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Datacenter Proxies for Shopify to avoid subnet ban

Are you looking for the best proxies to use alongside your Shopify bot like Dashe, Project Destroyer, Sole AIO…to cop sneakers from the Shopify site? Then you’ve come to the right page. I will be reviewing the top Shopify proxies in the market. When it comes to fighting against botting and abusive behavior by sneakerheads, Shopify is one of the least. You can get away with applying not soo smart techniques to cop sneakers from sneaker stores hosted on Shopify. However, that does not mean you can use any proxy you most of the Shopify sites are not strict except some of like Yeezysupply, For most of the case, datacenter proxies can be used for them. However, you need to make sure the server of the proxy you plan to use is in the same location as the Shopify store or near in other to reduce ping or latency. This will help increase the speed at which your bot can send requests to these the Location of datacenter based on CDN Location Shopify website‘s server is hosted on a CDN so just make sure your server is in the same location as your proxies server’s. Because how fast a proxy depends on how close it is to where a website is hosted or its CDN, it is eminent you learn how to get the location of the Shopify store. With this, you can then buy proxies in those locations or locations closest to to Whois and enter the domain name. The next page will present information about the website, its hosting location, and CDN information. You’ll need the location information when buying the proxies. Let go to the reviews properly, Here I recommended some location based on my opify sitesChicagoVirginiaNew YorkKith✅✅✅DSM-Eflash✅✅✅Bodega✅✅✅Funkoshop✅✅1. YourPrivateProxyYourPrivateProxy dedicated datacenter proxies fit in as Shopify proxies and can evade the security checks of most Shopify sites. They are fast, reliable, and can get HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxies. When buying proxies from them, you can decide to buy city-specific proxies. YourPrivateProxy have proxy servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. You’ll enjoy an unlimited bandwidth when you subscribe to any of their server location: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Virginia, Las Vegas, New York, and WashingtonAuthentication method: IP Authentication and Username/PasswordProtocol: HTTP(s) and SOCKSBandwidth allowed: unlimitedCost: Starts at $6. 97 / month2. Ace ProxiesAce Proxies are some of the best Shopify proxies in the market. They can help you cop the latest sneakers on Shopify sites without getting detected and proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocol. The bandwidth that comes with these proxies are unmetered, and as such, you have an unlimited connection. They are fast, secure, and easy to setup. It has support for about 16 locations in tier-one server location: New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, New Jersey, Ashburn, and MoreAuthentication method: IP Authentication and Username/PasswordProtocol: HTTP(s) and SOCKSBandwidth allowed: unlimitedCost: Starts at $4. 49 / month3. Icedout ProxiesIf you’re looking for the best proxies for your Shopify bot, then Icedout Proxies is one of the best Shopify proxies out there. These proxies are 100 percent US thing you’ll come to love about these proxies is that their servers are located in the New York, Virginia, and Chicago area – many Shopify stores are hosted here. They are datacenter proxies and have been engineered to be extremely fast and secure. With Icedout Proxies, you enjoy almost 100 percent server location: Chicago, Virginia, NewYorkAuthentication method: IP AuthenticationProtocol: HTTP(s)Bandwidth allowed: unlimitedCost: Starts at $10 / Week4. Hype Beast ProxiesUnlike the 2 discussed above, Hype Beast Proxies was specifically designed to cater for sneaker bot users. This then means that if you choose to use them, you’re using proxies tailored toward sneaker are premium dedicated proxies that you buy for use for 24 hours. This makes them a good value for the price tag on them. The latency is also greatly reduced because their proxy servers are quite close where Shopify sites are server location: Not specifiedAuthentication method: IP AuthenticationProtocol: HTTP(s)Bandwidth allowed: unlimitedCost: Starts at $16 / month5. Buy ProxiesBuy private proxies are some of the best proxies as far as copping sneakers from Shopify sites is concerned. They come with unmetered bandwidth and have been found to be reliable. The proxy servers are located in what is known as the tier one server location: United States, Canada, Netherland, UKAuthentication method: IP Authentication and Username/PasswordProtocol: HTTPBandwidth allowed: unlimitedCost: Starts at $1 / monthConclusionThe 5 discussed above are just a few of the proxies that you can use for maintaining more than one account on Shopify without getting Can I Find the Right Provider for Shopify Proxies? What are sneaker proxies & Why you need it? However, they cannot be used for YezzySupply because YeezySupply is one of the strict sneaker sites out there and even though it is a Shopify site, it is quite strict because of its affiliation with Adidas. You have to use residential proxies for them.
Best Proxies for Every Sneaker Website You're Botting

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Best Proxies for Every Sneaker Website You’re Botting

There are two things that make for the perfect sneaker botting experience: an epic sneaker bot and the best proxies. BUT, knowing which ones are the best proxies for bots is like hitting the sneaker JACKPOT! If you know the right proxies to use on every sneaker website, you will optimize your chances of copping!
*NOTE: If you need to learn more about proxies and how they boost your chances, click on the button below. It is your KEY to becoming a master in sneaker copping.
Here’s what you will find in this guide:
Best Proxies for Botting Sneaker Sites:
Yeezy Supply & Adidas
Finish Line & JD Sports
Where You Can Buy Proxy Plans
ISP Proxies
Datacenter Proxies
Residential Proxies
What Are the Best Proxies for Bots on Every Site?
Before we start with the guide, you might need to brush up on your knowledge on proxies. So, click on any of the links below for more detailed information you might need!
Full Guide on Proxies
Guide to Sneaker Botting
Footsites are sneaker sites that belong to the Footlocker chain. This includes sites such as Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Champs Sports, Eastbay, and Kids Footlocker. So, what are the best proxies for bots on Footsites? ISPs or Residential proxies. Here’s why!
Features of Footsites:
– They have high stock numbers
– Heavily botted and easy to operate on
– Best for copping multiple pairs
– Bans proxies heavily
– Releases last between 30 minutes to an hour (or more! )
Proxy Priorities:
– Speed is not a priority, you need reliability
– Flexibility to run many bot tasks
– Cost-effective for heavy-load tasks
– Proxy generation is a plus!
So, the best proxies for Footsites would be either ISP proxies or Residential proxies. If you were to run 100 tasks, purchasing 100 ISP proxies could be expensive. A more cost-effective alternative would be to use 25 or 50 ISP proxies and run the remaining tasks with Residentials.
Final Recommendation for Footsites
– Run a mix of ISPs and residentials. Use all the ISPs you have available and allocate Resis to the remaining tasks.
– DCs are unlikely to work well on Footsites unless your proxy provider can guarantee that they do.
– Run a task or two on each Footsite without any proxies. Don’t overdo it though to avoid getting your local IP banned.
Best Proxies for Bots on Yeezy Supply & Adidas
What are the best proxies for bots on Demandware-hosted websites? We’re talking about Adidas and Yeezy Supply. So, what are the best proxies for bots on Yeezy Supply and Adidas? ISPs or Datacenter proxies. Here’s why!
Features of Yeezy Supply & Adidas:
– Bans residential proxies heavily
– Affordability of the proxy plan is KEY
– The ability to run multiple tasks during a drop
– Unlimited data consumptions to keep tasks running
The notable thing about Demandware sites is that both ISPs and DCs work fine. While they both perform well, the main reason we recommend DC proxies over ISPs is due to affordability. You can also keep your tasks running during a release without having to worry about your data consumption.
Final Recommendation for Yeezy Supply & Adidas
– You can’t go wrong running DCs or ISPs. Take advantage of every DC/ISP proxy you have and allocate them to all your Demandware tasks.
– If you want to run more tasks and don’t have enough DC/ISPs, run the remaining tasks with Residentials.
Best Proxies for Bots on Shopify
Next! What are the best proxies for bots on Shopify sites? The best proxies for bots on these websites would be none other than ISP proxies! OR, running without proxies at all. Trust us. Here’s why!
Features of Shopify sites:
– Filters out proxies
– Very low stock numbers
– Heavily bans proxies on release date
– Releases are very short (seconds to minutes)
– Heavily protected with anti-bot security
– Super speedy proxies
– Really reliable proxies
– The ability to run multiple bot tasks
Since there are so many sneaker sites hosted on Shopify, you should master copping on Shopify. But, most proxy plans out there are unlikely to work properly on Shopify.
– If you have a residential plan, your chances of copping on Shopify are slim to NONE!
– DCs are another no-no on Shopify. You’ll likely have your proxies banned or throttled.
So, that leaves you with two options: ISPs and running without proxies. Throttled proxies end up being stuck in a queue that only presents the illusion of a possible checkout. But, in reality, you’re stuck in a place with no chances. The worst part of it? You only get through when the release is over.
Final Recommendation for Shopify
– The best way to run on bot protection is without any proxies. Have 1 or 2 tasks running on your local IP.
– If you want to run more bot tasks, use ISPs. They are the closest you will get to a smooth botting experience using proxies.
– Residentials and DCs will only cause you headaches. Residential proxies are not fast or consistent enough to work and DC proxies are often a lost cause.
Finish Line and JD Sports are similar to Footsites when it comes to what proxies work well on them. So, what are the best proxies for bots on these sites? ISPs or Residential proxies. You can go back to the Footsites section to read all about them!
Final Recommendation for Finish Line & JD Sports
– ISPs are the best! Residentials work well, but don’t deliver success like ISPs.
– DCs may be problematic, so proceed with caution. You’re better off running a couple of your bot tasks on your local IP.
Next up, Supreme!
Supreme Box Logo releases continue to shatter the hearts of many who only dream of copping a BOGO on retail. So, what are the best proxies for bots copping the red box logo? The best Supreme proxies are Datacenter proxies and ISP proxies. Here’s why!
Features of Supreme:
– Goes out of stock within an average of 10 seconds
– Do we need to say more?
– Crazy fast proxies (every millisecond counts)
– Reliability is a PLUS!
Both DCs and ISPs are great options for Supreme. The safer option is using ISPs since there is a lower chance your bot tasks will get banned through them. However, certain DCs can be bought at more affordable prices and work just as well.
The next best option is using your local IP. We recommend having at least 1 or 2 tasks running without any proxies. You never know when your proxies may lead to issues, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Final Recommendation for Supreme
– The best plans are ISPs, though some DCs may work as well depending on the provider.
– It is worth running 1 or 2 tasks on your local IP without proxies.
– Resis may work but their low speed may lower your chances of copping quickly sold items.
There is a lot of preparation required for the Nike SNKRS release. And, knowing what are the best proxies for the bots copping Nike, is a MUST. The best proxy type for SNKRS is any proxy type: residentials, DCs, and ISPs all work fine.
What you’ll need:
– You need to have high-quality Nike accounts, harvest cookies, and jig your billing profiles
– You will also need good proxies to successfully enter your accounts in the SNKRS draw
– Any proxy plan on SNKRS.
Resis work fine and SNKRS releases don’t consume much data. A 2GB residential plan should last you a while. However, if you already have DC and/or ISP proxies, you might as well use them! ISPs are reliable on most sites and Nike SNKRS is no different.
Final Recommendation for Nike SNKRS
– If you don’t have a proxy plan, starting with a 1 or 2GB residential plan is a cost-effective way to set up for releases.
– If you have spare DCs and/or ISPs, you might as well use them (especially ISPs! )
Almost all of the sites mentioned above, aside from SNKRS, have some sort of CAPTCHA system in place. So, if you want to know the best proxies for bots, you should know the best ones for CAPTCHA too. The best proxies for CAPTCHA are DC or ISP proxies. Here’s why!
– You want to make sure that you have quality proxies in your solvers
– We do not recommend using Resis for CAPTCHA. It can be a hassle and lead to several issues with your solver.
The good news is that you won’t be required to splurge on proxies for your CAPTCHA solvers. Typically since CAPTCHA DC proxies go for around $1/proxy/month. You can decide to use regular DCs and ISPs for the solver, but you’re better off saving those for actual releases.
Final Recommendation for CAPTCHA
Use CAPTCHA DC proxies. They’re cheap and do the job perfectly.
If you don’t have any DC proxies, regular DCs or ISPs work just fine.
Best avoid using residentials for CAPTCHA.
Where to Buy?
The Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots!
Now that we’ve covered everything about the best proxies for bots. It’s time for the fun part: finding the right proxy plan for YOU!
If you’re struggling with botting, there is a high chance your proxies are your main issue. In other words, you probably have the WRONG type! So, we’re here to give you recommendations for reliable providers and plans for consistent success!
ISP Proxy Plans
ISP proxies are the best proxies for bots in general! In short, you need them. Yes, they may be pricier than other plans but there’s a reason that is the case. The right ISP plan will yield amazing results! As antibot systems are becoming more sophisticated, ISP proxies are slowly becoming a necessity for any successful setup. Here are some of the best ones to use:
Oculus Premium DC
The first provider on our list is Oculus. They are one of the oldest and most reliable providers in the sneaker bot community. And, most importantly, one of the best proxies for bots! Their plans have tons of proven success, and they always adapt to major antibot changes.
The Oculus Premium DC plan can be found here. While they are called Premium DCs, their plans actually contain ISP proxies.
– These proxies work on many sites including Footsites, Yeezy Supply, and Nike SNKRS
– They also perform well on Supreme and Shopify sites with bot protection
– They offer three different types of proxy plans: New York, Virginia, and Release.
– Plan durations: weekly, monthly, 2 months, and 3 months.
Also, they often offer discount codes for their plans which you can find in their Discord community. You may also find exclusive discounts if you’re in a bot or cook group. BUT, they often run OUT OF STOCK – especially before major sneaker releases. So, make sure you don’t wait too long when they’re in stock.
ANB Premium DC
Second, we’re gonna talk about ANB Premium DC proxy plans. What makes them one of the best proxies for bots? Keep reading to find out why!
The ANB Premium DC plan can be found here. Similar to Oculus, while ANB does name its plan Premium DC, it actually contains ISP proxies.
– They perform well on several sites including Footsites, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, SNKRS releases.
– They also run smoothly on Shopify sites with bot protection.
ANB Proxies currently offers daily and monthly ISP plans. We recommend going for the monthly plan which starts at $65/month for a pack of 25. You can even use the code ‘ANB10’ for 10% off your purchase and join the ANB Proxies Discord. In case you have any questions or want to stay up-to-date.
Other ISP Plans to Consider
Proxy Plan
Product Link
Price of 25 Monthly ISPs
$65 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’)
Discord Invite
Oculus Release Premium DC
Chi Premium DC
OOS- Link
Invite available upon purchase
Leaf Mobile Sprint ISP
Unknown Proxies ISP
OOS – Link
Datacenter (DC) Proxies
If you plan to run on Footsites, Finish Line or Shopify, it’s best to avoid DCs. Stick to ISPs or Residentials instead. But, if you are focused on running Supreme, YS, Adidas and/or Nike SNKRS, then DCs plans might be it.
Price of 25 Monthly DCs
$55 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’)
Oculus DC
Chi DC
ANB ISP Residential
Like any other provider, ANB Proxies offers ‘Static’ and ‘Rotating’ proxies. For botting, you almost always want to use ‘Static’ proxies. Unless your provider tells you otherwise.
ANB Proxies recently added a new alternative to its Static proxies: ISP Residentials.
– Contains proxies from Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, Time Warner, and Comcast
– Has a better success rate and gives you an edge over traditional residential pools most providers have to offer!
– Use them on Footsites, Nike SNKRS, YS, Adidas, Finish Line, and JD Sports!
– To purchase a plan, visit this link.
Chi Release Residentials
Chi residential proxies offer 4 different residential proxy pools that you can generate from: every day, Regional, Release, and Unmetered ISP.
– The release Resi pool only activates a few hours before a release.
– Offers 25 FREE ISP proxies with any residential plan you purchase that you can generate from the “Unmetered ISP” pool.
– Check out their plans here.
A Chi residential proxy plan goes for $25 per GB and expires in 60 days. Discount codes are also provided in their Discord server or on Twitter. However, to get access to their discord server, you will first need to purchase a plan from their site.
Price of 2GB Resi Plan
$35 (Discount code: ‘ANB10’)
Chi Residential
Oculus Premium Private Residential
Cyber Residential
Leaf Residential
Pooky Residential Pro
Trek Residential Pro
Finally, if you’re looking to have multiple CAPTCHA solvers open different sites, you can get a CAPTCHA DC proxy plan. These plans come at an affordable price, usually around $1 per proxy per month. The downside is that these proxies can only be used for your CAPTCHA solver.
Price of 10 CAPTCHA DCs
Cookie One-Click DC
$12 (Using code advertised on their product page)
What Is the Best Plan for You?
In order to truly find the best proxies for bot performance, follow these guidelines. They will help you determine which proxies to start with and how to continue!
– Start with at least 25 ISP proxies and a 2GB residential proxy plan
– As you get better, you can consider adding more plans to your bot
– We recommend you diversify your proxy providers
– Keep in mind that the proxies recommended for each site change frequently
– Remain up-to-date and flexible with the plans you use
– Don’t stick to the same provider for long because their proxies were at some point great
– Focus on what is working today and what may work in the future
As you get more experienced with botting, your understanding of proxies improves. You may find yourself experimenting with different plans to see what works best for you. Don’t worry if some concepts seem a bit overwhelming at first. It will get better as long as you keep an open mind and work on your patience and persistence. AND, as long as you follow our sneaker blog for more consistent help!
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The Easy Footsites Proxies Guide: How to Cop Like a Pro! |

The Easy Footsites Proxies Guide: How to Cop Like a Pro! |

Welcome back to our weekly introduction to the sneaker industry and the ins and outs of it all! Last week we covered everything you need to know about Footsites. However, we didn’t go into the details of Footsites proxies, which are a very important part of the copping process. Probably just as important as the sneaker bot you’re running. So let’s go through the whole process to get the best experience using NSB!
What Are Proxies?
When you step foot in the industry, you’re probably in for the money or the exclusive sneakers! (Speaking of which, do you know where they’re made? ) However, it’s not as easy as you think it is. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get a pair fair and square, let alone several ones, without a sneaker bot. Luckily, bots like NSB got you covered with speed, high technology, and bypasses. But even the best Footsites bot (or any) bot, won’t be able to give you the results you want on its own. That’s why you’ll need sneaker proxies.
Before we get on to proxies you should know that every PC, laptop, or device that can be connected to the internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) Address. They’re just like your home address, but for devices. Every device has its own IP Address so the internet knows which data to send for every user out there. So it acts as the connection between you and anything you do or any server you connect to on the internet.
Proxies, or proxy servers, act as a mask to your IP address, so the internet doesn’t really know where you are in the world. So they provide privacy to a certain extent. But how does that come into the Footsites hassle?
Most of the time, when there’s an exclusive sneaker dropping, each user is limited to one pair. But naturally, we want more, and this is where proxies come in. When you use several proxies, it looks like you’re at many different places at once! Thus, you have the chance to get a pair from each different address. But naturally, it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are two different types of Footsites proxies that you can choose to use. Let’s check them out.
Difference Between Residential and Data Center Proxies
Residential Proxies
Now that we got the general idea of what proxies are, we’re gonna go into some detail about them. Residential proxies (or resis) are linked to actual IP addresses that exist in real life. They’re less likely to get banned by Footsites because they look like authentic IP addresses. However, they’re usually slower than Data Center (DC) proxies. So they’re not a lot of help if the drop is on a first-come-first-served basis. Or when the stock is VERY LOW and sells out in minutes.
Data Center Proxies
Data Center proxies are the polar opposite of resis. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually provide this type of proxies. So they’re more generic and can be caught as UNREAL pretty easily. They’re much faster than resis but are more subject to get banned if they get caught.
Which Should You Use as Footsites Proxies?
Each type of proxies has its pros and cons. That’s why we recommend going for a healthy mix of both! That way, you get both grounds covered. If Footsites ban one, you still have the other. On another note, Footsites proxies are not really exclusive to footsites. You can use them in different types of websites! So all in all, Footsites proxies are just another label for a certain type of proxies.
Best Footsites Proxies Providers
Now that you know what is what, let’s get to business! Here’s a list of some of the best Footsites Proxies providers (in no particular order). But naturally, you’re always welcome to dabble and try on your own.
Residential Footsites Proxies
Chi Cooked Proxies
Leaf Proxies
Oculus Proxies
DC Footsites Proxies
ANB Proxies
Unknown Proxies
Author’s Note
Here are some tips to get the most out of your Footsites proxies experience, or your general botting experience.
Always try to balance both Residential and DC proxies, and go for Footsites proxies from different providers.
If you’re serious about going into botting, try joining bot discord channels. They usually have set up channels that you can refer to.
You can also see what proxy plans other successful users are using. What works successfully on NSB might not work on another bot. However, the Footsites proxies list we gave you here should do well on several bots.
DC Footsites proxies are currently more consistent, especially on hyped drops when there’s high security on sites.
ALWAYS keep up with the ever-changing proxy trends. There are always new providers that could outdo older ones. After all, the industry is always evolving and expanding. So always do your research to find what works best for you. Godspeed!
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Frequently Asked Questions about best shopify proxies

What proxies are good for Shopify?

Smartproxy sells the highest quality best Shopify proxies in the world with proven success.Residential ProxiesDatacenter Proxies Dedicated Datacenter ProxiesSmartproxy ExtensionProxy Address Generator.Residential PlansDatacenter PlansDedicated Datacenter Plans.More items…

Do you need proxies for Shopify?

Final Recommendation for Shopify The best way to run on bot protection is without any proxies. Have 1 or 2 tasks running on your local IP. If you want to run more bot tasks, use ISPs. They are the closest you will get to a smooth botting experience using proxies.

What proxies work on Footsites?

Residential Footsites ProxiesChi Cooked Proxies.Leaf Proxies.Oculus Proxies.Chi Cooked Proxies.ANB Proxies.Unknown Proxies.Sep 25, 2020

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