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15 Best Proxy Sites for School, College & Office [Updated 2021]

It is quite common to receive information on our textphone from random websites. It all depends upon the IP address of the gadget that is directly associated with the internet. IP (Internet Protocol) address is visible as the physical address of the we face certain issues with the pages unavailable online, it can be all because of the proxy setting. The particular website might not be available for your gadget because of your IP address. Henceforth, you require a proxy site that can work without IP address use of proxy websites can be found within school, colleges, and offices. In order to block torrent websites for downloading pirated stuff, porn videos, usually authorities ban such sites within a wifi range they offer. But how can’t we just download what we want even on reasonably fast speed internet connection? As an answer to this question, we’ve collected the best proxy sites for school, colleges, and ntents1 Proxy Websites: Why do we need ’em? 1. 1 How to use proxy websites to surf blocked content? 2 List of best proxy sites for school2. 1 1. KPROXY2. 2 2. 4everproxy2. 3 3. ProxySite2. 4 4. FilterBypass2. 5 5. Hidester2. 6 6. Hidemyass2. 7 7. 2. 8 8. Anonymouse2. 9 9. Whoer2. 10 10. New IP Now2. 11 11. Don’tFilterUS2. 12 12. BlewPass2. 13 13. ProxFree2. 14 14. VPNBOOK2. 15 15. MegaproxyProxy Websites: Why do we need ’em? Proxy websites are particularly those websites that help you to get connected with blocked web pages online. In simple words, a proxy website is a conciliator between your IP address and the particular blocked websites can help users if they cannot find certain websites online from normal internet connectivity and network settings. With the best of proxy websites at your disposal, you can never miss out something important to entertain you. Basically, you can also surf such content with the help of to use proxy websites to surf blocked content? Using the best proxy website is not at all a rocket science. All you need to do is visit the proxy website and type the URL of the restricted, blocked or banned website. Proxy websites hide your IP address and help you to reach out the content you want. Highest security standards of the proxy website do not store logs and protect your data in the best possible way. Proxy websites are absolutely trusted by adults, beginners, geeks and, tech-savvy individuals for varied of best proxy sites for school1. KPROXYyou can simply install Firefox or Google Chrome as an extension and surf any blocked website that you want. 100% secure website can never let your IP address get traced. Also, it has an option to get connected with 10 servers at a single time. 4everproxyOne of the best proxy sites for school that can provide the high standard proxy administration is 4everproxy. It has a list of dynamic proxy websites that you can choose to serve without any connectivity issues or restrictions. 3. ProxySiteIt is more than clear from the name that this particular website is free from any restriction over the internet. You can freely enjoy the websites you want with the help of global servers it ropean and American website can be accessed from any part of the world using proxy site servers. You can directly pay a visit to Facebook and YouTube without feeling troubled or restricted at all. 4. FilterBypassSomething that is appreciated by all the get users is filterbypass. Me proxy website is flooded with essential features. It has a specific user interface for Facebook. This is really one of the simple yet effective proxy sites for school. 5. HidesterHidester proxy immediate connects to blocked websites and can give a sigh of relief while you are stuck at work or school. The simplistic user interface of hidester proxy website can make you enjoy the best of online content without exposing your real identity. 6. HidemyassThe hilarious name of the website does not put any question mark to its workability. Hidemyass prohibits advertisements and lets your enjoy accessing your favorite website all the time you want. It is the simplest way to get connected with location based website that have best of HD content and games. 7. another amazing and genuine proxy website that saves your database and IP address with a permanent subscription. You will never get to face any annoying pop up or advertisement while you scroll You can change your location to Netherland, US or Germany with the proxy location option. 8. AnonymouseOne of the best proxy website offers both free and paid proxy service. With free version, there is a little need to tolerate advertisements and pop the other hand, if you pick the paid version, there is nothing at all that can trouble you. Paid version has additional features that allow you to access secured website and download data files. Premium version comes with SSL encryption and cookie handling feature. 9. WhoerAmongst favorite free proxy sites for school, is an amazing website that can change your IP address with the amazing options and features it has. In fact, the proxy website can perform a speed test to check out the actual speed of your internet connection. It can offer connectivity up to 9 servers at a single time. 10. New IP NowNew IP Now is a worthwhile free proxy website that is unique in several ways. Free of cost and comprehensive proxy website can help you to download things that you can’t with your normal connection. Using the new IP proxy server, you can choose the new IP address that is fully safe and feasible11. Don’tFilterUSFree of cost proxy website is known to give clear cut access to wide range of blocked websites. The website features page encryption, cookie management and removal of unwanted objects for keeping your surfing experience unhindered. 12. BlewPassOne of the free of cost proxy sites for school helps you to manage page encryption and cookies in one and many ways. The website has the power to encounter even the strongest filters and firewalls to access a huge variety of banned websites. It is absolutely compatible with flash videos and HTML5. Secure socket layer ensures more security and privacy. 13. ProxFreeA reliable proxy website that can help you to get proxy servers from Europe and United States. It has multiple features that can let you manage cookies and enjoy encrypted URL. There is an incorporation of Facebook proxy, YouTube proxy, and video proxy as well. 14. VPNBOOKThe robust proxy feature of vpnbook offers encrypted connections to UK, Canada, and United States. You can easily access the website by typing their URL on the search bar and enjoy seamless surfing with no limitation in bandwidth. 15. MegaproxyMegaproxy is absolutely different from rest of the entire anonymous proxy website mentioned in the list. The website masks your IP address and disables the access to your last visit for high and security reasons. It also blocked the cookies and removes any advertisement from web pages simultaneously preventing animation repetition. Wrapping up, The super simple setup of a proxy website doesn’t need you to empty your pocket or put any strain. User-friendly proxy sites for school listed on this page is definitely going to help you to explore more over the internet. Tricksntech would love to include your recommended proxies in this list.
20 Best Proxy Sites For School – Daily Updated - Geeks Gyaan

20 Best Proxy Sites For School – Daily Updated – Geeks Gyaan

Are you looking for proxy sites for school or office use? Well, it’s difficult to find good proxy sites. Proxy sites are very important to maintain our anonymity on the web. Many social networking sites and other websites are blocked in school or colleges, to unblock these sites the most efficient way is to use proxy sites or proxy servers.
But most of the proxy sites are already blocked in schools and those sites which are not blocked takes a lot of time to load a particular website. So I have created a list of best 10 free proxy sites that helps you to easily surf online without any speed issues.
The best part is these websites will not be blocked in your school as they are not so popular. I could easily provide hundreds of proxy sites like others, but most of them are just useless that’s why I just decided to keep to list useful & effective. So before starting let’s first check out how proxy sites work.
ContentsHow Proxy Sites Works? List of Best Unblocked Proxy Sites for School1. New IP Now2. QuickProx3. Hide My Ass4. Hide Me5. Proxy Site6. Ninja Proxy7. New IP Now8. 4EverProxy9. Hide-n-Seek 10. H1de11. 12. Proxify13. t14. Proxfree15. Hidester16. Kproxy17. Megaproxy18. VPNBook19. Anonymouse20. Zend2 How to use These Proxy Sites?
How Proxy Sites Works?
In simple words, a proxy site uses proxy servers that act as an intermediary between the client (you) and website as shown below.
To understand the concept of proxy sites let’s divide each of them into steps:
Step 1 – The client (you) visits a website using a proxy server.
Step 2 – Now the proxy server will replace your IP Address with its own IP Address in order to mask your IP address.
Step 3 – That’s it! Now whenever you visit any website using that proxy server, your IP address will be masked or hidden.
List of Best Unblocked Proxy Sites for School
1. New IP Now
I found New IP Now the great because it has the ability to change multiple proxies (almost sixteen) anytime while browsing the web. It is very easy to use and it is totally ad-free while surfing. Also, it doesn’t have a list of options on the top bar that makes things complicated, it’s fairly simple and fast.
2. QuickProx
QuickProx is one of the fastest proxy site available. Quick Prox is really fast and provides all the basic functionalities like Encrypt URL, Remove scripts, objects, etc.
3. Hide My Ass
Hide my ass is the most popular proxy site, it’s fairly good but the reason it’s in third place is that it keeps on irritating with hidemyass Pro VPN Advertisement that might not give you great browsing experience. Rather than that, it is a fully-featured proxy that provides steam-less downloading.
4. Hide Me
Hide me is also a great site because it doesn’t store any kind of log files. it has the three proxies that are from the USA, Germany & Netherlands.
5. Proxy Site
The last one is Proxy Site, it already has a social website bar above so that you can quickly visit your favorite social networking site apart from that is fairly simple and easy to use.
6. Ninja Proxy
Ninja Proxy uses a cache that serves all the users, this makes it much more faster than regular proxy sites. When a particular user visits a website on the internet, it will directly proceed to the web proxy which in return gives the user good response time.
7. New IP Now
New IP Now is a simple site which lets you unblock websites. The best part about New IP Now is it has several IP addresses to choose from, you can browse with Ip address of united states, Germany, Canada, etc.
8. 4EverProxy
If you are worried that ISP is viewing your browsing history then you can use 4everyproxy to anonymously browse the internet. If your favorite sites are blocked then you can use this site to unblock those blocked sites and browse them without getting tracked.
9. Hide-n-Seek
It is a basic website, with all the basic functionality like Encrypt URL, Remove scripts, objects, etc. It lets you unblock blocked websites.
10. H1de
It was termed as the fastest proxy alive and honestly, I haven’t found any proxy as fast as H1de. The best part of this website is it is totally ad-free, I suggest you guys use H1de for unblocking website in your school.
It’s a free proxy website which lets you access websites anonymously. With this, you can bypass any type of filters applied to internet access and break into the worldwide web. All the majorly browsed websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Daily Motion can be unlocked through
12. Proxify
Anyone can surf the internet without any restriction with the help of Proxify. The best part is one can access the internet privately without recording the history. The website hides the IP address and encrypts the connection to control the traffic. It is one of the trusted media to access any site on the internet.
Whoer is the quickest and easiest way to hide your IP address and use any website without revealing your identity. Besides keeping you anonymous, it unlocks all types of websites whether blocked, banned, or geo-restricted. The website offers many choices of servers so that you can connect through multiple locations.
14. Proxfree
This one is the completely free proxy site to enable you to access the internet from any corner of the world. If you are in school or college and want to access the internet, this could help you. Accessing the internet through Proxfree is secure, private, and free. On the homepage, you have to enter the website address and pick any random server or location. Upon hitting the enter button, you will be able to access the website you want.
15. Hidester
If you want an easy, simple, and safe way to break into the internet at your school or college computers, Hidester is the one you should have. It maintains your anonymity and you can count on it. There are many reasons that you can make use of Hidester. Whether you need to visit the website behind the firewall or if at work you want to access some
16. Kproxy
According to records, around 15, 00, 000 people daily make use of Kproxy. The website is able to bypass any filter and evade hackers from tracking you online. It is a 100% safe and secure website that works better than any VPN. Moreover, you don’t need to register or create an account. Simply open and use.
17. Megaproxy
It is a reliable SSL service for web surfing anytime, anywhere. If the internet is restricted at your school or college, now there is no worry because Megaproxy can breach any firewall protection. No need to install any extension or plugins, just visit the site and enter the address of the site you like to access and soon you will be taken there. As simple as that.
18. VPNBook
You are often not allowed to access Facebook and YouTube at school and university but VPNBook can take you there. Without the need to install extensions and plugins, this proxy site bypass all the security walls and enable you to enjoy the sites freely. Your privacy is maintained here. It is free and SSL encrypted.
19. Anonymouse
Like the name, like the work. Yes, this website keeps your identity anonymous which means now one knows who you are. Be it messenger, or emails, or anything else like YouTube or Instagram, everything is accessible on the web browser through Anonymouse. It works on all platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux PC.
20. Zend2
To browse the internet hiding your identity, Zend2 is a nice option. Usually, accessing Facebook, YouTube, and other websites are restricted at school and colleges but Zend2 allows you to access all these websites without any restriction and free of cost. It also acts as a VPN for you which hides your footprints on the roads of the online world.
Are these sites blocked at your school or workplace and you are looking for more proxy sites? checkout List of Unblocked Proxy Sites
How to use These Proxy Sites?
If you’re new to these sites then you might have a question that how to uses these proxy sites? The best way to explain this is to take an example, So let us take an example of
So, first of all, navigate to h1de or QuickProx and there you can see a text field (which says Enter URL) as shown above.
Now enter the website that you want to unblock and click on browse anonymously button.
That’s it now the website will be unblocked.
These were the best proxy sites for school that you could use. I hope you are able to surf your favorite website in your school using the above proxy sites.
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Frequently Asked Questions about college proxy sites

How do I access blocked websites from college?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy server. Proxies have many different uses, including enabling remote work; setting up a support system for users who are located outside a particular network; protecting networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside a country and more.

Are proxy sites illegal?

Here’s the list of the best proxy servers that you can find in 2021.KProxy – Best free proxy.HMA – Best proxy browser.VPNBook – Best for security.ProxySite – Best for smartphones.Whoer – Best value for money.GeoSurf – Best for unlimited IP connections.Zyte – Best for scraping websites.More items…

What is the best proxy site?

Proxy Servers Not Blocked by SchoolsHydraproxy. Prox Fly, a site with 100 percent uptime, is based in the Netherlands, which means many Western schools can access it. … HiddenSurfFreely. Hidden Surf Freely is a proxy server based in the United States. … VTunnel. … Proxy Lists.

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