobile proxies use mobile data connections, which come from carriers like T-Mobile or Sprint.
If you researched mobile proxies before finding this article you may have come across the terms “4G proxies” or “LTE proxies. ” These are just two other terms used to refer to mobile proxies. Most mobile phones nowadays use 4G connections and LTE (long term evolution) is just a 4G mobile communications standard.
How Do Mobile Proxies Work?
Mobiles proxies work by initially connecting to a backconnect proxy. These are servers that use pools of residential proxies in order to rotate IPs and redirect requests through devices connected to the network. This allows the proxy service to more efficiently hide the user’s original IP by assigning a new address with every rotation. The resulting connection is entirely anonymous. Anybody attempting to track the IP will see that the request was made from a residential address and therefore appears trustworthy.
As far as the frequency of IP rotation is concerned, the user is generally assigned a new address on every web request made while using a mobile proxy service. In other words, your IP address changes whenever you visit a new website. Most services offer a sticky IP feature, which allows you to hold onto your current address for a longer period of time. However, it’s usually not possible to use the same IP for more than a few minutes at a time.
Not only can mobile proxies make it seem like you’re accessing the internet from a different location, but they can also even make it appear as if you’re logging in from an entirely different country. This is because mobile proxy services offer gateway control along with ISP control. This means you can choose both the country and the internet service provider of your IPs. Needless to say, these are very useful features to have and will make you even harder to detect while browsing the internet.
F. A. Q.
What Makes Mobile Proxies so Special?
Mobile proxies have a very high level of trust, which makes them less likely to get blocked or blacklisted by websites. These types of proxies use IP addresses assigned to actual users, unlike other similar services that use datacenter IPs.
Are Mobile Proxies Good For Instagram or Other Social Media Networks?
It mostly boils down to which of the many proxy services you are using. Some are designed specifically with social media in mind while others are better suited for different tasks. At the end of the day, though, the fact that mobile proxies tend to rotate often is less ideal for social media when compared to something like a dedicated Instagram proxy service, for example.
How do Mobile Networks Work?
A lot of mobile operators have millions of customers but only a limited number of IPs at their disposal. Because of this, carriers assign the same IP subnet to multiple users. Mobile proxies can take advantage of this little known fact by claiming that their IPs never (or very rarely) get blocked, which is true. Most websites will not risk blacklisting an entire subnet even if they do notice suspicious activity in order to avoid blocking legit users.
Can Proxies Be Replaced?
Technically, yes, but only certain service providers are willing to replace them. Companies that are willing to replace flagged or blacklisted proxies will often do so for free.
Can I find Out if My Proxies are Actual Mobile Proxies?
There are many applications out there that allow you to test the nature of your proxies. However, figuring out if they’re mobile proxies (as opposed to residential ones, for example) is a bit difficult. In addition, certain companies mix fake proxies in with real ones to make it seem like they have a larger network. Make sure to always pick a reputable and trustworthy service provider just to be safe.
Are Mobile Proxies Worth the Asking Price?
That all depends on why you’re using them. Most people use proxy services because it helps them generate revenue in some form on another. If you’re making good money by using mobile proxies, then the price is definitely worth it. If not, it’s probably a good idea to use a cheap or even a free proxy service instead.
Final Thoughts
Mobile proxies have a wide variety of uses, from browsing the internet anonymously to ad testing and creating multiple accounts on social networks without having to worry about getting banned. Some of these services are more expensive than others so I recommend starting with a company that offers a free trial just to see for yourself how mobile proxies work. Once you get some hands-on experience, there are plenty of great services to choose from that will offer good value for your money if you stick with them for the long run.
So which company should you side with? As you can tell, many of the companies on this list specialize in different things. Some only target specific countries, others are optimized for specific activities while a few invest in performance and massive IP pools in order to attract customers. Luminati is by far the best provider of mobile proxies on the market right now but its prices are clearly aimed at businesses. If you’re a regular user, you may want to go with an alternative like RSocks or Proxy-Cheap instead, but the choice is ultimately up to you.
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13 Best Proxy Server Services for 2021 - Free and Paid - TechJury

13 Best Proxy Server Services for 2021 – Free and Paid – TechJury

195 locations worldwide
Unlimited proxy connections
Dedicated IPs
Firefox/Chrome extensions
Smartproxy offers one of the best proxy services for both residential and business use. It’s best suited for conducting basic online scrapping tasks such as data harvesting. You get back-connect proxies, anonymous browsing, global connectivity – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
The setup process is straightforward. You have the option of choosing between Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. The dashboard of both is very easy to navigate. All features are well-arranged. Best of all – support is available via chat to help you at all times.
This is a feature-rich proxy service. It has 195 data centers spread across 8 cities worldwide. This enables you to benefit from over 40 million IPs. You can comfortably access geo-blocked services. The service supports simultaneous proxy connections.
Smartproxy provides robust and reliable residential proxies. IPs are assigned to physical devices such as computers and smartphones. That way, internet service providers recognize IP addresses as actual visitors. This lessens the risk of getting blocked. You’ll also find data center proxies that support an unlimited number of concurrent connections. Unlike the former, it’s cheap and comes with a substantial bandwidth allotment.
This proxy service limits IP sessions to a maximum of 30 minutes. A different address is immediately assigned once the allocated time elapses. It prevents users from engaging in abusive behavior.
On the downside, some users complain of slow internet speeds when using this service. But that’s not surprising – there’s no SOCKS5 protocol. Other than that, the pricing starts at $50, which is reasonable. Should it disappoint, you’ll have up to 3 days to claim your money back.
Cloud proxy manager
Website unblocking
Mobile device IPs
Pay-as-you-go plans
Bright Data is one of the best alternatives to free proxy services online. It offers feature-rich tools for gathering information. Over 10, 000+ professionals currently trust this vendor globally.
You’ll be greeted with a neat dashboard. It has a quick walkthrough guide of the available services. Each feature also has a snippet preview.
Moreover, you can manage the online proxy server services from the console. That’s because it offers pay-as-you-go plans (PAYG). Here, bandwidth, IP pool size, and network ports are easy to allocate.
As for the features, it’s a bed of roses.
Data unblocker unlocks websites with toughened anti-crawling technologies. In addition, you get access to over 72 million real-user IPs to enhance its effectiveness. The company also bills you for successful requests only.
The proxy service has a wide range of options. Firstly, it has a search engine crawler. It provides real-time data collection by scrapping Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others.
Secondly, it comes with mobile proxies that use 3G/4G connections. These are assigned to actual mobile carriers from around the world. Furthermore, it comes with over seven million residential IPs.
But that’s not all.
You can use Bright Data’s application programming interface (API) to create custom apps. It’s compatible with Java,, C Sharp (C#), and Shell. Public proxy server providers, on the other hand, don’t offer such a feature.
Proxy management is incredibly flexible. There’s a Google Chrome extension for a start. Installing a custom web server script is a good alternative. You can also use its cloud manager that costs $150/month extra.
The company provides a dedicated account manager for support. While that sounds good, they’re available during business hours only.
But, on a more positive note, it offers a 7-day risk-free trial. Should it impress, you can upgrade from as little as a dollar on PAYG.
Real-time web crawler
Over 100 million IPs
Automatic proxy rotator
24/7 support
Oxylabs ranks highly among the best proxy servers for businesses. It offers global coverage and a pool of over 100 million IPs. Its services are ideal for performing various proxy-driven jobs, e. g. marketing intelligence tasks.
It has a colorful dashboard that’s easy to navigate. You can use it to access statistics of your usage. There are separate sections for billing and ordering new services as well.
You can’t manage proxies from the dashboard. However, Oxylabs’ products plugin well into the software that supports proxies. Oxylabs even offers a Google Chrome extension, which allows users to test the proxies or browse around the internet. Likewise, proxies work well with third-party proxy managers such as FoxyProxy.
You’ll find different types of server proxies for various needs. SOCKS5 Proxy comes in handy for using proxies with custom programs or protocols.
Residential Proxy pools handle bulk scrapping. They provide unlimited simultaneous connections for by-passing IP blocks online. It’s also possible to geo-target locations up to the city level.
You can optimize your business activities using datacenter proxies. For example, datacenter proxies help companies to find markets with counterfeit products. This type of proxy service can also be used for the identification of malicious attacks. Examples include finding viruses in files, identification of phishing links, and locating data breaches published online.
You’ll find a proxy rotator that automates IP switching. It enables you to forget about proxy management while carrying out scraping operations.
What’s more?
Oxylabs Real-Time Crawler can help gather data from websites that employ advanced anti-bot solutions with a higher success rate. The Real-Time Crawler also supports providing already parsed data from select websites.
The downsides?
The high price tag is the only disadvantage. Plans start from $180/month for the cheapest options.
On the upside, customer support is excellent. You can request help via email or live chat 24/7. Its higher tiers even come with a dedicated account manager.
Automatic IP rotation
Time-based sticky IPs
Dedicated 4G mobile proxies
Caching for bandwidth saving
IPRoyal is among the best proxy platforms that has extensive network coverage. It includes top locations such as:
And more.
Best of all, it has affordable prices with no minimum requirements.
The vendor takes pride in offering a wide selection of services. Apart from the usual ones, it provides sneaker proxies for lovers of sports shoes. It bypasses restrictions in fashion sites that limit customers from making bulk purchases.
Another notable mention – the 4G mobile proxy. It’s powered by real user devices and residential IPs from cellular networks. The setup boosts trust and reduces the chances of getting banned. So you can do web scraping, competitor research, and complete SEO tasks with confidence.
The company has a pool of over two million IP addresses. And it adds hundreds of new proxy sites daily thanks to the IPRoyal Pawns program. It uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) approach that allows customers to share their bandwidth. In exchange, the vendor pays them for using their internet connections as proxies.
You can use randomize that frequently rotates your IP on autopilot. But sticky is the best option if you want to use one address. It comes with a time limit of 24 hours before it changes. That’s, however, not a guarantee – the system can swap it any time.
SOCKS5 enhances security by using multiple authentication methods to process data. Likewise, there’s HTTPS for end-to-end encryption between your device and the internet.
IPRoyal also claims it uses caching to save bandwidth and supercharge internet speeds. We were able to use less data when testing its proxy network. However, it took ages to load websites and download files. To add salt to injury, the vendor doesn’t have a refund policy. The good news is you can buy its proxy services for as little as $1. 00. The payment options include credit cards and bitcoin.
Offers free unlimited browsing
Support for any browser
BitTorrent client support
Fast ping times
is one of the best free proxy server software on the market. This solution offers a long list of features that you will love – auto-connect, IP leak protection, and BitTorrent support among others. The best thing about it – you’ll experience zero ads by using this product.
So, is it worth it?
is lightweight and easy to set up. All you need to do is install the Google Chrome/Firefox extension. There’s also an in-browser tool available, great for those that don’t like add-ons.
The features side is where it gets interesting. Unlike Smartproxy, gives you SOCKS5 for free. It allows you to enjoy swift response times during gaming and media streaming. Torrent lovers will enjoy the fast peer-to-peer file-sharing that this free proxy server offers. You also get to enjoy limitless bandwidth usage throughout.
has WebRTC in place to shield your IP from leaking. You can use an auto connection to switch between servers. To maximize protection, this vendor doesn’t record any logs of your activity.
This free proxy service lets you choose server locations. Only three regions are supported – Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.
Of course, nothing is perfect. We couldn’t find the total number of IPs offered. The support team couldn’t tell us anything about it. also doesn’t support multiple connections. But given it’s a free proxy program, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
Over 40 million IPs
Rotating sticky IPs
Avoid bot detection
ScraperAPI is one of the best proxy sites for web scraping. It has over 40 million IPs from many countries, with a user-friendly scraping tool. It can handle CAPTCHAs and other forms of bot detection, as well as JavaScript.
Proxies automatically rotate in the background. Just enter the URL of any site and you will get the raw HTML in return. If you’d like a more permanent session, you can easily use a static IP as well.
You also get custom header support, automatic retries, and desktop and mobile user agents. In other words, you can make your traffic appear like it’s coming from a computer or a phone.
Nonetheless, it is not as advanced as others, meaning you’ll have to parse the data yourself. Its simplicity and full API access, however, make it ideal for developers with their own scraping solutions. You can even call the API via web browser, as follows:
A seven-day free trial for up to 5, 000 requests lets you see if it’s the right fit. This requires no credit card, so you won’t accidentally get billed.
After the trial expires, you can decide whether to upgrade to one of three well-priced plans or negotiate an Enterprise solution.
The good news is low-volume users can access a free proxy server that permits 1, 000 requests per month. Here’s what the rest of the plans offer:
Hobby: $29/mo – 250, 000 requests, and 10 concurrent threads.
Startup: $99/mo – One million requests, 25 concurrent threads, and US geotargeting.
Business: $249/mo – Three million requests, 50 concurrent threads, 12-country geotargeting, and access to residential proxies.
If you still decide it’s not for you after purchasing a plan, there’s a seven-day money back guarantee.
Although all plans use rotating proxy pools, it is only the business plan that unlocks access to residential IPs.
Its dedicated proxy pools for different types of scraping really stand out. This includes products, search engine results, social media content, and more.
As for customer support, staff are available 24/7 by email or live chat. Business users get priority in the email queue, while Enterprise customers get a dedicated support channel. Everyone has access to documentation and help pages.
To manage your account ScraperAPI provides a web-based dashboard. Here you can access billing and view usage statistics. You’ll also find your API key and lots of useful code for PHP, Node, Ruby, Bash, and Python/Scrapy. A lot of this can be pasted directly into your custom scripts.
To sum up, ScraperAPI is an excellent solution for web scraping. It takes the hassle out of managing proxies by doing all the hard work in the background. Plans are affordable and it gets extra points for providing one of the best free proxy plans on the market.
Affordable pricing plans
Offers ads-free experience
Unlimited bandwidth allocation
Portable KProxy browser
Kproxy is one of the best proxy server options, no matter what budget you have. This solution is great for both novice and expert users that have undemanding web browsing needs.
Let’s check out the features.
The configuration process is fast. You can choose between Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. If you lack either, Kproxy’s proxy browser is readily available. Also, the product is currently compatible with the Kiwi Internet Access App for Android.
Kproxy has a lot to offer in terms of functionality. For starters, it automatically selects a server for you. You also have the option of switching between 5 countries, among which Canada, France, and the USA.
IP leak protection is enabled by default for hiding your location at all times. WebRTC’s protocol also allows you to browse restricted websites easily. But it gets better – this proxy program has a separate plugin for bypassing network filters. This inclusion helps you to access blocked sites by system administrators at work or school.
At times, users can engage in abusive behavior leading to a ban of IPs. Such an incidence usually affects user experience. To avoid that, you can use server management to delist affected regions. You can isolate slow proxies from your network.
Just as, Kproxy gives you limitless bandwidth. But there’s a catch. It limits downloads/uploads to a maximum of 300 megabytes. This means that you can’t use this service to transfer large files.
Another drawback is the limited choice of private proxies on the free plan. But that shouldn’t worry you. From just $10/month, you can enjoy 120+ servers located in North America and Europe. That’s quite a bargain.
Free proxy service
Unlimited bandwidth support
Online proxy browser
IP leak protection
HideMyAss (HMA) is an easy-to-use free proxy server that has basic features for browsing. First-time users will surely appreciate using this solution to browse online anonymously.
Unlike other developers that provide browser extensions, HMA comes with none. It has a simple web-based proxy for accessing online sites. All you need to do is enter a web address and select a preferred server to connect to.
This solution has many great features. The use of bandwidth is unrestricted. You can browse, mine data, and download an unlimited number of files. There are no ads whatsoever.
On the server side, you have a choice of six countries to use, including two regions in the US and one in the UK. But that’s just it. Crucial features such as Kproxy’s IP blocking are missing. You also won’t be able to select a network based on server location.
Security is another area of interest when using dedicated proxy services. HMA offers URL encryption for hiding your IP address. You can also block scripts such as JavaScript used for tracking visitors on websites. You can also disable cookies.
However, it lags behind the competition on various fronts. SOCKS5 for speeding up internet speeds is lacking. This makes the use of demanding services such as gaming and streaming problematic. IP leak protection only does a basic job of shielding your address, so your service provider may still be able to track your online activity.
Overall, this free proxy service works okay in accessing blocked websites online.
Free web-based service
Auto IP selection
Four locations available
Dedicated IP per session
If you’re looking for the best free proxy server, get VPNBook. The service provides dedicated IP and unlimited browsing sessions. As if not enough, there’s a web browser to make it better.
Getting started with this product is easy. Just as HMA, it offers an online proxy browser. You can pick the fastest server for you. You can also select a preferred region from the dropdown list of data centers. During sessions, a sticky bar is always available for swapping websites fast.
VPNBook tops the best proxy server list when it comes to security. It provides SSL browsing by utilizing AES-256bit data encryption. WebRTC is in place to protect your IP from leaking. It also blocks other scripts, which websites use for tracking user activities. To cover one’s tracks, it doesn’t keep your history.
But wait – there’s more.
Finding a solution that’s compatible with all devices is a challenging task. To address this problem, VPNBook loads websites via iFrames. This feature combines HTML and CSS, fitting for all screen sizes. You’ll have a smooth experience browsing from mobile phones.
Whereas other online proxy sites offer dynamic addresses, VPNBook gives you a static one. This lessens interruptions in platforms sensitive to IP changes. The vendor also blacklists people that abuse their servers. In doing so, it preserves the integrity of the service for other users.
On the downside, this product is strictly for personal use. It’s also ad-supported. Apart from the bad side, you can get a premium version for $7. 95/month. It provides support for gaming, VoIP, torrents, and much more.
Lightweight on system resources
Quick links access
Limitless bandwidth support
Fast gigabit connection
When it comes to functionality, ProxySite tops the list of the best free proxy services. This solution is not only feature-rich but also built for performance. Users that need to access blocked websites will greatly appreciate this product.
The setup process is simple. ProxySite comes with a browser-based proxy. It has shortcuts for accessing popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You also have the option of selecting one of 25+ servers between the US and EU.
But it doesn’t end there.
ProxySite comes with proxy configurations. It provides an endless list of custom presets to utilize. With it, you can easily simulate popular browsers, devices, and operating systems. The most notable ones include Blackberry, iPhone, macOS, and Windows 7/10.
Developers are also not left out. There’s a slot for changing the user agent of your browser. This enables you to test websites that you’ve created. It’s also ideal for running custom bots for data mining tasks.
This is the best paid proxy server software for managing cookies. It gives you a list of all the browsing data stored on your device. This allows you to use or selectively delete them before visiting any website. As simple as it sounds, some sites rely on these files to track you. And removing them helps you cover your steps.
Speed is also worth mentioning. ProxySite has a gigabit network that delivers faster connectivity. When combined with SOCKS5, you’ll be able to stream on the fly.
Of course, ProxySite isn’t perfect. During testing, sites such as Google blocked our requests. The user interface of most websites that we visited also appeared distorted.
The pro version that includes a VPN will set you back $9. 99/month. It offers premium security, more servers, and compatibility with most websites.
Supports multiple browsers
Standalone apps for smartphones
Good speed
Servers in 17 countries
Whoer is the best proxy server software for people that have multiple devices. It has an app for Windows, Mac, Linux, web browsers, and smartphones. It’s ideal for families/groups of friends of up to 5 members.
When using Whoer, you’ll find a dedicated application/extension for your favorite device. Once you install, it takes a single click to get started. The free plan only allows you to use one server location. Premium users get to choose from 17 regions.
The browser extensions have WebRTC for protecting you against IP leaks. There’s also a kill switch. When the internet connectivity fails, it will shield your address from being visible. A great reason to put Whoer on our Best Proxy Server list.
Another great addition is end-to-end encryption via SSL. It utilizes a 256-bit file encoding, which secures the connection between your server and device. Whoer’s servers leave no trace of your online activity.
For pro users, internet speeds are blazing fast. You can watch Netflix, play online games, and share torrent files. In comparison, the free version throttles connections to a maximum of 1mb/s. Even though you won’t be able to run heavy tasks, it’s still okay for browsing.
Whoer offers fewer server locations in the US and UK. Similarly, the limitation of bandwidth on the free plan is a turnoff. It’s also impossible to select an IP proxy.
Then again, the free version covers all the important bases. If you like it, you can go pro for $9. 90/month. Whoer has a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
2. 5 million IPs
Mobile VPN
Static and Residential
Extensions for Chrome and Firefox
If you want to buy proxy services, GeoSurf is one of the longest-running providers on the web. The Tel Aviv-based company covers every major city in the world via 2. 5 million IP addresses.
It offers both residential and static IPs. The former is delivered on rotation by an API. Therefore, you can make as many simultaneous requests as needed without being blocked or slowed down.
If you’d prefer a static IP, GeoSurf covers over 130 countries in over 30 designated market areas in the US. They are more prone to identification, though.
Georsurf’s other key feature is a VPN for mobile. VPNs easily allow you to hide behind proxies as you browse or otherwise use the internet. This one complies with Android and iOS and uses numerous protocols, including OpenVPN and PPTP. This feature is limited to 120 locations.
For a proxy site, GeoSurf is certainly pricey. But it comes with a long track record and many extra features.
The starter plan is $450/month for ‘130+ IPs’ and 38GB of traffic. At the top end, you get unlimited IP access for $2, 000/month, and 250GB of traffic. All plans are auto-recurring. Enterprise plans can be negotiated if you contact the team. Due to the price, GeoSurf is more suitable for medium to large businesses than individuals.
The sign-up process is a little labored. First, you must give your name, email, and country, and then a salesperson will arrange a Skype chat. You can’t just buy a plan and get going.
Once you’ve been prodded and chosen a plan, you can manage your account from a web dashboard. Here you can see billing info, traffic usage, and access the gateways.
There are many ways to implement your proxies, including mobile. A toolbar can be added to Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can delete your browser data and switch IPs with just a few clicks.
To set your whole computer behind a proxy, you can use the Desktop VPN – some of the best proxy server software Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users can surf the web with any browser this way, but it also allows you to use other applications.
Meanwhile, developers might connect to the API directly to run scripts and other operations that can benefit from some of the best proxy servers around the globe. All it really lacks is support for SOCKS5 protocol.
Although its service is brilliant, the current incarnation of the website could do with improvement. Many pages have stock text filling up space. Moreover, there are pages for ‘Instagram Proxies’ and ‘Ad Verification Proxies’. This, however, is just marketing for the exact same plans. There are no dedicated proxies for Instagram or ad verification. Nonetheless, you can use GeoSurf for those purposes.
Performance-wise, it provides a lot of unique IPs, but falls short to Bright Data and Smartproxy. It also doesn’t quite match up to the speed of Smartproxy or Oxylabs.
In conclusion, we found their IPs to be clean and plentiful, and the overall infrastructure to be fast and secure. A legally binding agreement that states they don’t pass on your personal info was good to see. In the future, we’d like a clear free trial (you have to ask for a live demo or wait for a special promotion). And, SOCKS support would be nice.
Great scraping tool
Automatic proxy management
Residential proxies available
Lots of plans
Zyte grew as an internal platform for web scraping company ScrapingHub. After using the name Crawlera for over a decade, it’s gone for something a little more inclusive now.
Under the hood, however, it is a continuation of the same rotating proxy network. It’s one of the best proxy sites for bots and scraping. Most importantly, it doesn’t trigger CAPTCHAS or IP bans.
Zyte does not sell users on the number of IPs it has access to or how clean they are. Instead, it applies its own complex rotation system over IPs it rents from other providers. That is to say, you’re buying a robust web scraping tool that utilizes proxies, rather than the proxies/IPs themselves.
The IPs aren’t well suited for other purposes, which is a downside. Furthermore, plans are based around the number of requests.
Two key features make up the Zyte experience. First is a ‘Smart Proxy Manager’ of thousands of data centre IPs from across the world. Everything is rotated automatically in the background. The tool is able to assess your requested site for its load and ban likelihood. Then, it adjusts your request rate to keep you on the green list.
If an IP proxy is blocked, it assesses why and retries with a new IP address.
Second, is the ‘Automatic Extraction’ tool. This saves you using a third-party crawler. Simply enter a URL into the intuitive dashboard and it will pull the data without coding.
Product databases, news articles – there are lots of possibilities. Plus, you can use the Extraction API with your own more advanced methods off the back of Zyte’s infrastructure.
The proxy manager starts from $29/month for up to 50, 000 requests, 50 of which can be concurrent. The $349/month ‘Advanced’ plan supports 2. 5 million monthly requests, 200 of which can be concurrent. Enterprise solutions start at $999.
For automatic data extraction, pricing starts at $60 per 100, 000 requests. The upper limit is 500, 000 requests per month. Alternatively, you can rely on bespoke data services from $450 per month, but you’ll need to speak to a sales rep.
You can try both tools for free for 14 days, with a limit of 10, 000 requests.
Residential proxies are now available, but they’re a paid extra, on top of any other plans you purchase. The smallest plan is $300 per month for 25GB of traffic and access to over 500, 000 IP addresses.
At the other end, you can get 200GB of traffic and priority in the support queue for $1, 000 a month.
Customer support is excellent, albeit tiered. On the cheaper plans you must rely on a ticket, reading the help pages, or asking the community forum. Responses are guaranteed within one business day, but we received a reply within an hour for a test question.
The high-priced plans get priority in the queue, while Enterprise clients have a dedicated account manager.
In short, Zyte is an excellent proxy program for those that need to use many IPs for data mining. You can find better services, however, if you require proxies for other means.
What is a Proxy?
A proxy is an access point that acts as a gateway to the internet. All traffic requests to and from a website are processed by a computer server. This approach protects your real identity from being exposed.
Under typical circumstances, workplaces, schools, and libraries block specific sites from access. Likewise, some websites are geo-restricted. Using a proxy helps you freely access those web pages.
Some of the best private proxy server services offer enhanced security features – SSL encryption, audit logs, firewall, and more. They provide an additional layer of defense between computer systems and outside traffic. This plays a huge role in shielding users/organizations from hackers.
Paid Proxies Versus Free Proxies
Both have upsides and downsides. While the former provides more options, the latter has basic functions to get the job done.
Here are the details.
Service providers offer free proxy services to you at zero costs. However, vendors enforce restrictions on bandwidth, server resources, and more. Such limitations are usually in place to maintain the quality of service. That way you handle lightweight tasks such as browsing and opening blocked sites. It allows users to test the waters before going pro.
Paid proxies offer more features at a premium price. You can choose between different regions and specific IP addresses. It also guarantees you 99% anonymity and privacy online. You’ll experience fast connections by browsing at full speeds.
Over the years, competition has drastically lowered the cost of these services. A good example is Whoer that charges $9. 90/month with support for up to 5 users. That’s as cheap as a cup of Starbucks coffee.
The majority of best internet proxy server providers have a zero cost plan in place. But the truth is – there’s nothing as free lunch. Vendors usually use this approach to upsell products and services.
Web browsers store cookies when you visit websites. These are small files that are generated based on user behavior online. When you use free proxies, developers collect and sell this data to third-party advertisers. Vendors such as VPNBook directly serve advertisements to you. In simple terms – you indirectly pay for the service.
The other drawback is related to security. When using free proxy services, your anonymity isn’t guaranteed. IP leaks are bound to happen and this can expose your real identity. However, if you’re an occasional user, that shouldn’t be a matter of concern.
On the flip side, paid proxies aren’t that reliable. Downtimes and server breakdowns can occur at any time. Dealing with them is extremely annoying.
Types of Proxies
There are many proxies available. They mostly differ on essentials such as configuration, software, and functionality.
Here we’ve covered 6 of the most common proxy types:
Shared Proxy
This type of proxy is built on an extensive computer networking infrastructure. It’s normally used to serve several clients at the same time. This allows vendors to split the costs amongst users; hence, make the service affordable. To ensure quality, the majority proxy of service providers utilize load-balancing to handle traffic spikes. It helps to distribute large requests across a web of interlinked data centers. This setup enables users to enjoy a smooth experience all through.
Semi-Dedicated Proxy
This is a type of proxy that combines the benefits of shared and dedicated proxies. It usually allows a maximum of 5 users per server. This grants superior service at budget-friendly prices. However, you risk service interruption due to overloading by a single user. It’s a great option for casual users that need privacy online.
Dedicated Proxy
A dedicated proxy allows a single user to utilize all resources. This solution offers more agility and computing power to the client. It’s also efficient, stable, and secure. The chances of getting your IP banned are minimal. You’ll have greater control over managing your online tasks. All these benefits do come at a high price, though.
Socks5 Proxy
Security is a top priority for people that prefer to be anonymous online. That’s where SOCKS5 proxy comes into the picture. It covers the highest standards of data encryption. It supports protocols such as TCP/UDP layer 4 and SSL layer 7. Using it allows you to transfer coded information over HTTP/HTTPS, SFTP, P2P, and more.
Residential Proxy
If you need the best anonymous proxy server, get a residential proxy. With it, IP addresses get attached to actual devices – smartphones, gaming consoles, or computers. Connections generated by this solution are usually undetectable. The service makes websites give you the greenlight by identifying you as an actual visitor.
Reverse Proxy
A reverse proxy is a computer network that mediates between a web resource and visitors. It usually retrieves information from the source server on behalf of users. This configuration is ideal for organizations that need a high level of security. It’s useful for filtering bad traffic and blocking cyberattacks.
Proxy vs VPN – What is Better?
VPN and proxy do the same task of protecting the identities of users online. While both serve the same purpose, their mode of operation is different.
A proxy program transfers your data across the internet in raw format. This approach increases the likelihood of exposing your real identity.
A VPN provides end-to-end encryption between your device and the remote computer. You

Frequently Asked Questions about best mobile proxy

Who is the strongest proxy?

Here’s the list of the best proxy servers that you can find in 2021.KProxy – Best free proxy.HMA – Best proxy browser.VPNBook – Best for security.ProxySite – Best for smartphones.Whoer – Best value for money.GeoSurf – Best for unlimited IP connections.Zyte – Best for scraping websites.More items…

What is 4G mobile proxy?

4G proxy is a proxy that uses mobile IP addresses or that redirects web traffic from cellular network-connected mobile devices. This proxy offers an additional layer of anonymity and is known for having a high IP trust score.Jul 13, 2020

What is mobile proxy?

Mobile proxies are portable devices such as tablets or smartphones with access to the internet through mobile data. These proxies mask your actual IP address by replacing it with that of the device when you connect to it.

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