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Whether you work at a hip, trendy fast food joint or a fine dining establishment, it’s an absolute fact that you’ll be on your feet for most of the day (or night). It doesn’t matter if you are a waiter, server, host, manager or the trusted bartender, all these types of jobs can be really tough for anyone. With all the dashing about between food and customers and running around a wet, slippery surface, wearing the incorrect type of shoes can be a very huge and painful Rated Slip Resistant Shoes for Waiters and Waitresses
Pick From Men’s or Women’s Styles
Everyone knows that cheap shoes wear out easily and leave you exposed to greasy work surfaces. After that, it’s only just a matter of time till you take a nasty fall and sprain your ankles or worse; dump a food tray on a customer. Instead of risking your limbs and your job too, why not invest in a decent pair of non-slip work shoes? Footwear made for the service industry should not only feel good and give you all the cushioning and support you need, they should also protect you from slips and falls no matter how treacherous the terrain may be. If you’re ready to take the leap without the slip, then here’s some of the top quality slip resistant work shoes for restaurant servers this for Waiters1. Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service ShoeIf you’ve been paying attention to recent footwear trends in the service industry, you’ll notice that some brands have been gaining more traction (pun intended) than others. There’s clearly a good reason why nurses, waiters, servers, and bartenders all seem to be wearing something from Skechers. It could be the fact that Skechers has been around for a while and know their stuff inside out. Or perhaps it’s because of their excellence in slip resistant soles. Whatever it is, our boys over at the food industry definitely love the Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe for those wet, messy and slippery Cessnock service shoes are a much sportier version of Skechers preferred original style; you can tell that they are built to be overworked. These food service shoes come with synthetic uppers that carry the durability and flexibility that we have all come to love and expect from Skechers. Inside, you are guaranteed of total comfort and superior cushioning with every step thanks to a removable EVA insole and polyurethane midsoles. However, it’s the outsoles that really pushed this shoe all the way to the top of our list. The Cessnock is finished with a high-traction, slip-resistant rubber sole that is engineered to help you keep your footing in a wide range of unfriendly terrain. 2. Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service shoe When you hear the name Skechers, you can be sure that your feet are in safe hands. These guys have dealt with so many shoes that they are expert when it comes to work shoes. Today, we check out their newest release that is made for a different kind of working man. If you’re searching for a shoe that is virtually slip-proof and still looks smooth, sleek and official, then you’ll love hearing about the Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service shoe. With a classic look and a lace up design, this is the ultimate formal shoe for the savvy worker. Still not convinced that this is the true non-slip shoe for the classic man? Then check out some of the top features you can expect from this bad off, you can tell just how great a shoe is by looking at the exterior. The Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service shoe come with sleek, synthetic uppers that are absolutely easy to clean and quick to dry. Very important factors if you’re working in a messy environment and are expected to observe cleanliness at all times. Another winning feature of this shoe is the synthetic sole that literally stands head and shoulders above the competition. This outsole is slip and oil resistant and meets ASTM F1677-2005 Mark II testing standards. 3. Dockers Men’s Gordon Oxford If we’re talking about footwear that is anywhere near the formal genre, then no list complete without a classic Oxford for the modern man. If you want to be well protected on the job but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort or spare those good looks, then Dockers has just the thing for you. Introducing the professionally sleek and rigid footwear with just enough flexibility for waiter jobs, the Dockers Gordon Work Shoes may just be where your search ends. But is this just another elegant office shoe or can it really handle the day to day rigors of a wet, messy and grimy floor? Let’s dig a little deeper always, you can tell if a shoe is made for a waiter by the uppers. Keeping in mind that you need as much durability and protection as you can get without sacrificing comfort or flexibility, the Shoes come complete with full leather uppers with an elegant moc toe stitching. Sometimes, the workplace can get really hot and sweaty; that’s why you need a shoe that will let your feet breath. The dressy shoes incorporate a breathable leather lining just for those purposes. The final touch comes with its APMA seal and synthetic rubber outsole that can handle anything the average workplace can throw. 4. Dansko Jackson LoaferWe’ve already seen one masterpiece from Dansko today, but have we really looked at who the brand is and what they stand for? First off, Dansko is wholly dedicated to letting you do your own thing and still feel good even after a whole day of standing, walking and rushing about on your feet. Thanks to their shoes legendary comfort and excellent arch support, waiters and all our boys in the food and beverage industry can dash about confidently without having to worry if they’ll end up on the floor. Today, we’ll be checking out the second release from Dansko by the name of Dansko Jackson Slip-On ’s no real subtle way to put this; Jackson hands down the king of men’s footwear. The Dansko Jackson Loafer says it all with the perfect look for casual dress settings as well as dress styles. These bad boys employ the use of antique leathers to keep things as safe and as classy as possible. The uppers are also welted for an unexpected touch of style and aesthetics while the interior incorporates a state of the art footbed for incredible comfort levels. The final touch comes in the form of the slip-resistant outsoles that provide you with all the traction you need to remain rooted in place throughout the day. 5. Klogs Edge ClogLet’s face it guys; there are times when you need something free and easy going for your feet. After all, a slow shift at a small pizzeria hardly compares to happy hour at Apple Bees. In these cases, you really need a shoe that won’t get in your way but is still comfortable and supportive enough to let you stand all day with ease. Of course, you can’t wear flip flops to work no matter how attractive and super plush they may be. However, you can wear the next best thing; the Klogs Men’s Edge Comfort Casual Edge Comfort Clog not only let you enjoy long-lasting comfort without all the fuss, but they also offer a lightweight alternative to other bulkier, full, lace-up non slip shoes. So, how do you know that these clogs are made for our boys in the food service industry? Simple, for starters, you’ll notice that the uppers are made from polyurethane which is popular for its quick and easy clean capabilities. The outsole is also made of the same material. The only difference is that the sole is fully slip and oil resistant as well as non marking and shock absorbent for those rough and unfair work days. 6. Dr. Scholl’s Harrington II Having already seen one piece of footwear art from the Doc, I’m sure you already know what to expect. The reason why each and every product that the brand touches turns to gold is because these guys have dealt with so many shoes that they are officially certified footwear doctors. Today, we check out their more sturdier release that is made for a different kind of working man. If you’re searching for a shoe that is virtually slip-proof and doesn’t skimp out on the protective and durability aspects, then you’ll love hearing about the Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Harrington II Work can tell that these mean kids are made for kitchen warfare just by looking at the uppers. The rugged leather uppers scream tough and guarantee a very long life span for your shoes. The lace up design also ensures a sure and secure fit that won’t come undone for anything. Underneath the rugged leather uppers a Dri-Lex moisture wicking lining and Microbe shield that all work together to keep your feet fresh and sweaty odors at bay. All these rest on a cool fit memory foam and anti-compression insole that keeps your feet walking on clouds all day long. As always, you can rely on Dr. Scholl’s independent testing labs to dish out outsoles that are slip, oil, and water resistance as well as SATRA and TM144 standards in the Restaurant Without the Fear of Slipping or FallingAny type of restaurant work can be tough. But if you’re running around the kitchen, or dashing between food service and customers, wearing the wrong shoes can be an expensive and painful mistake. Cheap shoes wear out easily and slip on wet or greasy work surfaces, which can then lead to severe injury and even termination. But choosing the right work shoes on your own can almost be as big of a pain as the inevitable sprained ankle the cheap ones will cause after a few weeks of wear. Fortunately, we’ve already done the sorting for you! Shoes for Waitresses1. Skechers Squad SR Food Service Shoe Skechers have gone and done it again, only this time, millions of women all over the world have something to be thankful for. Remaining true to their stated purpose, Skechers continues to create versatile, original and innovative products that continue to inspire people. Most recently, their focus has shifted to working women who operate restaurants, servers and the food industry. Today, we’re talking about a shoe from Skechers that is so popular with waitresses that it literally has the term service its name; the Skechers Squad SR Food Service Shoe. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out if this is truly the ultimate service Squad shoe boasts of rich, synthetic uppers that are as durable as they are flexible. Aside from the fact that your uppers are smooth knit mesh fabric, the insides are comfortable and guaranteed to keep you happy all day. These shoes may be sleek and sophisticated, but they can really take a mean double shift at work. One feature that really gets our girls in the kitchen excited when it comes to longer work shifts, the reduced foot fatigue experienced with the lightweight flexible shock absorbing midsole. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a non-marking, rubber outsole that provides you with all the traction you need to get through a slippery day at the office. Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe Having already seen a few things on what to expect from Skechers, we can already predict what their women’s shoes will look like. For those of you who are still not familiar with the brand, Skechers is known for their incredibly innovative shoes for work, active wear and leisure. Today, they’ve really outdone themselves with a release made for the working woman; Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe. These mean girls not only let you put a little weekend in your workday, but they also let you look damn good doing it rugged and highly versatile shoes are casual, yet professional with knit mesh uppers for optimum durability levels. But don’t be fooled by the synthetic upper, these babies are as flexible as any footwear can be so as to allow waitresses and serves enough flex throughout the foot. When it comes to comfort, Skechers is no stranger to what customers want. The Slip Resistant Work Shoes come fully complete with padded collar for secure, firm grip to the ankles as well as air cooled memory foam insoles that offer an added touch of comfort. Alegria Keli There’s one thing that female nurses and waitresses have in common; they’re always looking for a shoe that is as comfy as it is functional and stylish. While it’s quite rare to get both, there are certain brands that have managed to create a seamless blend of the two elements. Whether you’re a lead nurse in a busy emergency hospital wing or a waitress at a crowded local, Algeria shoes are the ideal match for ladies who spend their feet all day. Like all the other women’s shoes from Algeria, users can expect all the benefits that come with Keli Keli Professional Shoe offers a stunning and highly conspicuous look thanks to the Keli print all over the uppers. The uppers are made of stain resistant Nappa leather with an embossed leather topping to make for one heck of a gorgeous shoe. These waitress slip ons also feature a perfect fit removable footbed that is made of latex and cork with a memory foam layer for the ultimate support and comfort. For the outsole, Alegria went ahead and made it using slip resistant polyurethane which helps keep you safe against falls, slips and also act as shock absorbers. Skechers Sure TrackAny savvy consumer knows that you have to know who’s selling you something before you shell out your hard earned money. Fortunately, everyone here undoubtedly knows who Skechers are and what they stand for. But just in case this is your first waitress job and you’ve never owned anything other than a neat pair of sneakers, then here’s a quick history. Skechers is a renowned global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry that develops, makes and designs products that appeal to a whole range of, their latest release is clear evidence of why Skechers remains the top dog. If you’re looking to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, then check out the Skechers Sure Track Shoe. These mean girls are constructed using smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable, but also waterproof to keep any water, stew, soups or liquids away from your feet. For that extra bit of protection, Skechers incorporated protective leather toes and heel overlays in case something falls on your feet. Since your comfort is obviously important, these rugged shoes also come with memory foam topped cushions and removable insoles. As for the outsoles, you can rest easy knowing that they have been tested using the ASTM Mark II testing standards on clean red quarry tile to meet and exceed a result of 0. 40 under wet and oily conditions. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Hands up if you work in any of the following industries; are you a nurse, doctor, grocery worker, cleaner, waitress or generally spend all day on your feet? If the answer is anywhere near a yes, then you’ll definitely love the KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe. These women’s shoes were made to be the perfect fit for all-day comfort on the job. From top to bottom, the PTC shouts perfection, comfort, and functionality. But we still can’t help but ask if this is just another piece of eye candy from Keen or can we expect as much strength and performance as their heavy duty work boots? Starting off our review are the breathable leather uppers that let your feet air out. Situations like kitchens and other service jobs can get really hot and sweaty. That’s why you’ll also love the odor resistant interiors. Similarly, the padded tongue and collar offer an added degree of comfort and fit with a five-eye lace closure for easy and convenient adjustability. Keen also went the extra mile to make sure that you never end up flat on your back by including a non marking, rubber outsole that performs to ASTM Mark II standards for oil and slip resistance.
Top 13 Best Comfortable Server (Waitress) Shoes In 2021

Top 13 Best Comfortable Server (Waitress) Shoes In 2021

Slipping on greasy floors is the last thing servers want to experience while serving customers. Therefore it is crucial to invest in high-quality and anti-slip shoes. Servers have to look presentable while working, and these shoes can either enhance or diminish the overall look. It must also help support your feet, allow you to take up a fair amount of walking without wearing out in a few days. Thus, it is essential to choose the shoes keeping style, durability, and comfort in with better arch support and flexibility are perfect and will also prevent foot ache after long shifts. If you are looking for the most comfortable shoes, here are 13 of the best shoes for servers or waitresses in the market right now, along with everything you need to know and consider before buying 10 ProductsCheck PriceSkechers Women’s Soft Stride Softie Work ShoesCheck PriceSure Track by Skechers Work FootwearCheck PriceSkechers For Work Women’s Squad SR Food Service ShoeCheck PriceSkechers Work Footwear Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip With MemoryCheck PriceAvia Women’s Avi-Union Ii Food Service ShoeCheck PriceKEEN Utility Women’s PTC Oxford Work ShoeCheck PriceAvia Women’s Avi-Focus Food Service ShoeCheck PriceMOZO Women’s Maven Food Service ShoeCheck PriceSkechers Work Footwear Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant ShoeCheck PriceSkechers Work Relaxed Fit Nampa-annod Service ShoeCheck PriceRead on to know Should You Consider When Shopping For Server/Waitress ShoesIf you want to prevent stumbling, injuries or foot aches and such common problems, here are some essential things you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best waitress mfort Servers spend most of their day standing and walking. Thus, comfort is the most important feature to be considered. If you have wide feet, choose shoes that have room for your toes and are not too tight. Check the thickness, cushioning, breathability, leather quality, etc. Bend the shoe and check if it does not bend too much in the slimmest If the shoes do not offer a good grip, you can stumble or fall. Therefore, choose shoes with high-quality insoles and cushioning that offer a better otection It would be best if you got shoes that offer protection from slipping on oil, grease, or water, and electrical hazards. If you are exposed to such risks, care must be taken to choose appropriate shoes that protect from all these to cleanShoes are made from leather, mesh, synthetic, and other fabrics. If you want to save time and money, choose leather shoes as they offer easy cleaning. Shoes made using synthetics and leather are easy to clean with a single swipe. Quality materials There is a wide variety of options available like leather, rubber, and canvas shoes. Choose the material as per the nature of the work you do, comfort, and your skin type. If you do not consider these factors, you will end up getting blisters, foot ache, and even affect your gait. Pick shoes that do not crowd your feet and offer enough that we know this, let us take a look at the 13 best server (waitress) shoes in the market. 13 Best Server (Waitress) Shoes For Women In 20211. Skechers Women’s Soft Stride Softie Work Shoes If you spend long hours serving at a restaurant, you need a shoe that offers comfort, grip, and support. These shoes are made from 100% leather and have a breathable lace-up pattern for added comfort. Also, if you are shopping on a budget, these shoes offer excellent value for money. Available in two colors, these slip-resistant and cushioned shoes are just the right shoes for women looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and trendy osLightweightBreathable lace-up designAnti-slip shoes with cushioningSynthetic soleConsCannot be cleaned easilyDirt sticks to the bottom of the shoe easilyBuy Now From AmazonSimilar Products2. Sure Track by Skechers Work Footwear Once you get your hands on these uniquely designed, genuine leather shoes, you are not going to want any other! Designed with a slip-resistant rubber sole, these shoes are designed to keep your feet relaxed and have a soft fabric collar to prevent moisture and smell. The midsoles are crafted to provide better comfort and shock absorption. Featuring genuine leather construction, these are great for indoor and outdoor working osThe top panel is made from fabric that stretchesSlip-on pattern for comfortable fitMemory foam cushioningShock absorbent and anti-slipMeets ASTM F2412-05 standardsConsMay not offer adequate support to wide feetBuy Now From AmazonSimilar Products3. Skechers For Work Women’s Squad SR Food Service Shoe If you have not yet found your perfect work shoe, we recommend trying this one. These shoes feature a lace-up design that provides comfort and enough space for your feet. These are made from synthetic material and also feature a synthetic sole. These shoes are great for all-day wear and have a low top arch to keep your feet comfortable even if you are wearing one size larger. These anti-slip work shoes are great value for money! ProsSlip-resistantGood arch supportFeatures a breathable lace-up patternWorks well with insertsHighly comfortable and durableConsMight get stained easilyBuy Now From AmazonSimilar Products4. Skechers Work Footwear Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip With Memory Foam When you are investing a substantial amount of money for buying a great pair of shoes that lasts long, make sure you have a look at these Relaxed Fit Work Shoes from Skechers. The shoes are designed to offer a comfortable and roomy fit and slip-resistant outsoles so you can work in wet and damp conditions. These shoes are tested for protection against electrical hazards and also for compression and osLightweight and comfortablePrevents slips and stumblesGreat value for moneyConsMight run a bit largeBuy Now From AmazonSimilar Products5. Avia Women’s Avi-Union Ii Food Service Shoe If comfort and flexibility are the two most important things for you, then these shoes are the ones you must get your hands on! They are designed with synthetic leather and memory foam sock liner for extra comfort. These shoes have rubber soles and are also stain and water-resistant. The rubber tread patterns offer an enhanced grip and make it oil and slip-resistant. These shoes remain true to their purpose, providing much-needed support throughout the osRubber solesWater and stain-resistant designRubber tread pattern for augmented grip and supportGoes with different work uniformsConsRuns one size largerBuy Now From AmazonSimilar Products6. KEEN Utility Women’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe Professional-looking, breathable, and true to size, these are the qualities that describe this pair of work shoes. These shoes are the perfect footwear for nurses and food servers. Made using 100% leather, these shoes are slip and oil resistant. They have a lace-up pattern and are easy to wear and remove. The best part is that these shoes feature recycled PU, cork, and memory foam to offer comfort and support to your osCushioned footbed for better supportMemory foam supportEasy to clean and wipeOil and slip-resistantMeets ASTM F1667-96 Mark II non-slip standardsConsSlightly expensiveBuy Now From Amazon7. Avia Women’s Avi-Focus Food Service Shoe Finding the ideal shoes for work is not easy, but when you have a shoe that looks stylish, is comfortable and safe, you do not have to think twice. These server shoes with a rubber sole and lace-up pattern is an excellent option if you are spending long hours on your feet at work. These shoes are designed with a memory foam sock liner that offers an excellent osOil and stain-resistantMemory foam cushioning for supportProvides room for toesDurableConsRuns a size biggerBuy Now From Amazon8. MOZO Women’s Maven Food Service Shoe If you prefer sneakers or sport shoes, these canvas shoes are a great option. Not only do you get these at a great price, but you also get to choose from three different colors. The shoes are comfortable to wear owing to the lace-up design and elastic goring that makes it easy to slip them on. The shoes consist of gel insoles for a better fit and cushioning. The synthetic sole and canvas outer sole make it slip-resistant and osFull-grain leather designWater and slip-resistant designSoft cushioning offered by gel insolesCons Might offer a tight fit for wide feetBuy Now From Amazon9. Skechers Work Footwear Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Shoe These shoes from Skechers are great for work as they are breathable and stylish for servers (waitresses) and nurses. This high-quality and glossy pair of shoes features a mesh covering for breathability, and memory foam that offers cushioning and support. It is also water and stain-resistant. These shoes are designed for all sizes and thus provide a relaxed fit to wide or narrow osSafe and protective shoesSlip-resistant shoesDesigned to provide room for toesComfortable to wear and take-offConsComes with a hard soleBuy Now From Amazon10. Skechers Work Relaxed Fit Nampa-annod Service Shoe Does comfort top the list of features you look for in work footwear? Then these shoes from Skechers are highly recommended for you. These are designed to keep your feet relaxed and well-supported throughout the day. These slip-ons are not bulky and provide your feet the support they need, all day long. Featuring a rubber traction sole that is flexible, these shoes are easy to wear and take off. The Memory Foam insole ensures all-day osDurableSporty and casual designPerfect arch supportConsMay not fit wide feetBuy Now From Amazon11. Shoes For Crews Women’s Liberty Slip Resistant Food Service Work Sneaker These shoes will offer you a great workday with its relaxed, comfortable, and padded fit. These shoes feature a rubber sole that provides better balance and arch support. These slip-resistant shoes can be used in humid or greasy work conditions and will prevent you from stumbling or falling. The padded collar and tongue can avoid foot aches or osDesigned slip-resistant technologyWaterproofComfy and durable shoesLightweight and affordableConsHard soleBuy Now From Amazon12. SafeTstep Slip Resistant Women’s Kelly Slip-On If you are seeking a stylish and sturdy pair of shoes, these slip-on shoes are just the perfect ones to get. The best thing about it is that they offer a lot of space for toes, and thus, are great for people with wide feet. The shoe is also comfortable to wear and remove, unlike other lace-up shoes. Apart from this, these shoes are also oil and osEasy to wearStylish and heeled wedgesDesigned with a non-marking outsoleGreat for oily and wet working conditionsConsSizes run smallBuy Now From Amazon13. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Inhale Slip Resistant Sneaker Shoes from Dr. Scholl’s are known to be very comfortable and stylish. Especially if you are a sneaker person, these lace-up work sneakers will keep you working hassle-free all day long. These shoes come with advanced memory foam insoles for better grip and support, while the insole channels promote breathability. They also have moisture-wicking lining, and the antimicrobial sock prevents foul osAffordableMoisture-wicking lining prevents smell and sweatCushioned sneakers for better gripComes with a moisture-wicking liningConsSizes run smallHard insolesBuy Now From AmazonNow that we have seen the top 13 server shoes this year, let us take a look at some of the things you must avoid if you are buying these To Avoid When Buying Server (Waitress) ShoesThe first thing to keep in mind is not to purchase sandals, ballet flats, boat shoes, or high heels while shopping for work shoes. These shoes do not offer enough protection or comfort for hours and may cause blisters and extreme foot a server, you need to prioritize comfort and safety. The shoes, as mentioned above, are the most stylish and functional shoes for work, so wait no more and choose your best fit! Do you have any queries regarding the products in this post? Do let us know in the comments following two tabs change content oShreya is an SEO-content writer and has worked with various organizations to craft unique and creative content. Holding a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, she calls herself a lifelong learner driven by curiosity to tap into different fields and the will to push her boundaries. She combines her curiosity and love for writing to write about subjects that are valuable to fashion enthusiasts.
The 12 Best Restaurant Shoes and Where To Buy Them

The 12 Best Restaurant Shoes and Where To Buy Them

The 12 Best Restaurant Shoes for Servers and Chefs and Where To Buy Them
Restaurant life is not a walk in the park. From running back and forth between tables and the restaurant POS to standing in the back-of-house all day, long shifts can give your feet all the feels. Hosts and hostesses, servers, bartenders, cooks, and chefs should make the best restaurant shoe choice. If not, slips, fatigue, back pain, and knee problems could be the issue du jour.
We tapped Dr. Miguel Cunha, New York-based podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare, for tips on choosing the best shoes for restaurant work. He walks us through the most important considerations: comfort, support, and traction.
Find out why turnover is so high, what it costs, and how to fix it in our free Restaurant Staff Management Guide.
Advice from a Podiatrist on How to Choose the Best Restaurant Shoes
“A food server is constantly on their feet and can easily take over 10, 000 steps a day at work, ” says Cunha, adding back-of-house workers typically stand on their feet most of their shift. “It’s important to select shoes that are appropriately sized, comfortable, supportive, shock-absorbent, and slip-resistant. ”
Identify Comfortable Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes
Cunha recommends buying shoes at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen. “If they feel comfortable at the end of the day most likely they will feel comfortable throughout the day, ” he explains. Make sure the toe box is wide enough to accommodate your toes with enough room to slightly wiggle.
Also, look for a comfortable footbed to support the arch with memory foam or an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) anti-compression insole. “An outsole made of rubber will help alleviate the impact of each step far greater than a shoe with a hard sole, ” he adds.
Look for Restaurant Shoes with Arch Support
One of the most common server injuries is sore feet. According to Cunha, this is usually caused by wearing unsupportive shoes. “Our feet naturally pronate [walk with most weight on the inside edge of the feet] during the gait cycle.
When we wear unsupportive shoes, we pronate for a longer period of time, which then alters the biomechanics and distribution of pressure and weight across the foot, ” he explains. “This imbalance increases the progression of underlying foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes leading to soreness of the feet and painful conditions, such as arch/heel pain, shin splints/posterior tibial tendonitis, and Achilles tendonitis. ” This can progress to knee pain and backaches.
Employees who stand for long periods of time need good arch support, which will equally distribute body weight across the plantar (bottom) of the feet. Cunha’s simple way to check if shoes are supportive is to try and bend them in half. If they bend, back on the shelf they go.
Make Sure to Purchase Non-slip or Non-skid Shoes
“Servers can fall over when they’re carrying plates and trays because they can’t see where they are walking, or may slip, trip, and fall over floors that have been soiled with water, stews, soups, and other liquids, ” he says. A slip can easily result in a severe ankle and/or leg sprain, fractures, and other serious injuries. Look for slip-resistant work shoes with high traction rubber outsoles.
It’s also important to consider whether a shoe is water-resistant or has hard uppers. Spills and dropped objects are common, and a protective shoe can prevent or minimize injury, and shoes with black leather or polyurethane uppers are not only waterproof but can also be cleaned easily and quickly.
The 12 Best Restaurant Shoes and Where to Buy
1. Dansko XP Clogs
Arguably one of the most well-known shoe brands among people who work on their feet all day long, Dr. Cunha specifically recommends Dansko’s XP Clogs. They’re slip-resistant, have great arch support, and are cushioned for added comfort and protection.
Where to buy:
2. Dickies Apex
Dickies Apex non-slip restaurant shoes have a MICHELIN®WCX channeled shoe tread that provides traction with a self-cleaning design that evacuates liquid and debris.
3. Birkenstock Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe
These simple clogs are slip-resistant and made of one molded piece of lightweight polyurethane, making them both durable and water-resistant as well.
4. Croc Bistro Clogs
The Croc Bistro Clogs are essentially the same as classic Crocs minus the holes on top, so on top of being lightweight, slip-resistant, easy to clean, and supportive they also keep your feet safe from spills.
5. New Balance 510v3
Another Dr. Cunha pick, he recommends these restaurant shoes for their even support, non-skid treads, breathability, and lightweight design. One downside, however, is that they won’t protect against spills.
6. Sanita Clogs
Similar to the Dansko clogs, Sanita’s are becoming more and more popular in the restaurant industry. Reviews on Amazon and the company’s website show that many have relieved back, foot, and knee pain while wearing these clogs.
7. Clove
A newer brand, Clove sneakers are designed with healthcare professionals in mind but are also perfect as restaurant shoes. These shoes feature “liquid-repellent and stain-resistant Clarino™ fabric [and] odor-fighting, machine washable insoles from Ortholite®” according to the Clove website.
8. Vans “Made for Makers”
Vans has created a restaurant shoe that looks just like their classic low-top and high-top skateboard sneaker with added water resistance, support, and slip-proofing.
9. Snibbs
Another new brand on the block, Snibbs positions themselves as “The last work show you’ll ever need. ” Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, Snibbs feature top-of-the-line Ortholite® insoles, soles that are slip-resistant to both liquids and oils, breathable, and supportive. They also offer a 30-day trial period, so you can return them for a full refund if they don’t work for you.
10. Dr. Scholl’s Work Line
The brand famous for comfort and support has a line of clogs, sneakers, and slip-on shoes designed for anyone on their feet all day. The Dr. Scholl’s Work line features a slip- and oil-resistant outsole, plus memory foam inserts and breathable materials for all-day comfort.
11. Emeril’s Footwear
Yep, that Emeril. Like any good kitchen footwear, these shoes are resistant to slips, spills, odors, and stains and feature insoles that include their patented B. A. M. Technology. (What else would you expect? )
12. Keep Company
Designed and tested by chefs, Keep Company’s line of non-slip, water-resistant, supportive shoes are also stylish, vegan, and ethically produced.
Where to buy:

Frequently Asked Questions about best server work shoes

What shoes should a server wear?

11 Best Non Slip Restaurant Work Shoes for ServersSkechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe.Skechers Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service shoe.Dockers Men’s Gordon Oxford.Dansko Jackson Loafer.Klogs Edge Clog.Dr. Scholl’s Harrington II.

Which shoes are best for job?

Top 10 Shoes for Retail WorkersNew Balance 626 Cross Training Work Slip Resistant Shoes. … Timberland PRO Titan 6″ Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot. … Nike Vomero. … Ecco Track 2 Gore-Tex Hiking Boots. … Dansko Women’s Pro XP slip resistant Clog. … New Balance 577 Cushioning Walking Shoe for Supination with High Arch.More items…•May 15, 2017

What type of shoes should be worn when working in the foodservice industry?

Shoes for restaurant workers are always closed-toe, comfortable, and slip-resistant.

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