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Edit August 2021: The last major open source Instagram bot was shut down in April 2020, since they used the Instagram API(which was detectable). Outsourcing to manual people in other countries also doesn’t work, since Instargam admitted in a security blog in 2017 that they keep a history of the network vs. account. This is why schools, with hundreds per IP, never get blocked, but new proxies or outsourced manual interaction instantly does. This tutorial is left for educational purposes, since it works to learn how to setup quick cloud servers. Instoo works, since it runs on your home network using a chrome extension. (I built Instoo) coding experience necessary. This guide shows you how to automate instagram likes, follows, and comments across 25 accounts for free in minutes. You can use this for easy guerrilla marketing, growing your small business from cold start on auto-pilot, or for spreading any other message. I’ve combined all the best bots you can build here to grow up to 50–200 followers per day. I’ve included three bots. and Instabot you build yourself, so it’s a bit more complicated, but you learn how to easily use cloud servers to run bots. is an easier to use chrome extension installed in your browser with a graphical instructions:1. Setup Google Cloud AccountHead on over to Google Cloud, and sign up for a trial account. You get $300 free for a year for every new account. You can delete the account anytime to avoid being charged after a year. Click on the menu, and navigate to Compute Engine and VM instancesOpen VM instances in Google cloud console2. Create Cloud InstanceClick “Create Instance, ” which is a server in the cloud, and fill out the details like in the image Cloud Server InstanceMicro instance,. 6gb memory, and Ubuntu 18. 04 LTS are the important settings. This will deduct $5 from your trial every a Ubuntu 18. 04 instance3. Connect To InstanceOnce the instance status is green in the dashboard, click “ssh” will open a new window like below that connects to the server:Use ssh to connect to the serverThis is what’s called a Linux shell in a server, but don’t worry it’s not hard to use. This is just like your Windows or Mac PC at home, but more functional for coding in the cloud(you can even make look like Windows if you wanted to). 4. Install InstabotFirst, install the bot by typing this into the Linux shell window, or pasting it in(CTRL+V)(wget plus that URL is all one line):sudo apt-get updatesudo aptsudo python3 -m pip install instabot-pywget enter after you paste in the last line. 5. Run the bot! Finally, run the bot using the command below, but replace USERNAME, PASSWORD, and PROXY with your real Instagram username, password, and the proxy you got in the last step. Don’t include the “” in the proxy address, but do include the username and thon3 USERNAME PASSWORD PROXYThe bot will start automating. Once you confirm it logs in and works, close it so you can edit the settings. 6. Edit SettingsNext edit by pasting in the line below:sudo nano will open the file for editing in the terminal(keyboard only, no mouse). Don’t change the username, password, or proxy parameters. Keep the comas, quotations, and other punctuation where it is, and just edit the setting like they’re originally formatted. Avoid changing the frequency of things, as these are determined empirically to avoid instagram the settings like login detailsWhen you’re done, hold “ctrl + x” to exit, and hit “y” to accept changes, then “y” again to save changes under the same file name. You can see what’s going on with saving/exiting at the bottom of the screen in the nano text editor. After you’re done, re-run the bot using this command again:python3 USERNAME PASSWORD PROXYInstabot is an open source bot that underpins many commercial bots you find online. These style of bots are now getting detected by instagram, but they still work for some users with high trust levels. This bot emulates a phone, so it also allows auto-welcome messages and scheduled posts, but browser emulation works better now for auto-liking/stabot Step-by-Step instructions:1. Install InstabotFirst, install the python pip package installer by typing this into the Linux shell window, or pasting it in(CTRL+V):sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-pip -y && sudo apt-get install git -yYou can install and download the bot by pasting the code lines below into the Linux Shell window. This will grab open source code from to install your bot. You can copy+paste all the lines at once, or type it into the window line-by-line, and just wait 2 minutes for it to finish installing. Hold CTRL+V to paste it in the Google cloud Linux shell install -U instabotgit clone –recursivecd instabot/examplesPress enter after you paste in the last line. Run the bot! You can run up to two bots per proxy. The examples folder has many different kinds of bots you can run, and I’ll explain how to use one of them here. Type “ls” in the Linux shell window to see all of a brand new Instagram account to test the bot works and does what you want first. Just paste the line below into the window(replace USERNAME, PASSWORD, and PROXY_ADDRESS to your login info and the proxy you got) and watch your little bot go:):python -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD dogsofinstagramThis script likes photos from all the followers of the “dogsofinstagram” account. You can change the last parameter to any account to do the same. There are many different scripts to automate different things like welcome_messages when people follow you. Feel free to ask how they ’ll see it start to follow/like/comment like below! The next bot is easier to use with buttons, and runs in your home browser so it always looks like a regular instagram uses browser emulation to run a bot in your browser, so it always looks like a user on your home network without needing proxies. This bot doesn’t require your login details in like other services, because it automates your logged in account at from the wnload the Instoo Google chrome extension at mClick the little circular icon in your chrome browser to open the bot:This will open the startup screen like below. Either open a new Instagram tab or go to the one it the Instagram tab finishes loading, log in to your account. If you’re already logged in, just switch back to the extension hashtags and accounts which are most relevant to your brand or niche. Don’t worry you can change them you’re a new or small account, keep things to under 400 per day. Instagram won’t detect you as a suspicious bot, but they still have usage limits for ALL users even regular people just clicking on the browser. If you have ever encountered this throttling, you know it goes away after a day. You still keep using Instagram like normal, but your likes/follows will stop registering after a certain number per day(400 for new accounts) can increase this limit by about 20 per week safely. The highest limit you can reach is 1000/ can now easily start automation by switching the follow/unfollow/likes switches to green:You’ll start to see the progress almost immediately:That’s it! You can leave the bot running forever and you won’t get banned. You still have to leave your browser and PC running, but this is much safer than giving your password to a website or getting flagged by instagram for using just built an Instagram bot in a cloud server using open source software! You can stop here, or go further with some tricks. Instagram bans these bots if use the same IP for many bots, or do too much at once. You can grow a bot farm to thousands using proxies…. After a year, or when you’re done, simply stop and delete the instances in the Google cloud these tricks to get the most of it:Age: Older/larger accounts can increase their automation speed to 1000+/day. Accounts under 21 days old without phone verification have a low bar to get detected. Accounts over 2–6 months old almost never get caught unless they blatantly violate the Avoid identical links in your bio across multiple accounts. It gets flagged as spam. If you must link to the same site, use different domains that oxies: Instagram proxies make your bot look like regular Instagram users, rather than a google cloud server IP address, by routing your traffic through servers around the world. Don’t run more than 2 bots per proxy(because Instagram detects them all at once). You can grow bot farms to the thousands using proxies for on google cloud. Instproxies has the cheapest Instagram proxies I can find, and their customer support is Farms: Each bot can send hundreds of people per day back to your business. If you use many bots, you multiply that traffic across different target audiences. This effect compounds over time as users follow and like your photos, and spreads even ttings: Slow bots are less likely to get banned. Keep things to under 400/day. Don’t auto-comment. This is less effective than likes. Liking content makes it hard to detect bots, since anyone could like at any time, and people end up following you back or checking out your profile. After you’ve grown your account for a few months to look like a regular Instagram, it becomes impossible to detect. This is also true for “grandfathered” accounts that are old. You can also buy PVA(phone verified) aged accounts online, but I can’t recommend any since they’re all ntions: Create “satellite” accounts to avoid Instagram bans, and create a network in various side-niches that forward traffic to your main account through mentions “@main_account_to_mention”. You can grow a bot network of thousands of accounts that each grow in different crowds and feed traffic to your main account, all for nearly free on fluencers can sell posts for more depending on their follower count and nicheA/B Testing Your Bot: You can optimize your bot for optimal growth by A/B testing different hashtags, comments, user targets, and content. Setup a test by changing one thing in your bot per week, and measure the engagement on Instagram. Avoid changing multiple things, which is called multivariate testing, because it only works well if you have a lot of traffic like facebook or google. If you improve engagement, keep the change. If you don’t, go back and try another change. Over many iterations of these micro-improvements, you can optimize your bots and Instagram accounts to grow thousands of followers per week. Through A/B testing you can grow your revenue even faster over short link analyticsHow you use this is up to you. You can populate the accounts with photos before you start botting to spread a message or grow followers for a brand. You can also grow “satellite” Instagrams that mention your main ones to feed traffic and followers to it, and the satellites can be in varied specific niches to test your ad me on Medium for more neat tutorials. Good luck, and feel free to ask questions! I always respond.
How to Build an Instagram Bot with No Code - ManyChat

How to Build an Instagram Bot with No Code – ManyChat

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram (IG) is one of the largest social media platforms around today. Experts predict the platform will add another 103 million users in the next two years and invest heavily in eCommerce features like IG Shops and creator enablement to continue its dominance in the social media category.
Given that Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes every day on the platform, it’s no surprise that marketers want to leverage it to increase their sales and earn Instagram growth.
But providing optimal customer service poses a challenge: Manually replying to hundreds—or thousands! —of direct Instagram Messages isn’t feasible for most businesses. (Note that this isn’t a concern for brands selling on Facebook because Facebook Messenger makes it easy to automate and scale marketing using Messenger Marketing. )
So, what’s a business to do when they want to embrace Messenger Marketing on Instagram? Sign up for ManyChat! Facebook now allows select platforms like ManyChat to offer Messenger Marketing features on Instagram. We’re working hard on the release, and we’ll have more news to share soon.
Are Instagram bots legal?
Instagram bots are legal when they comply with the Instagram Platform Policy. Particular types of Instagram bots (like follow bots and like/comment bots) violate Instagram’s terms and can be shut down because they result in fake Instagram followers, fake likes, and sporadic bot activity.
That said, ManyChat Instagram bots are 100% legal. Our partnership with Facebook has allowed us to create fully compliant Instagram bots you can use for your marketing campaigns. ManyChat is an automation tool that helps you connect with real people, gain real followers or Instagram follower growth, and build meaningful Instagram relationships. There’s nothing fake about it.
How to make Instagram bots worth your while
Like Messenger Marketing, Instagram bots will support business-to-customer conversations with Instagram followers by automating conversations and business processes. The goal is to answer customer questions, grow your follower count, and generate sales through Instagram’s Messenger feature—all on autopilot. Here’s how you can fully take advantage of Instagram’s chatbot capabilities for Instagram follower growth once the feature is live.
Send marketing campaigns via Instagram Messenger
Instagram becomes an ideal platform for digital marketing and follower growth when combined with other social automation tools. Throw Instagram chatbots in the mix with the automation tool, and you’ve got yourself a perfect solution to increase your business’s brand awareness and boost conversions.
You can implement default welcome Instagram Messages through direct message automation to make an excellent first impression. Offering a thoughtful welcome response means that you’ll leave a good impression, no matter what time a customer, or an Instagram follower, messages you. You can even throw in an emoji or two for a bright, engaging welcome message.
Try creating specific messages to share deals and discounts with customers. You could even “train” your Instagram chatbot to provide customer support by having it follow a predetermined conversation sequence.
Use bots to respond to repetitive customer questions
Automated direct messages are ideal for responding to potential customers if you have a growing business. Depending on the volume, it could be virtually impossible for you or your team to manually answer every single query. Providing a script your chatbot can follow to answer customer questions will save you from having to personally answer the same question 50+ times.
Run Instagram Ads that send customers to Instagram Messenger
Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Inbox ads send users into a Messenger conversation with your business after the recipient clicks to open the communication. You can use Facebook’s growth tools to find potential customers, then transform Instagram Messages into mass direct messages to these new customers by leveraging Instagram’s chatbot integration.
A common practice in Messenger Marketing is to create Facebook or Instagram Ads that, when clicked, open up to a Messenger conversation. Similarly, on Instagram, you can create IG ads, like Stories or posts, that start a dialogue between your chatbot and customers.
Drive sales by automating a promotion or coupon giveaway with an Instagram automation bot
Marketers and merchants can promote products and boost sales at scale by automating the coupon delivery process or simply by directing customers to a destination, like a website.
Brands can use IG Stories or directly ask customers to message them a keyword, and then your chatbot will send those individuals the coupon and more product information.
How to build an Instagram bot (once available)
Before you start making your own Instagram automation bot,, you’ll need a few things:
A Facebook Business Page for which you are the administratorAn Instagram Business accountA ManyChat Pro account
To create an Instagram bot, follow these steps.
1. Connect your Facebook Business Page to ManyChat
2. Once connected, click Settings in your dashboard.
3. Under Channels, click Instagram.
4. Click the Add Instagram Account button. Then follow the prompts to add your account.
Note: Your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Account must be connected to activate the Instagram for ManyChat channel.
5. Once you’ve added your IG account, you should see the following screen if your ManyChat account is ready to build your Instagram bot.
Now you can take advantage of incredible Instagram marketing features for follower growth, like:
Live chat with a real person through InstagramInstagram Story mentions to help acquire new contactsConversation automation features like keyword triggers and default replies Conversations startersInstagram ads for lead generation and brand awareness campaignsFast customer support… and more to come!
From our research, brands that set up IG bots to send default replies, provide Conversation Starters, and respond to keywords generate the most engagement and drive the best marketing outcomes.
Using Instagram and ManyChat to grow your business
There’s a lot of hype surrounding chatbots on Instagram—we can’t blame you for being excited! (We are too. ) Make sure you sign up for ManyChat or join the IG Waitlist so we can notify you once the Instagram Automation by ManyChat is officially live. This new integration will help you grow your Instagram account, acquire new followers, improve engagement, and generate additional sales.
Grow your Instagram following and make sales with Instagram Automation by ManyChat. See if your business is eligible by applying below.
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The contents of this blog were independently prepared and are for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ManyChat or any other party. Individual results may vary.
Here's How You Can Make Money on Instagram by Letting Bots - Beebom

Here’s How You Can Make Money on Instagram by Letting Bots – Beebom

We’ve heard about bots on Instagram, and we’ve definitely heard about humans using it too, and increasingly the lines between a human and bot are being erased. And a new wave of users are actually giving over their accounts to bots so that their #foodporn and #pets photos get the most views.
A new report from Buzzfeed says it’s becoming increasingly common to see influencers turning their accounts into bots to gain followers, maximize reach and of course earn more money through Instagram. The report says people are willingly selling access to their accounts to services such as Fuelgram, which uses bots to get more likes to create engagement, essentially fake likes and comments, and gather organic interactions as the reach grows.
It works like this: You contact Fuelgram to give over your account to promote. Fuelgram charges you a fee and sends it bot army to specific posts so that the post seems to have a great reach, essentially gaming the Instagram algorithm, and hits the top of the Explore section.
Despite Instagram saying that such services that peddle fake likes are against its terms of services, BuzzFeed reports that they continue to operate. “Fraudulent activity is bad for everyone. We have a strong incentive to prevent this kind of behavior on Instagram and staff a number of teams to detect fraudulent activity and shut it down“, Instagram told Buzzfeed.
Of course, the obvious use-cases include influencers getting extra likes and comments on a branded post or a sponsored video, which may seem to have gone viral to ordinary users.
BuzzFeed said it bought Fuelgram’s service for its investigation for a spin-off account called ‘Viral Hippo’, and was easily able to score nearly 1, 500 likes on dull posts such as the above black square, another yellow square, the diagram of a human sinus, and even an accidentally clicked picture of a wheel-cap. It found out that brands such as Walmart, Kroger, Aquaphor were among those being advertised and promoted in posts that had Fuelgram’s bot army descend on them.
Meanwhile, Fuelgram’s website says that it offers a special algorithm to maximize engagement, and allows a much more accurate targetting than Instagram native ad service.
One cannot forget that Instagram also benefits from such bots, which may seem real to ordinary users and under light scrutiny. It adds to the precious engagement and activity numbers of the app, and also makes it more attractive for younger brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about create instagram bot accounts

Is it illegal to create Instagram bots?

Instagram bots are legal when they comply with the Instagram Platform Policy. Particular types of Instagram bots (like follow bots and like/comment bots) violate Instagram’s terms and can be shut down because they result in fake Instagram followers, fake likes, and sporadic bot activity.May 10, 2021

Do Instagram bots make money?

A new report from Buzzfeed says it’s becoming increasingly common to see influencers turning their accounts into bots to gain followers, maximize reach and of course earn more money through Instagram.Apr 29, 2018

Can Instagram have bots?

What are Instagram bots? Instagram bots are a type of software that automates your interactions across Instagram. Depending on the type of bot you use, they can like posts, make comments, answer polls, send direct messages, and follow new profiles all on your behalf.Mar 8, 2021

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