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Netflix DNS Codes Updated 2020 | HVAC TECHNOLOGY

NETFLIX DNS CODES Updated APRIL 2020 If you have a USA Netflix account and you are in another country, then you have the American US to access your US Netflix account. DNS addresses are codes. This list is not meant to allow anyone to break the terms of agreements / streaming rules and to watch US Netflix in another country.
Codes are temporarily residing overseas in the US such as US military detachments not stationed in the US, and other US citizens who wish to access their Netflix account from another country during a vacation, vacation, or business trip.
dns codes netflix usa
Why would anyone want to access their US Netflix account from another country? Well as some have experienced, the offerings of Netflix streaming film in other countries do not compare to the offerings of American Netflix. This means more choices and 10 times the selection.
This list of USA Netflix DNS codes will work on your Android phone or Android tablet, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, PS3, Ipad, Iphone, Smart TV and PC / PC phone.
Please read: Use a VPN service to watch US Netflix from another country during vacation, US Army TDY, vacation, or business travel. Watch NORDvpn the best way to access Netflix from anywhere and get privacy too!
Warning: Using DNS code free of sources that are not verified can be a security risk. We recommend using a VPN to watch Netflix without a security risk, try a service like Nordvpn.
Click Here For New Update Dec-2020
DNS Codes Netflix USA are below:
Netflix USA DNS codes are below:
Latest Nettex Code 13 July 2020:
(Confirmation and confirmation of work in Austria, India, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Romania, Poland, Italy, Belgium, France, South Africa, Germany, Spain, UK and Canada)
If nothing is working for you, don’t pay anything as a test and get a reliable DNS service for Netflix
Primary DNS: 108. 171. 177. 124
Secondary DNS: 45. 54. 42. 1
NETEX Code APRIL 9TH 2020:
(Confirmation and confirmation of work in Mexico, New Zealand, Austria, India, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Romania, Poland, France, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 162. 243. 065. 031
Secondary DNS: try 107. 191. 39. 197 or 192. 95. 16. 109
Note: If Netflix DNS codes don’t work the first time …
1 – First, enter the new DNS code and confirm them on your Netflix streaming device.
2 – Turn off or UNPLUG your Netflix streaming device (Apple TV, NVIDIA SHIELD 4K, Android, iPhone, ROKU 4, Xbox, Smart TV, PS4)
3 – Unplug your modem.
4 – Unplug your router.
5 – Plug in your modem and wait until it is on and connected to the Internet.
6 – Plug in your router and wait until the router turns on and connects to the Internet.
7 – Turn on or off your device (Apple TV, Android phone, iPhone, Xbox, Smart TV, PS4, Roku)
8 – Once everything is on and connected, go to Netflix on your device and try to send DNS to all consolidated and media components
How to set DNS code on XBOX ONE:
One from Xbox One Home Screen.
Go to Settings.
Go to network.
Go to Settings Advanced Settings.
Go to DNS settings.
Go to manual.
Does (If the settings do not appear on the home screen, select My Game and Apps, then Settings. )
Enter DNS Primary DNS.
How to set DNS code on your PS3 for US Netflix:
1. Log into your PS3.
2. First choose Network Settings.
3. Next choose Internet Settings.
4. And the answer is yes, and it will disconnect you from the Internet.
5. Select the Option custom option.
6. Keep all settings except DNS settings.
7. Choose the Option manual option.
8. Enter DNS number.
9. Save your settings and reboot your PS3.
Now you can watch USA Netflix on your networks in the UK and Canada.
How to set DNS code on Samsung Smart TV:
the menu on your remote.
2. This will open the Settings menu.
3. Scroll down to Network.
Settings Choose Network Settings.
The TV will show you how it is connected to the Internet.
Press Start., At this point, if you have a WIFI network, you have to select it and type in your pass. (Note: This will not appear if you are connected to Ethernet)
Now TV will now test the internet connection.
Settings Select IP Settings.
Go to DNS Settings and input a new DNS address and press OK.
Connected will test to see if connected.. Press Next to save your settings.
If test to see if Netflix works.
How to set DNS code on Vizio TV:
1. Press the “VIA” button on your television remote.
2. Go to “HDTV Settings App”. (This opens a “Settings” menu)
3. Go to “Network”. (This opens the “Network Connection” menu)
4. Go to “Manual Setup”. (This opens a screen with a list of your current network settings)
5. Go to “Preferred DNS”. (You may have to turn off DHCP first. )
Enter Secondary Primary and Secondary DNS.
How to set DNS code on your PS4 for USA Netflix:
to Settings “Settings”.
twork Go to “Network”.
to Set “Set up internet connection”.
4. Select “Use Wi-Fi”.
your Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
“Do not specify”.
change your primary and secondary DNS codes.
“Do not use”.
“Test Internet Connection”.
to Netflix and Test.
Instructions for changing your iPad’s DNS server number:
Settings on your iPad home screen.
On Wifi. Available wireless networks in your iPad range are shown.
your wireless network in the Network list and click it.
on the And DNS field and remove the previous numbers.
5. Insert a new DNS server. Note: If you enter more than one DNS number, be sure to add a comma tween them or they will not work correctly.
sure it’s working and enjoy USA NETFLIX!
How to set DNS code on your XBOX 360 for United States Netflix:
to Settings tab.
to Settings Network Settings.
twork Choose your WiFi network.
Configure Network.
the your box with your DNS address.
your primary and secondary DNS servers.
B to return to Live, and choose Test Xbox Live Connection.
Netflix after Is is tested.
To change DNS on an iPad, AppleTV or iPhone:
click on the information (arrow) button on your wifi connection and you will see the part that says DNS.
a new Netflix DNS code in the Fl DNS box and save.
your best results, you may need to restart your device.
Enjoy Netflix!
Note: If using an iPad, AppleTV or iPhone, you should only enter 1 DNS code.
Old DNS Code for United States NETFLIX
NEW! APRIL 9TH 2020:
(Tested and confirmed working in South Africa, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK & Canada)
Primary DNS:162. 031
Secondary DNS:107. 197 or try 192. 109
new! March 10TH 2020:
(Testing and work confirmed in Romania, Poland, Italy, Belgium, France, South Africa, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 105. 207. 139. 102
Secondary DNS: 196. 241. 137. 65
new! FEBRUARY 1ST 2020:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Austria, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 205. 232. 178. 048 still working! (Use this if you only need a DNS! )
Secondary DNS: 46. 1 or 108. 182. 159
new! JANUARY 1ST 2020:
(Testing and confirmation of work in South Africa, Belgium, France, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 162. 248. 221. 182
Secondary DNS: 104. 131. 127. 184 or 108. 061. 103. 163
new! DECEMBER 5TH 2019:
(Testing and confirmation of work in France, Belgium, South Africa, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 185. 051. 194. 194
Secondary DNS: 109. 074. 012. 020
new! NOVEMBER 7TH 2019:
Primary DNS: 204. 048 still working! (Use this if you only need a DNS! )
Secondary DNS: 45. 159
new! October 3 rd 2019:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 104. 102
Secondary DNS: 192. 065
new! 1 April 2019:
(Confirmed testing and work in Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, South Africa, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 69. 58. 18
Secondary DNS: 109. 123. 124. 24
Bonus DNS Code: 204. 48 – 45. 054. 042. 001
new! August 19
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, South Africa, India, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 213. 005. 117
Secondary DNS: 109. 019. 020 or 108. 163
new! Julie 2ND 2019:
(Testing and work confirmed in Germany, Austria, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Italy, Spain, UK and Canada)
new! JUNE 1ST 2019:
(Testing and work confirmed in Austria, India, Italy, Belgium, France, South Africa, Germany, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 204. 048 working as of May 31! (Use this if you only need a DNS! )
Secondary DNS: 108. 159
new! May 1ST 2019:
(Confirmed testing and work in South Africa, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, UK and Canada)
Secondary DNS: 107. 039. 197
new! APRIL 2ND 2019:
Secondary DNS: 070. 038. 098. 032
new! March 2ND 2019:
Secondary DNS: 192. 65
new! February 12TH 2019:
(Testing and work confirmed in Belgium, Germany, Austria, India, France, South Africa, Italy, Spain, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 194. 51. 51
Secondary DNS: 185. 195. 51
new! JANUARY 4TH 2019:
(Confirmed testing and work in South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, UK and Canada)
new! DECEMBER 1ST 2018:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, South Africa, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 209. 145. 030
Secondary DNS: 162. 208. 009. 231
new! JULY 6TH 2018:
new! JUNE 1ST 2018:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, South Africa, India, Australia, Mexico, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 204. 048
new! May 1ST 2018:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 162. 65. 31
Secondary DNS: 107. 197
new! March 4 2018:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, India, Australia, Belgium, France, South Africa, Mexico, UK and Canada)
Primary DNS: 190. 14. 53. 90
Bonus DNS Code: 204. 48 – 209. 030 – 209. 30 – 45. 001
new! NOVEMBER 1st 2017:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Spain, UK and Canada)
new! 1 October 2017:
(Testing and confirmation of work in South Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, India, Australia, Mexico, Spain, UK and Canada)
new! First year 2017:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, South Africa, UK and Canada)
Secondary DNS: 104. 157. 151
Also try: 213. 117, 204. 48, 204. 48
new! August 2 2017:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Spain, UK, Belgium, France, South Africa and Canada)
Primary DNS: 192. 65
Secondary DNS: 104. 184
new! 25 July 2017:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, France, South Africa and Canada)
new! May 4 2017:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Spain, UK and Canada)
new! April 2017:
(Confirmed testing and work in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, UK, South Africa and Canada)
new! 9 March 2017:
(Testing and confirmation of work in Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, South Africa, Italy, Spain, UK and Canada)
new! 2 February 2017:
(Confirmed testing and work in Germany, Austria, India, Australia, Belgium, France, South Africa, Mexico, and Canada)
Regional Netflix DNS Codes – DNS Netflix Free Codes for United States
Asia: 108. 174. 147. 177
Canada: 69. 18
Europe Continental: 213. 5. 117
Europe North (GB): 46. 149. 22. 148
Europe Scandinavia: 109. 74. 12. 20
South America: 177. 65
If you have any questions, comments or found a DNS that is new and working, please leave a comment below.
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Best Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix - The VPN Guru

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Best Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix – The VPN Guru

American Netflix has the biggest list of movies and TV shows compared to other Netflix regions. You can access US Netflix in any country using Smart DNS proxy. Whether Netflix is available in your country or not, it does not matter. This help guide includes info and instructions on how to use DNS Proxy for American Netflix in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, or any other country abroad.
Best Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix – Unblock US Netflix Abroad
Smart DNS Proxy – The Benefits
Best Smart DNS Services
Smart DNS Alternative
Best Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix – Final Thoughts
Benefits of Smart DNS
Before we go deeper into Smart DNS, you should know what a DNS server is. Domain Name System is like a phone book that translates the URLs you input in your browser into IP addresses. You might not know this, but computers don’t communicate using letters as we do, they operate on digits – IP addresses. Once you type in the website’s name, your computer sends to a DNS server where it gets altered into an IP. Then it’s sent back to your device where the page loads. That’s it.
Streaming channels can determine your location within seconds. If you don’t reside within their area of coverage, you get blocked on the spot. That’s where Smart DNS comes in. It changes your location so that you appear to be accessing the channel from within its region. That will trick it into giving you full access to its content.
Smart DNS Proxy channels part of your internet traffic that’s only relevant to make you appear elsewhere. Anything else remains untouched including your IP address. In other words, it changes the part in the URLs that help determine your actual location. Eventually, when you configure Smart DNS on your device, you’ll be able to stream any channel you want.
Moreover, Smart DNS services are well-known to maintain the perfect speed for streaming. Not to mention that when you’re accessing geo-blocked content, you’ll still be able to view your local channels.
Before we begin our review, let me shed some light on the top Smart DNS services to use for American Netflix.
VPN Provider
Best for streaming and privacy
High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
Works for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu
24/7/ live chat support
3 extra months free on annual plan
UltraHD streaming
Free Smart DNS proxy
Unblocks all major streaming services
Limited Time 72% Discount
Extra security features
Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
Split-tunneling available
Unlimited VPN connections
Over 1000 servers
Ad-blocking feature available
How to Configure Smart DNS on Your Device
The process is very simple. You’ll find setup guides on your provider’s website depending on the device you’re using. I’m going to show you an example of how to change your DNS on Mac so that you get a slight idea about the configuration technique. Here’s how you do so:
First, sign up for a Smart DNS service such as Unlocator.
Once you create an account, head over to My Account.
You’ll be provided with the DNS settings required to get the job done.
Now, go to system preferences.
Click on Network.
Choose either Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on the method you’re using. It’s mostly Wi-Fi.
Tap on Advanced.
Now, hit DNS.
You’ll find a “+” sign on the bottom left of your window. Click on it.
Enter the DNS settings provided by Unlocator and press on Apply.
You’ve successfully changed your DNS settings.
Best Smart DNS Service for American Netflix
You might find names on the market such as Overplay, Getflix, Unblock-US, SmartyDNS, and UnoTelly. I’ll be honest, these services are pretty good. However, they lack what the ones on our list have. You have to pick a Smart DNS service that can grant you the perfect Netflix streaming experience. Not only that but if you run into trouble, the service you pick should be able to fix it one way or another. With that said, here are the top Smart DNS services for American Netflix.
ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN providers in the industry. You might wonder why a VPN is on our list when we’re covering Smart DNS services. Well, most of the names on our list are VPNs that happen to offer an outstanding Smart DNS proxy. Take ExpressVPN, not only does it offer more than 2000 servers around the world, but it also protects your device with the latest security technology.
On the other hand, its Smart DNS feature – MediaStreamer, is better than most pure Smart DNS Proxies out there. It allows you access to hundreds of channels no matter where they’re located. It’s quite easy to set up thanks to the dozens of configuration guides provided on their official website. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can navigate easily.
If you’re looking for more, check out this full ExpressVPN Review.
Accessing the likes of US Netflix is a piece of cake when it comes to a provider such as NordVPN. The VPN is one of the few providers who can circumvent Netflix’s VPN blocks. On the plus side, it’s VPN service is one of the safest of all. It offers Double VPN where you get your data rerouted through two servers instead of one. That way, you’ll get double encryption on your traffic shielding you against all sorts of cyber threats.
Now, let’s talk about their Smart DNS service, SmartPlay. You’ll be able to tap into Netflix’s US catalog with ease no matter where you might be. Just a few DNS adjustments on your device and you’ll be streaming in no time.
In case you were wondering if Smart DNS is safe or not, you can always use their VPN service that includes CyberSec. That way, your device will be protected against viruses, malware, or any malicious software to ever exist.
To learn more about this VPN, take a look at our NordVPN Review.
BulletVPN is a new VPN provider with a decent server network. You’ll find more than 50 servers scattered around 30+ countries around the world. Compared to the others, this is a low amount of servers. However, it has access to Netflix despite the channel’s best efforts to block out VPNs.
BulletVPN offers unmatched speeds, a critical factor when considering data-heavy streaming services – think HD video. Therefore, you can subscribe to Netflix’s HD plan without having to worry about buffering issues. This VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can test out its services and get your money back in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations.
This VPN provider made it on our list because it also includes free DNS Proxy. You’ll be able to unblock dozens of channels no matter where their area of coverage is. Just follow the guides provided on their website and you’ll be watching US Netflix wherever you are. For more info, check out our BulletVPN full review.
SurfShark VPN Review
Unlimited devices. That’s the first thing that catches your attention when you check out SurfShark. This VPN service provider makes a very good impression when you take a look at their website. They have friendly customer support and more than 800 servers across 50 countries.
As I mentioned, you can benefit from a VPN connection on an unlimited number of devices using one account. That’s a feature none of the top providers offer to their users.
Recently, this VPN launched its Smart DNS service, which means that you can access channels like American Netflix without having to go through low internet speed due to encryption. However, even as a VPN, it was one of the few that were able to unblock US Netflix abroad.
For that, this VPN earned the respect of so many streamers that doubted the newcomer at the beginning. In addition, they offer easy-to-use apps for Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. If you want to know more, here’s SurfShark’s full review.
Unlocator is a Danish Smart DNS service that’s run by Linkwork. They were a pure Smart DNS service until they added a VPN service lately. Their Smart DNS allows you to switch your Netflix region back and forth. Using one Netflix account, you can access US Netflix in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and elsewhere abroad.
If you think that changing DNS on your devices can be a bit daunting, Unlocator has videos and setup guides for all streaming devices to help you out. It only redirects part of your traffic. Therefore, you’ll experience zero Internet speed loss.
With over 230 channels, Unlocator has the biggest list of unblocked streaming services. Their list includes Netflix, WWE Network, Hulu, Vudu, Sling TV, BBC Iplayer, HBO GO, CBS All Access.
Their free 7-day trial meant I had nothing to lose. So I decided to give them a try. I’ve been impressed by their service for a number of reasons. Unlocator’s DNS codes work on all streaming devices. You can unblock American Netflix on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.
Unlocator’s Smart DNS service does not change your IP address. Thus, you’ll still have access to all local websites and online services. Check out Unlocator’s review and give it a test drive if you want.
VPN for American Netflix – Smart DNS Alternative
Some ISPs use DNS Hijacking or Transparent Proxy (Mexico, Thailand, and Singapore). You can use a VPN provider like ExpressVPN “30 days no questions asked money back guarantee” instead of Smart DNS to unblock US Netflix overseas. Using a VPN will elevate your security, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.
You get to unblock American Netflix just by clicking on a US server. After that, you’ll receive a US IP address that allows you to tap into Netflix’s US library. Don’t forget, all the VPNs on our list work well with Netflix, so don’t go and choose a free service.
Some of you care about their online security more than they do about streaming. That’s why they use a VPN service. Is Smart DNS safe? Well, it doesn’t add an extra layer of protection, but does jeopardize your information? It’s like your accessing the web without a VPN, that’s all. It doesn’t harm you on its own.
Best Smart DNS Proxy for American Netflix – Summing Up
What Netflix offers in some countries completely differs from what it gives its users in the US. Every country has its own catalog of content. But why would anyone settle for a small catalog when they can get the biggest one? All you have to do is configure Smart DNS using one of the services we covered in this review and you’re done. If you want to check whether it worked or not, search for Star-Crossed – The CW Series. If you found it, then you’ve successfully unblocked US Netflix in your region.
How to Unblock US Netflix with Smart DNS - DNSFLEX

How to Unblock US Netflix with Smart DNS – DNSFLEX

How to watch US Netflix from Anywhere around the World with Smart DNS
With DNSFlex Smart DNS, you can access the full US Netflix Library from anywhere around the world. With Smart DNS technology, your network connection will never slow down – unlike with a VPN connection. Our mission is to deliver the fastest, most reliable internet connection for high demand availability to support 4k and HD Netflix streaming quality across all of your connected devices (Smart TV, Android, IOS, PC Desktop and Gamin Consoles).
Ever since Netflix has expanded outside its original US base, the story has been much the same. Its worldwide Global catalog pales in comparison to title selections available in its US library.
Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings announced at CES 2016 that Netflix had flipped the switch on immediate global availability, excluding China, Crimea, Syria and North Korea. China is tricky due to government regulation, while Crimea, Syria and North Korea are excluded due to US government trade restrictions.
You can imagine the demand for availability around the world, territorial licensing restricts content based on region as opposed to subscription. For example, a user physically located on a network in the UK will be unable to stream a Movie or TV Show that someone from Canada or the US have access to.
Netflix applies a Geo IP filtering mechanism to detect VPN and Proxy usage. When a user logs into the Netflix account, a catalog of titles are presented in the dashboard supporting the local access Region. Second – The Content Distribution Servers will determine if the source IP’s origin is in the US and if its registered to a US Residential ISP. This technique weeds out users trying to access the service via a Datacenter VPN or commercial Proxy. In this case, a message will appear on our screen “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”. synonymous amongst many VPN providers.
The chart below, provides compiled data on every available Netflix territory for its Movie and TV offerings where that data is available. You can sort each column depending on your taste in movies or TV to see how each country compares to the mammoth US library.
Country# of TV Shows# of MoviesPercentage of US TV Library (by title count)Percentage of US Movie Library (by title count)United States11574593100. 00%100. 00%American Samoa985453885. 13%98. 80%Puerto Rico1073380792. 74%82. 89%Martinique803373669. 40%81. 34%Guadeloupe803373269. 25%French Guiana803371069. 40%80. 78%Benin (Dahomey)462317139. 93%69. 04%Equatorial Guinea1071311492. 57%67. 80%Anguilla657291356. 78%63. 42%British Virgin Islands697291160. 24%63. 38%Turks And Caicos Islands696289960. 16%63. 12%Jamaica686289059. 29%62. 92%Saint Vincent And The Grenadines686288759. 86%Dominica686288059. 70%Trinidad and Tobago686287959. 68%Grenada686287959. 68%Saint Kitts And Nevis686287259. 53%Antigua and Barbuda646287155. 83%62. 51%Suriname672285958. 08%62. 25%Dominican Republic669285457. 82%62. 14%Haiti671284557. 99%61. 94%Honduras671284557. 94%El Salvador672284358. 08%61. 90%Nicaragua672284358. 90%Peru672283758. 77%Ecuador672283758. 77%Paraguay676283458. 43%61. 70%Panama676283458. 70%Bahamas646266755. 83%58. 07%Canada623256253. 85%55. 78%Cayman Islands656247356. 70%53. 84%Chile561247048. 49%53. 78%Aruba712246161. 54%53. 58%Belize646243855. 83%53. 08%Isle Of Man546242247. 19%52. 73%Jersey546242047. 69%Ireland544241947. 02%52. 67%Guernsey547241947. 28%52. 67%Mexico592240651. 17%52. 38%Costa Rica538239846. 50%52. 21%Lithuania539239846. 59%52. 21%Argentina640239455. 32%52. 12%Bolivia630239454. 45%52. 12%Cuba407238035. 18%51. 82%Uruguay637231055. 06%50. 29%Bermuda652226856. 35%49. 38%Colombia630222054. 45%48. 33%Venezuela632221854. 62%48. 29%Barbados646216255. 83%47. 07%Tanzania483192741. 75%41. 96%Denmark351178930. 34%38. 95%Norway347177729. 99%38. 69%Sweden353176730. 51%38. 47%Finland339175729. 30%38. 25%Brazil562167248. 57%36. 40%Greenland331166828. 61%36. 32%Iraq443158638. 29%34. 53%United Kingdom442158638. 20%34. 53%Australia443158538. 51%Australian Antarctica443158538. 51%Christmas Island443158538. 51%Cocos (Keeling) Islands443158538. 51%Norfolk Island443158538. 51%New Zealand440156938. 03%34. 16%Luxembourg373155632. 24%33. 88%Netherlands390149433. 71%32. 53%France387148533. 45%32. 33%Switzerland329148528. 44%32. 33%Papua New Guinea403148234. 83%32. 27%Belgium437147437. 77%32. 09%Guatemala356144430. 77%31. 44%Pakistan328144028. 35%31. 35%Bangladesh328144028. 35%Greece328144028. 35%Germany3281, 44028. 35%Belarus328144028. 35%Lebanon328144028. 35%Kuwait328144028. 35%Afghanistan328144028. 35%Tajikistan328144028. 35%Bahrain328144028. 35%Malta328144028. 35%Brunei Darussalam328144028. 35%Yemen328143928. 33%Serbia328143928. 33%Azerbaijan327143728. 26%31. 29%United Arab Emirates328143628. 26%Qatar217143018. 76%31. 13%Andorra328143028. 13%Armenia217142918. 11%Fijian Islands403141934. 83%30. 89%Austria281139724. 29%30. 42%Georgia228135519. 71%29. 50%Uzbekistan217129418. 76%28. 17%Japan393118133. 97%25. 71%Libya326111728. 18%24. 32%Kazakhstan327108128. 26%23. 54%Tunisia327108128. 54%Spain236104220. 40%22. 69%Oman327103328. 26%22. 49%Turkmenistan327103328. 49%Italy196100016. 94%21. 77%Kyrgyzstan32796828. 26%21. 08%Iceland18077715. 56%16. 92%Guinea19975517. 20%16. 44%Iran12965311. 15%14. 22%Niger19964817. 20%14. 11%Sri Lanka (Ceylon)17958515. 47%12. 74%Cape Verde Islands (Cabo Verde)19756717. 03%12. 34%Ukraine20356217. 55%12. 24%Slovakia20356117. 21%Macedonia20056017. 29%12. 19%Latvia20156017. 37%12. 19%Czech Republic20055917. 17%Croatia20255817. 46%12. 15%Poland20655517. 80%12. 08%Slovenia20455517. 63%12. 08%Romania20255417. 06%Moldova20255417. 06%Estonia17055014. 69%11. 97%Bosnia and Herzegovina17054914. 95%Hungary17154814. 78%11. 93%India19753717. 03%11. 69%Portugal21553718. 58%11. 69%Bulgaria20353617. 55%11. 67%Burundi19953617. 20%11. 67%Bhutan20253417. 46%11. 63%Cambodia (Kampuchea)17551215. 13%11. 15%Mongolia20051117. 29%11. 13%Democratic Republic of Congo19951017. 10%Russia1135099. 77%11. 08%Malaysia17450915. 04%11. 08%Philippines17450715. 04%Vietnam17550715. 04%Mauritius22549919. 45%10. 86%Turkey18848916. 25%10. 65%South Korea14848012. 79%10. 45%Republic of the Congo19947317. 20%10. 30%Nepal20147117. 37%10. 25%Singapore16946914. 61%10. 21%Cameroon19946717. 17%Rwanda19946717. 17%Swaziland19946717. 17%Burkina Faso (Upper Volta)19946717. 17%South Africa20146617. 15%Uganda19946617. 15%Ghana19946617. 15%Zambia19946617. 15%Sierra Leone19946617. 15%Namibia19946617. 15%Gambia19946617. 15%Lesotho19946517. 12%Mali19046416. 42%10. 10%Senegal19946417. 10%Togo19946417. 10%Guinea-Bissau19946417. 10%Gabon19946417. 10%Nigeria19946317. 08%Kenya19946317. 08%Malawi19946317. 08%Mozambique19946217. 06%Botswana19646216. 94%10. 06%Ethiopia19946117. 04%Madagascar19945617. 20%9. 93%Israel14343812. 36%9. 54%Indonesia17043114. 69%9. 38%Central African Republic19943117. 38%Jordan16842914. 52%9. 34%Egypt16842614. 27%Saudi Arabia16842614. 27%Algeria16942514. 61%9. 25%Somalia17042214. 19%Hong Kong13439211. 58%8. 53%Taiwan13538511. 67%8. 38%Chad17037614. 69%8. 19%Mauritania17037314. 12%Sudan16435914. 17%7. 82%Comoros16735114. 43%7. 64%Eritrea16734514. 51%Angola1002918. 64%6. 34%Thailand942108. 12%4. 57%Albania332002. 85%4. 35%Zimbabwe46619940. 28%4. 33%Morocco391183. 37%2. 57%
Follow these steps to Unblock US Netflix now!
UPDATE – 2020-05-21: Netflix Smart DNS on Smart TV and Gaming Consoles are no longer supported.
Step 1 – Sign Up and Create Your DNSFlex Account
Head over to to create your DNSFlex account.
Choose a plan that includes Smart DNS –
Step 2 – Log into the DNSFlex Dashboard
Log into the Dashboard to find the DNS Server IP’s closest to your area
Step 3 – Configure DNSFlex DNS IP’s on your System
No matter what device you are using to stream US Netflix, we have you covered! Follow these simple instructions in our setup guides to get you up and running in minutes.
Note: Due to the de-centralised nature of DNS, updates may take up to 10 minutes to fully propagate. Please be patient, most issues can be resolved by rebooting your device or clearing the browser cache.

Frequently Asked Questions about dns servers netflix

What is the best DNS for Netflix?

Best Smart DNS Proxy for American NetflixExpressVPN.NordVPN.BulletVPN.SurfShark.Unlocator.Jun 3, 2020

Can you use DNS for Netflix?

With DNSFlex Smart DNS, you can access the full US Netflix Library from anywhere around the world. With Smart DNS technology, your network connection will never slow down – unlike with a VPN connection.

What is the DNS server for Netflix?

Primary DNS: 204.232.Oct 27, 2013

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