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Find, download (torrent) & play torrents on your phone or tablet with the official BitTorrent® App for Android. Get the awesome torrent downloader with no download speed or download size limits. Now downloading torrents to your phone is BitTorrent App for Android is a beautifully simple way to discover, download, and play videos/music, BitTorrent App for Android has better performance, faster downloads and a more user centric mobile torrenting listened to your feedback and updated this latest version with -✔ Beautifully light, clean design✔ Wifi-only mode to save on mobile data✔ No speed limits and no size limits✔ Easy access to your media with integrated music and video libraries✔ Select files to download within a torrent to minimize your storage footprint✔ Better music listening and video viewing experience with integrated music and video players✔ Auto-shutdown (Pro feature) More features:✔ Choose your file download location when adding a torrent✔ Download torrents and magnet links✔ Choose between deleting torrents only, or torrents & files✔ Translations in Pусский, Español, Italiano, Português do Brasil✔ The very latest in core torrenting technology, continuously updated by dedicated torrent core engineers to maximize performance✔ Download licensed, free music and video torrents from BitTorrent’s content partners such as Moby and Public Enemy– from the get-go. ✔ Downloaded more than one music file in a torrent? Play them all at once as a playlist✔ Improved download performance improvements and stability. This includes Canonical Peer Priority (reduces the hop length between you and peers in the torrent swarm), and faster handling of magnet link dataFAQs Visit this page: & Support Visit the BitTorrent forum at us on Facebook us on Twitter feedback is very important to us. Please email us directly at if you have any problems or requests. –The BitTorrent Mobile Team. “Committed to building a sustainable future for content. ”By downloading or using BitTorrent or uTorrent – torrent downloader client, you agree to the Terms of Use () and Privacy Policy ()
How to Stream Movie Torrents - Online Tech Tips

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How to Stream Movie Torrents – Online Tech Tips

Streaming a movie torrent means that you’re
able to watch it before the whole file has been downloaded. If you prefer to
get your movies, TV shows, or other videos through torrent websites, a
dedicated tool that supports streaming is what you want.
This is a great way to watch movie torrents if
you want to avoid having to wait potentially hours for the movie to fully
download. For example, maybe you have a really slow internet connection, or the
movie is just so good that you can’t wait to watch it. No matter what your
reason is, a streaming torrent site or program can do this for you.
Important Facts About Movie
It’s important to be aware of what a movie
torrent is. Most torrent sites offer movies that are not legal to stream or
download, and most countries have rules in place that restrict people from
getting those movies (even though it’s really easy to do so).
Before choosing a movie or TV show to use with
one of these torrent streaming tools, do some research to make sure that it’s
totally and completely free and legal. If the movie is in the public domain or
a friend is sharing a home video with you via a torrent, there’s no need to
worry about the legal side of things. However, if the movie is still in
theaters or has not been deemed public domain content, you should avoid it.
We do not support downloading or streaming movies illegally. There are plenty of completely free, public domain movies on torrent sites and other places (such as) that are 100% free to watch.
Tip: If you’re looking for movie streaming sites that are legal without question, we have a list of those here.
Torrent Clients For Streaming
Below is our list of the absolute best ways to
watch movie torrents without downloading them. Some methods involve a web
service that stores the movie on a server before delivering it to you through
your browser, and others are desktop programs that let you watch while the
movie is downloading.
WebTorrent Desktop
WebTorrent Desktop is a program you install to
your computer. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices and is super easy to
You can drag a torrent file into the program
or paste a magnet link, and moments later, a play button will appear that lets
you stream the movie torrent. There’s also a Chromecast button if you want to
watch the movie on your TV.
This torrent client for movies also lets you
make your own torrents, which is useful if you want to share a home video with
family or friends. Keyboard shortcuts are included to make controlling playback
easy, and you can use SRT and VTT subtitle files.
is another online torrent client
that lets you stream movies for free without a user account. Just enter the
torrent URL, upload a torrent file, or paste the magnet link into the box on
the home page and wait for the site to gather up all the seeders. Moments
later, you’ll be able to play the movie torrent in your browser and even stream
to a Chromecast.
Something neat about is that you can
share the movie stream with others, too, so that they can watch it as well
without having to worry about finding the original torrent file.
You can use this torrent client from their website or via the Chrome extension.
Seedr makes streaming movie torrents really
easy. After you make an account, you get 2 GB of free storage to keep your
files (you can delete when finished to make room for more). From my experience,
Seedr is one of the fastest ways to get movie torrents because nearly every
file I’ve ever used with it becomes available in minutes.
You can’t watch the movie until the full file
has been saved to your account, but when it’s finished, you don’t have to
download it to your computer to watch the video. Just stream it right there on
Seedr’s website.
Chromecast is supported and you can organize
your files into folders.
The online torrent client is a bit
different than some of these other ones because you do have to wait for the
movie to finish downloading before you can watch it (just like with Seedr).
Once the torrent has been fully loaded in your
account, you can stream the movie from
Note: Free users are limited to 1 GB of space and can download to their
account one torrent per day. There are payment options if you want those restrictions
ROX Player
ROX Player is a desktop-based torrent client.
After you install it, use the File
menu to load a torrent file/URL or magnet link. The program will buffer the
video and then start streaming it immediately.
Since this movie torrent streamer is a
full-fledged program, it offers features not found in the online clients listed
above. You can adjust the video brightness, saturation, contrast, and other
levels, as well as change the aspect ratio, import subtitles, define the
speaker setup, adjust the stream speed limit, associate it with torrent files,
and more.
You can use ROX Player in Windows 10 down
through Windows XP.
How to Download a Torrent With Android - wikiHow Tech

How to Download a Torrent With Android – wikiHow Tech

Torrent files are one of the most popular ways to share files online, and with the right apps you can use them just as easily on an Android device as you do on your computer. You may need to install other apps to open the files that you download through torrents. When torrenting on Android, it’s recommended that you connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid eating up your mobile data.
Understand what you can download. Torrents allow you to download virtually any type of file to your Android device, but not all files that you download will work on your Android device. For example, downloading an EXE file won’t do you any good, since that is a Windows-only file. You can transfer it to your computer if you want to use it, but it can’t be used on Android.
You can play most media files if you install a media player like VLC.
APK files can be installed on your Android device as applications.
Compressed files may need special apps in order to unpack them.
You can download any file that won’t normally work on your Android and transfer it to a computer to use it.
2Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Torrents can eat up a lot of data, so it is highly recommended that you connect your Android device to a wireless network before downloading a torrent. This will help ensure that you don’t go over your carrier’s data plan and incur extra charges. Chances are that it will lead to a faster download as well.
Download and install a torrent app from the Google Play Store. In order to download torrents on your Android device, you’ll need to install a client that can process the torrent file and connect to other users. Popular free torrent apps include:[1]
4Open the torrent app before downloading a torrent. You’ll want to check a few settings before you start downloading torrent files.
5Open the Settings menu. The process varies from app to app. Generally, you’ll open the menu by tapping the ⋮ or ☰ button and select Settings.
Find the “Bandwidth” section. You can limit your upload and download speeds in this section. This can be really useful if you intend to torrent while on a 4G network. If you’re only torrenting over Wi-Fi, you may not need to worry about limiting the speed.
In uTorrent, you can set it to only download when connected to a Wi-Fi network in this section. In Flud, you can find the Wi-Fi settings in the “Power management” menu.
7Set your download location. In the “Storage” menu, you can set what folder you want your downloads to appear in. Most people can leave this at its default setting.
Find a torrent file to download. Once your torrent app is configured, you can download a torrent file. Torrents can eat up a lot of data quickly, so you may not want to start a torrent download until you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
There are lots of different torrent sites, and they change frequently due to their dubious legal status. Your best bet will be to type what you want into a Google search plus the word “torrent”.
Tap the torrent that you want to download. Select your torrent app from the list of apps that appear. [2]
When selecting a torrent, make sure that you read the comments to ensure that there are no viruses attached to it.
Try to download torrents with lots of Seeders. This will help ensure that you get a good connection and can download the file quicker.
If the torrent file downloads but you aren’t prompted to open it in your torrent app, you’ll need to open it manually. Open your App Drawer and select “Downloads” or open a file manager app and navigate to your Download folder. Tap the torrent file and then select your torrent app from the list.
10Confirm that you want to start the download. Before the download begins, you’ll have the opportunity to rename the file or choose another download location. Click the “+” button to add it to your download list.
11Wait for your download to complete. The speed of your download will depend on your network connection speed as and other network environment factors. The length of the download will vary depending on the size of the file. You can monitor the progress of your downloads in the screen of your torrent app.
1Understand how torrents deliver files. Torrents act as a means to transfer any type of file, which means you may not have the ability to use the file that you download without the correct app. For example, the RAR format is common with torrent files, but Android cannot unpack it natively. Luckily, there are apps that will allow you to open just about any type of file.
Download a file manager app. Once you start downloading torrents, you’ll likely find yourself moving files around a lot more often. You may find it useful to install a file manager app if you don’t have one so that you can quickly find and manage your downloaded files. Popular file manager apps include:
ES File Explorer
Root Explorer
3Download an archival or file explorer app to open RAR files. If you need to open a compressed RAR file, you’ll need a special app. There are several archival apps that can open these files, as well as some of the more popular file explorer apps.
Download a media player app to open media files like MKV. Many video files that you download from torrents come in MKV format. Your default video player will likely not be able to play these files. Some of the most popular free media player apps include:
VLC for Android
MX Player
Change your device’s security settings to install APK files. If you’ve downloaded an Android app through a torrent file, you can install it by adjusting your security settings to allow the installation of apps from other sources. Be absolutely sure that you trust the app, as this is the easiest way to get a malware infection on your device.
Open the Settings app and tap Security.
Check the “Unknown sources” box and confirm that you want to enable it.
Navigate to the Download folder and tap the APK file. Follow the prompts to install the app.
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How do I play a ZIP file?
The file is a compressed file so you might need an app to extract it. If you were downloading an album for example, you would extract the folder.
What does seed mean when downloading a torrent?
A seed is a device hosting the torrent that you are downloading. Generally, the more seeders you are connected to, the faster your download will progress.
What do I do if the file will not start downloading?
Look for the torrent file in the place it downloaded to, maybe in the videos file or the download file. Make sure utorrent or whatever torrent app you’re using is open before you start frying to download. When you locate the torrent file, simply click it and as long as your torrent download app is running your torrent will begin to download.
What is a torrent file?
A torrent file or meta-info file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed.
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Downloading content that you don’t have the rights to is illegal in most areas.
Some phone carriers will limit Torrent traffic, or may ban it altogether. Try to only download torrents while connected to a Wi-Fi network.
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Can you watch movies on BitTorrent?

The online torrent client is a bit different than some of these other ones because you do have to wait for the movie to finish downloading before you can watch it (just like with Seedr). Once the torrent has been fully loaded in your account, you can stream the movie from 5, 2019

How do I download movies from BitTorrent to my phone?

If the torrent file downloads but you aren’t prompted to open it in your torrent app, you’ll need to open it manually. Open your App Drawer and select “Downloads” or open a file manager app and navigate to your Download folder. Tap the torrent file and then select your torrent app from the list.

How do I download movies using BitTorrent?

How BitTorrent WorksDownload and install the BitTorrent client software.Check and configure firewall and/or router for BitTorrent (if applicable).Find files to download.Download and open the . … Let BitTorrent give and receive pieces of the file.Stay connected after the download completes to share your .Mar 26, 2005

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