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To think that we live in a world where government spying is not a thing, is to be completely blind to the reality of things. There’s a reason people like Edward Snowden have sacrificed their lives in order to bring forward the real truth behind government agencies, and how the mass spying on the human race is a thing. There’s no denying that people are seeking new ways of staying secure and protected, and while not everyone is capable of coding up their own protection system, some boundaries can be established by traditional methods, such as proxies.
A proxy server, also known as a “proxy” or “application-level gateway”, is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network (e. g., all the computers at one company or in one building) and a larger-scale network such as the Internet. Proxy servers provide increased performance and security. //IU
In other words, a proxy is a way of masking your real identity on the internet, so that if you do happen to be at the wrong place in the wrong time, you cannot be traced back to your original home ip address, and hence it will make it a lot more tough for authorities to find you, in most cases it’s fairly impossible to find you if you’re behind a strong proxy server.
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There definitely are VPN services out there, which provide maximum security (like not keeping logs or any data about you), and have proven to be reliable, but sometimes all you need is a good old proxy to keep yourself out of the danger zone. Modern browsers allow you to setup a proxy directly from within the browser.
Google Groups
There’s a Google Groups community that has been running for many years, and each and every day there’s a list of new proxies being shared, even on Sundays. You’ll find that most of the time the proxies are actually being linked out to a 3rd party website, but that shouldn’t be that big of a problem. As long as they’re fresh and ready to go.
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo Group! has a similar group, with almost 2, 000 members, there’s always a new proxy service to check out and try for yourself. Many of the sites members are regular posters and have tons of experience in the proxy market. The group has been active for more than 7 years, so there’s definitely a lot more to be explored from previous posts to see how things work in this niche.
Daily Proxies
Welcome to the Daily Proxies, the only place required to grant yourself anonymous online browsing. Web proxy sites are portals to the whole internet, enabling varying degrees of encryption and IP cloaking to your private browsing session. There are many means to track your internet usage which are being increasingly targeted and logged by varying organizations. Add an extra layer of security to your computer defense arsenal of anti-virus, firewall and VPN installations. Take advantage of these amazing proxying services to boost privacy and protect your web surfing histories.
Premium Proxies
I’ll admit, the first three resources for daily proxies on our list are all about web browsing proxies, web services that are hosted by using special scripts that allow to relay the ip address from a website to another website, and while some people can settle for those as enough, they don’t give us nearly as much freedom as proxies from sites such as this one. Premium Proxies focuses on Anonymous proxies that are ip based and that you have to configure using either your browser, or your proxy client.
These are the ones you will see Bitcoin members using, hackers, journalists, and other similar profession enthusiasts all around the world.
Fresh Proxies
As explained above, Socks 4 and Socks 5 proxies are different to regular web proxies in a way that you have to configure these using your proxy client. You can integrate them in your applications, clients, and other tools that you use on daily basis and wish to hide from whoever might be watching.
Proxies as a way of protecting yourself online
You don’t really need much more proxies than what we have listed here, every day there’s new additions being added to these lists, so the chance of you running out of proxies to use is very unlikely. And as we briefly mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s not a bad idea to go for something more easy such as a VPN; which can often serve as a proxy anyway.
We are keen to learn more about the daily proxy services that you yourself use, and we’re happy to consider adding them to our list.
Daily web proxies - Fineproxy

Daily web proxies – Fineproxy

What is a good proxy speed?
Proxy speed is a number that shows if Proxy responds quickly. The less this number is, the better is the provider. A good Proxy speed is less than one second (it is usually mentioned in milliseconds). For instance, one of the fastest services has a speed of 36 Ms. If you are looking for a Proxy with the highest speed, we recommend choosing a datacenter type. Moreover, it is better to use private Proxies. When the server is not overcrowded with users working simultaneously, it will respond faster.
What is an api proxy?
A proxy is something that lets two components of one software act independently. In other words, a proxy decouples these two components (whatever they are), which, as a result, will make for a more productive operation.
In this matter, an API proxy (which stands for Application Programming Interface) is a tool that lets separate programs operate with each other in a mutual workflow. And at the same time, API proxy will let these programs perform their own separate tasks within multiple channels.
How to disable proxy on Mac?
“If a proxy server prevents you from using the Net comfortably, it is reasonable to perform certain manipulations and turn it off. On Mac, this is a little less simple than in other operating systems, though the simple directive below will lead you through the process:
Click on System Preferences and get to the Network menu. There, you want to choose Advanced. Find Proxies, select Automatic Configuration, and make sure to disable the Use PASV mode. Press OK and examine whether the result satisfies you. ”
How to configure tor proxy?
“Tor Proxy requires a pretty standard set of manipulations done to get it configured.
Begin by finding Preferences, which will lead you to the Network Settings window. Choose Configure Proxy to apply manual modifications. Change the numbers in the Host and Port lines to the ones you consider preferable. Once the procedure is finished, don’t forget to press Save and see whether the new settings satisfy you. ”
How to check proxy settings in Firefox?
“In case you need to take a closer look at the proxy settings that are currently saved in your Firefox browser, follow these easy steps.
Find the Options menu after clicking on the browser icon. Go to the Advanced ones, and find Network at the top of the opened window. It will lead you to Settings that you can change or leave as they are. Don’t forget to save all modifications if you alter the settings. ”
How to setup a proxy server?
If you have decided to use a proxy to make your Internet connection more secure, you should specify certain information. What type of OS are you using? Do you want to set up a server for a particular browser? Mind that there is no general tutorial for the setting up procedure. All the tutorials you can find on the Internet are created for specific operating systems or browsers.
We will suppose that you’re a Windows 10 user. You have to complete a few simple steps to finish the task. First and foremost, open the Settings menu (it can appear after you press Windows + I simultaneously). The next step is to find the Network and Internet icon. You’ll see several sections, but there is only one option you need — Proxy. Click it. Manual setup requires switching on Use a Proxy Server and filling in the relevant details (like IP address and port number). Do not forget to click “Save. ” Otherwise, the settings will not be applied.
What are proxies?
Proxies are services that are primarily used for providing security and anonymity to their users. When using proxies, a person’s request does not go straight to the Internet. On the contrary, it goes to a proxy server that hides an original IP address and generates a new one. Therefore, when a request finally goes to the Internet, it is impossible to know from which computer it has originally come. The opposite route of the request is the same: it first goes to a proxy server from the Internet, and only after that, it goes back to the user’s computer. Proxies guarantee your security and the safety of your private data.
What is an open proxy?
An open proxy is a link between you and the rest of the internet. When using it, your request first goes to the proxy, which on its own behalf redirects it further. When people talk about an open proxy, they often mean an anonymous open server. One of its tasks is to hide the IP addresses of clients. While some see it as a way for unscrupulous citizens to break the law, there is also a positive view. For instance, this is a good option to receive uncensored content in undemocratic countries.
The difference between this type of proxy and the usual one is that it allows almost any client to make requests through itself.
What are private proxies?
Private proxies allow users to be connected to IP addresses alone. It means that only one user will have access to the address, data associated with it, and visited servers. In comparison to public proxies, private ones provide a higher speed of connection, but the price for such proxies is higher as well. You should be careful choosing private proxies because sometimes you can face fake servers. For instance, if you find a cheap private proxy, make sure it is reliable. Usually, private proxies are expensive as only one person is paying for them. Cheap options can be hacked by external users, and your data can be stolen.
How to create a proxy server?
You’re able to make your own proxy server by following the instructions herein. The steps might slightly differ depending on the operating system of your choice. Find the Settings section and access the Network and Internet tab. This will lead you to Proxy, where you’ll need to select the Manual Proxy Setup menu. Choose to enable the Use a Proxy Server mode, input the appropriate info to the Address and Port lines, and save the manipulations. Check whether the result satisfies you.
What is a proxy vpn?
Today, the Internet is not a safe place if you’re seriously concerned about online privacy and security. There are a lot of threats that a random web surfer may get across. Not to mention the ever-growing concerns to hide one’s identity while browsing certain sites and platforms. This is where proxy VPNs come into play.
To be precise, a proxy and a VPN are technically not one and the same thing. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network – a special piece of software that you use as a tool for safer and covert browsing. At the same time, a proxy server is a sort of a gateway that masks your IP address each time to go online via such a server. Endless debates are still going on regarding which one is best – a VPN or a proxy server. As it often happens, the answer lies in between and depends on the exact goals that an internet user pursues.
What is the purpose of a proxy server?
A proxy server can execute several functions. The most famous of them is obviously anonymity. To execute this function proxy server hides the IP address of a computer and makes it look like an internet page was accessed from the IP address of a proxy server.
The second function of a proxy server is to filter internet traffic. For example, a proxy can check all emails entering an address for viruses, spam, or size limitations, facilitating the work of a company.
The third function is networking. As an example, your wifi router at home is also a proxy because every computer connected to it will enter the internet under the same IP address.
What is a sneaker proxy?
Sometimes one proxy server is just not enough. There are situations when you need to come back on one and the same site several times. And even if you’re using a proxy server, the site will remember your IP address, and next time you come, most likely, you’ll get banned. So you will want to get a bit more sneaky.
That’s what you need a sneaker proxy server for. With a sneaker proxy, you can create multiple IP addresses visiting one and the same site over and over again during a short period of time, and the site will not recognize you. Instead, with multiple different IPs, you will be regarded as a different person each time you visit a site using a sneaker proxy server. This scheme is perfect for hyped online sales where you need to return over and over again each time, buying hyped more of hyped products as a different client.
How to change proxy setting in Chrome?
As in many other cases, your first step would be to find Chrome settings, which location is on the top right’s angle of the three dots figure. Scroll down and choose the “Advanced” button, then search for “Open proxy setting. ” Here, in accordance with the situation, you can either delete the proxy or click on these proxy settings and configure them on your computer. The second option would be to google for browser proxy extensions and implement one of them on your browser.
What should my proxy settings be on Mac?
The proxy setting on Mac that are necessary for you would depend on your aim and on the demands of a network. But to turn on the proxy server, you need to follow seven easy steps:
1. Go to the network panel icon
2. Click on the network you want to connect to
3. Click Advanced setting
4. Select proxies
5. Enter PAC file
6. Select a proxy server
7. Depending on a network, chose to exclude simple hostnames.
4 Sites That Will Send New Proxy Server Lists To Your Email

4 Sites That Will Send New Proxy Server Lists To Your Email

One of the most interesting aspects of conducting research into online search trends is that you quickly pick up on what topics are the most popular and most important to the large majority of Internet users. One of the most popular search trends is for services that will send you new proxy server list to your email. Why would anyone want to do this? There are a number of reasons – some valid and important and others inappropriate and not so important.
While there are certainly a large majority of users who simply would like to access a proxy sites in order to get access to blocked sites at their work or school, there are actually a number of other reasons that are a little more appropriate (and won’t get you fired). Sometimes, for whatever reason, people get banned from forums, or they other otherwise locked out of some form of online service based on their IP address. Using proxy sites makes it appear as though you’re a completely different person coming into the target web server from a different geographical location and IP.
Of course a proxy server will also fool your local firewall into thinking that you’re visiting one website, while that website actually redirects the traffic from a completely different website (the one you really wanted to go to) back to your computer. The problem with choosing a proxy and using it consistently is that eventually, one of the security experts identifies the server as a proxy site, and in very short order almost every firewall in the world gets reconfigured to block all traffic to and from that particular server.
The Never-Ending Game of Cat and Mouse
Since proxy sites come and go so quickly, hackers, simple Internet travelers and freedom of information activists now offer various services to the Internet community where they will constantly create new proxy servers just as fast as the old ones get blacklisted. Internet users who have a constant need for a proxy server simply sign up for the proxy server newsletter or email list, and they will receive a fresh new proxy server list in their email on a regular basis.
Since the general approach is based on email lists, there are other unscrupulous websites that seek to farm email addresses by building a “front” website which appears as a proxy list newsletter, while it is nothing of the sort. In order to respond to the overwhelming demand for these services, and to protect Internet travelers from these email-farming scam artists, I would like to present 4 legitimate and useful services that will email fresh, new lists of proxy servers to your email.
Many of the groups that provide the service of delivering proxies to your email use Yahoo Groups to organize those email lists. EverydayProxy is one of those Yahoo groups. Every day, you receive a list of fresh, working proxies drawn from the popular proxy provider Signing up is a piece of cake, just send an email to the “subscribe” Yahoo Group email address.
Yet another popular proxy site is Yahoo Group is ProxInbox. This is actually a public group, which means that if you don’t really care to receive the proxies in your email inbox, then you can just visit this group website for the daily list of new and active proxies. I searched through the message history, and without fail the group administrators have delivered a list of proxies to the group web page every single day.
DDDay is another group email list, but in this case it’s powered by Google Groups. Signing up is as simple as entering your email address into the text field and clicking on “Join. ” The list contents come from the popular “All For Proxy” Google group. You can unsubscribe by sending an email to the unsubscribe address, but when you start receiving the daily list of new and active proxies, you really won’t have any reason to unsubscribe!
is another Google Group where you can quickly type in your email and immediately subscribe for the latest list of active proxy sites provided by the network. It appears that this list doesn’t get delivered every single day, but you are alerted whenever the proxy network releases a new proxy.
Whether you decide to sign up for just one or several of the services, you can rest assured that you’ll never remain blocked from your favorite website or forum again. If a proxy that you’ve been using stops working for any reason, at least now you know that you have a place to go to get a new one that is active and working. It may be tedious, but at least it works!
Have you ever had the need to use proxy servers? Do you have your own favorite source for the latest proxy lists? Share your feedback in the comments section below.
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